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Federov has always been one of my favorite photographers and still is.

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Alexander Fedorov

15 Super Size photos of Sabine by Alexander Fedorov
Added April 28, 2003

For many men the coming of spring heralds the end of a big freeze and the return of beautiful women baring their bodies in public in the latest skimpy feminine fashions.

Unfortunately, these are men who have no woman of their own.

We feel sorry for men like this. Women are meant to be enjoyed all year round, and not just clothed, but nude as well. In fact, it can easily be accomplished, a) if you're a nude photographer, or b) if you have a beautiful girlfriend or wife who loves you.

Alexander Federov is a brilliant nude photographer who shows us exactly what it's like to have a beautiful woman in your life. His photos of Sabine capture the experience and the feelings of fun and fantasy that go with it. Go ahead and enjoy this glimpse of success, and be inspired to achieve it for yourself. You can have it, if you want it.

But it requires doing more than just waiting for spring and begging public displays of beauty like pigeons scrambling for crumbs in the park. It takes character. It requires you to go out and demonstrate to the world (and the women in it) that you're a man who can set his sites on a career or some other equally great accomplishment with style, tenacity and success. Do this, and we guarantee the ladies will take to you like sauce to spaghetti. Women are attracted to men who do things well, and are not too humble to succeed at them. And once a woman takes to you, she is usually more than happy to romp around naked most of the time.

But this doesn't mean you go out and brag about yourself and your accomplishments in order to attract attention. That only makes you look needy, and defeats the whole purpose of accomplishing anything in the first place. Nor does it mean you hide your virtues and talents from view, and instead dedicate yourself to others. Altruism, and pouting out loud that you want to save the environment, might work for beauty pageant contestants, but it'll never make a man impressive to a woman.

Success with women comes with success in the real world. You've got to do something. Oggling chicks in the park is not going to get you anywhere. Only real character will impress a woman, and real character takes more than being 'nice' or respectful or altruistic.

It takes a brain.

Female beauty requires a mind (animals can't perceive female beauty). And the love of a woman requires morality (love cannot be faked). If you're willing to use your brain to build the world of your dreams, as the beauty of every pretty woman everywhere is trying to inspire you to do, a beautiful woman and her lovely body won't be only in your mind, they will be in your life all year long!

So how is female beauty like spaghetti? Simple, they are both best served with love.

We sincerely hope you love the latest Body in Mind gallery of Sabine, by Alexander Fedorov.


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