September 23, 2001 - What is the real enemy we face?

Lооkіng Evіl in the Eye

The best way to see the evil of any corrupt philosophy is to put it into practice. That way you can all see what its consequences - and thus its purpose - are. Of course, by that time it's usually too late, the damage is done, but at least its evil can act as a catalyst for the good among us to finally take action against it.

As a result of the terrorist attacks on the U.S., we have finally been given a chance to see what one of the most evil philosophies around today really means. No, not Islam. Something much worse: multiculturalism.

Along with egalitarianism, feminism, and environmentalism, multiculturalism is one of the great lies destroying our world - a terrorist of the mind, attacking the most vital pillar in the firmament of western thought - individual rights.

Let me be quite clear on this. I am NOT against other cultures, certainly not in a militant sense to be sure. However, I AM against ANY ideology which proposes to ignore individual rights, that is: ANYONE'S rights, at ANY time, for ANY reason. This is what multiculturalism proposes.

If you doubt it, consider that Thе Unіtеd States has long been the only place on earth where people from different cultures have gotten along, not only with civility, but productively and with great regard for human rights. In fact, the Unіtеd Stаtеs, for the longest time, was the greatest proponent and defender of individual rights on the planet, indeed, in the history of mankind. It was known as Thе Grеаt Mеltіng Pоt of the world, where people from all cultures and countries came to be free from the tyrannies of their homelands. There was no need to care what culture you came from - America made life possible for individuals. People from every ethnic type -even those with centuries of preceding hostility between them - worked side by side to build America, including its greatest monument - the Wоrld Trаdе Center. Thе Unіtеd States was a bastion of freedom and opportunity and individual rights legendary thoughout the world, and people flocked to it from all over the globe.

Then came multiculturalism.

Social harmony and individual rights could not have been its goal.

For a long time the true purpose of multiculturalism was hidden from good-natured Americans, hidden behind seemingly sincere pleas for tolerance and declarations of love for mankind from those who espoused it. Yet today its true purpose has become unmistakeable to any honest man, and the motives of those who preach it embarrassingly transparent.

The purpose of multiculturalism is to make us forget the importance to a free society of the principle of individual rights. It's goal is to allow every evil culture in the world - every culture that violates individual rights (along with every form of inhumanity and every petty but bloody 3rd world religious dispute) onto to the shores of America itself. Its method, is to make us feel ashamed of our love of freedom and values, to feel sympathy for rotters around the world, and ultimately, to be afraid to defend our country and ourselves by upholding our individual rights.

It becomes clear today - and everyday lately - when we turn on the TV only to see Bush and other world leaders fawning over the supposed hurt feelings of U.S. Muslims while the families of the American dead, killed tragically, remain unconsoled and unavenged.

We see it when the name of the U.S. military response to the terrorist attacks is changed from an inspiring "Operation: Infіnіtе Jυstіcе" to a drab "Opеrаtіоn Endυrіng Freedom" because some Islamic leaders complained that according to their religion only Allah (in whose name the terrorist attacks were carried out) could dispense infinite justice.

We see it when Prеsіdеnt Bυsh responds to the attacks on America by telling us - not the Muslim countries responsible - that we'll have to prepare for a long and painful fight, obviously ruling out a nuclear strike that would end this thing almost instantly and painlessly, with absolutely no loss of American life.

We see it when he refuses to invade and occupy terrorist countries but doesn't hesitate to turn the U.S. into a prison, replete with increased security everywhere, searches without cause, and armed Marshal's on all ariplanes, etc.

We see it when he refuses to declare war on countries that long ago declared war on the U.S., including Iran and Afghanistan, countries whose method has consisted of nationalizing what belongs to America (oil wells etc.) and whose armies consist of terrorists who have kidnapped and/or murdered hundreds of Americans thoughout the Mid-East.

We see it when he is afraid to put an end to the Islamic way of life in the Mіddlе Eаst where suicide bombers who kill Americans are treated like rock stars, but doesn't hesitate to put an end to the American way of life which includes the right to a government who defends your rights internationally and the kind of unprecedented benevolent atmosphere at home where unlike most countries in the world and throughout history, armed militia are not required on every street corner.

We see it when he, and other world and intellectual leaders remind us over and over, as if we were the ones with the primitive beliefs, that most Muslims, at home and abroad, practice a "pure" form of Islam, not the murderous and violent kind practised by fundamentalist extremists. Bush scolds us to remember that violent Muslims who attack innocent Americans are a rare exception, obviously forgetting that those Americans violently lashing out against Muslims are also a rare exception. Appаrеntly Bυsh trusts Muslims to honor the innocent among us, but doesn't trust Americans to do it.

We see it especially when we look at the footage of a world leader like Cаnаdіаn Prіmе Mіnіstеr Jеаn Chretien shamelessly - no, self-righteously - speaking at a Mosque full of only men and boys. No women - because women are considered unclean by "pure" Islam and must stay out of men's sight, both in public by covering themselves from head to toe, and at home where they are not even allowed to eat with the men. Of course they are allowed to cook the food and clean up the toilets afterwards.

We see it when this is what multiculturalism asks us to respect. We see it when we realize that this is our politicians' definition of 'innocent' and 'pure'.

We see it in the concern and outright sympathy for Muslims at such a disgustingly inappropriate time. The politicians claim there is no other way to show we do not blame Muslims for the terrorist attacks. However, in reality, there is no better way to show America and the world - including terrorists - that the American government is not the least bit concerned about its dead and their loved ones. Bоth Bυsh and Clinton made appearances at the site of the Wоrld Trаdе Center attack, not to help dig, but to pose for pictures.

We see it when Bush mentions Muslims in his address to Congress more often and more sympathetically than the victims of terrorism. He figures being visibly pro-Islam is the best way to counter the recent violence against the innocent members of the Muslim community, apparently forgetting himself that the laws in the U.S. - because they are based on individual rights - protect everyone, including Muslims.

We see it when we realize that George has obviously forgotten that it's more important to America to counter the recent violence against America in general, than a few outlaw attacks on innocent Muslims.

We see it on Entеrtаіnmеnt Tоnіght, when Thе Fіrst Lady, Lаυrа Bυsh, breaks her usual silence on political matters in order to speak out on what she feels is the most pressing issue facing us today - not the importance of defending our children from terrorist attacks, but the importance of not blaming Muslims for the attacks on the Wоrld Trаdе Center and the Pentagon.

We see it in myriad television news videos and newspaper photos of innocent Afghani children peeking timidly out from behind their ruined homes, seemingly implying the immorality of any military retaliation on our part. We see no pictures of frightened and newly fatherless American children, and we are not told that the Afghani children are not afraid of America, but of the men who bombed their homes and murdered their parents, the very same men who jet-bombed America, men supported by the Afghаnі Tаlіbаn government.

We see it when we remember that no child currently in the American school system has ever even heard of the term 'individual rights', yet they have all been drilled year after year on the 'virtues' of multiculturalism.

Most disgustingly, we see it in celebrity telethons in which multimillion-dollar rich celebrities (each of whom could easily end the financial burdens of the victims of terrorism for whom they are supposedly raising money) use the platform to beg us (who have done nothing wrong) to 'get along' (with terrorist murderers?) (as if it were up to us), telling us to 'love' each other, and that the only real enemy is hatred itself - equating hating the murderers of women and children with hating innocent women and children.

But, we see it most of all when we realize that all of this comes at a time when it serves only to diffuse our most righteous anger right when we need it most - a time when we need all the hatred and anger we can muster to defend ourselves and our freedom against those whose goal is nothing short of our utter destruction, a time we need desperately to remember that we have done nothing wrong, and that there is absolutley nothing wrong with defending ourselves and our rights, that we did not start this fight, that we do not hate for no reason, and that our own children are threatened more than any others.

If we lose our resolve now, it will mean more innocent Americans will die. In this way only, the celebrity telethon was appropriate. At least these people have raised the funds to 'clean up' the mess of dead Americans their passivist philosophies will make.

These are all examples of America respecting other cultures in spite of their atrocities and their clear desire to destroy us, respecting them over our own most rare and noble culture of individual rights. So why do such prominent politicians, celebrities and intellectuals believe Muslims deserve more justice and sympathy than the victims of the terrorist attacks? Or, at least, that they need it first?

It's because they have come to believe that multiculturalism is a higher value than individual rights, and as a result a short-term pragmatism and an appeasing type of political "friendliness" has replaced justice in their agandas.

But do not make their mistake: multiculturalism is not about everyone 'just getting along'. It's an abject coward's way of getting along by placating the hurt feelings of those who commit every imaginable atrocity, feelings he's afraid might be hurt by the fact that he doesn't commit such atrocities. It's the political equivalent of a wimp who apologizes to a thug, saying "I hope you didn't hurt your fist when you smashed me in the face with it". It's a political passivist's selfish attempt to get into heaven by refusing to protect those they 'love'. (Incidentally, women around the world who have been pushing for their governments to 'do something' about the horrific treatment of women in fundamentalist Islamic countries have now got their answer - the governments of the West have no intention of ever helping the women in these lands, or women anywhere for that matter. Instead governments everywhere are falling all over themselves sucking up to each and every Muslim group, making sure they know we have no problem with the atrocities they commit in the name of Allah or with them importing their beliefs and practices into our countries, saying in effect that any atrocity and injustice short of jet-bombing buildings is okay with us.)

That the evil of so monstrous a thing as multiculturalism has remained hidden for so long is a testament to widespread ignorance of individual rights, and the popularity of something as inherently short-sighted as pragmatism. Yet there has long been a little clue to multiculturalism's evil that has been there all along, like a tag sticking out of an overpriced item, so obvious that sometimes only the uneducated could see it, and that is: the demand for tolerance.

Tolerance is about as evil an idea as there is. The proof is that good things do not need tolerance to exist. Tolerance means forbearance, yet good asks of us naught to bear. Only evil needs tolerance, only evil asks us to suffer its existence. Thus it is always for evil's protection that tolerance is demanded of us.

This is the case when multiculturalism asks for it, too.

Multiculturalism asks us to respect the beliefs and traditions of other cultures, not when they are respectable, but only when they are not. The truth that pleas for tolerance have kept purposely hidden is the fact that some cultures really are better than others, better not because they are older, or more powerful, but better because of their adherence to the principles of individual rights, rights held by each and every individual human being on the planet, not just those from other cultures, rights that say a man or woman should be allowed to pursue their own happiness free from those who would use force to stop them, free not because of their nationality or beliefs, but in spite of them, simply by virtue of the fact that they are individual human beings. Of course we should respect ANY culture which upholds the principle of individual rights - this includes ours! - and denounce any culture which does not. Yet multiculturalism silences us, and has made us afraid to speak. It seems only people from other cultures dare to see that American culture is the best in the world.

It is time for America to dare, to self-righteously defend not just her skyscr4pеrs, but also her vaunted culture, a culture of profound respect for - and of a consistent political implementation of - individual rights. It is time for us to dare to denounce those cultures who violate individual rights, not because they worship a different God, obviously, but because they violate individual rights. It is time for America to hate - not love - its enemies. It is time for America to get angry. It is time for us to declare war on any country who flies jets into our highly populated buildings, regardless of which religion they practice or how many people in this country share their beliefs.

Our individual rights are built not on a concrete foundation, and certainly not on multiculturalism, but literally on the blood, sweat and tears of every brave, good, and honorable American who dared try to acheive his individual dreams or died defending them, all of whom now cry out for justice and remembrance. Do not let them hear instead pleas of tolerance and understanding for the evil cultures that are destroying America, and the world. This kind of request is the definition of intolerable.

Multiculturalism, in whose name these pleas are made, is the opposite of individual rights. It is a jet flown into America's sacred twin towers of liberty and justice for all. And just like the sky behind the Wоrld Trаdе Center, we should all be able to see it quite clearly now.

It's individual rights or multiculturalism.

Hopefully, it is not too late to choose.

© 2001 by Dwаynе Bеll

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