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Added August 24, 2003

The true heroes in life, are rarely who you expect.

Regulars to Body in Mind know we have recently launched a site dedicated to fighting hatred of female beauty throughout the world, things like the stoning of women for having sex, VISA's adult website destroying policies, and WalMart's banning of magazines like Maxim and Stuff. From political attacks on it to ideological battles against it, SuperBeauty.Org is there to protect and defend female beauty and women's freedom to use it.

The response to SuperBeauty.Org has been interesting if nothing else. If you visit the site you can see who the strongest supporters of women's sexual freedom are, who really cares, and it might surprise you.

You'd think it would be women, but it's not. In my experience in life, and with SuperBeauty.Org itself, it is always men who care about women the most.

And it's not the kind of men who tag along with feminists in those 'Take Back the Night' marches against so-called 'male violence'. It's the kind of men who run tasteful nude websites like this one. It seems a lot of women have trouble with the fact that it's their beauty - and their sexual attractiveness - that is the most powerful moral motivator in the human race towards respect, admiration, and ultimately freedom for women. But you can see for yourself who has dedicated the most of themselves and their resources to fighting hatred of women. Simply have a look at which websites send SuperBeauty.Org the most traffic.

But there are exceptions. There are some women who understand the power of their beauty to inspire men to be good boys. It is not the power to dominate or to usurp, it is simply the power to make men look fondly upon women, and to inspire the desire for a returned admiration and the effort required to achieve it.

For instance, I've always admired the bravery of nude models who allow everyone in the world to look at them naked without missing a beat. Such bravery and self-confidence has always been a large part of my personal attraction to nude images of women. The spiritual is just as important as the physical. And together they pack a perfectly pleasant wallop.

Sarah, the model in today's gallery by Jaromir Plesko, is one such woman. Her lack of fear of the thoughts of others frees her to express her unique spirit in her nude photos, a spirit of playful, innocent, benevolent, shameless, confident womanhood. She is brave and beautiful - exactly the kind of woman we are fighting for at SuperBeauty.Org, it is women like Sarah who do the most for the cause of women's rights and sexual freedoms, whether we grant them that or not.

SuperBeauty.Org is dedicated to using women's beauty as a weapon in the war against women, and women like Sarah are the stormtroopers for our side.

They are our heroes.


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