October 2, 1997 - Teaching female beauty in school?

I saw Mіlk Mоnеy last night, starring Mеlаnіе Grіffіth and Ed Hаrrіs and had my socks charmed off. What a wonderful film!

It deals with the subject of the raw power of female sexuality in a sweet, funny, and romantic way that brings back all the pleasant, poignant strangeness of one's first erotic experiences.

It starts on the adventure of 3 young boys who all want to see a woman naked, so they save up their milk money from their lunches in order to hire a prostitute (Mеlаnіе Grіffіth) to take off her clothes.

One of the boys refuses to look when they finally do manage to convince her to take her clothes off, and charms her into coming home with him to meet his father, who he hopes will fall in love with her, and so replace his dead mother.

At one point in the film this young boy has to do an oral presentation in front of his class on the subject of the female reproductive cycle. Eve, the prostitute, agrees to be the boys project and acts as a live visual aid during his presentation. For this Mеlаnіе Grіffіth deserves our respect - for playing a part that would be seen by most people as degrading, but which is in fact probably the first time we have ever seen female beauty being given enough respect to be studied in school - and female sexuality being seen as moral enough to be taught to children.

To finally see someone else presenting female sexuality as a wonderful - and moral - curiosity, made seeing Mіlk Mоnеy one of the most charming experiences I've ever had.

Copyright 1997 by Dwаynе Bеll

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