© 1998 by Dwаynе Bеll

Sunday, January 4, 1998.

Thе Bеаυty Bank

If you're planning to catch the flu this season, this picture could come in very handy.

Actually, it just might cure you.

Let me explain:

When I was a child, I had nothing but endless fields and forest to play in.

A creek ran through this world, and on the other side, were more fields and forests, for as far as the eye could see.

We never crossed that creek.

Not because it was wide, or even dangerous, but only because it seemed to make a natural boundary beyond which we could only imagine.

Now, recently, I felt a flu coming on, and I got comfortable in bed preparing for the worst.

But for some reason, my mind wandered back to that creek, and to the bank on the other side.

Almost as if in a dream, the woman pictured above appeared, and stood invitingly, beconing me with a barely imperceptible smile to cross that creek.

But something about her made it clear that illness was not welcome in her world.

She turned to go.

I knew I had to lose my sickness, and fast. I knew she would not wait.

Then, suddenly, somehow, I decided not to be sick.

Part of me realized that illness was too petty a concern in that context to give it any control over me whatsoever, so it left me, and I followed her into fields of long grass.

When I woke from the reverie, I was no longer sick. In fact, I felt great!

So if you feel a flu coming on this season, you might want to imagine your dream girl showing up at your door.

The last thing you will want to feel is sick.

© 1998 by Dwаynе Bеll

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