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Ashley, nice! you're so in shape and sleek -those eyes! It's hot too how you didn't shave it all away but we can also enjoy seeing your hottest spots!

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Added March 27, 2012

We get a lot of emails but the ones that annoy us the most are from writers complaining that all of our models in every shot are not completely naked.

"Nudity is a woman's natural state" they tell us, meaning "nudity is a women's proper state", an idea they have no doubt gotten from one of the nude sites out there that boasts about their "virtue" of featuring nothing but fully nude photos of very young women. "Why oh why aren't your models naked all the time?" these emails wail, as if putting clothes on women was some kind of affront to decency and good sense. We almost expect their next sentence to be "women should be barefoot and pregnant."

Okay, here's the thing: there is no such thing as "natural" beauty in women. Tigers don't find human women beautiful. Neither do human babies. In fact, human children don't even draw bodies on their stick figures until they are over 3 years old! (Yes, we are aware of the "scientific" experiments "proving" that human babies respond to pretty female faces but it has yet to be shown if they are responding to beauty or something else in the faces they see. We're betting it's something else.)

Nudity is not a natural state for a woman. Full nudity is a natural state for new-born infants, and animals. Those who believe women should be naked all the time seem to see women as some sort of helpless wild sexual babies - a very difficult image to form in any sensible mind. (Although many nude websites these days do their best to create this image.)

The beauty of the nude female body is not natural, but it is profound. It is part and parcel of the most amazing thing in the universe: the human mind. Female beauty exists only because the human mind exists. For example, if you like wide hips in a woman it's because in your mind you want a woman to be mature and sexual. If you like a thin waist it's because in your mind you want to hold her, or you want a woman who is not - or has not been - pregnant. If you like big boobs perhaps it's because you need nurturing. All of the physical qualities we find attractive in women represent something we want in a woman in real life. And it's this wanting that makes those qualities beautiful to us, not the qualities themselves.

As much as some people like to pretend otherwise nature requires us to think to survive, and most humans think clothes makes sense for all kinds of very good reasons, protection and comfort highest among them. The human mind is part of our nature, and must be considered in any discussion of what is proper for women, or beautiful in them. This doesn't mean nudity cannot be beautiful in a woman - obviously nudity can be very beautiful indeed. It simply means that nudity is not the single proper state for women in general as many emailers try to tell us. A woman's mind must be included in any discussion of what is proper for women.

But if you're honestly looking for the proper state for maximum beauty in a woman, you must figure out what the proper things a woman should be in order to live a good life. Certainly those things will include just as many qualities of character as physical traits. And when a woman is nude and her physical beauty is visible due to some specific circumstances that require admirable qualities of character (bravery, independence, freedom, happiness perhaps) then that is when a woman is potentially in her most beautiful "state". But it is not a "natural" state and does not happen automatically.

There is a strange resistance in most humans to acknowledge values - especially character values - or to take responsibility for their own actions, so much so that many prefer to abdicate their judgment completely and hide their thoughts and behaviour in the jungles of the "natural", hoping somehow that nature will make all their choices and solve all their problems for them. These are the people who are actually offended by and complain when women wear clothes. But we all know on some primordial level, don't we, that there is nothing friendly to naked human women in any jungle on earth.


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