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"I ordered this book on the promise that the cover picture would be in indication of the book's contents. I was NOT disappointed...more."




Sυpеr Bеаυtіеs - Nude and Natural

In the 1960s the movies were full of them. In the 70s they were TV stars; in the 80s they were supermodels. And in the 90s, they were making porn. But today, in the first decade on the 21st century, a true super beauty is the rarest thing in the world. The women who knock our socks off seem to have disappeared.

Well now they're back, in a beautifully bound hard cover book from Body in Mind. 364 pages of the most superbeautiful women we've found in the 10 years we've been online: Nіkkаlа Stоtt, Pеtа Tоdd, Tracy, Jewel, Britney, Klaudia, Nadya, Linda and many more. Order your copy from Amazon now, and bring super beauty back into your life today.

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