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Iris Sand

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Added October 16, 2007

On 6-Oct-07, at 4:19 AM, Anurag wrote: Dear Dwayne, maybe I think women are forced to cover-up is because it makes them look more civilised. Women are made to be wear clothes because they have feelings and emotions, thats why. Horses and dogs look beautiful as well but what separates us from them is because we wear clothes since we are advanced creatures. So, forcing women to cover-up might make them look more technologically, morally, and mentally advanced beings. This would place them in a higher pedestal of respect then man or anyone else. I was told by one professor on culture and morally in a newspaper from Oxford and my dad. Do you think on what they said was right? I still don't clearly agree with this. Do you agree with them? Please tell me.

Dear Anurag,

No I don't agree with them. Have you seen women in full burqa? Do they look human or advanced to you?

I think your father and professor make an admission of evil when they admit women have feelings and emotions and then approve the use of force on them to make them cover up. Physical force does not belong in human actions to other humans. A man can force an animal but no man can force a woman. If a man does force a woman it makes her look like an animal, like she's domesticated, not like she's civilized.

Your father and professor seem to think women are like monkeys, that it is cute to put clothes on them to make them look human. Their view of women is monstrous. Women are not pets, they are not animals, they are human, and they have the same rights as men. They are human when born naked and no clothes can make them more human or give them more rights.

The ability to ban force from our relationships with each other is what separates we humans from animals. And it is the source of our rights. Therefore only respecting women's rights can make anyone look more human, more civilized, more advanced, or more moral.

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