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Added February 9, 2014

Female beauty is real. And like anything real, if you push it it will push back. Attack it and it will bite you on the ass.

The glam-bashing U.K. group known as No More Page 3 were taught that lesson a few days ago. No More Page 3 denounce The Sun in England for publishing topless but still innocent, non-sexual pictures of confident, charity-supporting, pretty women on Page 3 of its daily newspaper, claiming the photos corrupt children, inspire/facilitate abuse, and demean women. Defenders of Page 3 repeatedly point out there are much more sexual and/or demeaning photos in popular culture/media readily available to children. Pop singer Miley Cyrus is often mentioned, both for her somewhat pornographic performing style and the effect it could have on her millions of adolescent fans. Miley does not perform nude, at least not yet, but does strike shockingly sexual poses in her act and on television.

To the great delight of No More Page 3, Rupert Murdoch, owner of The Sun, suggested perhaps the Page 3 girl could be replaced with "glamorous fashionistas" but until a few days ago The Sun did nothing. Then on February 12, 2014, on their famous Page 3, instead of one of their usual models The Sun published a beautiful, glamourous photo of fashion trend-setting pop icon Miley Cyrus.

Oddly, there was not a peep from No More Page 3. Perhaps because Miley was half naked in the photo and, quite ironically, topless.

What glam-bashers like No More Page 3 don't seem to get is that people love female beauty and will not give it up. And any attempts to shame people into giving it up or to make them think their love of female beauty is somehow immoral, will only make them more accepting of immorality in popular photos and will only make sexual imagery more popular. It happened in the 1990s, made a house-hold name for Jenna Jameson and created the sex tape shortcut to fame for the likes of Pamela Anderson and current mass media favourite Kim Kardashian.

Obviously there is nothing immoral or demeaning about any woman posing topless or being sexual but we do all have to decide if it's the human body or sexual imagery we don't want our kids to see. In a free society there is no other choice.

The moral of the story for No More Page 3? Stop denouncing harmless glamour images, specifically Page 3. And for everyone else? Don't attack female beauty in any form. Attack it and it will bite you - and perhaps even your kids - on the ass.


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