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Added July 20, 2003

The only flaw in the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean, currently in theatres, is that Keira Knightley doesn't appear topless or nude in the film. I'm not saying this flippantly or salaciously. I mean it. Here's why:

Pirates of the Caribbean is a highly moralistic film, much like the pirate films of Errol Flynn. These movies are premised on the timeless truth that the Law is made for criminals only - that good men don't need laws to tell them what is right or wrong - that laws made by dishonest or foolish men are never followed or obeyed by men of real conscience, morality, and daring.

Yet none of these films ever featured their kidnapped ladies in the nude. Like them, Pirates of the Caribbean involves a deeply good and heroic peasant turned swashbuckler who braves great dangers and against all manner of evil and hardship manages to save the woman he loves, a lady who has been kidnapped by pirates. It is a very pro-value, moral, and decent film in every respect - a great film to take the kids too.

This is why there's no nudity. It's based on the assumption that exposing children to female nudity will corrupt them irrevocably, robbing them of their innocence and turning them into sex maniacs, or in other words: into pirates of sex.

The problem is, there is absolutely no evidence that this can happen or ever does. On the other hand, there is plenty of evidence that it does not happen, the most compelling of which lies in your own soul. You yourself were exposed to nude women when you were a child weren't you? And yet look how good you turned out. You are not a rаpist, or a pervert, or damaged goods, are you?

Of course not! Yet according to the unfounded theories of beauty-haters, you and I could be nothing else. These people have everyone so flummoxed on the issue that they have already managed to make it against the law to let children see nude women without any evidence or proof whatsoever that it is harmful.

I submit that the only evidence in the matter testifies to the fact that maybe the reason you and I turned out so well is precisely because we were 'exposed' to nude beautiful women when we were children. And our response was awe and admiration that has so far lasted our lifetime.

On the other hand, there are the cultures where the children are systematically denied any access to images of nude women, and look how they are turning out. Just turn on the international news any night to find out.

I rest my case.

At Body in Mind, we and our members are all pirates of the beauty sea. We know it takes more than man-made laws to make admiring female beauty wrong. And we've amassed a treasure almost as wonderful as Keira Knightley nude: we've buried an eyeful of Nikki photographed by Alexander Fedorov for you, right here.


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