"Ela, your hot beauty as you probably know also shows an amazingly sexy chest, great torso and leg curves, with great legs, and a very sexy nicely shaped love spot in-between! Thanks for your lovely pix! "
– Lars (Body in Mind member) Tue, Mar 31, 2015 at 2:09:27
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Boys are mean & girls are icky

Every human boy & girl passes through the "boys are mean & girls are icky" phase of sexual development. Happily, around puberty, most of us begin to realise that kissing a girl is worth the risk of "girl germs" and that getting close to boys won't necessarily end in you getting your hair pulled. But imagine what civilization would look like if nobody ever progressed beyond that stage? The clubhouses that boys build with "no girls allowed signs" would become the more extreme men's rights meetings. And the birthday parties little girls invite only little girls to would become the feminist movement. Judging from the somewhat startling animosity & seemingly steady state of outright vitriole between feminist groups and men's rights groups (called MRA's) online these days it suddenly struck me that our culture IS stuck in a pre-pubescent sexual phase in which men and women haven't actually grown up. Feminists are afraid of the incredible power in female sexuality, so much so they want to be men, and actually join in the current attacks on sexy women in the media. The men's rights movement is so afraid of masculinity that they are not fighting for sexy pics but for the same kind of reproductive rights that WOMEN have! Oddly men seem to want to be women and women seem to want to be men. Which really means neither really wants to grow up at all. Our blurb about Mеllіsа Clаrkе last week dealt with the fact the many intellectuals in our society are afraid of adult sexuality. Or perhaps this is a super-adult stage that arises only in cultures when human population gets out of control. We'll say this: whatever stops human beings from breeding out of control is AOK with us. (Just kidding.) (Sort of.) More...

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