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Added January 13, 2003

Sometimes we get so busy defending beauty these days that we're afraid we neglect the real mission of Body in Mind, which is to demonstrate and celebrate the power of female beauty - especially the kind of beauty and inspiration that happens when you mix female beauty with the human mind. With this feature we hope to make up for some of our neglect.

Female beauty and the human mind are the two greatest powers at man's disposal, and their union can eventually bring the whole of human existence into the light of a shining new era, an era in which the free mind is worshipped more than its greatest enemy today: environmentalism; and an era when female beauty's power to inspire that mind is revered more than its greatest enemy today: feminism.

We are told so often these days that the mind and female beauty are a danger to everyday life that we never make the effort to imagine and enjoy what happens when they are both actually let lose to move us as and where they will. We are so often told that human beings are scum or viruses, that we do not trust ourselves to play freely with such potent possessions as intelligence and sexuality. We decry every new invention as a doomsday devise, and wonder why irrationality is on the rise. We openly declare the depraved nature of admiring beauty, and wonder why such depictions of beauty as we do see are becoming more and more depraved.

Okay, occasionally we see people win the excruciating battle for a new idea and it proves to be the great boon its inventors promised us, only to discover that the reason the idea was hated was not because it posed a threat, but because it was an idea, plain and simple, hated by people who hate all ideas, period. And yes, in the realm of beauty, we occasionally see women attain the right to public toplessness for women, only to discover that the reason women do not go topless all the time is not because it's against the law, but because they are ashamed of their bodies, and afraid of how others will think of them.

This is not the way it is supposed to be; this is not the way mankind will survive; and this is not how we see things here at Body in MInd. Female beauty is meant to make men think, to aspire to greatness and accomplishment, to inspire them to create and protect their highest values - skill, art, wealth, grandeur, reason, character, love.

Today's newest gallery is lamentably small, but represents something very great indeed: an intellectual and aesthetic departure from the dismal views man has held of the mind and female beauty for most of his history, and a peek into a world where man has never been, but might reach one day if he is lucky, or rather, if he is smart, and starts valuing female beauty for it's real virtue: its power to make us fully human in the best ways, ways we've barely dared imagine or explore.

This gallery dares. In fact, we think this gallery is so important that we've made the medium resolution version available to everyone. Our members - the lucky ducks - will be able to see the hi-res versions. As you will see it is an awkward gallery, awkward in the way baby animals are, but also like baby animals, full of life, exuberance, and the unfailing energy of a life wanting desparately to be lived, but not quite knowing even how to walk. It's a gallery in which young men hone their talents to perform what only human beings can do, doing it in the presence of a lovely, topless young woman who is completely at home being the unselfconscious foil against which these young men strain to achieve and excell, and by whose beauty they are rewarded, for trying, and for succeeding.

We're all used to seeing sexuality depicted with greater and greater explicitness. Yawn. Today we will see something far more exciting. Today, we break the beauty barrier, and we do it by throwing the human mind, purpose, and morality into the mix!


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