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What a beautiful model with great body! The top 2 sets of 2003 year.

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Nikki 2

20 Super Size photos of Nikki by Alexander Fedorov
Added August 10, 2003

The first nude woman I ever saw was on the wall of a construction shack. I was visiting a construction site as a child with my parents, I forget why, but I will always remember the poster on the wall behind the foreman's drafting table. The lady in it mesmerized me for years afterwards. Perhaps she still does.

She was nude in a jungle. She wore a safari hat, a leather utility belt full of tools, and she held a chimpanzee in her arms. But what was truly remarkable about her, besides her shapely, large-breasted body with perfectly suntanned skin, was her smile - she was smiling the warmest, brightest smile I'd ever seen, bigger than any photo I'd ever seen of any woman fully clothed, yet this woman was completely nude!

I'm convinced that this single image is responsible for my deep conviction that female beauty was meant to make mankind happy.

When I grew up I realized that, oddly enough, very few people seemed to share this view. With one even odder exception: construction workers. Construction workers seem to be the only people on earth who have absolutely no shame in their love of female beauty and the pleasure it gives them. These men of the material world seem to possess the uniquely spiritual ability to see the good in female beauty, the naturalness of it, the reality of it. It is construction workers who invariably whistle their admiration after any attractive woman who happens by, unafraid of the dirty looks they may get in return. It is construction workers who with boylike abandon continue to put up pictures of naked women in their workplace, in spite of the modern threat of sexual harassment lawsuits. It is construction workers who continue to fill up strip joints in spite of the modern intelligentsia's assertions that beauty is a myth.

Body in Mind has always been about this kind of fearless admiration of beautiful women, and today we are offering this gallery of nudes of Nikki by Alexander Fedorov to all the construction workers out there who have braved derision and personal danger in order to admire female beauty as it deserves to be, with respect, with innocence, and with gusto.

Of all the people in the world, they are the only ones we don't need to convince to some degree. Beauty haters have made everyone else afraid, and weak.

So what has made construction workers so strong? Well, maybe, just maybe it's because they surround themselves with images of brave beautiful women, even in their workplace. Maybe it's the open, shameless heroism of these lovely ladies that inspires them to the same.

Thus, today we have a challenge for you. Take their cue and take the plunge - put up your favourite nude image of a beautiful woman somewhere where you can see it, somewhere right out in the open, perhaps even where others will see it. Take it out of the magazine you have stashed under your bed and put in on the wall of your tool shed, garage or basement. Print out your favourite BiM image of your favourite model and frame it somewhere in your home or apartment. Let the beauty you love and your love for it out into the open. Give beauty a chance to build up your bravery, your loyalty, your soul.

We are all under construction after all - hell, the whole world is, and a beautiful nude woman should always on the wall in the shack of every construction site.

Nikki makes us all want to be construction workers.


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