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What a LOVELY woman and photo set!! Petula you are quite beautiful from head to toe, all your curves and feminine treasures are lovely!

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In any truly modern society women are allowed to make career choices - and sexual choices - for themselves. Yet many people want to take us back to the dark ages by taking this power away from women. Indeed, the places where this is happening - as well as the people and organizations involved - might surprise you. Women are being publicly attacked and even murdered across the entire spectrum of the modern world, from the pages of newpapers in our most advanced countries like Great Britain, to the main square of more primitive places, like New Guinea.

For example in today's news some Girl Guides are attacking the Page 3 models who regularly appear topless in British Newspapers.

We all know there is no evidence that images of beautiful nude women hurt girls or society, in fact there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Sexual freedom for women has been proven over and over to increase respect for women, to expand their career opportunities in all areas, and reduce sexual crimes against them. So one wonders if things like facts and proof are part of the Girl Guide program or philosophy. "I believe it is wrong for women to be reduced to mere sexual objects in a family newspaper." This from a 17-year-old Girl Guide organizer. It would seem they are learning that feelings and unfounded beliefs are enough to justify attacking other women.

If so, then teaching young girls that Page 3 hurts them will not only corrupt their minds and spirit by establishing beautiful successful women as their enemy, it will also hurt real grown women, not only the models who stand to lose their careers, but all women, women who will become even more restricted in their careers and sexual choices by the laws and conventions that result.

It seems to us the Girl Guides have been transformed under our noses from an institution dedicated to teaching girls that success for women is a beautiful thing to teaching them that beautiful successful women are the enemy - that being something special or having purpose in life is a bad thing, and that pettiness and ganging up to destroy the women who have made choices we wouldn't is the proper way to be in life.

If indeed the Girl Guides are doing this it is an immense betrayal of all women everywhere and anyone who cares about their daughters, young women or women in general should contact the Girl Guides immediately and pull any support away from them until they apologize and reverse their position publicly. If we are right, then it has become an institution dedicated to destroying women.

This might sound severe until you hear about another incident - happening right now - of a society ganging up on beautiful women happening in Papua New Guniea. From the Amnesty International action alert: "There is a seriously injured woman being held in captivity by villagers in Southern Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, with her two daughters. The villagers believe she is a sorcerer...Helen Rumbali, a women's rights advocate and former school teacher, was beheaded in front of her community in Papua New Guinea after she and her sister suffered three days of unspeakable torture."

Violent crimes against accused witches is actually protected by law in New Guinea. In other words, "witch burnings" (as we call them) are legal.

If you ever wonder how a society can degenerate so far as to butcher beautiful successful women right in the town square with everyone watching and cheering, and no one speaking up to stop it, you are being given a clue right now by some of the Girl Guides in Great Britain who are attacking Page 3. Page 3 girls are arguably the most visible powerful and successful women around. But who is going to go against the Girl Guides?

Public executions of powerful women can only happen when sanctioned by absolutely everyone in the society that commits them. Therefore it is quite surprising - horrifying really - when you realize it means even the victims' loved ones, husbands, boyfriends, little sisters, fathers, mothers, employers, best friends, churches, businesses, intellectuals, criminals, leaders support murdering them, visciously, in cold blood, for the "crime" of having a will of their own, which means for standing up for themselves, their freedom, and their sexuality.

How can this be you ask?

How indeed.

We seem to remember that it was also a teenage girl who started the Salem Witch Hunts by pointing out that certain women were violating our moral code. What we really need then is to change our moral code from one that condemns and distrusts beautiful successful women to one that teaches young women that freedom of choice in all matters sexual or career is a culture's highest ideal, and that Page 3 actually personifies that.

We wait patiently - but without much hope - for the Girl Guide's petition protesting public executions of accused witches in New Guinea.

In the meantime, here is a set of Petula in full command of her freedom, her career, and her body, for anyone still capable of loving such a wonderous if increasingly rare sight.


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