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Wow, it MUST be said how some of the most amazing beauty shots of these extra gorgeous and HOT models are on these pages! Also, while BIM photo sets are beauty focused and rightly NOT focused on the common "private spot" photo sets of today, it is still great, lovely, and such a privilege to see how as in these photos as in 4,5,7,18,20 and 21 etc so much bold beauty is still presented of these hot ladies in all their glamor down below too!

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Added February 3, 2006

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In fact, good taste and beauty are now so prevalent in erotic websites that the govenrment's only plan of attack is to complain that children might happen across these perfectly legal, tasteful erotic images. Honestly, we fail to see how forcing us all back into a situation in which children might happen across tasteless and degrading pornography is better than this.

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