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Love the outfit and setting. Well chosen for a gorgeous girl.

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Kiera My Sunny Sailor Girl

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Added December 13, 2014

Today pinup is recognized as art. But the proliferation of sexy imagery online has created more confusion than ever about where art ends and sex begins. For example, is a cam model who does private sex shows a prostitute or a porn star? Are models who post nude selfies sluts? Is Page 3 porn? Is a clothed bikini calendar erotica? Is a female artist who performs by walking to work nude just asking to be rаped? Confusion about the differences between sex, prostitution, porn, erotica, glamour, beauty and art lead sexual women to suffer many injustices and prejudices in every culture around the world, so here, then, are the definitions, and hopefully, some clarification: Sex is people having sex (stimulation, masturbation, copulation, orgasm, ejaculation). Prostitution is taking money from someone to have sex with them. Porn is people actually having sex, but in one form of media or another. Erotica is people pretending to be having sex in one form of media or another. Glamour is taking money to be beautiful (modeling). Beauty is the representation of things we value. Art is creating beauty in one form of media or another. These definitions tell us that a cam model who does a private sex show is a porn star not a prostitute because she is not having sex with the person paying. However, if she is then she is a cam prostitute, not just a model or performer because she is actually having sex with someone, the same way lovers might have phone sex. With proper definitions it's perfectly possible to see - and prove - that a bikini calendar is as far from porn as can be, that a nude artist is NOT a whore, that Page3 is glamour and nude selfies are art (believe it or not, since nudity is NOT the definition of sex). It also becomes clear that purposely blurring the definitions and differences among these things is a favourite tactic of those who want to hurt beautiful and/or sexual women.


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