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Aliyah Lopez by Mike Jones

14 Super Size photos of Aliyah by Mike Jones
Added January 27, 2003

We've said a lot about super female beauty over the years but these days it's getting harder and harder to find new examples of it to show you what we mean. Happily we've found some of this rarest of delights for you, superbeauty, possessed by Aliyah Lopez. We're proud to have a set of superb images of her created by photographer Mike Jones.

Regular Body in Mind readers know what we mean by the term 'superbeauty', and Aliyah Lopez is a perfect illustration of it. But for the rest of you, the word 'superbeauty' is a term we have coined based on the origins of the word 'supermodel'. At one time, 'supermodels' were known simply as 'models'. Then several incredibly beautiful and successful models came along, all around the same time, and changed that. These women were the prettiest creatures that had ever walked the earth - they were bigger, taller, curvier, happier, had longer hair, bigger breasts, sexier walks, and more confidence than any women who had come before. Before them, models had simply made a living, but these women became huge celebrities in their own right, and made fortunes to match their fame. They made modeling, and thus female beauty itself, respectable in its own right. These amazing women became known as supermodels, and they made beauty a good thing.

Unfortunately, the world was not quite ready for such beauty, and a beauty backlash occurred that sent women's fashion into one of its ugliest periods ever, and forced supermodels off of the fashion runways to look for work elsewhere. Nonetheless, most of the supermodels made successes of themselves and are still around today, and include such beauty legends as Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, and Elle Macpherson. However, today the word supermodel has lost all of its original meaning, and is used to describe all models, regardless of their beauty. And the women who would have become supermodels but for the beauty backlash, are forced into pornography or obscurity. In fact, porn is the only industry that seems interested in employing beauties of this calibre on a consistent basis.

Porn stars like Tera Patrick, Jenna Jameson, and Devon prove that the kind of beauty 'supermodel' is meant to mean is still around. But we think it deserves to be recognized as the pro-women, pro-beauty, pro-value thing that it is. We believe it deserves a name. So we call it 'superbeauty', which seems appropriate since it did what nothing before it could: it rescued all women who share their beauty with us from the stigma of immorality.

Aliyah Lopez is a superbeauty. And if the world ever learns to really appreciate female beauty as the glorious thing it is, she will surely become a supermodel. That beomes perfectly clear in the photos of master cameraman Mike Jones, whom we have to thank for bringing her beauty to light. Supermodels may be gone, but superbeauty lives on at Body in Mind.

Who knows, maybe supermodels - with their original meaning - will make a comeback. Superbeauties like Aliyah, and photographers like Mike Jones, make us hope so.


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