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March 11, 2006.

Pеtа Tоdd's pregnant pause

by DBell

I can always tell when a model is going to be hugely successful. Always. I've built Body in Mind on it. Nіkkаlа Stоtt, Lаеtіtіа Cаstа, Giselle, Mіchеllе Mаrsh, Keeley, I predicted them all. Last year, when she first appeared on Page 3, I predicted Pеtа Tоdd would also become a big star. Then, barely months into a skyrocketing success, she left the industry to have a child. Well she almost left. She has posed exclusively for Body in Mind these last several months and has given us some of the most amazing photos we've ever done. She has single handedly helped us create a new aesthetic in female nudes - the expectant mother. We recently chatted with Peta about her life, her career, her body, and her baby. We think you'll find her every bit as candid and charming as we do. Will she become a star? Hey, around here, she already is.

BiM: When did you start modeling for Page 3?

Peta: I started in February 2005.

BiM: Did you do any modeling before Page 3 or was it your first experience?


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Peta: I'd done the odd bits and pieces but not a lot. I wasn't sure whether I wanted to do it full time or not.

BiM: You became an instant star on Page 3. How did that feel?

Peta: It was a bit strange really, I never expected to be on it let alone have a fan base!

BiM: We can see why you became so popular so fast. Were you always so attractive?

Peta: No I really wasn't. I used to be like a little boy, no figure really short hair and was a real tom boy.

BiM: Where were you born? And when?

Peta: I was born in Nеwhаm Gеnеrаl in London, on the 8th of December 1986.

BiM: Do you have any brothers and sisters?

Peta: I do have a gorgeous little brother called Ruari, who is nearly 11 and great fun.

BiM: When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Peta: I didn't really know, it changed a lot but it definately wasn't a model. It ranged from lawyer to policewoman!

BiM: Were you a wild child or very well behaved as a teenager?

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Peta: I was a nightmare when I got up to about 14-16. Then settled down again. I couldn't be told anything by anyone.

BiM: Did you like school or hate it, and why?

Peta: I loved school, I always got on with my teachers but was mischevious as well, but just about always got away with it. I was heavily involved in team sports and the student council side of it. I had such a great laugh!

BiM: What are your family's views on nudity?

Peta: We have always had nudes represented through art around the house and a fairly relaxed attitude has always been instilled through my family to me and my brother, it has never been anything to be embarrassed of.

BiM: What are yours?

Peta: Mine are fairly similar. I think there are varing degrees to how it is to be appreciated and can be such a thing of beauty. It's such a shame that people feel embarrassed by it.

BiM: Did your parents teach you anything important when you were young?

Peta: I would say more then teaching me anything in particular they instilled good values and a sense of self into me. Also manners, they cost nothing but make such a difference!

BiM: What did you think of modeling and Page 3 Girls when you were growing up?

Peta: I don't think I was really to aware of it but I never had any negative thoughts towards it.

BiM: How did you get into Page 3 modeling? Was it always your goal or did it happen by accident?

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Peta: Totally by accident. I used to work as a Saturday girl in a barber's sweeping up etc, and one of the customers worked for the Sun and started saying he thought I had something that the agency that supply Page 3 would be interested in, and took me up to meet them and the rest as they say is history! [laughs]

BiM: Have you done any other kinds of modeling?

Peta: I did a little bit when I was really young but didn't persue it. And I've modelled in lots of hairdressinng championships.

BiM: What did you think when you first saw yourself in print or on Page 3?

Peta: I absolutely hated the picture. It made me want to buy every copy so nobody else could see it.

BiM: What kind of reactions to your photos did you get from those around you?

Peta: Shock I suppose because I didn't tell many people I was going to do it. Also everyone was suprised how big my boobs were cause I never really wore revealing clothes.

BiM: Did modeling open any doors for you?

Peta: Yeah loads. And I'vе met some great people through it. And after the baby is born I will be back at work to continue. So hopefully I will have some more opportunities to come.

BiM: We're sure you will. Has there been any down side at all? Have you ever regretted posing nude for any reason?

Peta: No, I have no regrets as I have establised a job I enjoy and it has given me much more confidence in myself.

BiM: Have you formed any friendships with other nude models or Page 3 Girls?

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Peta: Yeah I have made some great friends. My closest ones are Keeley, Nic-t and Nikkala. We get on really well and have such a giggle.

BiM: We haven't seen much of you lately, except on Body in Mind because you are pregnant with your first child right now. Have you always wanted a baby?

Peta: Yeah, I am really funny with kids. I've always loved their company and think they are so amazing. People could learn so much from watching children interacting.

BiM: Have you thought of any names for the baby yet? Are you hoping for a boy or a girl?

Peta: I know that we are having a little boy and the names we have so far that are in the running are Finnbar (Finn for short) and Kier. I love them both!

BiM: Do you think having a child will have any effect on your modeling career?

Peta: No, I hope to return all being well with my figure. My fiance and I will share the child care. It will be different I'm sure but only time will tell.

BiM: What are you most proud of so far in your life?

Peta: I don't know, I wouldn't want to put it down to one achievement alone either acedemic or sporting. However, it would probably be the way I have developed as a person through some tough times in my life and helped to provide a stable friend and confidant for my younger brother who I am very close to and immensely proud of!

BiM: Where would you like to be in 10 years and what do you see yourself doing then?

Peta: I really have no specific aim down to a tee, just to be happy and safe within my family and to be still involved with the career I love, modelling, and to have been able to make a successful come back after the birth of my child.

BiM: Besides modeling, what are the most important things in your life right now?

Peta: The most important things to me at the moment are delivering my baby safely and making a good mum and learning with my fiance how to be a successful, supportive, loving family.

Since this interview, Peta has given birth to a healthy baby boy, named Finn.

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