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Sveta looks like a pretty, kind, thoughtful and friendly girl to me in these photos, I suspect she is, and looks in great form both into and out of those jeans!

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14 Super Size photos of Sveta by D & L Bell
Added April 7, 2003

Jeans are man's pants. You can tell because no woman needs a fly in front. Perhaps this is why jeans are the sexiest thing a woman can wear - when a lady wears jeans, she seems completely 'dressed in man'.

The same is true when a woman wears a man's suit, or a stewardess uniform, or when she throws on a man's shirt, and nothing else. Looking at her, it becomes clear that but for the world created by man, this girl would be naked.

Naturally, women can choose to wear any number of things that do not have this effect: dresses, feminine blouses, skirts, halter tops, etc. But this is precisely why it's so feminine, so pretty, and so sexy for a woman to put on a pair of jeans. It's because she chooses to. It's because she chooses to drape her body with something that comes from the world of men.

Men like to take care of women, we like to defend them, to give them pretty things, we like to make them smile, and we like to make them 'ours'. So when a woman 'dresses in man' she is tacitly indicating that she accepts this arrangement, that she approves of men and likes men's deepest moral/sexual/romantic feelings towards women.

And when that woman takes her jeans off, when she removes her clothes completely, she moves from being dressed in man to being draped in womanhood. This is where she stops being just pretty or sexy, and becomes fully beautiful. Not because she is then naked, but because in the state of total undress she is fully and uniquely female.

Today we introduce you to exotic Russian beauty, Sveta. She is tall, pretty, and completely unihibited. We chose her to feature in jeans precisely because she is all woman. We can think of no one we would rather see 'dressed in man'.

And no one we would rather see in the nude.

See if you agree. Visit the latest Body in Mind gallery to see Sveta dressed in man's world, and then - thank you Sveta - out of this world.


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