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Hi Ela Andrea it's nice to see you so beautifully nude in your tennis shoes! You have lovely dark hair and eyelashes, pretty skin tone, a nicely rounded sexy butt and chest.

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Added April 29, 2015

Beautiful women are the enemies of the mind, modern science & human progress.

Aliens watching humans from space would likely think so. How else could they explain why women were kept out of the most important universities & medical schools for so long? Why keep boys and girls in separate schools unless it's to preserve the possibility of youthful rational thoughts emerging from the teenage primordial soup of hormones and genitals?

Like many humans, our alien observer friends must have gasped in horror when pictures of lovely ladies somehow appeared all over comet scientist Matt Taylor's shirt during his press appearance for the Rosetta mission. His subsequent tearful apology and social disgrace received more media attention that his alleged accomplishment. And rightly so.

We humans naively think sexy fantasy women inspire men to do great things. Aliens know better. Which is why a tachyon transmission likely went out assuring the alien High Council of Big Brains that we sad humans would never make it to other planets after all. Certainly not dressed like that! Indeed, it must have been only too obvious to beings who had survived their own species' battle between Beauty & Reason. Every advanced civilization in the universe had to learn it. In fact, if they'd never totally rejected beauty the aliens never could have created the technology that allowed them to travel to earth looking for a planet to invade.

Now this might all sound a bit fantastic but I offer Nobel laureate Tim Hunt as proof. Last week at an international science conference he stated bravely that women in science labs were a distraction because they made people fall in love with them. Sadly, in spite of this heroic attempt to keep beautiful women from destroying everything we've achieved on earth, he was forced to step down amid rampant speculation on social media that he had to be from another planet to say something like that.

But this is merely speculation. What cannot be denied is that even though so many decent people in the past have tried to achieve civilization without love, heroism or genius, it seems we humans are stuck with them, and it's all thanks to female beauty.

Thank you female beauty. Thanks a lot.


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