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Angel As Sweet As Summer

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Added January 11, 2015

Dostoyevsky once said beauty will save the world. And indeed today, female beauty does seem to be trying very hard to do just that. We see FEMEN using the beauty of their bodies in garish attempts to free women from the social injustices of the modern world. We see Free the Nipple motivating beautiful actresses, singers & artists to bare their breasts in public in order to inspire equality with men. And we see countless women's sports teams and other organizations using the beauty of their bodies to raise money and awareness for charity. Sadly, Page3 models doing so in the U.K. have been recently shut down.

It's not clear if The Sun cancelled Page3 due to pressure from feminists or due to cheaper syndicated naked images of celebrities, but it's perfectly clear that the real power of Page3 was the beauty of the models and the perceived sincerity of their morality, not just fame and not just nudity. It also appears that in spite of their noble causes and success at getting into the media, FEMEN and Free The Nipple have been unable to change anything. Women have been stopped - and so has their power to change the world - by what we at BiM call "beauty hatred".

Everyone thinks they love beauty, but on a moral level, they allow it to be disparaged, demeaned & demoralized. We think we hear people praising it all the time but if you actually listen, we don't. Ever. Sure beautiful people are in the media almost constantly, but they are always described as shallow, superficial, stupid, depraved, dangerous, destructive or deadly. Listen for it and you will hear it. Click any of those links and you will see it. What you will NOT see or hear is female beauty being described as a good thing. And in the end, it's only those things we consider morally good that we will admire and support.

For example everyone wanted to get a look at Kim Kardashian naked on the cover of the recent issue of Paper magazine, but how many went out and bought it in order to support her career? We will look at beautiful all day long. But we won't respect it. And if we think beauty is superficial and shallow is it any wonder we are seeing fewer women than ever nominated for Academy Awards? If we think beauty is stupid are we going to want to hear what women have to say? If we think female beauty is deadly will we be appropriately surprised and horrified when women are slaughtered as witches in New Guinea or executed for being rаped in Saudi Arabia? If we think FEMEN & Free the Nipple are depraved and destructive, is it any wonder they've gotten nowhere?

Before we can empower women, before we can free the nipple, we have to free female beauty. We have to stop thinking it's shallow, superficial, stupid, depraved, dangerous, destructive and deadly.

Only then will beauty have a fair shot at saving the world.


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