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Wow! My teachers resembled Rosa Klebb in 'From Russia with Love'.

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70 Super Size photos of Viktusya by Sergey Goncharov
Added December 28, 2003

It's a brand new year, and that means instead of asking you to fight for the women you love against the mounting persecution in the world, it's time to imagine what the world we live in would look like if women and their beauty were allowed to freely work their wonders on us all, as they could and should be, and to start building that world, one brick of beauty at a time.

It's time to be positive.

So today, we recommend that those who love female beauty make an effort to do more than just sit and look at the lovely ladies on our site or the sites of others. Today, and for the rest of the year, we ask you to resolve yourself to let female beauty inspire you to DO SOMETHING - to do the things you've always wanted to do, but haven't yet, for whatever reason. Pick even one thing you've always wanted to do and find a way to let female beauty inspire you to do it. It could be to become the photographer you've always wanted to be. Or it could be to take a flattering photo of the woman you love just for your own enjoyment. Buy a copy of a sculpture you like. Subscribe to the website you've been meaning to. Print your favourite photo and put it somewhere where you will see it every day, and be inspired by it, or where others will see it too. Take the trouble to pick a favourite one if you haven't one. Let it inpsire you to accomplish whatever resolution you've made this year.

After all, it is only love of beauty that can inspire us to protect women anyway. And only by actively admiring the beauty of women, that our love for them will grow, along with our love for life.

So to start the ball rolling, as our 'act of worship' towards women, we've created an image of beauty that has never existed before. It's a photoseries that shows a school that exists in the world of the future, a world in which female beauty is admired for the pleasure it gives, and respected for the special power it has. It's a school that teaches not only math, science, and language to its young adult students, but also beauty, morality and philosophy. In Beauty class, for instance, young women are taught not only how to be beautiful, but what purpose their beauty serves in the world, its connection to character values, the secrets of its power to inspire men, and what role it plays in securing women's rights as well as mankind's survival.

It's the classroom of Miss Vicktusya, a teacher made fearless by the power in female beauty, and made shameless by the knowledge that the real power in the beauty she teaches is the power to do good in the world, the power of morality, derived from the moral values female beauty embodies, things like courage, benevolence, intelligence, happiness, and love.

We hope you, our Body in Mind members can learn from Miss Vicky as well. We hope you will learn to do more than admire beautiful women and imagine a life with one as the clouds of time go by and you do nothing to actually achieve it.

Action is the key. You can sit and watch a lot of women murdered for their beauty over the centuries, until happenstance sees fit to end it, and create a renaissance of beauty again, too painfully brief.

The only way women and their beauty will ever be free - and can be expected to be - is if good men take action to convince themselves of the goodness in female beauty. Only when good men DO something, does good come into the world, and evil disappear.

Let this be your homework then for this year, 2004. Your resolution, if you will.

And make sure you do a good job, because Miss Vicky is a very tough marker.



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