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Linda O'Neil appeared in Blue Nudes (metalsun and undressing). She is the most amazing model to have her own website.

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Blue Nudes

16 Poster Size photos of by Tom Ruddock
Added February 17, 2003

Why does everyone like velvet? What is it anyway? What's it made out of? Is it natural or man-made? How does it come to be used for everything from the capes of King's to cheesy paintings of Matadors with capes?

Velvet is soft. It's deep. It's dark. It's fun.

But most of all velvet is beautiful. Which is why it's so popular. In fact, in its blue variety it attracts every man, from Bobby Vinton to Dennis Hopper and every temperament in between.

Our latest gallery at Body in Mind represents a very important landmark to us, it's our first gallery of images from Tom Ruddock. Our favourites for a long time, Tom's are to female beauty what velvet is to cloth. Absolutely everyone will find something they love. Here you will find outright superbeauty in an almost dizzying display of photographic virtuosity. In fact, Ruddock goes through artistic styles like many photographers go through film - and he's a master of them all.

You'll see what we mean in our exclusive gallery of his images as well as on his incredible website. We've spent 3 days going through his huge portfolio of work, and have selected what we believe to be the best images. As far as superbeauty goes, you will find some of the most gorgeous women that have ever existed on earth in these photos, and as far as Ruddock's genius goes, you stand a very good chance of finding your new favourite photo of all time among them.


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