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Interesting cover shot and Image "Laura 1" She's like a divine being floating in mid-air

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Vilnis Vitolins

16 Super Size photos of Katia|Laura by Vilnis Vitolins
Added November 9, 2002

One of the most surprising discoveries we've made at Body in Mind is the fact that female beauty is not a product of nature, but of Man.

I'm not talking about purely physical attributes here, I'm talking about Beauty, blow-you-away, can't-look-away, better-watch-where-you're-walking kind of beauty - the kind that attracts you from accross the room or haunts you across years. Beauty with a capital 'B'. This kind of beauty is strictly man-made, and woman-made.

Now, many will tell you that they love images of female beauty that don't try to do anything with the model, but just let her 'natural' beauty come through. We disagree completely. There is no such thing as natural female beauty, any more than there is any such thing as natural romance, natural sex, or natural love. It is only when the human mind becomes involved that any of these wonderful things becomes possible. They are some of Man's greatest inventions! Without the mind, women would still be only the slightly less hairy versions of their male Cro-Magnon counterparts - not very pretty I'm afraid.

Without the mind there would be no clothing, no photography, no sexual freedom, no nude models, and no time to enjoy Beauty. This is why we like the images of Vilnis Vitolins so much, the latest photographer to join Body in Mind. His gorgeous images of breathtaking color and lovely, spirited ladies, create a rare but inspiring sense of purpose in beautiful women, in their beauty, and in our enjoyment of them. By making an extra effort to improve and build upon the beauty of his models, Vitolins is teaching us that female beauty is important in and of itself, important to strive for, to create, to admire, to revere, to incorporate into our lives. And the beauty of his images, perceivable only by those who think, is a most welcome reward for doing so.

Vitolins is of our school: he believes female beauty is important, important enough to justify all human attempts to maximize it. We are thrilled to discover an artist who believes art must be made and not found, and that an artist's job is not to point, but to create - a man who recognizes the role of the mind in the beauty of the body.


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