March 11, 2001 - Feeding beautiful women to the sharks.

Hatred of Fеmаlе Bеаυty Example #12,337,231,010

Sυpеrmоdеl Cаrmеn Kass was almost fed to the sharks recently, literally, during a photo shoot in the Caribbean.

The popular Victoria's secret runway model and fashion mag covergirl was submerged in a shark cage amid 60 hungry reef sharks, along with a team of divers there to protect her should anything go wrong. But when bait was tossed into the water to attract the sharks to her cage, one 10-footer actually got into Kass's cage with her. How? Seems someone left the door open.

"I saw this grey thing in front of my face. Then it opened its mouth", Kass relates. Luckily a diver did come to her rescue. "I would say I was a little scared."

The shoot was masterminded by war photojournalist turned fashion photographer Tаryn Sіmоn.

"I was talking with a stylist about the most dangerous shoot we could possibly imagine and we came up with sharks," he said. " We loved the idea of taking Vоgυе's Mоdеl of the Year, putting her in a cage and feeding her to the sharks." [Italics mine.]

Cаrmеn Kаss was facing something more sinister and more bloodthirsty than sharks in those waters - something less predictable and more merciless. She was facing hatred of female beauty, which is often as unexpected and deadly as any man-eating shark.

Luckily, Kass was not bitten or killed. Unfortunately, it'll take a lot more than expert divers to protect women from the many forms of hatred of female beauty.

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