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Stunning. Now if you get her twin sister Grace Fae on here as a regular as well...?

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Rosa Cities Of Gold

244 Poster Size photos of Rosa Brighid by James Watson
Added April 18, 2017

I am beginning to like the pictures I make. I did not make these images with a view to being exhibited here on BiM. That genuinely was an accident. There are some really great photographers and models on this website. Many of them are true legends and highly respected professionals. I still do not think I am worthy. But when I looked back over the set, it did remind me of the philosophy and message that you consistently receive here. It is the positivity of a beautiful woman. Rosa Brighid began art nude figure modelling as a student. She is a fulltime professional model working across a range of genres and she is very busy. She often works seven days a week spending long hours on trains and planes travelling the world between shoots. I had to book her about five months in advance. Her published work, although varied, could be augmented by a more matter of fact presentation in my view. She is stunningly beautiful and I wanted to strip everything away and just focus on her body with as few distractions as possible. The orange glow to the bottom right in some of the shots, like an upside down sun but from a peculiar angle, made me imagine she was peering down on some lost world. A forgotten civilisation, one in which political oppression and beauty shaming do not exist. Cities of Gold was a cartoon series from the 1980s which was popular with children throughout the world. When naming sets I often revert to musical references or memories from my childhood. Someday we will find the Cities of Gold chimed the addictive theme tune. I hope you too are feeling that warm glow. Do tell us if you are. - James Watson


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