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A very beautiful young lady gorgeous long legs her lovey smile and full on poses with delightful tits its a pity she dos not appear again. Thanks Tetyana and B In M

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20 Super Size photos of Tetyana by Sergey Goncharov
Added July 27, 2003

There's only one thing better than discovering new talent, and that's when it discovers you.

We are often approached by photographers interested in contributing their existing nude galleries to Body in Mind, a very welcome sign that photographers truly appreciate our vision of beauty. But lately, something even more exciting has started happening: photographers are now offering to shoot entirely new galleries for us exclusively, in our style - what we call 'superbeauty'.

Superbeauty is about the kind of beauty that good people have been been longing for since childhood - the kind of photography that demands and celebrates the presence of beauty and excitement in every day life. It features objectively beautiful women in real human settings. It's this new but unmistakable mix of idealism and physical reality that makes these images into art, into photographs that go beyond mere prettiness. In fact, they elevate both the female form and the human spirit to new heights, to refreshed moral purpose and grandeur, and they give us a glimpse of what life could be like in a utopia where feamle beauty is allowed out into the open, and respected for the empowering human force that it is, and openly enjoyed by both the women who possess it and by those of us lucky ones with whom they share it.

This month we are thrilled to introduce the work of our newest feature photographer and superbeauty supporter, Sergey Goncharov, a Ukranian photographer with the talent, vision, and courage to create images of real superbeauty - and that's not easy!

In fact, it's so hard that few of the photographers who try rarely come anywhere close. Goncharov is one of the exceptions. Sergey shot this gallery exclusively for Body in Mind, purposely in the superbeauty style. His images are thoughtful and elegant, his models statesque and gorgeous, and his settings reminiscent of a quiet country village on a warm summer day. His images transport you to a place where it's not hard to imagine a beautiful woman enjoying a stroll down a country lane, letting the breeze play on her body as it likes, feeling the sun on her naked breasts, unaware that there could ever be anything wrong with that. His images show us that the presence of beauty in our every day lives is a wholesome and inspiring thing. Far from hands-off art, these images show us the kind of world we'd all like to live in, moments we'd all like to experience first hand and would remember all our lives, and inspire us to find ways to make it happen. In short, they are superbeauty, and we're delighted he's captured it so well.

If Sergey Goncharov is any indication, the superbeauty style of positive, happy, life-infused images of beautiful women is catching on and spreading around the world. We couldn't be happier.

Make yourself happier. Enjoy this gallery of brave and beautiful Tetyana, and check back often for more exclusive superbeauty in the months to come, only from Body in Mind.


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