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Liz Aztec

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Added June 8, 2014

With girls being forced into marriage or kidnapped into sexual slavery, with women being disfigured with acid in public for being pretty, flogged and hung in public for having sex, being forced to wear body bags in the streets, or forced to stay home and give birth to baby boys or kill baby girls, you'd think free women around the world would take a moment every single time they wake up to praise their freedom, yet instead we see thousands and thousands of women in no less civilized places than Great Britain & America cursing their sexual freedom, despising their own bodies, and denouncing beautiful models, actresses & singers for using theirs. Ironically they are doing it in order to "protect" children. Let's stop for a second to make sure we understand this point. These women are teaching their children that their mother's body - the thing that attracted their fathers to their mother and gave birth to them - is a bad thing. Never mind that you can't protect young girls by teaching them that their bodies are horrible. Never mind that teaching boys that women are evil will make chauvinists and predators out of them. So we watch with horror as women the world over attack sexy models on the covers of magazines in grocery stores, as they publicly shame women at the beach for wearing bikinis, and as they press their politicians to outlaw attractive women on TV, for stricter dress codes at work, and stricter "morals" in music videos. It's just as if women actually want to be politically and forcibly reduced to nothing but rightless breeding cows under Sharia law. If that is what they want they are on exactly the right track. And if it isn't, well, so far, they have sure fooled us. From where we stand, it definitely appears the start of the new millenium will go down in history as the era when women the world over totally screwed themselves. Ladies, please please please prove us wrong.


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