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on Thu, Sep 5, 2013 at 1:30:06

Valentine has a beautifully sculpted body. Love the gorgeous lines and definition in her body. She also has terrific derrire to boot! She looks very beautiful posed in the lovely meadow to create a nice backdrop.

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Valentine Indian Summer

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Added August 30, 2013

It's one of the ironies of life that every time women complain about current beauty standards those standards get even tougher to meet. For example, 25 years ago health and fitness were all the rage and the models in magazines were supermodels, tall, buxom, curvy, happy, confident. Women complained that most women don't look like that. So around 20 years ago the style changed dramatically in the opposite direction to grunge and then to heroin chic. The models in magazines got deathly skinny, unhealthy, morbid, and miserable. Women complained that this style was causing eating disorders & killing young girls. So around 15 years ago natural beauty came into vogue, and along with it. This created a new crop of models who were incredibly beautiful even without make-up or Photoshop. Much like Valentine is in this set. However, ironically, women complained that "real" women don't look like that. So then a certain kind of real women became the new cover girls - movie stars. And as if being a naturally gorgeous movie star wasn't a hard enough act to follow, you guessed it, women complained again. This time that movie stars aren't every day women. So around 10 years ago real every day women, who were naturally beautiful but with no real perceivable talent became the new standard of beauty - the women of reality TV. However, soon fed up with the likes of Kim Kardashian, women complained again. This time they wanted more serious role models, not women who were famous for merely being famous. So a few years ago the standard started to change again and has become unprecedentedly difficult to reach. Today a woman has to be a saint or a princess to be considered truly beautiful by women. In fact, she pretty much has to be one of only two women: Angelina Jolie or Princess Kate. Ladies it's time to stop complaining. There is simply nowhere higher for beauty standards to go without making it impossible for any woman to see herself as beautiful at all. Meanwhile, men are still back there admiring the beauty of supermodels, the more natural the better. Maybe women should go back to letting men decide what is beautiful in a woman. It would be much healthier for women and more natural. After all, aren't men the ones who are supposed to find women beautiful?


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