February 29, 2000.

Chick with a Knife

Since I was about 7 I've been fascinated by the image of a beautiful topless outlaw chick, good-hearted, even a little slutty, but serious, and purposeful nonetheless.

The explanation for my fascination occurred to me only recently.

Like most men lately, I think, I welcome the slow striptease that the modern woman is performing on the public stage. Nudity is becoming more common and more accepted, both in the media, and in our daily lives. Clothing has become transparent and more revealing than ever before. Toplessness has been legalized in parts of the world in civilized societies for the first time since ancient Egypt.

Yet there are those who dislike these changes, and those who fail miserably to appreciate their significance. I remember TV news coverage of a topless march put on by feminists in Nіаgаrа Fаlls. They removed their tops and walked bare-breasted across the Rаіnbоw Brіdgе from Canada to the U.S. I was not surprised by how many men showed up to watch the walk, but I was surprised at their behaviour. They gawked openly, insolently, childishly. They followed the topless women too close and undoubtedly made them feel uncomfortable, more uncomfortable than baring their breasts made them.

I was surprised by how short sighted these guys were. They were acting as though this was the only chance they'd ever have to see a woman's bare breasts, and they were willing to offend the women in order to get a good look. I wanted to pull them off the topless women, and slap some sense into them. Didn't these guys realize if they just played it cool and gave the women what they really wanted, which was respect and moral support, that toplessness would be legalized and they'd then see more breasts than they ever dreamed?

I realized that this is why women have to cover their breasts almost all the time. It's not because their chests are more sexual than men's - they're not. And it's not because toplessness is immoral - men take off their shirts in public all the time. The fact is, women cover themselves not because they can't handle being half naked in public, but because men can't handle it.

Nevertheless, most women like to feel beautiful, which is why transparent and form fitting clothing is so popular these days. It allows a woman to be practically naked in public, without taking anything off. We can see bare breasts under delicate chiffon, or tightly swathed in cashmere, but clothed they are. This denies stupid men an excuse to degenerate to googly eyed morons while allowing us smarter fellows an eyeful of lovely female.

Women who share their beauty with us deserve to be naked, admired and respected, but instead they have to cover themselves to keep men at bay, or else have laws passed to protect themselves. That's why I like the knife chick. She cuts through all the bullshit. She finds a way to be admired and respected at the same time, a way that is at once simpler and more exciting than either transparent clothes or legalized public toplessness. By taking her shirt clean off she maximizes our enjoyment of her beauty more than tight sweaters ever could, and by taking out a knife she enforces our complete respect more directly than laws do.

But there's another, sweeter, twist. Because she is forcing us to look at her body at knife point she is removing any guilt we might have for looking at her, she is willing to absolve us of any moral responsibility for looking at her naked in order to show us how to enjoy it, in order to make us enjoy it. All female beauty is a bittersweet mixture of sex AND morality together, and she makes us feel sexy AND moral.

Looking at a beautiful naked woman and enjoying it should be a very simple thing. It should not require pulling a knife. Yet it's something most of us have forgotten how to do, and the knife chick is impatient with us for forgetting. And who can blame her?

After all, it's so simple even a 7 year old can see it.

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© 2000 by Dwаynе Bеll


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