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A lovely woman with her subtle sexy lines and curves, extra pretty hair flowing down with her beautiful breasts in this beautiful setting! Nice how her nipples are extra dark

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Petula Crimson Queen

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Added December 3, 2013

Inspired by the NoMorePage3 campaign to remove topless models from the SUN newspaper we hereby launch the brand new No More Women at Work Campaign. Women have been working pretty much anywhere they want since the 1970s. Back then it had its purpose maybe, but we feel it's now become a bit of a dinosaur, out-dated, and pretty much an embarrassment to us as a nation. For example, many of the most politically active countries in the United Nations, such as Iran and Afghanistan, are taking great strides in keeping women from work, so why are WE still seeing women wearing business suits or performing surgery when we turn on the telly? For that matter why are girls still attending school in Britain? Have we become a nation who grooms its CHILDREN for work? Thus we ask our noble British employers to get with the times and to voluntarily stop employing women. We say voluntarily because we don't feel an outright ban or laws against it are called for at this time, since we're hoping we'll all just be very grown up about it really. And while we're all thinking about it let's consider that perhaps not allowing women to work does not go far enough since working women tend to go to and from work in PUBLIC, often hanging around cafes and public transport where our children catch unwanted glimpses of them daily. And perhaps not surprisingly these days some working women even work AT HOME! Honestly, can someone please explain to us how WORK belongs at HOME? So while we don't ask for an outright ban against women at work we do encourage neighbourhoods to pass their own democratic bans and we suggest there's always housework if families have women who really want to work. And for the skeptics out there (there's always a few) we refer you to our online FAQ where we provide ample scientific evidence that almost ALL workplace harassment takes place at work! Study after study proves it. We've also created a website dedicated to hundreds of heart-breaking personal stories written by women and girls themselves sharing the shocking details of their own experiences with sexual harassment at work. Clearly all the proof any thinking person needs to see how work causes objectification, sexism, harassment, abuse, violence, low self-esteem as well as a break-down of family and social values. We DO want everyone to understand that we are not against women themselves - we LOVE women! - and no part of our campaign is directed at them. Nor are we against women working per se. We just believe it's something that belongs in private. After all, as the saying goes "a woman's place is in the home", not "a woman's place is at WORK". Therefore we remain steadfastly against a system that encourages people to see women as work-objects. And to our opponents we say "WOMEN ARE NOT SLAVES!" We hope you'll lend your support to this important feminist cause. After all, we did ask ever so nicely.


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