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Added April 14, 2003

The nude photos of young women taken by Jaromir Plesko have something few others have: real inventiveness.

Many artists and photographers talk about taking nudes to the next level, but when it comes to putting their ideas into their images, they seem to fall short, and their photographs end up looking like everything else we've seen over the years, in their work, and the work of others. But the photos of Jaromir Plesko are always truly new.

In the art world, or in any intellectual arena for that matter, there are two kinds of men: those who concentrate on the work and let worldly rewards be damned, and those who cash in on the innovations of others. For example, Marconi, widely credited with the invention of the radio, gained his patent only by utilizing several discoveries made by the real genius of his day, and unknown wizard of electromagnetism named Nikola Tesla.

There are many such examples in the history of the arts and sciences, too many to go into. The key here is in the character of a real genius, in his courage to create always to the limit of his vision, and to ride this limit the way a rodeo cowboy might ride a bucking bull. The goal for them is never to get famous looking good and smiling for the cameras with some dirt thrown onto their dungarees for cosmetic effect. For men of real talent, the whole game comes down to riding mother nature no matter how violently she tries to throw you off, against her refusal to give up anything of value without a fight, be it a scientific discovery, or a wonderfully beautiful image.

Jaromir Plesko is an artist with courage, the courage to fight for beauty, regardless of who is watching. He experiments with the courage of a scientist, and expresses beauty as unselfconsciously as a flower opening in a field no one may ever visit.

We consider ourselves lucky to have discovered Plesko's laboratory.

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