April 23, 2006

Interview with Mаrkеtа Bеlаnоhа, April 2006

Body in Mind: You are perhaps the best and most famous nude model in the world.

Marketa: These are very strong words, thank you very much for the compliment, though. I think there's lot more beautiful women on this planet, still it was very kind of you to say that. But don't forget, beauty is more important on the inside, the way we are more than the way we look.

BiM: We don't agree. We think beauty on the outside is very important too. But what is most important to you, money, fame, family, or something else?

Marketa: The most important thing for me is happiness, good health, to have wonderful people around me, my family and friends. But the most important in my opinion is health, as health and love can't be bought.

BiM: Your kind of beauty can't be bought too. How old are you?



Marketa: 24, but feel like 18 (smiling).

BiM: When did you begin modeling?

Marketa: I began at 16, but I didn't start nude pictures until 18.

BiM: What did you do before nudes?

Marketa: At the beginning of my modeling, I was very young and shot some erotic pictures. However I soon realized that it wasn't me and I quit it. I also started to get better and better offers and didn't want to miss any opportunity.

BiM: What does your family think of nudes? Is it okay?

Marketa: Yes. My family supports me very much. It's the best family in the whole world. (smiling)

BiM: Are you married? Do you have a family or children?


Marketa: No, I'm not married, but I have two girl-cats and a very big male cat. (smiles)

BiM: Do you do porn? Why or why not?

Marketa: No, because I want to keep the most intimate moments for me and the ³right² person.

BiM: Do you like your photos? What is your faviourite photos of yourself?

Marketa: Yes, I have tons of favorite pictures, mainly the ones on my website. (laughing)

BiM: Who is your favorite model, photographers, websites?

Marketa: Mаrtіn Kіnkаl and Marketa4you.com of course!

BiM: You have a good education. Many people tell us you are very intelligent. What subjects do you study in school now?


Marketa: I study Infоrmаtіоn Mаnаgеmеnt at the University of Hrаdеc Krаlоvе - Hrаdеc Krаlоvе is my home town - Faculty of Informatics and Management. Subjects? Programming, application statistics, system theory, stochastic modeling, information system projects, macroeconomic, microeconomic, management, data structures, operating systems, PC support project, information technologies, technologies for publication on website etc. My graduation is barely a month away, end of May, therefore wish me luck as I may become Engіnееr Mаrkеtа Belonoha!

BiM: Good luck! Do you have hobbies? When not modeling, what do you like to do?

Marketa: I have lots of hobbies. My biggest hobby is animals. I also bought a very good camera EOS 350 D and started photographing, not only being photographed. I really enjoy it and plan on, after graduation, starting a new website with beautiful pictures of cats and dogs. Mainly cats, because i love them and lots of my friends have cats. It will contain beautiful pictures and just like my website (marketa4you.com) it will be a pay site, but with the collected money I would like to help stray cats and will give most of it to animal shelters. My other hobby is sports, I enjoy swimming and I also do aerobics. I do aerobics 2-3 times a week and I go to swimming pool once a week. I also love music, concerts, movies and traveling very much.

BiM: Do you think the world is fair to women who pose nude?

Marketa: It's all about people and how are they able to deal with it, get above it and don't let it bother them. The way I see it, a woman's body is beautiful, no one should be ashamed to show it or take a professional picture of a beautiful body.

BiM: The goal of SuperBeauty.Org is to make the world fair to beautiful women. Do you agree with this cause?

Marketa: Yes.

BiM: Why sometimes do some people treat women very badly, such as Islamic countries etc.


Marketa: It's about their religion, beliefs and tradition. But I am not saying that I agree with it. In these countries woman is something lesser which I don't understand. I say "Let liberty of every race and nationality live". This question requires many more words, but I'll try to sum it up. I believe that one of the reasons is the fact that these countries are poor and don't have enough options for education. Therefore most people have very little education which makes them more vulnerable to manipulation.

BiM: What is your goal for the future? Acting? Babies? Education? Profession?

Marketa: Right now it's to finish university and get my degree. For sure I want to continue modeling as I am very much enjoying it. Hоwеvеr I'm not sure for how long, it'll depend on contract offers. I want a child for sure, but I'll wait a while yet. After school, in a month, I want to give my full attention to my website (Marketa4you.com) and get started on the other site with cats and dogs and help stray animals.

BiM: What projects are you working on now? We hear you've recently worked with Playboy? Can you tell us something about this?

Marketa: Yes. In Nоvеmbеr and December 2005 for the second time I was in a fashion agency in Florida, and besides fashion modeling I took time to shoot pictures for Playboy. They were published in Plаybоy's Nаtυrаl Beauties, Plаybоy's Nυdеs and Plаbоy's Lіngеrіе. The last two are now on news stands. I worked with awesome photographer Jаrmо Pоhjаnіеmі, whom I want to thank this way. It was a fantastic shoot and some of these you'll be able to view on my website. I hope you will like them.

BiM: I'm sure we will! Finally, as you've said you have your own website. It features some of your most beautiful photos. You should be very proud of it.

Marketa: Yes, I am. (smiling)

BiM: We wish you every success in the future. Thank you for talking with us.

Marketa: I thank you, take care.

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