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Most beautiful model which I know

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20 Super Size photos of Viktusya by Sergey Goncharov
Added August 31, 2003

Every week we tell you what we have to say about female beauty. This week we'd thought you might like to hear what your fellow readers and members have to say - doctors and lawyers, artists and models, men and women just like you. But if you'd rather see for yourself why we get so much praise at Body in Mind, join us and enjoy our newest gallery of Ukranian beauty Viktusya by Sergey Goncharov. A new season of female beauty is blowing in on the breeze. Can you feel it?

"Let me congratulate you on your absolutely splendid site. "Body in Mind" is a marvellous combination of feminine beauty and sexuality combined with rational and benevolent philosophy. "

Dr. Chris R. Tame - Director - The Libertarian Alliance

"I just wanted to voice my happiness at the site you have created: Body in Mind. Your site has a genuine and thoughtful philosophical approach to female beauty."

Brett Holverstott - Webmaster -

"Love the site. Finally someone has the sense to do this right. It's a shame that more people don't realise it's the suggestion of beauty that truly makes you appreciate it, not the "in-your-face" style common to most sites."

Kent Raistrick - Photographer

"You write such great storyettes but they leave me wanting more..The pictures are great, but so is the writing. Your standards are high - and you deserve the praise. It's not good to 'leave 'em wanting more' when you have such talent."

Michael H.

"Love Body in Mind- Thanks for sharing your thoughts with people, we need more thoughts like yours!

Lauren Watts

"Congratulations on you Sveta gallery: A beautiful woman shown to perfection in a series of lovely poses that highlight her wonderful sexuality without demeaning her. You've captured the essence of innocence in the model with the suggestion of sexuality.....a very difficult mastery. Keep up the fantastic work!!!!!!!"

Your greatest fan - Pat Fitzgerald

"Thank you for a beautiful and realistic, wonderful site! The women are naturally pretty, my man loves the photos with the BMX bikes, and I have to agree, they are wonderful. The female form has long been appreciated by great artists, I am incredibly bored and literally sick of bawdy and tacky images, and was so relieved to see beautiful, natural women, just enjoying life! Beauty is art, not politics, I vote for Body in Mind."


"Nice site...elegant, tasteful, expensive feeling...just right."

Dr. Joe Stirt M.D., author of "Quantations: A Guide to Quantum Living in the 21st Century"

"I came across your site by accident and had the curious feeling that I was at home :)"

Laurent Bourrouilhou

"THANK YOU! You lay it on the line, and are correct and well versed in your statements. What a sadly rare thing to hear someone speak, write and stand-up for what they feel and know keep it up! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


"I just wanted to share with you that your site captures the essense of woman. Keep up the good work."

Terry G.

"I found the site empowering, enlightening, and both informational and interesting. Being male I never truly considered what drives some of the thoughts and feelings of humans, but now perhaps I do. Thank you for establisning the site, and I hope you continue to present the public with your view."

N. Barton

"As a woman who is tired of suffering and is rediscovering beauty I'd like to tell you how much I love your site. I had been androgenous boy for a while, admiring Winona Ryder as a female icon. Now I find myself shifting along the scale. I'd love to see an article about how women can indeed move along the scale. I feel an inner shift is required first, but it does happen. I'm thinking of someone like Kylie Minogue who was once little girl but has appeard at all points along the scale."


"You have an awesome web page!!! I also loved most of all the short essays that accompany your drawings. Congrats."

Boris Pavlov Grozny

"Wow!I just found your site. You think exactly like I do. Not only do I appreciate female beauty,I am very concerned about the attacks against it.I feel like the people who hate female beauty are winning the war. Until I found your site I thought that I was the only one concerned about the war against female beauty,now I know that I'm not alone."

Jason Steiner

Hi! Great site you have, and a lot of joyful reading! Now I've finally taken the time to buy a membership, and check out your images and articles; and what a shame I didn't do it before now!! Your articles/philosophy about beauty puts into words what I couldn't quite grasp! It is so cleanly written, so crisp. Thanks! And the images, well stunningly beautiful!!!

Best wishes - René Whitfield - Photographer

I love your site. Can't say that enough. Very tastefully done.

Very respectfully, Willard

Hi, I'm an engineer by profession, have a 160+ IQ and size 38DD breasts, blonde hair and a pretty face, and well, you can imagine the rest. Thank you for not making me feel bad about being a beautiful and potentially erotic woman.

LEX, Engineer

"What a wonderful site. Two things that should be great, but which are virtually always presented shoddily, disappointingly, even disgracefully: female beauty, and Rand's vision of a rational, happy, life. You have combined both perfectly."

Many thanks,

David S. Ross


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