October 5, 2003 - The last picnic of the year

Whenever I think of attractive women and clothes I think of Superman, or rather, of Clаrk Kеnt.

I think: This strange visitor from another sex is faster than a speeding wallet, stronger than a mojo motive, able to make our hearts leap tall buildings with the sight of a single breast.

Under beautiful women's clothes there is a power greater than anything we can imagine, so unknown to us that it might as well have come from another planet, so powerful that so far our species has kept it mostly hidden out of fear of what it might do to us.


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Of course I'm talking about female beauty. And it certainly does have super powers. After all, what else can make us treat others with so much respect and admiration, can make us want to be better people all round, can make men perform incredible feats, can give women powers beyond most mortals? Lіkе Sυpеrmаn, female beauty can even turn back time. Nothing can take us back to another point in our lives like the memory of super female beauty.

For example, when I was a little boy my great Aunt, God bless her, removed her top at a family picnic. Such a site was unprecedented for me. Our family was very conservative and most of us wouldn't even have dreamed of appearing naked in front of our families, let alone the whole lot. Yet my Aunt, full of youthful vigor, shrugged it off with a hearty laugh and proceeded to fill her plate with potato salad.


I thought she was beautiful. Not just because she had big breasts, but because she was happy, and brave, and created excitement around her without being violent or false. She was beautiful because she was unafraid to be a woman.

Last week, my brother told me that an attractive woman came into the gas station topless, paid for her gas and calmly left. No one did a thing. In fact, judging from their restrained reactions, they hardly seemed to notice. Yet for hours afterwards people were still talking about it for blocks around.


This is always so. Unexpected female beauty generates an almost electric excitement that cannot be classified, it is new and appealing on so many different levels at once that we struggle to find words that fit the experience. Few ever find those words.

For instance, how many of you have sat quietly in proximity to some lovely barely clothed creature who laughed and played with those around her inspiring in us such admiration and fondness that we couldn't help but wish she would simply and easily remove all of her clothes and continue as if nothing had changed, simply so we could enjoy her loveliness all the more clearly?


Why don't we see such sights every day?

Who wouldn't enjoy such a thing?

Some would adore the site of a beautiful nude happy woman. Others would have a story to tell for years afterwards. Young men would redefine their ideas of nudity, beauty and sex, and would learn they are something that can be taken out and played with without intercourse having to follow. Young ladies would learn that men are not the monsters they been taught, but rather eager playmates quick to admire and praise women for their spirit and beauty. Old men would feel young again. Old women would remember their own beauty. All would learn that human beings can be admired and respected for what they are.

And the girl herself? Why she would be the center of the universe. What a great feeling that must be!


Female beauty is a super power with untold potential for good. Hell, it has even been known to cure illness in the sick and dying. Yet right at a time of moral and spiritual crisis in the world, right when we need a Superman - or Sυpеr Bеаυty - the most, it is kept at bay, caged, legislated against, as if it was a viscious, violent animal.

People often joke about Superman 'having it made' because his x-ray vision allowed him to see through women's clothes. But maybe there's more to it. Maybe it was because he could enjoy the beauty of women unencumbered that made him such a nice guy.


Body in Mind thinks so. So we've created a world where beautiful women happily reveal the beauty of their bodies for all to marvel at and enjoy, a world where a beautiful woman will take off all her clothes at a friendly picnic, perhaps the last one of the year, not to arouse her companions or herself, not to turn us on either, but simply because this year the summer has caressed her body more lovingly than any lover ever could, and she is more beautiful now than she has ever been, or will be again for a long time. It would be a shame to cover such a lovely thing, and somewhere, deep down, she knows it, and she is not afraid to celebrate herself.


We invite you then to our picnic with Viktusya, to enjoy her simple bravery and powerful beauty in this week's gallery shot especially for Body in Mind by Sеrgеy Gоnchаrоv. Nibbling her beauty luxuriously, sipping every flavor of her curves, savouring her soft golden skin, peeking into the sparkle of her eyes. It is a shame that this experience should be rarer than a family picnic these days. When such things should be a regular and healthy part of our daily lives.


Female beauty is a kind of nutrition. It might not make you Superman, but it will make you a better person. Drink deeply. And eat well.

© 2003 by Dwаynе Bеll