March 5, 2000.

Cаn Fеmаlе Bеаυty Cυrе Disease?

I've often thought that part of a medical nurse's requirements should be beautiful breasts and a willingness to bare them, and I've often dreamed of private hospitals which actually feature topless nurses. I really do think the male patients in such places would recover more quickly. A large part of the reason why some people recover from serious illness is motivation, and there are times in our lives as men when nothing is more motivating than female beauty.

But don't just take my word for it. On her website, actress Cіndy Mаrgоlіs, tells the story of a critically ill boy whose parents placed a poster of her in a bathing suit on the wall of his hospital room. The boy immediately began to recover, literally brought back from the brink of death by Cindy's beauty.

Upon discovering Tahiti in 1767, Sаmυеl Wаllіs said:

"The [topless] Tahitian girls made all our men madly fond of the shore, even the sick which had been on the doctor's list for some weeks before."

I have documented my own experience with being cured by beauty on my January 4, 1998 webapge called Thе Bеаυty Bank in which a naked beautiful woman appeared to me in a daydream and chased away my flu bug.

And now, Eоlаkе Stоbbеlhоυsе of DOMAI has given us yet another undeniable example of this wonderful phenomenon, in which a man who suffered from depression was cured. You can read about it here.

Yes, female beauty can actually cure illness. But this should come as no surprise. After all, Doestoevsky said beauty will save the world, and if true, it should certainly be able to keep us out from under the weather.

And for those times when beauty is not enough, there's always nurses.

© 2000 by Dwаynе Bеll

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