October 1, 2001 - Wіll Bоdy in Mind be around forever?

Thе Trυth Exposed

It's time for my annual assessment, summation, and promises for next year - to be Body in Mind's last by the way.

It is said that evil hides in plain sight. This means that evil is always visible to us, if we care to see it.

On Sеptеmbеr 11, 2001, Islamic terrorists made most of the evil in the world plain as day. The attacks on the Wоrld Trаdе Center ripped the veil from in front of our faces by making our characteristic chronic apathy uncomfortable. Now, all evil stands exposed. The only question is, will we care to see it?

It has always been part of the purpose of Body in Mind to expose evil and to help render it powerless. In fact, I have long intended to write pages on each and every evil I see, most specifically those which threaten objective human values, such as female beauty. Yet for the time being, there seems to be no real need to warn people of the evil that has been hidden in the souls of certain individuals or the agendas of certain factions. Every evil I wanted to expose has now been rendered pretty bloody obvious.

For example, there is no need to try to convince people that Islam's hatred of women is not simply a difference of cultures, but is instead a bloody gang murder of an entire sex. We see it now in news documentaries every day. There is no need to convince people that the anti-capitalist peacenik gangs who have been gnawing at our country like termites for the last several years are the indigenous shock troops of totalitarianist Islam and its ilk - they attack the same targets. There is no need to try to prove that feminists are the political soul-sisters of mass serial-killers - they are actively defending them in public, government funded speeches. There is no need to demonstrate that environmentalists would rather millions of good and brave Americans die in a "conventional" ground war than pollute the atmosphere with residual nuclear fallout from atomic weapons - they are saying so right out loud. All evil philosophies and their proponents are openly exposed now, exposed by their reactions to what is certainly the most open and shut case of pure unadulterated evil ever to befall modern civilization. Any hesitation to condemn this act in the strongest possible terms and any refusal to destroy this evil by every means available is an act of the same evil.

This evil is the single greatest threat to Body in Mind, female beauty, and civilization, and it will be fought here on Body in Mind with renewed fervor over the next year.

To accomplish this I have rededicated myself to expounding my own ideas, discoveries, and artwork about the nature of female beauty. The horrific events of September 11 have made me angrier and more self-righteous than ever. If the Islamic terrorists hoped to make those of us who admire female beauty cower they have grossly miscalculated. I have seen evil exposed and I laugh at how small and powerless it really is. Thus on today's page I am displaying one of my proudest artistic achievements, one which I hesitated to show for some time, but which now I give you with the full certainty and newly restored rectitude of one who knows images like this are exactly what terrorists and other beauty haters are out to destroy, and which as long as I live and breathe, they never will.

I also want to apologize to those who are waiting for my page on measuring female beauty and the revelation of who of the world's most beautiful women is the MOST beautiful. I have not forgotten you. After several rewrites, this page is still in the works. It has turned out to be much more complicated than I originally expected but I have every intention of completing and publishing it. It is more urgently needed now than ever before.

Lastly, I hope I'm wrong but I fear that 2001 will be the apex of female beauty in western society. I fear we will never again see a time when women dare to be as gorgeous in public as they have been up til now. I cringe when I realize that Islamic terrorists around the world have made every woman in the world hesitate when she puts on something that flatters her form or reveals the beauty and grace of her body. Nevertheless, I will take our knowledge and appreciation of female beauty forward, even if I am the last person to ever do so. Islam, and other beauty-hating philosophies, have tried to halt our expanding appreciation and knowledge of female beauty and the freedom that it affords women. I intend to push it to the next level, singlehandedly if I have to.

I will always dare to put good out in plain sight.

But as a friend of mine said so elloquently, I hope you can hear me above the silence.

© 2001 by Dwаynе Bеll

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