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Added December 4, 2012

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Steve  says

on Fri, May 24, 2013 at 22:39:10

I'm with you...up to a point. Clothes, and the gradual removal thereof, can be fun, and enhance the shoot, building anticipation, and personally I love seeing a beautiful woman wearing non-glamorous, everyday clothing as a prelude to a reveal, and as a clue to the personality of the woman herself, but......the models you photograph are often so stunning, so physically perfect, that it can be frustrating to only see fifteen or so fully nude shots in a shoot of over a hundred. The bottom line is.....for many of us, rational, thinking men and women, we will be lucky indeed if we ever see women this attractive in any other state than fully clothed....hence the need for photography sites like yours to give us the don't be too mean with the all-nude shots...or too judgemental!

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