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Emily North - perfect jeanius

A girl in jeans is a magical thing. Like vanilla ice cream & chocolate syrup or Christmas & presents there's just something that says they belong together. Sometimes when you catch a glimpse of a pretty girl in jeans hailing a cab or running to catch a bus it only takes a second to fall in love & watch her ride away with a piece of your heart. We had a similar experience when Emily North tweeted a cute pic of herself in jeans. We knew right then & there she would make the perfect new model for BiM. And we're willing to predict you'll fall in love with her in her first nude photo shoot ever, on BiM. In jeans, our course. Perfectly "injeanius".


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Lycia, smile

We often preach about female beauty here on BiM using terms like perfect, glowing, moral. The awesome power of female beauty is characterised by the range of emotions that it can express. There is a time for confidence. There is a time for sexiness. There is a time for teasing. There is also a time for fragility and reflection. But in this range of emotions and moods, which do we find the most inspirational? It is fun, laughter, happiness. Lycia is a naturally beautiful woman in her late teens. She has been modelling for only six months. Many new models are rarely found in a smiley mood, and this is not because they are not happy, but more they are influenced by the pouty selfie culture as well as the widespread misconception that being naked is somehow shameful. Society's expectations have much to answer for in the styles of poses and faces that models throw by default. So we try to think differently, to think beautiful. This set was a tremendous joy to make and edit & it's obvious why. I said just relax, have some fun, be yourself, be happy, and smile! The rest is pure Lycia. I dare you to look at these pics without smiling like crazy too. - J.W. Aug 23/17


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Lycia, angel face

In spite of her youth, Lycia has not had an easy run of it so far. On occasion she has dizzy spells so I made sure to keep her topped up with fizzy drinks and sweets on our recent shoot. It will not have escaped your notice that she is blessed with a larger than average chest, which, although beautiful, has led to much unwanted attention, particularly from school bullies in her formative years. Lycia tells me the girls started this but used to cajole and encourage the boys to join in too! A clear case of jealousy giving rise to beauty shaming and beauty hating over a feature entirely beyond the control of the individual. Here at BiM we abhor such behaviour and we are only too delighted to be able to showcase the passion and personality of the most beautiful women in the world, like Lycia, who has put up with so much yet manages to stay positive, enthusiastic, and ambitious about her future in modelling. These are the sort of inspirational people we like to work with - the beauty happening in the body and the magic going on in the mind. In the words of the Steve Miller Band, "black panties with an angel face". We welcome Lycia to BodyInMind. -James Watson


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Rosa Brighid, cities of gold

I am beginning to like the pictures I make. I did not make these images with a view to being exhibited here on BiM. That genuinely was an accident. There are some really great photographers and models on this website. Many of them are true legends and highly respected professionals. I still do not think I am worthy. But when I looked back over the set, it did remind me of the philosophy and message that you consistently receive here. It is the positivity of a beautiful woman. Rosa Brighid began art nude figure modelling as a student. She is a fulltime professional model working across a range of genres and she is very busy. She often works seven days a week spending long hours on trains and planes travelling the world between shoots. I had to book her about five months in advance. Her published work, although varied, could be augmented by a more matter of fact presentation in my view. She is stunningly beautiful and I wanted to strip everything away and just focus on her body with as few distractions as possible. The orange glow to the bottom right in some of the shots, like an upside down sun but from a peculiar angle, made me imagine she was peering down on some lost world. A forgotten civilisation, one in which political oppression and beauty shaming do not exist. Cities of Gold was a cartoon series from the 1980s which was popular with children throughout the world. When naming sets I often revert to musical references or memories from my childhood. Someday we will find the Cities of Gold chimed the addictive theme tune. I hope you too are feeling that warm glow. Do tell us if you are. - James Watson


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Emily Bloom, a very fruitiful girl

Emily Bloom is one of those models who stands out from the crowd the very first time you see her, and if you're lucky enough to work with her, you discover it's because she's one of those people who stands out from the crowd in everything she does.

When we approached her to shoot for BiM we had no idea she would not only deliver exactly the kind of naturally exuberant photos and video we wanted but that she would produce & style the shoot herself and deliver it on time, on budget and on point. So when we discovered she was working & training as an actress we knew it was only a matter of time before she excelled at that too.

Emily's uninhibited exhibitionism declares with unabashed enthusiasm that she's completely naked because it's fun & exciting, not because she has to or because it's just her job or because she wants sex, but because it's enjoyable for her. Emily's is exactly the kind of beauty we've always adored here at BiM, the kind that is so sincerely exuberant it goes beyond being sexy and inspires us to happily enjoy it too, and to wonder why human beings ever looked down on the beauty of women in the first place.

And if she is only acting, then Emily Bloom definitely has a great career as an actress ahead of her.


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Rhіаn Sυgdеn, everyday naked

Do you like casual nudes in everday situations, no pretense, no photoshop? Body in Mind invented them. So yeah, we have a lot of that kind of photography on our site. A LOT. :-)


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Kеlly Hаll, an interesting point of view

Some great photos come about due to a flash of genius. Others from careful planning & masterful execution. Others happen purely by accident due to the random convergence of the crucial elements. These striking photos of Kеlly Hаll, however, came about from pure laziness. Most people who work with me learn fairly early on that my dream is to do all our photography from the comfort of a plush, la-z-boy reclining armchair. Ideally with a built in fridge & TV. Alas, I have yet to achieve this level of luxury in my life. So instead of a comfy chair to prevent undue physical fatigue on demanding shoots, I can often be observed shooting while lying flat on the floor. This is not as bad as it sounds. In fact, it's my completely honest second choice after a cozy chair. Lυckіly Kеlly looks just as amazing from pretty much any angle, and since I was on the floor anyway, we figured why not do a set from there. So there you go. Beauty from laziness. With the only genius involved being our choice to shoot with the always indefatigable Kеlly Hаll. - D.Bell


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2013 Body in Mind candids and outtakes #2

The pleasures of our job working with some of the most beautiful women in the world don't end when the photo shoot is over. Editing the pics afterwards is full of surprises, including the discovery of unexpectedly funny ones. However, one of our least favourite parts of the job is removing some of pics when creating the galleries you see on BiM. Sometimes it's easy because the model blinked or the exposure is off, but often is can be quite difficult, especially if the model is very good, because it means we have to take out some great shots that just don't fit into the flow of the others in the set. In fact, sometimes, these pics are some of the best shots we've ever taken, or at least our personal favourites, and it's difficult not to include them. Candids & outtakes sets come to the rescue by allowing these shots to see the light of day. That's why you'll often find some of our best work in them. Our members keep telling us how much they love the behind the scenes, outtakes, and candids sets on BiM. We like to think this is one of the reasons why.


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2013 Body in Mind candids and outtakes #1

Our members are always telling us they enjoy our candids and out-takes as much or even more than our usual sets so we figured it was about time to give them more. We have so much fun on Body in Mind photoshoots that we never run out of hilarious outtakes and behind the scenes shots of your favourite models being adorably silly. Sure the quality of the photography is not as good as our usual sets which is why we didn't include them originally, but we know you'll agree the beauty of these ladies shines through bright and clear in all of this batch of BiM 2013 candids and outtakes. And you might even find your favourite photo of your favourite model in here because these photos are the real deal - a glimpse into the souls of some of the best models in the world, and that only makes them more beautiful, doesn't it?


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Thank you female beauty. Thanks a lot.

Beautiful women are the enemies of the mind, modern science & human progress.

Aliens watching humans from space would likely think so. How else could they explain why women were kept out of the most important universities & medical schools for so long? Why keep boys and girls in separate schools unless it's to preserve the possibility of youthful rational thoughts emerging from the teenage primordial soup of hormones and genitals?

Like many humans, our alien observer friends must have gasped in horror when pictures of lovely ladies somehow appeared all over comet scientist Mаtt Tаylоr's shirt during his press appearance for the Rosetta mission. His subsequent tearful apology and social disgrace received more media attention that his alleged accomplishment. And rightly so.

We humans naively think sexy fantasy women inspire men to do great things. Aliens know better. Which is why a tachyon transmission likely went out assuring the alien Hіgh Cоυncіl of Bіg Brаіns that we sad humans would never make it to other planets after all. Certainly not dressed like that! Indeed, it must have been only too obvious to beings who had survived their own species' battle between Beauty & Reason. Every advanced civilization in the universe had to learn it. In fact, if they'd never totally rejected beauty the aliens never could have created the technology that allowed them to travel to earth looking for a planet to invade.

Now this might all sound a bit fantastic but I offer Nobel laureate Sіr Tіm Hunt as proof. Last week at an international science conference he stated bravely that women in science labs were a distraction because they made people fall in love with them. Sadly, in spite of this heroic attempt to keep beautiful women from destroying everything we've achieved on earth, he was forced to step down amid rampant speculation on social media that he had to be from another planet to say something like that.

But this is merely speculation. What cannot be denied is that even though so many decent people in the past have tried to achieve civilization without love, heroism or genius, it seems we humans are stuck with them, and it's all thanks to female beauty.

Thank you female beauty. Thanks a lot.

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A man chases a girl until she catches him (Irvіng Bеrlіn, 1949)

Contrary to traditional "wisdom" men are not the sexual instigators in the human species.

And like Irvіng Bеrlіn, most of us have noticed this at one time or other. But it is only recently that science is catching up.

Studies of other primate species besides ourselves such as Rhеsυs Mоnkеys and Bonobos (a species of chimpanzee) have surprised us by revealing that females are not only the sexual orchestrators, but that our social structures are built around that fact.

These discoveries seem to imply that among we humans, women are meant to be the sexual instigators, not men!

It's why girls mature faster than boys.

It's why women use their bodies to attract the "male gaze".

It means ads that feature sexy models are not examples of patriarchy objectifying women but of matriarchy objectifying men!

It's why men don't generally feel comfortable showing off their bodies but love showing off their athleticism or other abilities.

And it's why so many young men don't really seem to know naturally how to approach women without a course in pick-up artistry.

So where does this leave men?

Don't worry guys. Studies with apes reveal that society is a female invention. And for the most part, we males let them have it. Bυt Sоcіеty is not - by far! - all there is. We still have the rest of the entire universe to play in! Females are the sexual deciders, but that means males have more freedom to exist "outside society", to jump from society to society, to pick & choose what they take and what they leave. This is why men are more often the explorers, traders, builders, outlaws & dreamers.

So if you're a young man, don't worry about sex/reproduction. Let women worry about it. Concentrate on a career and having fun and they will come to you. By all means buy some weights and work on your body, but more importantly, develop a skill and show it off. Embrace your maleness and your freedom and enjoy all the lovely ladies putting themselves out there for their empowerment, your pleasure, and to keep society together.

Just keep one eye out for the cutie who is hanging around you hoping you'll "chase" her.

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Emmа Glоvеr & Sаmmy Brаddy

One of the nicest moments in the life of a glamour photographer is that one when you realize you've been having so much fun that you pretty much completely forgot that some of the most gorgeous women on the planet are naked right in front of you, and have been for such a while that you've also completely forgotten that this is something quite unusual in the lives of mere mortals. I say mortals not because we feel like we're above anyone, but because being around beautiful nude women is rather like being transported to a higher plane of existence, one that is so pleasant and simple that you begin to wonder why people don't live there all the time. And then, sadly, you remember that if they did, you would be out of a job. And that it is precisely your job to give that same wonderful feeling to others by capturing those lovely moments as best you can. We hope you'll be as charmed & distracted as we are by Emma's and Sammy's silliness, enough that you can experience the full charm of losing yourself in the presence of their incredible beauty. We suggest you watch this set on slideshow mode to further enhance the story of their naked lunch. And you know one thing for sure, Chrіs Rυеggе definitely forgot to have his lunch on this shoot.

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The best thing about Page3

On Jаnυаry 22, 2015 the Sun newspaper published a topless photo of a beautiful woman on page 3 just as it had done almost daily for more than 44 years. The models for these photos, who were affectionately called Page3 girls, were natural, young women, chosen for their girl-next-door qualities, posed in pretty locations in non-sexual ways. Sadly, the Sun has not published a topless photo of a Page3 girl since that day.

Back in November, Page3 girls Hоlly Pееrs, Indіа Rеynоlds and Rоsіе Jоnеs rode 500 kilometers across the country of India sponsored by the Sun to raise money for the breast cancer awareness campaign CoppaFeel. [Click here.]

Rosie is currently in Thailand for 2 weeks, on her own time, volunteering for SoiDog, one of the principle organizations fighting the dog meat trade in the far East. [Click here.]

Rhіаn Sυgdеn is also a Page3 girl. On her own time as a model she has done a very "ballsy" promo video to fight testicular cancer that has gotten over 8 million views! [Click here.]

Kеlly Hаll, too, is a Page3 girl. Earlier this month Kelly joined the Help for Heroes team in their climb of Mоυnt Kіlіmаnjаrо and raised over £45,000 - £15,000 over the original target. Again, on her own time. [Click here.]

Meanwhile the Sun has replaced Page3 girls with cheaper wire pics of naked celebrities like Kіm Kаrdаshіаn and Emіly Rаtаjkоwskі, both of whom are personal favourites of ours at BiM, at least in the beauty department, but one wonders what has Kіm Kаrdаshіаn ever done with her millions for charity? What is Emіly Rаtаjkоwsky - arguably the most popular model in the world - doing for animals? Honestly, we checked their Twitter feeds for about a month back in time and couldn't find a single thing.

By contrast, a quick check of the Page3 girl's Twitter feeds shows several tweets and retweets for charity, almost every day.

For more than 2 months now the Sun has chosen to feature self-promoting celebrities instead of our favourite Page3 girls like Rhian, Kelly, Rosie, Holly & India. Whеn Pаgе3 girls were taken off Page3 of the Sun newspaper, we lost more than photos of some of the most physically and spiritually beautiful ladies in the U.K. We lost the realisation that female beauty is a good thing, and can lead to good things. That was the most important thing Page3 girls gave us. And it will be our biggest loss if Page3 is gone.

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Angel: Free the Beauty

Dostoyevsky once said beauty will save the world. And indeed today, female beauty does seem to be trying very hard to do just that. We see FEMEN using the beauty of their bodies in garish attempts to free women from the social injustices of the modern world. We see Free the Nipple motivating beautiful actresses, singers & artists to bare their breasts in public in order to inspire equality with men. And we see countless women's sports teams and other organizations using the beauty of their bodies to raise money and awareness for charity. Sadly, Page3 models doing so in the U.K. have been recently shut down.

It's not clear if Thе Sυn cancelled Page3 due to pressure from feminists or due to cheaper syndicated naked images of celebrities, but it's perfectly clear that the real power of Page3 was the beauty of the models and the perceived sincerity of their morality, not just fame and not just nudity. It also appears that in spite of their noble causes and success at getting into the media, FEMEN and Frее Thе Nipple have been unable to change anything. Women have been stopped - and so has their power to change the world - by what we at BiM call "beauty hatred".

Everyone thinks they love beauty, but on a moral level, they allow it to be disparaged, demeaned & demoralized. We think we hear people praising it all the time but if you actually listen, we don't. Ever. Sure beautiful people are in the media almost constantly, but they are always described as shallow, superficial, stupid, depraved, dangerous, destructive or deadly. Listen for it and you will hear it. Click any of those links and you will see it. What you will NOT see or hear is female beauty being described as a good thing. And in the end, it's only those things we consider morally good that we will admire and support.

For example everyone wanted to get a look at Kіm Kаrdаshіаn naked on the cover of the recent issue of Paper magazine, but how many went out and bought it in order to support her career? We will look at beautiful all day long. But we won't respect it. And if we think beauty is superficial and shallow is it any wonder we are seeing fewer women than ever nominated for Acаdеmy Awаrds? If we think beauty is stupid are we going to want to hear what women have to say? If we think female beauty is deadly will we be appropriately surprised and horrified when women are slaughtered as witches in Nеw Gυіnеа or executed for being r4pеd in Sаυdі Arаbіа? If we think FEMEN & Free the Nipple are depraved and destructive, is it any wonder they've gotten nowhere?

Before we can empower women, before we can free the nipple, we have to free female beauty. We have to stop thinking it's shallow, superficial, stupid, depraved, dangerous, destructive and deadly.

Only then will beauty have a fair shot at saving the world.

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Don't tell me to shut up!

Whеn Islаmіc terrorists gunned people down a few weeks ago in France in response to cartoons of Mohammed, the whole world sympathized with both the victims and the publisher, Chаrlіе Hеbdо. "Jе Sυіs Charlie" was shouted in solidarity across the globe by those who value their freedom even more than their lives.

For a couple of days.

Almost as shocking was how quickly those who share the terrorists' desire to limit free speech became the dominant voices in the media again. See CNN and Lаυrіе Pеnny.

We ourselves declared "Jе Sυіs Charlie", as well as "Jе Sυіs Page3" in defiance of those who want Thе Sυn newspaper in Britain to stop publishing topless models. "Absurd!" the would-be censors mocked. "The idea that protesting Page3 and shooting people have anything in common. Ridiculous!" Obviously the level of violence is dramatically different (Page3 models lost a livelihood while the French victims lost their lives), but the thinking that led to both is identical. Bоth NоMorePage3 and the French terrorists felt completely entitled to censor expression. And that is where the problem really starts. Certainly we cross a political, physical line whenever we shoot someone, and we have laws to prevent that. But we cross a mental, moral line when we expect others to give up their freedom of speech, and this sense of entitlement has led to even more belief-related violence these last few weeks.

The onus around the world seems to have shifted onto publishers to avoid offending people, which forces them to risk their own lives and the lives of others by simply doing their job. If we are going to defend lives, livelihoods - or freedoms of any kind - the onus needs to be put back where it belongs, on people to keep their censorial thoughts to themselves, before it ever reaches the level of entitlement currently motivating so much hatred and violence in the world.

We think anti-silencing laws could do that.

Such laws would make it possible for any publisher, speaker, or artist to sue anyone who publicly suggests they should not express themselves. For example Thе Sυn, Page3 models & photographers could sue NoMorePage3. Chаrlіе Hеbdо, its cartoonists or the families of the shooting victims could sue Islamic leaders.

If such laws were along the same lines as existing libel and slander laws, the number of actual cases taken to court would be tiny. But so would the number of people who think it's perfectly okay to break them.

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Simple answers to important questions

A few weeks ago the Chаrlіе Hеbdо shootings were being blamed on religion. This week the Chаpеl Hіll shootings are being blamed on atheism. Tоdаy Twіttеr is all a'flutter with both sides hotly debating the historical atrocities committed by both religious and atheist governments. But the truth is, all the violence and man made horrors of the world are caused by neither religion nor atheism but by both sides simply having no correct answers to the important questions in life, things like how to treat each other, good and evil, what is truth, and what is this universe anyway? Not surprisingly when you get the answers to any or all of these questions wrong, bad things happen - see the house built on sand parable.

The various religions of the world attempt to answer these important questions in their sacred texts. The problem is they were written by relatively ignorant men many many centuries ago, so it's not surprising they got them all wrong. We have learned a lot since then. Atheists on the other hand tend to reject these questions outright, believing science can't answer them so they're not worth asking in the first place, which is the same kind of blind biased faith they condemn in religious people. Blind, because science can and does answer them.

Philosophy is the science that gives simple answers to important questions. It consists of several sub branches that deal with each of them. Metaphysics deals with reality. Epistemology with perceiving it. Ethics with living in it. And Pоlіtіcs with sharing it.

In response to the human need to ask these questions, most religions give these answers - in metaphysics: reality is the mind of God. In epistemology: the word of God is what's true. In ethics: we must do what God commands. And in politics: we must sacrifice ourselves - and others - to God. The reason all these answers are wrong is because there is no God, so obviously none of the other answers can be right.

Most atheists, on the other hand, give these answers - in metaphysics: there is no "reality". In epistemology: the mind, like God, is a myth. In ethics: we must do science, but only in areas other than philosophy. In politics: we must sacrifice ourselves to others, not because God says so but, well...just because. The reason all these answers are wrong is because they are not answers at all but attempts to avoid the questions.

Whether you believe in God or not, if you're one of those people who says "reality? what's that?" or "life is shit" or "the world's an illusion" then you are part of the problem. Without reality, which is simply, all the things that actually exist, and without our means of perceiving reality, our senses and reason, we have no truth as reference, no means of communication or of agreement with each other, which by necessity leads to force being our only means of dealing with each other & conflict our only method of resolving disputes.

This is what leads to criminal violence and wars.

Whether you're religious or not, if you believe this life isn't real or that it is shit you are hardly going to spend any time choosing the proper values for yourself in life are you? Nor will the prospect of living things - including humans - being viciously killed bother you all that much. And without a rational means of achieving the values you need to live: food, water, shelter, etc you will be forced to take these things from others. And since none of this is real anyway you won't be too picky about your methods.

This is the cause of starvation, genocide, slavery and the runaway extinction of animal species.

If you have the wrong answers or no answers to the important questions in life - if you want to save the world or even yourself and loved ones - we suggest you set about answering these questions asap. We won't tell you what the answers are. But we will say reason and science are the way to find them, and that finding the correct ones is absolutely crucial. We will, however, give you a hint: considering how much people are getting wrong in the world, how much death and destruction there is, it is very likely that what is conventionally held to be true is probably wrong.

Simple answers to the important questions in life are out there. But if we stop looking, for any reason, we simply won't find them.

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Kеlly Hаll: Je suis Page 3

Page3 is part of a value system we agree with. If you don't agree with it, you're free to engage in debate or discussion with us, if we choose. But it is not right for you to form a gang to force editors to stop publishing their values or to publish yours only. You are also not free to get the government to force publishers not to print someone else's ideas just because they offend you or hurt your feelings. We are all beings of conscience, and to be human we require freedom to use, express and act on them, short of stopping others from doing the same.

Yet that is exactly what Islamic fundamentalists and their sympathisers are doing wrong when they denounce Chаrlіе Hеbdо for publishing cartoons of Mohammed that "make" terrorists shoot people.

And it's exactly what NoMorePage3 and their supporters are doing wrong when they denounce Thе Sυn newspaper for publishing images of topless women on Page3 that "cause" women to suffer.

Such assertions by such people blatantly ignore the fact that in every human head there is someone who actually decides how to respond to every stimulus, every emotion they have. In your head, that person is you. Yes, others may say things that make you angry or they might make art you don't like. But how you respond to your anger or to what you see and what you do about it is entirely up to you. To suggest otherwise is to claim there is absolutely nothing between someone else's ideas or taste in art and your actions, nothing between their head and your hands, that their brain is directly controlling your body.

As we tweeted earlier today: "[Haters] are projecting a view of people as automatons with no ability to think. To them a cartoon MAKES them offended & being offended MAKES them kill. And to NoMorePage3 a pic of a topless lady MAKES them feel bad about themselves or MAKES men harass, assault or even kill women. Haters project a view of human beings as a body with a head with no one inside."

To suggest other people have to suspend their conscience and power of expression because you claim such a power doesn't exist, is as ridiculous a contradiction as we've heard. And for your information, if you do, you are justifying the Islamic terrorists who attacked and killed for that reason in Paris recently.

These days, to anyone who says their ideas are more important than ours, we say JeSuisCharlie.

And to anyone who says their values or tastes are more important than ours, we say JeSuisPage3.

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The future of Free the Nipple

There are 2 sides to every fight. And 2 possible motives for any type of activism. For example, you may want to "Free the Nipple" because you love women and want them to be free, or you may simply fear sexy women with beautiful breasts and want to limit their freedom.

After all, what better way to get laws passed against professional models than to claim they somehow prevent regular women from freely enjoying their bodies?

Make sexy women the enemy and voila! - Frее Thе Nipple becomes Cеnsоr Thе Nipple.

NoMorePage3 in England is the perfect example.

From a different angle, legalized toplessness in Ontario, Canada tried to free women and limit professional toplessness by including a prohibition against toplessness for commercial purposes. Without that prohibition, authorities no doubt believed thousands of women would have gone topless in public for photographers, movies, television, websites etc, creating a climate of unacceptable acceptability for public toplessness.

Instead, almost no women went topless, not even for the simple reason that it was too hot out.

It will be the same in the media. Unless commercial images of topless women are allowed in public, women will not feel free to go topless in the media or in the streets. Yet it is precisely these kinds of commercial images of sexy women that many activists have now turned against, including, judging from some of their tweets, those at Free the Nipple.

Haters have a way of taking over every emotionally charged movement and this one may be no exception. The equality feminists at Frее Thе Nipple are being sidelined more and more by the anti-sex radicals among them.

It is ironic that when making the movie Frее Thе Nipple the topless stars were not harassed by the police until they actually started filming. The police believed the topless women might encourage people to start shooting porn in the streets of Nеw Yоrk.

This naive belief that commercial nudity will lead to porn and porn to depravity and mayhem is what the makers of Free the Nipple had to sneak around to get their movie made. And it's this same fear and suspicion of commercial nudity they will have to drop themselves if their movement is going to free women, rather than inspire more censorship and possibly even less freedom than before.

Thus we find ourselves hoping Free the Nipple will remember one simple fact: your film is commercial nudity. Don't let the haters out there turn you from wanting to free women to wanting to censor them.

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Hayley-Mаrіе Cоppіn: sparkle & shine

New beginnings are always exciting, and 2015 is just getting underway. And while there's no controlling what's in store for us all, we do have control over who we want to be in the coming year. In fact we are always free to learn, change & grow, but what often escapes us is the fact that who we are is completely up to us. We tend to feel somewhat tied down by responsibilities, finances, family, and our current efforts to achieve what we'd hoped to have by now. But the reality is we can change ANY of those things on a dime, if we really want to. We don't have to wait for a whole new year. We thought this set of Hayley-Marie playing dress-up in our studio was the perfect illustration of this. Without hesitation she becomes anything and anyone she wants. And she has fun with it. She sparkles & shines. We can't think of a better metaphor for life, or a better way to live our own, in the upcoming year, or right this second. More...

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Rhіаn Sυgdеn: dreamcatcher

One of the very unfortunate things about living in a time & culture that sees female beauty as superficial and shallow is we are unable to benefit from its deeper powers. Indeed, our mania to insult, belittle, demean & demoralize female beauty seems almost meant to keep us from ever peering into those depths (see the public response to Kіm Kаrdаshіаn's Paper magazine cover and the Shіrt Stоrm over the recent comet landing). It's as if we sense there is something immensely powerful in female beauty that could change our lives in ways that make us VERY uncomfortable. There is. Female beauty is a dreamcatcher. It's the women who possesses or project our deepest values and highest ideals whom we find beautiful. That's why we get upset when others don't like our tastes in beauty. So this Nеw Yеаrs we suggest you make a resolution to look at precisely why you find the women beautiful that you do, and to be prepared for a potentially live-changing shock, because as it turns out, we don't always value what we think we do. For example we might think we value kindness and humility yet discover that it's independence and pride that we actually find beautiful in women. Amy Adаms or Jеnnіfеr Lаwrеncе? Your preference reveals your true values, the ones you hold deep down where you rarely look, the things you are when you're alone and unguarded. Only looking at beauty tells us who we really are. And only when we know who we really are, can we set about either changing it, or feeling really good about it, and start living a life more free of weakness, misdirection, false starts and wasted energy. You might even find your taste in beautiful women changes when you realize they possess or project your real values. In short, only when we realize female beauty is deep, honest and beneficial will mankind ever be.

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Kiera: where sex ends and art begins

Today pinup is recognized as art. But the proliferation of sexy imagery online has created more confusion than ever about where art ends and sex begins. For example, is a cam model who does private sex shows a prostitute or a porn star? Are models who post nude selfies sluts? Is Pаgе 3 porn? Is a clothed bikini calendar erotica? Is a female artist who performs by walking to work nude just asking to be r4pеd? Confusion about the differences between sex, prostitution, porn, erotica, glamour, beauty and art lead sexual women to suffer many injustices and prejudices in every culture around the world, so here, then, are the definitions, and hopefully, some clarification: Sex is people having sex (stimulation, masturbation, copulation, orgasm, ejaculation). Prostitution is taking money from someone to have sex with them. Porn is people actually having sex, but in one form of media or another. Erotica is people pretending to be having sex in one form of media or another. Glamour is taking money to be beautiful (modeling). Beauty is the representation of things we value. Art is creating beauty in one form of media or another. These definitions tell us that a cam model who does a private sex show is a porn star not a prostitute because she is not having sex with the person paying. However, if she is then she is a cam prostitute, not just a model or performer because she is actually having sex with someone, the same way lovers might have phone sex. With proper definitions it's perfectly possible to see - and prove - that a bikini calendar is as far from porn as can be, that a nude artist is NOT a whore, that Page3 is glamour and nude selfies are art (believe it or not, since nudity is NOT the definition of sex). It also becomes clear that purposely blurring the definitions and differences among these things is a favourite tactic of those who want to hurt beautiful and/or sexual women.

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Pеtа Tоdd: Superbeauty

Way back in 1998 I wrote a blurb about the kind of female beauty I'd like to see in the world. It's the type of beauty embodied by Lіndа Cаrtеr's Wоndеr Wоmаn, a powerful, perfectly-built woman who is also a crusader for justice & morality. Wоndеr Wоmаn is just for kids, so she would NEVER be nude and always practiced an overly simplistic view of good and evil. But imagine an adult version of Wоndеr Wоmаn, a woman who fearlessly uses the full power of her beauty by going nude, in order to inspire all the modern adult virtues sorely lacking in today's world, things like forward thinking, courage, purpose, integrity, responsibility, appreciation, passion etc. Today, groups like FEMEN & FREETHENIPPLE use their nude beauty in this way and we're encouraged by their successes. Imagine then what a true Superbeauty could do to create a better world, an all-nude female action hero and moral crusader. And who better to portray her than Pеtа Tоdd. We were once-in-a-lifetime lucky to have worked with her on these costume tests a few years ago and we think if anything her body is even more amazing than our early drawings. Peta is even more shake-your-head perfect and rub-your-eyes real than any drawing could ever be, and we can't imagine creating more inspiring beauty.

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At home with Rаchеllе Wіldе: good morning

When we at BiM first came up with the notion of shooting models in their own homes, as we have recently done with Emmа Glоvеr and Sаmmy Brаddy, Rаchеllе Wіldе was the woman who inspired us. Rachelle's home is sleek and cool, fashionable yet comfortable, modern and homey at the same time. We knew we had to shoot her there, to show just how much she belongs in such a place. She is all those things too, a mixture of sophistication and down-to-earth fun, and she happily let us take over her home for the day in order to show her fans a glimpse of what life chez Rachelle is really like. There's something very natural and inviting about showcasing a woman's beauty in the place she calls home. It's where she's most comfortable, most relaxed, and most herself, which, as we've always known, are vital components of true beauty. We're grateful to Rachelle for giving us the chance to step into her private world for a little while, and for her willingness to share it with you. Rachelle greeted us that morning with a cheerful smile and a cup of tea, and as you'll see in an upcoming set, her adorable dog Ladybug made for a lively and very funny shooting experience. We hope you'll agree that any morning with Rachelle in it is a truly good morning indeed.

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Kіm Kаrdаshіаn: free minds need free bodies

Last week Kіm Kаrdаshіаn's full nude pics made the news the same day that mankind landed on a comet. Regardless of your personal feelings about Kim or comets, about how much money was spent or wasted, this is the first time in history we've gotten a camera this close to a comet. It's also the first time in history a beautiful world-famous-wealthy-married-with-child woman has posed fully nude in a popular non-porn publication. Even if Kim makes your eyes roll, her photos are still an unprecedented victory for freedom. Just as landing on a comet is an unprecedented victory for science, even if space travel makes you motion sick.

These two events remind us freedom and science go hand in hand. There's no technology or space exploration without freedom. Thе Dаrk Ages prove that. And there's no freedom without science, which the discovery of Thе Rіghts of Man proved. Now, thanks to science, the comet landing puts us closer than we've ever been to knowing the origins of life. And thanks to freedom, Kim's pics put us closer than we've ever been to a full understanding of the beauty and meaning of the female body, something that today is fast becoming the power driving modern women's rights, with FEMEN and FREETHENIPPLE leading the way.

Of course there are those who insist Kim's done nothing to warrant such attention. A lot of them. But let's remember that an alarming number of people also doubt we ever landed on the moon. Beauty's not a myth or a lie, it's a talent like any other, like intelligence, athleticism or musicality. No more, and no less. All talents are in-born, they can all be used for good or bad purposes, and they can all be practiced and perfected, or not. It's a scientific impossibility for someone to actually be "famous for no reason" or "for doing nothing" so let's remember that Kіm Kаrdаshіаn is famous for her beauty and sex appeal, and that they are real. As real and as popular as Mаrіlyn Mоnrое's were in her day.

Sure some people may have a problem with beauty and sexuality, but that's not a flaw in Kim. They may complain she uses Photoshop or surgery. But imagine if the whole world cried for the comet landing to be banned from the media, that intelligence was unrealistic and that using computers to do it was "cheating", that it was "brainist" and set impossible standards that hurt our children's self-esteem. How close to that comet would we have gotten? Would we even have tried? Or for that matter, how long would science or even civilization last, period? Yet in the field of freedom, against all odds and opposition, that is exactly what Kim has done. She's achieved the beauty equivalent of landing on a comet. And she's done it with millions of people trying to stop her!

Mankind only takes giant leaps forward when freedom and science are equally recognized and respected. The last time they joined hands they led us into the industrial revolution and vaulted us into space to land on Comet 67P. If we want to move forward on such a grand scale again, we have to learn to stop belittling women pushing the boundaries of freedom. We need to allow a beauty revolution to launch us into an era of empowerment for women.

No one knows exactly what that would look like, any more than we knew what a comet looked like last week. Kim's pics are only a small fragment. But shall we not go then? Or shall we try anyway: to imagine and create not only a world where everyone praises Kim as much as a comet landing, but where women's freedom is totally respected, where beauty, sex, success and innocent selfishness (which is the reason we need freedom in the first place) are not hated, but allowed, admired and desired?

It's something we've yet to achieve.

Kim has. And that's why she's news.

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Lіssy Cυnnіnghаm: raising the beauty bar

When beauty-hating feminists complain that models have no real talent and represent the most vacuous facets of our culture they hope to encourage people to look down on models. But what these whiners invariably accomplish is to cause the beauty bar to be set even higher. Since models rarely have only the one talent (and yes beauty is a talent) demands that women depicted in the media represent ALL skills, talents & abilities that women can possibly have, photos will start to appear of beautiful models doing amazing things, such as being photographers or athletes or PhD's etc. When these images of beautiful AND brilliant women start to trend, the cultural expectation that ALL achieving women be as beautiful as models actually INCREASES! After all, when we become surrounded with images of beautiful women like Angеlіnа Jоlіе getting a pre-emptive mastectomy, Olіvіа Wіldе breastfeeding in public, or Page3 girls cycling across India for charity aren't they setting a standard that the average woman has to meet to be considered impressive? Beauty is as much a talent as athletics or the arts. True natural talent in those areas is as rare as natural beauty and all professions require dedication, savvy and pure will to succeed, including modeling. If women truly don't want to raise the beauty bar any higher than it already is they should be promoting the idea that beauty is a real talent in itself, that a woman doesn't have to have multiple talents to possess beauty, and that like athleticism or literary genius, not all women can or should be expected to possess it. We've seen beauty become more and more important in our culture for decades to the point where today it is out-of-reach for most women. But believe it or not it's not those who admire & defend beauty who are responsible. It's the people who demand that our definition of beauty actually be EXPANDED that are making it happen.

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Boys are mean & girls are icky

Every human boy & girl passes through the "boys are mean & girls are icky" phase of sexual development. Happily, around puberty, most of us begin to realise that kissing a girl is worth the risk of "girl germs" and that getting close to boys won't necessarily end in you getting your hair pulled. But imagine what civilization would look like if nobody ever progressed beyond that stage? The clubhouses that boys build with "no girls allowed signs" would become the more extreme men's rights meetings. And the birthday parties little girls invite only little girls to would become the feminist movement. Judging from the somewhat startling animosity & seemingly steady state of outright vitriole between feminist groups and men's rights groups (called MRA's) online these days it suddenly struck me that our culture IS stuck in a pre-pubescent sexual phase in which men and women haven't actually grown up. Feminists are afraid of the incredible power in female sexuality, so much so they want to be men, and actually join in the current attacks on sexy women in the media. The men's rights movement is so afraid of masculinity that they are not fighting for sexy pics but for the same kind of reproductive rights that WOMEN have! Oddly men seem to want to be women and women seem to want to be men. Which really means neither really wants to grow up at all. Our blurb about Mеllіsа Clаrkе last week dealt with the fact the many intellectuals in our society are afraid of adult sexuality. Or perhaps this is a super-adult stage that arises only in cultures when human population gets out of control. We'll say this: whatever stops human beings from breeding out of control is AOK with us. (Just kidding.) (Sort of.)

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Mеllіsа Clаrkе - says NO! to the lame shame game

This past week the editor of rock magazine Kerrang!, Jаmеs McMahon, joined the chorus against "lad culture" in Britain: "I have no time for Sυіcіdе Gіrls...There's nothing alternative about calling yourself an alt.girl if you're merely subscribing to a patriarchal fantasy!" he tweeted. As many of you know Mеllіsа Clаrkе is a Sυіcіdе Gіrl, a Page 3 model, and a successful DJ as well as a model for BiM, and as you can probably imagine she promptly & passionately put James in his place, and in less than 140 characters too! We at BiM are also troubled by men joining attacks on lad culture. Women in our society have been bullied into wanting to stay in non-sexual pre-adolescence by our sex-shaming culture and are encouraged at every turn to complain about those women who have matured into sexual adolescence, you know, that icky time when boys start liking sexy girls and girls start liking sexy boys? "Lad culture" is just one of the names shamers use to disparage sexual maturing in men. And we think McMahon's attack on Mel & the Sυіcіdе Gіrls is just another pathetic case of fear of female sexuality, masquerading as "feminism".

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Mia: so sexy it's spooky!

Thіs Hаllоwееn we'll see lots of beautiful women making themselves as ugly as possible, dressing up as every kind of monster imaginable. One thing you likely won't see is beautiful women dressing up as someone admired for beauty alone, such as a fairy, princess, or goddess. For some reason it's become fashionable for beautiful women to ugly up, in movies, on TV, and at Halloween. Female beauty has always been looked at a little sideways by western societies and even openly frowned upon. So perhaps beautiful women can be forgiven for using Halloween as a chance to escape into the safety of ugliness. But we at BiM thrive on adversity. And beauty. Cool or not, we go our own way. And that's why we wanted to make this Halloween set as beautiful as possible. And as sexy as possible too. Happily we will see beautiful women in sexy costumes this Halloween. Our culture's general disdain for female beauty & sexuality make Halloween the perfect time to be a naughty nurse, Playboy bunny or sexy superhero without guilt or criticism. (Thanks to Aυgυst McLaughlin for reminding us of this on her blog today.) Anyhow, hopefully we've succeeded in creating a new and sexy look of beauty with this set of Mia. Our concept was to make her the ghost of a gorgeous woman, whose beauty haunts whoever lays eyes on her. We realize Halloween is time to play, and part of its fun is to be whatever we want to be. Just don't forget that beautiful is always one of the options. More...

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Karmen: "bad" girls

Pаndоrа's Bоx is an ancient myth about the first woman on earth. She is given great beauty by the gods as well as a box that contains all the evils of the world, and she is told not to open it under any circumstances. But her curiosity gets the best of her and she opens it anyway. This is the ancient Greek's explanation for every conceivable evil that plagues mankind. It amounts to: a beautiful woman did it. If you noticed a similarity to the Christian myth of Eve in the Garden of Eden bringing God's eternal wrath upon mankind by tempting Adam to eat the forbidden fruit you are not the first. Again the message is: blame a sexy woman. We at Body in Mind have a different idea. In reality female beauty tempts us towards knowledge, sex, love, romance, family and happiness - in other words: all of the good things in life. That's what's really in Pandora's box. Myths that paint female beauty as the source of all evil are just that: made-up stories meant to smear beautiful women and to teach us that female beauty is dangerous and bad when in fact and in reason it's everything good. There are no "bad girls". There are only bad - and really pretty silly - mythologies. More...

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Rhіаn Sυgdеn & Kеlly Hаll: girl power

There is an ancient conspiracy against beautiful women that doesn't want any of us to ever realize female beauty is actually a good thing. We are all taught female beauty is a bad & dangerous thing so thoroughly that this week nothing less than the U.S. military went on high alert to deal with a small band of women armed with...bikinis. According to ABC News a Utаh Nаtіоnаl Guard military base launched an investigation into the Hоt Shоts 2015 calendar which was shot there & apologized "for any embarrassment" even though no one - to our knowledge - complained. That's right. Even the U.S. military is afraid of female beauty - and so afraid of the general public's fear of female beauty - that they're attacking a swimsuit calendar that has hurt exactly no one and that donates half of all proceeds to wounded service men and women. To get an idea how completely spastic this is notice it's pretty much like shooting yourself clean through just to kill a person behind you who may or may not even be there. Does the U.S. military fear female beauty that much? Here's a thought: if the world is currently perishing in a conspiracy of the military-industrial complex centered in the Unіtеd Stаtеs (as one theory goes) and if that complex fears nothing as much as the power of female beauty, is it not perhaps time to begin thinking that maybe, just maybe, girl power like the Hоt Shоts calendar or BiM is exactly what the world needs right now and more than ever? More...

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Lаυrа Chrіstіnа: topless jam session

How many songs have men written for women with whom they're smitten? And how many of us have at least tried to write a poem for a lady about whom we're crazy? There's a word for women who inspire men to be creative: muse. But the fairer sex also inspires men to be athletic. We call them cheerleaders. Men have also gone to war to honor and protect their wives and girlfriends. Hell, men have even started wars for love. Helen of Troy gets credit for that one. And how many men want to be successful at business so they can afford a beautiful babe on their arm? Or for that matter how many regular Joes simply want to hold down a job, find a nice girl, settle down and raise a family? The fact is female beauty inspires men, period. And as a species we have yet to fully realize this, or give a name to this phenomenon as a whole, yet groups like FEMEN & Frее Thе Nipple are starting to show the world that female beauty can actually inspire morality on a grand scale and actually effect social - perhaps global - change. No, women don't have to be topless or stark naked to inspire anyone, but when you consider all the benefits of beauty inspiring anyone, isn't it rather odd that more women aren't allowed to be nude in our society? One would almost think we humans don't like art, sports, love, business, social justice & security, honor, hard work or kids. More...

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Lіssy Cυnnіnghаm by Lаυrіе Jеffеry

The choices in life are never easy. Even the small ones can effect the entire course and ultimate outcome of our lives. But choices artists face when creating art are even harder because nothing will force them to make the right ones. If they choose wrong their work will be crap, but people may still like it and be willing to pay for it. (See the entire realm of abstract art.) Meanwhile the only real reward for the artist with the courage to make the right choices is beauty. Ruthless selectivity is therefore quite rare, even among dedicated artists. Even rarer are the artists whose choice is to create a view of the world that is full of hope, beauty, and happiness. Creating such a view, the kind of sense of life that we here at Body in Mind adore, requires incredible integrity. Artists must resist the temptation to corrupt their images with elements that please the senses but not the mind, with something they saw on TV, or with settings that reflect the world as it really is instead of the way it could be with a little extra effort. Rеnоwnеd Brіtіsh beauty photographer, Lаυrіе Jеffеry, makes the effort. Acclaimed for the beauty of his work in print, television and video, Lаυrіе Jеffеry succeeds where most have failed. He creates uniquely beautiful images of a world where we want to live, a world where pretty women feel perfectly natural and safe being naked and admired, right smack dab in our daily lives, in any setting. We love Jeffery's work because it demonstrates simply that a nude woman in any setting is not improper. It says the world should be a place where such a scene would be considered perfectly natural. It says that the men and women who admire her are good, not bad. It says female beauty is not naughty, but nice. This might sound like an easy choice but with the entire world howling about the evils of female beauty it is not only the rarest choice, it's an heroic one. We hope you'll make that choice too. And we hope lovely Lіssy Cυnnіnghаm can make it one of the easiest decisions you'll ever make. More...

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Mia: the smart thing to do

Think you're smart? Okay, wise guy, here's a question for you. What do the following have in common: beauty, wealth, career, intelligence, reason, science, space travel, medicine, justice. Answer: They are all a challenge to think, and more, to live, to strive, to be successful and to be happy. Only those who want to live a full, long and happy life have any use for these things. The anti-value people out there, the ones I call 'death worshippers' do not. The once-human part of them senses that they should, but rather than listen to their conscience they resent it instead. They are the ones who you always hear attacking female beauty, or any human accomplishment, including money, or modern medicine, or justice, or science, or space travel, or, well you get the idea. We've been thinking lately, of the god-like powers female beauty seems to have to motivate men to achieve good things, to create wealth, to pull off daring rescues, to break through boundaries, to discover new lands, to develop new drugs, to defend themselves from evil, etc. Of course, there is no such thing as God, male or female, but as I've said, female beauty is as close to anything I can even conceive of as God. Beauty is a godhead beaconing and welcoming those who want to live, the pro-value, the human. It is one of the greatest human motivators we know of, and has always been a most marvellous spiritual inspiration to us. Hopefully the desire for a woman of your own will make you go after your dreams too, be it the career you've always dreamed of, the success you've always wanted, the life you most want to live, the idea you've held so dear. In fact maybe Mia will be the one to remind you how much you want to be happy. So enjoy the beauty in these new photos of Mia. It's the smart thing to do. More...

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Laura: be careful what you don't wish for

To those who wish to change the world for the better, there is a very common warning: "Be careful what you wish for, for you will surely get it. The converse of this bit of wisdom is less said, but equally true, and extremely pertinent to today's gallery. It goes like this: "Be careful what you wish away, for you will surely lose more than you know." There is no more wondrous beauty than that of a lovely young woman happily baring her body & soul. We hope the beauty of Laura can make everyone think twice about the mounting movement to ban nudity from public display, and how much they will lose from it. For example, this particular set was shot on a very special public beach in the UK in the middle of summer. It is one of the increasingly rare places of incredible natural beauty where this is still possible. If nudity ever gets so stigmatised that it becomes impossible you would lose not only this set, but all nudes in nature. Models like Laura would lose their careers and you would lose all photos of women beautiful enough to be models. So before you think that campaigns against Page3 or girly mags or bikinis in stores or sexy ads don't concern you or your love of natural nudes, think again. More...

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Rhіаn Sυgdеn: beautiful right out of the box

We've been trying to do some pics of Rhian without make-up for a few years now but for one reason or another it's not happened until now. Our personal view is that make-up is one of the few holdovers from another century that is still popular in this one. Obviously it was invented to make women look more beautiful, but how did we decide on big eyelashes, dark eyelids, even skin, rosy cheeks, high cheekbones and red wet lips? Easy. Each of these represents a desirable quality. Big eyelashes represent youth, dark eyelids represent seriousness, even skin represents health, rosy cheeks represent purpose, high cheekbones represent strength and red, wet lips represent sexual availability. Beauty is the representation of values, and since make-up represents those values, it creates beauty. But it's our belief that there are more important values in life than the ones represented by make-up. For example, intelligence, benevolence, morality, courage, innocence, wisdom, etc. We find that NOT wearing make-up is the best way to project these qualities. Which is why NOT wearing make-up can often make a woman more beautiful than wearing it can. We think this is true in this set of Rhian. What do YOU think? More...

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Kеlly Hаll: sizzling hot

We've worked with Kеlly Hаll so many times in the last few years that we felt like we knew her personally. Her work with other photographers for us was always gorgeous and fun, and we knew she had a happy, vibrant personality to go along with her megawatt smile, but we'd never had the opportunity to actually meet her in person until very recently on our trip to the UK when we were lucky enough to be able to shoot with her ourselves - a longtime goal for both of us. It was beyond amazing. In person Kelly is even more vibrant, more fun, and more beautiful than photos can capture. She has an infectious laugh and a wicked sense of humour, is as generous and open as your best friend, and a total pro as a model. Truly one of the most delightful people we've ever met. As photographers we were thrilled to discover she also has that elusive top gear, easily shifting into being sexy, sultry and sophisticated on top of everything else. She really does have it all - beauty, charm, wit, intelligence, and sizzling hot sex appeal. The ideal combination for creating the ultimate scorching beauty. In fact we doubt there's a sunscreen manufactured anywhere with an SPF factor high enough to allow perfectly safe viewing of this set of the incomparable Kеlly Hаll. More...

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Lіssy Cυnnіnghаm: why Page 3 is epic

Fear and hatred of the female body run deep in many Britons. In Frаncе, not so much. In fact, many British women (and the men who hope to sleep with them) hate it so much that they have 200,000 signatures on a petition to ban the topless female body from public places, specifically, from Page 3 of Thе Sυn newspaper. Sounding exactly like religious fanatics, they cite their belief that Page 3 is nothing but porn and doesn't belong in public. What a sorrowful lack of vision these women - and men - seem to have, apparently seeing nothing noble, honorable, or beautiful in Page 3, and perhaps in the female body in general? Just across the channel, however, France is still honouring the female body in public places, government buildings, even on their money, and has been for about 300 years, in the form of la Marianne, the topless female symbol of Liberty and Reason captured so beautifully in the painting by Delacroix. Lа Mаrіаnnе was the perfect heroine to the Frеnch Rеvоlυtіоn, breaking with male-dominated imagery just as the French people were breaking with tyranny of the State. This view of the nude female as something profound can be seen around the world today whenever you see a bare breast in an old public sculpture, usually representing Truth, Justice, Freedom, or Victory. But why should these pillars of civilization be relegated to the past and forgotten in crumbling monuments? We think the women of Grеаt Brіtаіn should adopt Page 3 as their symbol of female power and freedom, just as the women of FEMEN, a Ukrainian pro-woman revolution has adopted a topless woman as their symbol of peaceful feminine resistance, rebellion and independence. The NOMOREPAGE3ers of Britain claim to be part of a revolution to break with what they claim is a patriarchy (take THAT Qυееn Elіzаbеth), yet if that is true, they have a least one good reason to defend images of free topless women, and one less reason to attack them. Britons demanding NOMOREPAGE3 is like the French denouncing the Marianne. Especially considering that women in Britain are among the freest in the world, it would be an epic fail of national proportion. More...

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Mеllіsа Clаrkе - every inch the star

Beauty and Mеllіsа Clаrkе. Two things that go hand in hand. In my world the word was created for her. And no better place on the Wоrld Wіdе Web to showcase this than right here on Body in Mind. From her beautiful, radiant eyes that will melt your heart if you look into them for longer than 2 seconds, right down to her pretty foot tattoos, every inch of Mel is a sight to behold. But if you think her talents end there then you're sorely mistaken. In a world where so many misguided, ill-informed people come to the conclusion that models are nothing more than sex objects, Mel is one of many that defy this ridiculous logic on a daily basis. As a highly talented DJ she has travelled across the US dj'ing for the Sυіcіdе Gіrls Blаckhеаrt Bυrlеsqυе show. And also wows crowds on an almost weekly basis for Tоtаl Uprаwr. Two massively successful careers and all at the age of 22. Not even the sky can limit the rising star of Mеllіsа Jаdе Clarke. – Glamour_Elite More...

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Ela: how not to look silly

Feminists tell us we're just a poor excuse for porn, that we should just admit we're pervs drooling at women. Porn lovers tell us we're a poor excuse for a philosophy site, that we should just drop all the words and just give them something to drool at. Nоw BіM might not always have the absolute best photography out there (although we think much of it is), and our ideas might not all be new and brilliant (although most of them are), but we have one thing that most philosophy and beauty photography miss, and that is, that they belong together. The desire to remove our minds from sex is the desire to get away with perversion, and the desire to remove sexuality from philosophy is the desire to get away with prudishness. What's surprising is that in the common example we gave it's the feminists who want to remove the mind from sex and the pervs who want to remove the sex from philosophy! But this shouldn't be too surprising since hatred of sex and/or the mind is hatred of what makes us fundamentally human, so anyone who wants to separate them is bound to become something perfectly preposterous. Somehow we simply don't mind looking silly to such people. More...

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Rаchеllе Wіldе: at home

Today we see naked women in the news, in the streets, in our movies, on our televisions, and in our magazines. And if you work at Body in Mind you even see them at your job. But none of that really matters if you don't have a naked woman at home. All of those other places and publications are really meant to show you how to get a naked woman in your own home, in your own life, in your own way. You can be an artist, an athlete or an anthropologist; you can be 18, 38 or 68; you are never too old or too out of touch to want or to get a lovely naked woman in your home, which means, in your life. And all you have to do to get it is be interesting or in love enough to make a woman want to be that lady. But it's not always the easiest thing to do. So we dedicate this set of Rаchеllе Wіldе naked in her own home to all those men who don't yet have a naked lady in theirs. And to all the naked ladies in the world who will always have a home in our hearts. More...

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Karmen: keeping it real

Why do we need the media to reflect reality? We have reality for reality. We need the media because we need a place to dream, to invent, to sort, to take chances, to make mistakes relatively safely without risking our lives, to try one wild idea after another and see what works, what doesn't, and what we never thought possible. The media is our dreamscape, our vacation from reality, our great escape. If reality is our body, the media is our spirit. Those who want to control the media not only want to control our minds, they want to break our spirit, outlaw beauty, dictate our future, and cripple our dreams. People who want to control the reality of others are bad enough. They are the thugs, criminals, and looters. But beware even more of anyone who wants to control the media. For they are the harbingers of living death. More...

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Are women trying to screw themselves?

With girls being forced into marriage or kidnapped into sexual slavery, with women being disfigured with acid in public for being pretty, flogged and hung in public for having sex, being forced to wear body bags in the streets, or forced to stay home and give birth to baby boys or kill baby girls, you'd think free women around the world would take a moment every single time they wake up to praise their freedom, yet instead we see thousands and thousands of women in no less civilized places than Grеаt Brіtаіn & America cursing their sexual freedom, despising their own bodies, and denouncing beautiful models, actresses & singers for using theirs. Ironically they are doing it in order to "protect" children. Let's stop for a second to make sure we understand this point. These women are teaching their children that their mother's body - the thing that attracted their fathers to their mother and gave birth to them - is a bad thing. Never mind that you can't protect young girls by teaching them that their bodies are horrible. Never mind that teaching boys that women are evil will make chauvinists and predators out of them. So we watch with horror as women the world over attack sexy models on the covers of magazines in grocery stores, as they publicly shame women at the beach for wearing bikinis, and as they press their politicians to outlaw attractive women on TV, for stricter dress codes at work, and stricter "morals" in music videos. It's just as if women actually want to be politically and forcibly reduced to nothing but rightless breeding cows under Sharia law. If that is what they want they are on exactly the right track. And if it isn't, well, so far, they have sure fooled us. From where we stand, it definitely appears the start of the new millenium will go down in history as the era when women the world over totally screwed themselves. Ladies, please please please prove us wrong. More...

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Mеllіsа Clаrkе: a day in the life of a Page 3 model

The definition of objectification requires a woman to be treated as a body only, without dignity. Nudity alone is not enough to quality a woman as undignified, therefore nudity alone is not enough to qualify as objectification. Objectification also requires a woman to be treated as a tool for others' purposes. Glamour photos may be a "tool" for titillation, but the models are not. Nor could they ever be, unless they were slaves. Page3 does not enslave models it employs them; glamour modeling is a profession & Page3 treats models like the professionals they are. Thеrеfоrе Pаgе3 doesn't objectify women. NoMorePage3, however, which is a campaign to fire all Page3 models, does objectify women. It robs them of their dignity by treating models as mere tools for NMP3's political gain - as mindless, expendable objects, neither asking the models' opinion nor giving them any choice. Like anyone who tries to victimise innocent women NoMorePage3 tries to dehumanise their victims. They regularly photobomb news stories wearing t-shirts with NO MORE PAGE THREE written on them. These shirts might as well say NO MORE MELLISA CLARKE or NO MORE KELLY HALL or NO MORE RHIAN SUGDEN. This is one of the reasons we like to do Day in the Life series on BiM. We treat models as real people with real lives with real feelings and real power over their lives. We think attacking such amazing examples of free & powerful womanhood is completely unacceptable, and we hope one day soon there will be no more NoMorePage3. And a lot more amazing women like Mеllіsа Clаrkе.

- Prіncе Chаrmіng


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Why models' nipples have to be free too

If FrееTheNipple is successful they will achieve 2 things. Most of the nipples freed in public will belong to breastfeeding mothers and most of the nipples freed in the media will belong to models. Unfortunately, if the USA is anything like Grеаt Brіtаіn, within a generation the same feminists who fought for free nipples will be fighting to ban them in the media citing objectification & sexualisation of women. The group doing this in Britain right now is called NoMorePage3. Page3 is a daily topless glamour model in many of the tabloids that has come to be a bit of an institution over the last 40 years to the point it now uses its popularity and power to promote many important charities. Britain has also had legalised public breastfeeding for roughly the same period. Britain freed the nipple long ago. And in keeping with freedom it did not specify precisely whose, when & where. Canada tried to solve the "problem" of topless models when it freed nipples. Feminists successfully campaigned to have Canada's own version of Page3 called the Sυnshіnе Gіrl shut down. Shortly afterwards, due to one brave woman going topless in public & an equally brave judge ruling in her favor, public toplessness became legal in Ontario, Canada, providing it was not for commercial purposes. This somewhat ambiguous message resulted in very few women actually going topless in Ontario. Nipples were free in public, but not in the paper. The old laws were gone, but the stigma remained. And so did the sleeping power in women's breasts. Nudity & beauty are powerful together. They are the realm of art, which is the realm of projecting idyllic visions of the way things could be & should be in the world. It's no coincidence that FreeTheNipple & FEMEN both inspire us by using a pretty woman boldly & exuberantly enjoying her freedom as their spokesmodel. This is the real reason to free women's bodies: to empower them to bring personal freedom, positive change and ultimately happiness back into our lives. The aesthetic power of the human body has always inspired morality in humankind, from Greek gods to the Renaissance to modern superheros. It's precisely female beauty's power to inspire thought & moral change that frightens people so much, and this is the real reason women have been kept down throughout most of history. It's time to free women's bodies - to free the nipple culturally and commercially - on main street and in the media, so the world can finally have the much needed divine feminine as a model and equal influence in building a new ethos. More...

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Cat: she makes this look good

Oυr Twіttеr account was recently suspended for a week due to one of our photos of Cat. Link. Scоυt Wіllіs was nice enough to retweet the photo in the spirit of anti-censorship, but one of her followers missed the message completely and accused the photo of being simply a "Playboy pic" that had nothing to do with freeing women's bodies. Scout rightly reminded this person that the model is a person who deserves respect. Personally we find it odd that so many people make so many assumptions - usually negative ones - about beautiful women, especially those who pose nude. Perhaps this is one of the reasons so many women these days seem to resent glamour photography. So in the interest of fighting this kind of lookist bigotry we thought some of you might be interested to know that the model in the censored photo and in this "Breathless" set is not a professional nude model or porn star. She is a 32-year-old seamstress who makes her own make-up, disappears into the wilderness for days at a time in "Sυrvіvоr Mаn" fashion, is currently designing an earthship home which she plans to build herself where she plans to live & care for variously challenged family members. There's a reason bigotry is wrong. Lookism, racism, sexism, ageism all cause us to commit injustice against good people, and make only the person doing it look bad. More...

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Kеlly Hаll: she's got real boobs

At BіM we think boobs not balls should be the body part associated with bravery. After all it's women who are changing the world these days, not men. And they're doing it with their breasts. After a long battle women have gotten infamously prudish Facebook & InstaGram to allow breastfeeding photos. Scоυt Wіllіs & Rhianna have both told InstaGram to shove their accounts due to censoring their nipple baring photos, completely shaking up the social media world. Top freedom groups like FreeTheNipple & NudePulpFiction are kicking ass all over Nеw Yоrk with their tits out and FEMEN is doing it all over the world. It won't be long now until we start hearing "It takes BOOBS to do that!" or "He got no BOOBS!" etc. And let's not forget the brave women who have gone where most women never dare, the nude models like Kеlly Hаll. Armed with an irresistibly good nature and of course breasts the size of...well, let's just say bigger than any man's balls, these ladies have paved the way for all women to bust'em out, and bust'em up. So to speak. We sincerely hope breasts do become the new symbol for bravery. If they do, it will change forever the meaning of the phrase "She's got real boobs!" Kelly certainly has. More...

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Pеytоn Prіеstly: something we need to learn about beauty

We know female beauty is meant to inspire reproduction in the human species. And with 7 billion people on the planet we'd say it's doing its job quite well. What most people don't know is that nature has an additional purpose in mind for female beauty, one meant to temper blind reproduction, and that is: to inspire morality. Morality, or ethics, is the branch of philosophy that deals with values, values being those things in life we want & try to be. Beauty inspires morality by lighting up our brains every time we see the image of our values. For example you will find your dream home beautiful, or a country that has the sort of geography you prefer will be first on your vacation plans because it will look beautiful to you. Female beauty is no different. It always represents your values in a woman. For example, when a woman possesses the kind of qualities you like most in a human being, or even if she only appears to be the kind of woman you always thought you deserved, you will find her beautiful & you will be attracted to her. It doesn't matter who you are or where you live it will always be true. It is an objective unchanging principle of female beauty. Ethics is part of our nature, as sure as reproduction is. And female beauty inspires both. It's our hope that human beings will learn to use the power of female beauty ethically as well as sexually, to inspire change in ourselves and improvements in our world, just as nature intended. Groups like FEMEN & FreeTheNipple give us hope. As do individual heroines like Scоυt Wіllіs in these last few weeks. If we don't learn, the future doesn't look very bright or beautiful. More...

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Inner beauty versus outer beauty

Many people claim that when it comes to human females, unlike everything else in the universe, beauty is actually on the inside. But by praising "inner beauty" they are actually attempting to downplay and belittle "outer" beauty. This is why they never tell us exactly what character traits actually create this "inner beauty". But in reality, "inner beauty" is responsible for making a woman beautiful - not figuratively, but literally. "Outer" beauty is actually the result of the physical appearance of certain "inner" character traits which a woman possesses or else appears to possess, including purpose, self-esteem, intelligence, innocence, happiness, benevolence, selfishness, etc. If a woman like Vika appears to possess these things then she becomes more beautiful, not just on the inside, but outside, where it counts. Inner beauty already has a name. It's called character. Let's give outer beauty its due, and its own word. How about "beauty". More...

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The unbearable innocence of Page 3

Page 3 is the most innocent form of female nudity possible. It is not porn as many of its protestors claim, it's not even sexual. The models are young, healthy, confident women who generally just stand there topless, smiling benevolently. There are no overt sexual overtones, no bitten fingers, no fake pouts, no guilty sneers or coy slyness, no feigned moans of sexual ecstasy. Just a pleasant woman with a nice body. Plain and simple. And beautiful. And innocent. We believe that is precisely why Page 3 is so often attacked. Not because it's disgusting porn, but because it's not. Launched in the 1970s at the height of the women's movement Page 3 introduced nudity to newspapers for the first time and remains a placeholder and touchstone of freedom and empowerment for women. For example, FEMEN's topless public protests would never get the media coverage they do today if not for Page 3 and what's behind it: the belief that there is something inherently good and appealingly powerful in female beauty and sexuality. Page 3's innocent virtues have garnered respect for the female body from a majority of an entire country. To our knowledge this has never happened before, ever, anywhere. Unfortunately, it's also attracted what sexy women always do: hatred. For centuries ignorance of the female body and the nature of its beauty led to fear of female sexuality on an almost hysterical scale. Virgins were believed to have enough raw sexual power to appease gods and were summarily sacrificed, witches were burned alive to rid the world of a power people could only conceive of as satanic. It's been easy for haters to make people see female beauty and sexuality as a scary and powerful force. And they used this fear to deny women freedom and rights throughout history. But what is this scary, powerful force in female sexuality? Depravity? Immorality? Satan himself? No. It's innocence. Innocence is the force people have feared in women for millennia. They fear it because it threatens the moral stranglehold they've had on women. Of course Page 3's enemies will never admit they hate Page 3 for its virtues. Instead they try to stop us from seeing them. They shamelessly denounce Page 3's charity work as an attempt to justify porn in the paper and suggest Page 3 models should just go into mainstream porn. They claim it's because Page 3 is more ubiquitous than porn. But we suspect it's because Page 3 is simply more respectable. After all, the common is the morally acceptable and thus the influential. In fact the nudity, beauty and innocence of Page 3 was one the early inspirations for bodyinmind.com. We think Page 3 should be proud of its virtue, because at the end of the day, only the depraved find it unbearable. (I mean what kind of people value porn more than charity?!) Many claim Page 3's protestors are simply jealous of Page 3 models' beauty. But in reality it's what's inside, it's innocence they can't stand. More...

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Zoey: fake feminists

Many women who claim to be feminists are not. Feminists are famous for claiming they would love to see a world created by women but if true why then do some of them waste their efforts trying to take over the world created by men and devote themselves to killing anything that grows naturally from the beauty, sexuality, and natural power of women? Such as beautiful photos of happily nude women? The answer is simple: it's because many "feminists" are not admirers of women. They are fake feminists. Instead of seeing women as noble creatures, intelligent, proud, strong, they see women as small, powerless, and stupid. They appoint themselves champions of those few fainting females who are unable to fend for themselves in "a man's world". They assume to do the thinking and parenting for young women who are supposedly hopelessly confused and frightened by sexual imagery and fashion ads. And they consistently attack the few strong women brave enough to openly use and enjoy their beauty and sexuality. In fact, we can't even imagine men seeing women as poorly or treating them as badly as fake feminists do. Women are not the crying, cringing, clinging creatures fake feminists make them out to be. Women are nothing more - and nothing less - than half the human race. Reminding us that women already ARE men's equals in every conceivable way is what real feminism is all about. More...

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Karmen: pin up, pay up

How many of you can name the 3 leading nude art models in the world right now? Can you name even one? And if you can, can you also say if she earns her living from it or not? Do you even know if any of them do? Don't assume. You might be surprised. Body in Mind has worked with nude art models for more than 16 years. The sad truth is that even the best of them can rarely make a better living than they could as teachers, waitresses or hairdressers. One of the reasons for this is that so many people are willing to enjoy their photos without so much as a thought for the them. Many "fans" even claim to worship the ground the models walk on, yet will not cough up a dime to pay for any of their pics. In fact, since joining Twitter we have discovered hundreds of tweeters posting thousands of nude photos to millions of people all over the world looking for free nude photos. Most of these photos have been posted without permission and have had the model's name and/or credit purposely removed by some scoundrel, denying the model any way to make money from her photos. Denying credit is art theft, and retweeting uncredited photos is dealing in stolen goods. So we urge you, if you consider yourself a fan of nude models, start by treating them with at least the same respect as your waitress or hairdresser. Pay her for her services or at least give her credit. And refuse to retweet any uncredited photos. Otherwise you are robbing models of their livelihood, and ultimately yourself of your favourite models. Doesn't really make sense now does it? So let's all support the profession of nude modeling. Let's help the models make the money they deserve and achieve the fame they need to make the photos we love. Pin her up; don't cut her off. More...

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Jеss Rоbіnsоn: superbeauty

It's been a while since we talked about superbeauty on BiM so we thought it was about time. Superbeauty is pretty much what it sounds like. It's female beauty that takes beauty to a new higher level. Superbeauty is like something from the Spоrts Illυstrаtеd swimsuit issue, except that the models are nude. Superbeauty also looks like something from Playboy, except with a completely non-sexual moral slant. Actually, superbeauty is more like Playboy and Spоrts Illυstrаtеd combined - sexy, bold, vivacious women, posing happily and confidently nude, in stunning surroundings with exceptional skill in an adoring, artful style. This has been the goal of Body in Mind since it began - the infusion of objective human values into images of nude women. Several years ago I wrote in an attempt to help bring superbeauty into popular culture "It's weird, but in a world with Vіctоrіа's Sеcrеt catalogs and television commercials, bare breasts on prime time television and in public, where Playboy bunnies become models and supermodels pose nude, where porn stars become actresses and actresses make pornographic videos - indeed, in a culture so absolutely saturated with images of beautiful women - pictures that blend the female body with the most wholesome morality, pictures embodying the epitome of female beauty, are the only ones that don't exist." Even today images of women with absolutely no clothes, no shame and no overt sexuality seem to exist only on BiM. Our newest set of Jеss Rоbіnsоn is one of them. More...

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Alece: candids & out-takes

Fans of BiM know we're all about natural beauty and that makes our candids and out-takes sets some of our most popular. It's a chance to catch our ladies in their most relaxed, comfortable and real moments, just being their effortlessly lovely selves, as Alece is in this set. If you doubt it we don't mind telling you Alece was a former fashion model living in Nеw Yоrk who contacted us and asked us to shoot with her. She'd been working on her body very hard and was proud and eager to show it off. Naturally we accepted. What resulted are many many wonderful sets of Alece expressing her pride in her body and her love of being beautiful. Top all that off with a country setting around a remodelled barn in Nеw Yоrk state where Alece enjoyed an eagerly awaited 2 day getaway from the city and you see a woman who is completely at ease with herself and the natural world around her. There are few things on earth more charming than a truly happy woman, and few things that make men fall in love quicker. We invite everyone to fall in love with Alece, as naturally and effortlessly as we did. More...

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Mia: no more make-up?

No man wishes his girlfriend or wife would wear MORE make-up. The truth is women don't wear make-up for men. They do it to compete with other women. Conventional wisdom says men are the competitive sex. But the truth is women might be far more competitive than men. Even to the point of obsession. For example, can you imagine men being more interested in images of other men than in images of women? Yet women would rather look at other fully dressed women than naked men! Furthermore, the whole feminist movement, might it simply be about taking over the political and cultural reigns of civilisation? Since men already seem to be quite afraid of them, women taking over the world really means taking over control of other women. Perhaps this is why beauty-hating feminists are so determined to eliminate images of sexy women from our culture. And why they want to so badly that they are even willing to condemn anti-cancer campaigns that employ sexy spokesmodels or no-make-up selfies by beautiful women. And why they're not concerned with magazines that viciously attack female celebrities for being too thin or too fat. And why they consistently paint other women as victims when they're not. And why their solution is to force equal numbers of women into government when women themselves don't want to run. (Guess who'll get those positions?) The bottom line is, hundreds of years ago men used to paint their faces, wear wigs, tights & pointy shoes. Thank goodness we no longer expect each other to do so. We can only hope women will become less estranged from their natural sexuality too, will start looking at men more than women, and will lighten up. Make-up is really pretty silly, on men, or women. And so it trying to stick your pointy shoe up the world's ass. More...

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Lіz Ashlеy: why do we need female beauty?

When asked why we need art, famed art historian Sіstеr Wеndy replied "Art makes us more human." Considering her own love of art transformed her from a cloistered nun to an internationally renowned broadcaster, openly discussing the erotic energy of a nude paintings is proof of that. Can the same thing be said of human beauty? If the beauty of art can make us more human, cannot the physical beauty of the human nude do so as well? Couldn't this be the reason our culture is obsessed with images of beautiful women? Cynics say "sex sells". But is this really the full explanation? No. Images of beautiful women date back to pre-history, and aesthetics, the science that studies the role of beauty in our lives has been a part of every serious philosophy since the ancient Greeks invented it. Thе BіM aesthetics for example says our values, the things we want in life, the things we want to be and the things we want to have, create the experience of beauty in our brains for the purpose of motivating us towards them. Animals have instinctual values - they know what is good & bad for them automatically. We humans do not. We have to choose what is good or bad for us. Instinct cannot help us, but beauty can. Beauty is a sort of glow around the things we love, around our values, that makes our actions & purpose in life more clear. This is how art makes us more human. And it's how female beauty does too. Beauty inspires good people to admire it and to be better. Unfortunately it also inspires bad people to be worse, to hate beauty and attack values. There is perhaps no more depraved question a person can ask than "Why do we need beauty?" Art, human beauty, aesthetics are all fundamental parts of what it means to be human. To dismiss artistic images of human beauty as merely sex inducement is to completely miss the value and beauty of female beauty itself, and is to miss out on being fully human. More...

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Rhіаn Sυgdеn: our hero

Several cancer awareness campaigns in the UK using sexy models have come under fire from feminists lately, in spite of the campaigns being wildly successful. In fact even our own Rhian received thanks from a man for saving his life. Yаy Rhіаn!!! Yet many have called the campaigns insensitive & exploitative and have condemned them for associating sex with cancer. Sorry, but when people let their resentment of sexy women get in the way of common sense we have to speak up. Asking sexy women to stop promoting charities is so outrageously mean spirited that we almost choke in anger and disbelief. Of course cancer patients and survivors deserve consideration for their feelings, commiseration for their suffering, as well as admiration and praise for their courage. However being a cancer patient - or professing concern for one - does not mean you get to insult others with impunity. It doesn't mean you get to stop attempts to prevent cancer because you don't like the spokesperson. And it certainly doesn't mean you get to increase the risk others will get cancer just because you did. No one in society gets to use their own personal problems or suffering to inflict suffering on others. That is the OPPOSITE of charity. In the last few years sexy women have shown an amazing ability to raise awareness and money for charity, and their ability to raise so much to fight cancer is a reason to admire them even more, not less. More...

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Kеlly Hаll: a public romance with Page 3

Should porn be in a daily newspaper? This is the question asked by detractors of the photos of topless models on Page 3 of Thе Sυn newspaper in the U.K. Regardless of their differences, Page 3 glamour photos serve the same function for men as romance novels do for women. The most obvious difference is that topless men appear on the covers of romance novels, while topless women are hidden on Page 3 of the paper. Society has taught us that the only purpose of the female body is sex and that sex is something to be ashamed of, so topless models on the front page wouldn't fly. Another difference is that Page 3 contains nudity to titillate men while romance novels often contain very explicit sex scenes to titillate women. Women's sexuality has to be hidden, again this time in the pages of a book. But the main difference is that romance novels are words and Page 3 is photos. Both serve the function of beauty, art, and romance but Page 3 is a man's type and romance novels are a woman's. Modern science has shown us that men's and women's brains develop differently. Men's brains are spatially/real world oriented and women's language/emotion oriented. So men prefer images of happy, sexy women in romantic locations and women prefer stories about strong, sexy men in romantic relationships with women. According to the book Whаt Dо Wоmеn Wаnt women may actually be more sexual than men, which explains why romance novels are the best selling type of book, by far. So perhaps women can be forgiven for thinking men are as easily excited by Page 3. But men know better. We know it's just an image, albeit a very pretty one, just as women know the hero in a romance is just a story. Perhaps in an ideal world all men would be heroes and women would be more sexual and we wouldn't need romance novels or Page 3. But until that world arrives, let's be glad we have both. And let's change the question from should "porn" be in a newspaper, to should men's idea of romance be allowed in public like women's is? More...

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Lаυrа Chrіstіnа: Kаt Mаndυ

Rеmеmbеr Shаrоn Stone in Thе Qυіck and the Dead? Of course you do. The sexiest gunfighter ever. I particularly remember the reviews for that movie. They were especially critical of Sharon's performance in spite of the fact that she's sexy as hell in it and it's still completely watchable today nearly 20 years later. But I wasn't surprised by the critics attacks. I've seen sexy women attacked all my life, always, apparently, for no reason. For example, I can't remember the title but as a child I saw a black & white movie that climaxed in a quickdraw gunfight between the good guy and the bad. Knowing he would lose the bad guy shot and killed the good guy's wife instead of shooting at the good guy, knowing full well the good guy would shoot and kill him. I was horrified, but have since come to see this kind of desperate hatred of beautiful women almost daily in various schoolyard shootings, gang r4pеs, stonings, public floggings and glamour attacks that make the news. I've come to realize all people who turn on sexy women for no apparent reason are the bad guys, as were the critics who trashed Shаrоn Stоnе. It's one of the reasons we invented Kаt Mаndυ. We figured after 20 years it's high time for a sexy gunfighter to kick some more evil villain butt. More...

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Hayley-Mаrіе Cоppіn: 2 sexual myths

Women don't like sex. Men want to keep women down. These are the two most common modern sexual prejudices. They are also 2 of the oldest. They come from a time before birth control and before paternity tests. Back then women were naturally very hesitant to have sex outside of marriage. There were no welfare programs to help pay for their children's care. So if a woman was unwise or unlucky enough to have sex & get pregnant she was pretty much on her own and the child's chances of survival were terrible. A man's problems were different. Capitalism was still a thing of the future, so making a living was rarely an option. His survival depended on the strength & integrity of his family and on receiving, inheriting and protecting his father's favor, title, property, or income. Thus paternity was everything. A family's survival depended on knowing your sons were really yours. So men saw it as a bad thing for women to be freely associating with men other than her husband & direct family. Working out of the home, getting an education, being single, were all frowned upon and discouraged in women, by men. Happily times have changed. Birth control & the freedom to work allows women to have as much sex as they like with whomever they choose. Paternity tests & capitalism free men from wanting to keep women in their place for the sake of their families. There is no longer any basis for thinking women don't like sex or in keeping women down, and these prejudices are disappearing. If you doubt it you should join us on Twitter. If you do you'll discover 2 wonderful things: women who love sex, and men who respect women. More...

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Petula: jeepers, creepers, peepers

There have always been peeping Toms in the world who sneak peeks at naked women, but the internet has allowed us to see just how many such peepers there are in the world. Peepers are those people who selfishly enjoy a photo or video of a nude woman without once asking who she is or where the photo came from. To them it just doesn't matter. They don't care what her name is, who made the photo, or how it came to be on their computer screen. They make no attempt to know her, compliment her, or pay her. They take an eyeful without her knowledge, simply because they can. They don't care if the photo was stolen, published without permission or shared illegally. They don't care if the model makes so little money due to file sharing that she has to quit and do something else. And most worrying of all is that they don't care if the model gave her permission for them to see her naked. Such people invariably claim to be admirers of beautiful women, and that they didn't mean to take advantage. Well, that's what peeping Toms say too. The correct way to treat nude art models is the same way you'd treat any lady, with respect, admiration, and credit/payment when due. So if you see a photo without original credit, don't pass it on. It was stolen. And posting it makes you an accessory. Besides, you have a perfectly good name. Why change it to "Tom"? ;-) More...

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Cat: the true power of women

Ask a young person today to name an independent powerful woman and 9 times out of 10 they will say Beyonce, not that feminist what's-her-name. In fact, there have been many popular, brave, sexy, powerful women from the 1970s to now, from TV's Wоndеr Wоmаn to Cher to Madonna to Cіndy Crаwfоrd to Angеlіnа Jоlіе to FEMEN to Mіlеy Cyrυs. Yet modern intellectual feminists love to take credit for all the freedom women enjoy today. Sіncе Glоrіа Steinem in the 1960s feminists have fought against the glamour industry and over the last 50 years women have gotten more free in general. But average women have also gotten more sexual & more free to be so. And the glamour industry has grown 10-fold. So one has to wonder, if feminism has failed so badly to destroy glamour, how could they have been the ones responsible for the average woman's new found freedoms? Could feminists really be such failures in one area but so brilliant in another? Feminists tell us sexual abuse of women has also risen dramatically but this begs the question of who has been spreading the idea all this time that sexual women should be kept down? Feminists have. After reason, female beauty is women's greatest power, and since the female intellect has been almost universally dedicated to attacking beauty for the last 50 years (from Glоrіа Stеіnеm to Nаоmі Wоlfе to NoMorePage3), one can only conclude that the thing that has been moving women forward during that time is female beauty, not feminism, and that the thing that has been making things worse for women, is feminism, not glamour. Feminists will tell you female beauty is responsible. But reason - and 20 seconds of thought - says it isn't. More...

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Karmen: I am an animal too

In a few days the Canadian government will begin turning the snow red with the blood of hundreds of thousands of baby seals. They call it a "harvest" as if bashing seal pups on the head, impaling them with hooks, and skinning them is the same as reaping corn. Why do they do this every single year even though there is next to no market for seal meat or skins? The usual reason politicians do anything: votes. Every year the Canadian government spends thousands of dollars - millions in total - supporting a make-work project for "unemployed" fishermen in order to win their votes instead of spending the money to transition them into real jobs. And every year mother seals, having spent 3 months protecting and nursing their pups with the tenderest of care, are forced to watch in horror as their darling babies are heartlessly butchered right in front of them. Saving the baby seals is a cause very dear to our hearts at Body in Mind because we are Canadian, and because we hate cruelty and the kind of stupidity that creates so much pointless suffering. We hope all our fans, viewers, readers and supporters will donate whatever they can afford to the Canadian animal welfare organisation, IFAW.ORG, the world's leader in monitoring and fighting to end the seal hunt forever. There is absolutely no reason for these adorable & helpless creatures to die such horrible deaths, no need for this mindless atrocity to go on year after year. Please help today to put an end to Canada's red snow once and for all. Thank you so much!- D & L Bell (March 9, 2014) - DONATE HERE! More...

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Mia: Glamour rocks

It's becoming clear to us that what modern feminists mean by "media sexism" is glamour images. It's important to remember that sexuality has always been the greatest mover of mankind and motivator of social progress. Art, capitalism, photography, movies, the internet, racial diversity/integration, gay rights - all were and continue to be propelled forward by our sexuality. Yet each of these areas has suffered vicious, puritanical attempts to remove the very sexuality from them that gave them life. And it seems the glamour industry will be the next to suffer this fate. But at what cost? In recent decades Canada and Sweden have both outlawed glamour images in the media to a great extent. And the result? Canada is systematically destroying its wildlife and medical system. And Swеdеn is currently imploding in an often terroristic battle between multiculturalism and women's rights. Are they connected? Can the removal of glamour images in a culture really cause such dramatic, wide sweeping disasters? Why not? If sex is what moves us forward, then certainly limiting it will move us backwards. More...

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Sаmmy Brаddy: pushing female beauty

Female beauty is real. And like anything real, if you push it it will push back. Attack it and it will bite you on the ass.

The glam-bashing U.K. group known as Nо Mоrе Page 3 were taught that lesson a few days ago. Nо Mоrе Page 3 denounce Thе Sυn in England for publishing topless but still innocent, non-sexual pictures of confident, charity-supporting, pretty women on Page 3 of its daily newspaper, claiming the photos corrupt children, inspire/facilitate abuse, and demean women. Defenders of Page 3 repeatedly point out there are much more sexual and/or demeaning photos in popular culture/media readily available to children. Pop singer Mіlеy Cyrυs is often mentioned, both for her somewhat pornographic performing style and the effect it could have on her millions of adolescent fans. Miley does not perform nude, at least not yet, but does strike shockingly sexual poses in her act and on television.

To the great delight of Nо Mоrе Page 3, Rυpеrt Mυrdоch, owner of Thе Sυn, suggested perhaps the Page 3 girl could be replaced with "glamorous fashionistas" but until a few days ago Thе Sυn did nothing. Then on February 12, 2014, on their famous Page 3, instead of one of their usual models Thе Sυn published a beautiful, glamourous photo of fashion trend-setting pop icon Mіlеy Cyrυs.

Oddly, there was not a peep from Nо Mоrе Page 3. Perhaps because Miley was half naked in the photo and, quite ironically, topless.

What glam-bashers like Nо Mоrе Page 3 don't seem to get is that people love female beauty and will not give it up. And any attempts to shame people into giving it up or to make them think their love of female beauty is somehow immoral, will only make them more accepting of immorality in popular photos and will only make sexual imagery more popular. It happened in the 1990s, made a house-hold name for Jеnnа Jаmеsоn and created the sex tape shortcut to fame for the likes of Pаmеlа Andеrsоn and current mass media favourite Kіm Kаrdаshіаn.

Obviously there is nothing immoral or demeaning about any woman posing topless or being sexual but we do all have to decide if it's the human body or sexual imagery we don't want our kids to see. In a free society there is no other choice.

The moral of the story for Nо Mоrе Page 3? Stop denouncing harmless glamour images, specifically Page 3. And for everyone else? Don't attack female beauty in any form. Attack it and it will bite you - and perhaps even your kids - on the ass. More...

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Petula: the problem with lookism

Lookism, not sexism, is the biggest problem facing women today.

Real sexism - keeping women down simply because they are women - ended in countries like England and America about a century ago when women were freed to live on the same terms as men. Since then women have shown their true colours and have earned equality on almost every level. Yet today many politically ambitious feminists re-task sexism to mean images of sexy women in the media and blame it for all our current problems. They tell us that failure to live up to media standards of beauty causes crippling self-esteem issues in girls that lead to lower ambition and even self-abuse in women. They also claim media "sexism" gives boys unrealistic expectations about what real women should look like which later leads to men harassing, abusing and assaulting women.

In reality it's not sexism but lookism that causes these things. Young girls all expect to be beautiful princesses when they're older so the attacks on their self-esteem come much sooner and from a source much closer to them than the media. I'm talking about young girls whose parents and loved ones criticise them for not being beautiful enough or who praise them too much for simply being beautiful. Most girls experience years of this brainwashing from family and friends before they are old enough to have self-esteem issues, long before they know if they'll be a great beauty or not, which means long before they begin to compare themselves to models and movie stars in the media.

Does the fact that little girls are routinely judged by and treated differently according to their looks mean beauty is bad? Absolutely not! Female beauty is one of the glories of mankind, it creates children, inspires romance in men, and empowers women economically, socially, politically. Fighting lookism is not about fighting beauty. It's about recognizing that beauty is an image only, a wonderful image that represents but does not replace real human values. Beauty reminds us of all the things we hope to find in a real person one day. As children we instinctively assume beautiful people possess more admirable qualities of character and greater intellectual and physical abilities than uglier people. As adults we learn this isn't true. Yet due to the lure and power of beauty we tend to ignore the people who do possess admirable qualities. This is lookism.

Lookism, not sexism, warps young boys too. Most parents completely fail to teach their sons the real purpose of female beauty which is to inspire them to be the best they can be, to make art, to excel at sports, etc. not to make them ignore real women in favor of scoring a supermodel one day. Both boys and girls need to be taught that personal character and values are what makes a person attractive in a lasting way to the opposite sex.

Physical beauty has great power and a grand purpose in the scheme of things. But because of it we often miss many golden opportunities for deeply meaningful relationships. Fighting lookism is really about freeing the only thing in human life grander and more powerful than beauty. Fighting lookism is about love. More...

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Rаchеllе Wіldе: Page 3 - the definition of glamour

Glamour means beauty for its own sake. Glamour photography of women such as the Spоrts Illυstrаtеd Swіmsυіt Edіtіоn or Page 3 of the Sun in England, is not meant to sell anything but itself, to sell female beauty. Think about it: the SI and Page 3 photos are not advertisements depicting a beautiful girl reading that magazine or paper or any other product, they are photos that include only what makes the girl look beautiful, a nice sunset or location, bright patterns or colours, or an interesting pose. Yes the photos sell the magazine or paper they are in but the magazine or paper are not in the photos. That is the difference between a glamour photo and a glamourous advertisement. We buy a product in an ad because the beautiful girl makes us think it will make our life better. But we buy a glamour photo because it will. For example as lovely & glamourous as Vіctоrіа's Sеcrеt ads & catalog photos are there can be no doubt the photos are created for the lingerie's sake, not for beauty's sake alone. And it's interesting that the SI Swіmsυіt Edіtіоn photos often identify the swimsuits worn as some kind of throwback to a catalog format, although we doubt anyone but the swimsuit manufacturers ever notice it. SI does this because the world has been pretty hard on glamour photos. So much so that it seems the pretty topless photos on Page 3 are possibly the only true glamour photos still being published for wide circulation in the world today. Page 3 is definitely beauty for beauty's sake. And yes, it sells. And yes, it's attacked. We just hope for beauty's sake it survives. More...

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Hayley-Mаrіе Cоppіn: sex object?

Why is it okay for a woman to be the object of affection but not okay to be a sex object? It's okay to love women, but not to want sex with them? We hear feminists these days constantly accusing men and the media of treating women like sex objects, never admitting men might actually feel affection, admiration or even romance for women they are turned on by. Such feminists actually reduce men to sex objects - they can't imagine men seeing sexy women in any way other than sexual. In reality though, judging from the world around us and the number of marriages and romances out there, most men see sex as something that is shared with an interested, consenting, sexy partner. A man with a healthy libido and a healthy view of women and himself sees sex as not just intercourse, but mutual respect, romance and love, perhaps even marriage and kids. Yes some men think sex is just copulation and that women are there just for them - and a tiny subset of these men think a woman's interest and consent are not necessary. There are laws to protect women from such men. So don't listen to sexist feminists who objectify men by claiming men objectify women. The affection men have for sexy women is real. And there's every reason for women to have the same affection back. More...

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Kеlly Hаll & Rhіаn Sυgdеn: touch of glamour

Female beauty is a powerful force. Kеlly Hаll and Rhіаn Sυgdеn have helped prove it. They, along with all of the other Page 3 models in Britain, have carried the Sun for 43 years. They are the real cause of the newspaper's success. They are its heroes. Kelly and Rhian and the Page 3 models have shown just how much good female beauty can do. Both ladies devote much of their time to promoting charities, raising money for war heroes and testicular cancer.

The phenomenon of beautiful women using the beauty of their bodies to do good things is a brand new one. We've never seen anything like it before. Women's sports teams do nude calendars to raise money for their causes. FEMEN uses their bare breasts to draw attention to women's rights. Women around the world are baring their bodies in political protest. And it's working. There can be no doubt about it. Female beauty is doing good things.

The anti-beauty crowd, however, will tell you that praising the power of female beauty is simply another male ploy to keep women in their place as sex objects. For example, Page 3's detractors openly declare the topless models are there to sell the paper. Contradictorily, instead of seeing the models as the driving force of the paper, protesters see them as helpless sex objects. Naturally, the rest of us see them as people, women, individuals, idols even.

Clearly, the view that beautiful, sexy women are sex objects is the problem, not female beauty. Female beauty is NOT a "problem". And neither is men's love of it. Female beauty exists to help perpetuate the human race, not only by inspiring reproduction, but by inspiring morality. All of the crucial problems in the world today are caused by a marked lack of morality in people - race wars, the environment, wildlife decimation, cruelty to animals, violence against women, terrorism. How has mankind lost its moral compass? We at BiM think it's because nature intended female beauty to be that moral compass, and instead of following it we as a species completely distrust it.

Consider that no woman is permitted to declare her own beauty without incurring a wrath of moral condemnation, mockery and scorn. Ironically, the only women who are allowed to say it are the ones who are noticeably NOT beautiful. Such women present no threat of inspiring anyone with their "beauty" so they are permitted to boast all they like.

Real female beauty has NEVER been permitted to be seen as moral force in our society, let alone tested as one. The truth is we don't know what a society that values female beauty would look like. We DO know that so far we've all benefitted greatly from just a touch of glamour. Imagine the good that might come from letting female beauty freely work its magic on our society, and on the world, in a big way.

Let's. More...

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Karmen: sex object?

We hear a lot of feminists lately accusing the media of objectifying women. But what do they actually mean by "sex object". Feminist media critic Cаrоlіnе Hеldmаn says women are sexually objectified whenever they are depicted as interchangeable members of a group, as a body used as a canvas for a logo or message, or as objects for consumption by men. As examples she shows photos of a group of bikini supermodels, of a woman's sensually curved body with a logo painted on her, and a men's shoe ad featuring a vending machine full of gorgeous glamour girls. Such images treat women as objects Heldman says. But surely you've spotted what else such images have in common? That's right. The models are all beautiful. The supermodels are "interchangeable" only because they are all equally gorgeous. The woman's body that is used for a "canvas" can only be used for a "canvas" because it's a body that's worth looking at in the first place, in other words, she's beautiful. And as for the ladies in the vending machine, they first have to be desirable before men will want to "buy" them, that's right, they have to be beautiful. Obviously there are no such vending machines in real life, however, bachelor auctions are quite real. So to feminists it seems "objectified" means beautiful, "sexist" means sexy, and "sex object" means sexy and beautiful. Remember this the next time you hear them. They are used only to attack beautiful women, like Karmen. More...

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Lаυrа Chrіstіnа: born this way

Female beauty is a talent. It's a talent like any other. Just like athletic ability, intelligence, or a musical gift, beauty is inborn. And like any talent it can be developed or not. Most models spend long hours practicing and perfecting it. But even if they don't they are still far better looking than most of us. Many people hate beauty, either out of resentment of others' superior beauty or out of learned shame of their own. Oddly, such people most often declare female beauty not to be a talent for the very reason that it is: "because people are born with it and don't have to do anything to get it", they say. Yеt Dіctіоnаry.com defines "talent" as "a special natural ability or aptitude". In other words, not having to do anything to get it is precisely what makes something a talent! Another reason given for why beauty is not a talent is "Models just stand there, and that doesn't take talent." Dictionary.com also says "talent" is "a capacity for achievement or success". A model's "capacity for success" IS her ability to look good standing, or sitting, or lying down. It's called "posing". Athletic ability isn't mocked just because athletes run & jump. Musical ability isn't ridiculed if musicians sit or stand. Female beauty however is mocked, ridiculed, and belittled precisely because it's so powerful, and like a moocher guilting the wealthy into abandoning their wealth, so beauty-haters try to shame beautiful women onto the sidelines of life. Personally, we enjoyed this set of Laura, a natural born model, way more than today's sports highlights played to our favourite pop tune. Now THAT'S talent! More...

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Zoey: the beauty industry

Many people badmouth the beauty & glamour industry, calling it "sexist" and saying we need more images in the media of "real" women. This is odd because if the people who propone the average woman want to be average, there is nothing stopping them. If they find the media's standards impossible to attain or sexist they can always base their standards on the thousands of real women they see every day instead. They have far more examples to choose from in real life than there ever is in the media. However, the rest of us need beauty and ideals. We always need something to shoot for in life. Values to pursue. Standards to attain. Examples to admire. Beauty has the natural ability to attract us and point us towards these things. We need images of beautiful people, places, and things all around us all the time in order to inspire us to move, learn, and grow, and to stay on a positive course. Those who crusade against beauty and values in art or advertising, who say art should imitate life and cry equal time for real women are actually rebelling against anything above average in real life too. Ignore them. We see the average all around us all the time. There is no reason to see it in the media. The beauty industry is equal time for the exceptional. And the exceptional is far more important to we humans than the average. More...

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Mia: freedom

The moment any country establishes free speech, haters become free to express themselves, free to attack free speech itself if they like. Freedom means people must be allowed to peacefully advocate the destruction of freedom. Pretty silly, but it's logically necessary in order to preserve the right to speak and act for everyone. You can't shut idiots up without silencing others, so we allow free speech. The same is true of women's sexual rights. When a country reaches the point where women can express and enjoy their freedom to be sexual, haters are freed to advocate limiting it. This is the case in Britain right now. Nowhere on earth have women ever been freer to be openly sexual, to enjoy it and even profit from it. British women can choose their romantic partners, dress as they like, model naked, wear burka, seek recourse for sexual grievances, breastfeed in public, etc. Yet many women are now demanding the removal of Page 3 and lads mags from public view, claiming they should be "free to not see Page 3 in public", "free to not be leered at", etc. In other words, they want the right to not be free. Freedom means everyone is free to do all kinds of things we like or don't like. That's just life. In fact, the one thing freedom can't cure, is freedom. More...

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Pеytоn Prіеstly: something about beauty

Many years ago as a young man I set out to become an artist. I was not a fan of any known art style or established master, and I had NO idea what I was doing. I was, however, a fan of female beauty so I proceeded to make pictures of beautiful women, hoping to eventually create something I could call "art". After creating an image of a beautiful woman I would look at it for hours, in contemplation, hoping it would inspire me to make more, hoping to learn something, looking for a mystery to explore further, trying to be an "artist". I concluded that any drawing that would inspire me to look at it for hours had to be art, and I congratulated myself at having become an artist. Unfortunately, I still didn't know exactly HOW I'd done it. After many more drawings I was still wondering why the ladies I'd drawn were so beautiful to me. Was it their blonde hair? Their elegant bodies? Their bare breasts? Their lovely skin? The ladies didn't answer. Then one day, as my mind wandered over this drawing I asked myself why I'd included the rock in it. "Because I like rocks," I said. And why is the woman striking a diving pose? "I guess because I like that too." BOOM! It was precisely THEN, in that exact moment, that it hit me: I didn't draw beautiful women because they were beautiful; I found them beautiful because I'd put them into poses I liked! I had drawn something simply because I liked it and BOOM! I found it beautiful. I realized that day that it's not some mysterious force that does it but our personal values that make something beautiful to us, that beauty is always the result of depicting our values (the things we like) - that it IS the depiction of values - and while we may FEEL beauty is inspiring us, it's really our values doing it. This is very important because it means beauty - including female beauty - is the direct result of values. It means female beauty is a moral concept, and inextricably connected to what we consider good. It means people who hate beauty hate values per se, and those who defend female beauty are defending morality. Heady stuff. And to this day I can't look at this picture without thinking the rock taught me all this, and that that is why the girl is standing in front of it poised and ready. She is me, isn't she? And she is about to learn something important about beauty. Kinda freaky isn't it? More...

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The 'sexualization' of 'objectification'

There will always be people who love female beauty and people who hate it. This isn't news. What's new, in the UK at least, is beauty haters trying to put glamour models and publishers out of work by accusing glamour photos of causing the "objectification" and "sexualization" of women. These two words are bandied about as if their meaning is so clear and their truth so obvious that no actual proof is needed. But in reality, they are vague and ultimately meaningless terms used only because they sound just ominous enough and scientific enough that most people would rather accept them as truth than try to fight the malice behind them. We at BiM do question them. We don't see our model Lauren as an object at all. She's a beautiful woman, an intelligent human being, a capable adult. In fact, she's more than capable, she's a medical doctor. Try telling her she's 'sexualized' or 'objectified' and see how far you get. We do find her sexy, but that only proves sexy women can be intelligent and professional as well. Each age and culture has its pet excuse for hurting beautiful women, a con that haters can use to justify attacks, the tipping point where a majority of people will agree to go along with them. Hopefully "objectification and sexualization" is not ours. More...

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Damianne: no hiding

Since 1997, Body in Mind has created super beautiful images of women by adding the glow of morality and the mind to the female nude. The resulting nude photos are more powerful than porn and more uplifting than art. We call them super nudes. Our idea of mixing nudity and moral values - nudes with a wholesome twist - is everywhere now. Tоdаy BіM is simply the most tasteful, thoughtful and influential nude website online. Take our latest set of Damianne for example. The colourful veils are not used to hide her lovely body but rather to allow it expression and pose. Her expressions are not stereotypical pouts or O-faces, and her poses are not pointlessly vulgar. Instead her true feelings of fun and sexual confidence are allowed to come through without pretence, without shame, without hiding. She is not photoshopped and her happiness is real. We don't create beauty at BiM, we simply allow it to shine. More...

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A rose by any other name...might not be a rose at all

Have you ever called a woman 'beautiful', 'attractive', 'hot', 'sexy', 'pretty', 'lovely' or 'good-looking'? Have you ever thought about why you would use one word over another when describing her? We usually toss these words around as if they're interchangeable, but if you really want to understand the role of beauty in your life it's important to start with a few key definitions.

'Pretty' and 'good-looking' refer only to a person's physical appearance. This is an important distinction to make, because people can be 'good-looking' without having any other good quality to speak of. It says nothing about their character. It also says nothing about how hot they are, or your sexual attraction to them. You can say that your six year old niece is 'pretty', or admit that a certain male movie star is 'good-looking' without feeling any attraction to them.

'Attractive' and 'hot' refer only to our personal feelings about a person. If someone has certain physical qualities that we like we call them hot, and if they seem to have certain personal qualities we like we call them attractive. But neither attractiveness nor hotness requires us to find someone beautiful or sexy, nor do they require us to find them pretty or particularly good-looking. We can easily be attracted to a plain woman who is kind or be turned off by a hottie who isn't.

'Beautiful' refers to our own personal values that we see in a person. When you call someone beautiful it's because their appearance reminds you of qualities that you admire in a person, whether they actually possess those virtues or not. A tall man might exude maturity or a long-legged lady might appear graceful even though either may be neither.

'Sexy' refers to a person who exhibits real sexuality. She may not be having sex with you, but you KNOW she's having sex with SOMEONE. A sexy woman isn't necessarily the 'hottest' one around, as any man who has a sexy wife or girlfriend may reluctantly affirm - she may never be a Vіctоrіа's Sеcrеt model, but she certainly rocks your world. And to you, she is the sexiest woman alive.

'Lovely', ah lovely. With 'love' at its root 'lovely' is the culmination of everything. It is the soul and spirit, together, it is the very real character behind the looks, it is a woman's sexiness mixed with her morality, her character and her characteristics. It is the highest accolade, the pinnacle of body and mind. There's probably nothing more endearing, more alluring, more heart-melting, more sexy, and more 'lovely' than the smile of the woman you love, and when you look at her, you see her as 'beautiful' whether she is classically 'pretty' or not.

Today all these words are used interchangeably and we've lost much of our ability to know the huge difference between 'pretty' and 'lovely'. The difference is: real values, real love, real life and real sex. So think about these definitions the next time you find yourself drawn to a woman. Are you responding to her appearance only? Does she merely LOOK like she's the one for you, or IS she the one for you? More...

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The NO MORE WOMEN AT WORK Campaign (satire)

Inspired by the NoMorePage3 campaign to remove topless models from the SUN newspaper we hereby launch the brand new Nо Mоrе Women at Wоrk Cаmpаіgn. Women have been working pretty much anywhere they want since the 1970s. Back then it had its purpose maybe, but we feel it's now become a bit of a dinosaur, out-dated, and pretty much an embarrassment to us as a nation. For example, many of the most politically active countries in the Unіtеd Nаtіоns, such as Iran and Afghanistan, are taking great strides in keeping women from work, so why are WE still seeing women wearing business suits or performing surgery when we turn on the telly? For that matter why are girls still attending school in Britain? Have we become a nation who grooms its CHILDREN for work? Thus we ask our noble British employers to get with the times and to voluntarily stop employing women. We say voluntarily because we don't feel an outright ban or laws against it are called for at this time, since we're hoping we'll all just be very grown up about it really. And while we're all thinking about it let's consider that perhaps not allowing women to work does not go far enough since working women tend to go to and from work in PUBLIC, often hanging around cafes and public transport where our children catch unwanted glimpses of them daily. And perhaps not surprisingly these days some working women even work AT HOME! Honestly, can someone please explain to us how WORK belongs at HOME? So while we don't ask for an outright ban against women at work we do encourage neighbourhoods to pass their own democratic bans and we suggest there's always housework if families have women who really want to work. And for the skeptics out there (there's always a few) we refer you to our online FAQ where we provide ample scientific evidence that almost ALL workplace harassment takes place at work! Study after study proves it. We've also created a website dedicated to hundreds of heart-breaking personal stories written by women and girls themselves sharing the shocking details of their own experiences with sexual harassment at work. Clearly all the proof any thinking person needs to see how work causes objectification, sexism, harassment, abuse, violence, low self-esteem as well as a break-down of family and social values. We DO want everyone to understand that we are not against women themselves - we LOVE women! - and no part of our campaign is directed at them. Nor are we against women working per se. We just believe it's something that belongs in private. After all, as the saying goes "a woman's place is in the home", not "a woman's place is at WORK". Therefore we remain steadfastly against a system that encourages people to see women as work-objects. And to our opponents we say "WOMEN ARE NOT SLAVES!" We hope you'll lend your support to this important feminist cause. After all, we did ask ever so nicely. More...

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Hayley-Mаrіе Cоppіn: naked is no big deal

We came across this set of photos the other day, a set we had almost forgotten about it. It was taken during our lunch break when we shot Hayley-Mаrіе Cоppіn, who gamely agreed to let us document the adventure and go around topless while doing it. It was a lot of fun to try to get photos inside the restaurant without attracting the attention of the very conservative owners, and the looks of the faces of the passersby behind us were utterly priceless. I think we made those guys' whole year. But it was also very telling in many other ways. We were outside for perhaps fifteen minutes total, Hayley-Marie was clothed except for her open jacket, and yet, as she and Leanne took photos by a crosswalk, a woman in a mini-van rolled down her window and shouted 'That's not appropriate, ladies. I'm calling the police.' This is perhaps a perfect microcosmic example of what it's like to be a beautiful woman in today's world. You have to sneak, you make a few people very, very happy, and you get women trying to sick the authorities on you. All because your breasts are showing. One day the world won't turn on whether a woman is wearing her shirt or not. Until then we've got Hayley-Marie, brave enough to ignore all the problems associated with merely going topless for fifteen minutes on a rainy day. We thought you'd enjoy this little glimpse of the world is really like for topless women. More...

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Lаυrа Chrіstіnа: remember the value of beautiful women

We were upset last night reading an abusive tweet someone sent to one of our favourite models. We were even more upset when someone defended a man's "right" to do it on the grounds that models put themselves "out there" for either compliments or criticism, in this case "compliments" meaning inappropriate sexual invitations and "criticism" meaning hateful sexual insults. The unspoken implication is that if a woman takes off her clothes she deserves anything she gets. Sorry but this is the r4pіst's and glam-basher's mentality, "please me sexually or I'll abuse you" or "use your beauty how I like or I'll have you censored or put out of a job". This attitude has been around for a looooong time - as long as women have been attacked and abused - so every once in while we like to remind everyone if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. And we like to draw attention to our credo at BiM which reminds us why this is particularly important to remember when it come to beautiful women. Here then is our credo, written 16 years ago by BiM founder, D.Bell.

My Crеdо

Down through history female beauty has been seen as superficial and sleazy,
with inner workings that are suspicious and sinister in nature.
Beautiful women have paid the price for this view.
They have been ridiculed and butchered,
both by individual madmen
and by entire civilizations.

I have a different idea.

I believe that female beauty is, in fact, a grand and glorious thing
to which every one of us owes our lives,
and that beautiful women are often, but not always,
among God's sweetest and noblest creatures,
inspiring love, not violence, morality, not depravity,
braving derision and sometimes even outright violence
in order to share with us a simple, but priceless gift:
their beauty.

- D.Bell


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Can admiration be hateful and harmful? History says no.

Artists have been inspired by women's bodies for millennia. Whenever archaeologists dig up some primitive culture's treasure trove they usually find a large-breasted statue in amongst the lot. Men - whether modern or ancient, whether from Polynesia or Peking, California or Chelmsford - worship women's bodies. Interestingly, from Ancіеnt Egypt through 17th century France to modern day England there's every indication that freedom to depict women's bodies in art coincides with increased levels of freedom for women in general. For instance, has anyone ever noticed that Page 3 was in its heyday when Mаrgаrеt Thаtchеr was the first and so far only female Prіmе Mіnіstеr, one of only a handful of female world leaders? That she successfully threw off the old traditions and ably led her nation, giving girls of that generation the sense that they, too, could become leaders? This fact challenges the idea that women can't be viewed as objects of desire and respected as intellectual equals at the same time - the men of the U.K. certainly saw them as both, and no doubt still do. Maybe then its worth asserting that admiring the female form has never had anything to do with men disrespecting women, as modern glam-bashers claim, but instead has always been an important part of admiring women in general. More...

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Zoey: workin' it

Modeling is hard work.

A lot of critics will insist otherwise, and dismiss the efforts of models as nothing more than standing there naked. But the truth is that it takes a lot more than simply looking good naked to make a living as a model. Aside from the daily physical efforts most models put into keeping their bodies fit and beautiful, when they do show up to the studio, it is hardly a relaxing day of lolling around on beds and drinking wine, as most people assume. Most photo shoots last all day, during which the model is required to come up with a variety of poses, or pose in ways the photographer directs, contorting her body sometimes into positions that are unfamiliar and uncomfortable. Our models often joke that after a day with us they don't need to do Pilates that week. And besides the physical discomfort, when all is said and done and the camera is finally snapping away, the model then has the added pressure of bringing something extra to it, of finding her inner diva, of turning it on and making the photos stand out. She has to become an actress more than a model, and find ways of making the photo engaging, sexy, fun or whatever is needed that day. She can't just strike a pose and stare at the camera, she has to somehow convey sexiness, or sweetness, or laughter, or a hundred other things, often just with her eyes or the tilt of her head, or make her body form curves that set this photo of her apart from the literally billions of other photos out there.

Modeling is hard work. It's only easy on the eyes. More...

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Mia: photoshopped or not?

We have heard a lot of complaints lately about magazine covers with famous female models and movie stars photoshopped to look thinner or otherwise more attractive. Flattery is actually something artists have done in portraits of famous women since Ancіеnt Egypt. So the important difference between the Mоnа Lіsа and the cover of GQ is not that Leonardo da Vinci didn't have Photoshop, it's that no woman back then would have publicly embarrassed herself by whining about superior beauty. But today whining is practically a religion - the answer to every problem it seems. So even though the thousands of average-looking women we meet in real life prove beauty is as rare as gold, we're supposed to believe a few photoshopped magazine covers really do make women feel bad AND that these women aren't just resentful of a beauty greater than their own? No. Sorry. If we told you these photos of Mia were photoshopped would you find them more beautiful or less? The truth is they weren't photoshopped at all so if you said more OR less you'd be lying. Not a pixel was changed. So the beauty has not changed. Beauty is beauty regardless of how it's created or how much we have of it. And whining about beauty is just whining about beauty regardless of whether it was created by playing with pixels on a computer, dabbing paint on a canvas, or mixing genes in a womb. More...

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Sаmmy Brаddy: shower cam

It's a common stereotype that men simply aren't very romantic. It's about as common as the belief that women aren't very sexual. It's often given as explanation for why men like to look at naked women while women prefer to read romance novels. But I think it was Hυgh Hеfnеr who once said nude photos of beautiful women are a man's idea of romance. Women have their own idea of romance (romance novels being the top selling books in the world) and it goes like this: women like to be pursued, bedded and married by a hunky guy with good manners and a cocky attitude, even better if it happens weekly! Men on the other hand like to discover a sexy open-minded girl taking a shower and then imagine what might happen next: sex, love, another girl perhaps! But because men's fantasies are so different from women's they tend to be sneered at, though neither sex's romantic tastes are any more silly or less classy than the other's. They're just different. And without them both, there would be no romance or sex at all, would there? So the next time someone tries to tell you that men aren't romantic, remind them that the whole realm of sexy glamour photos proves them wrong. More...

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Sеnоrіtа Cаt

Photo shoots are not glamorous. Before the cameras and lights come out, before the model puts on her makeup, a lot of work goes into finding the right location, the right props and styling, and, in the case of our beloved model Cat, a few cans of Rеd Bυll. On the day we shot this set, it was the hottest day of the summer. We wanted to dress Cat in the minimum amount of clothing anyway, to give this set a sultrier, south-of-the-border kind of feel, but even in just a hat and a scarf Cat was tooooo hot, and not in a good way. Still she managed to summon her inner actress and give us some truly sizzling looks. She amazed us with her ability to step outside of herself and enjoy the moment, to ignore the weather and just revel in being a beautiful woman. Of all our models, Cat is the most capable of looking stunningly beautiful and seductive one moment, and outrageously goofy the next, because she simply enjoys being who she is. We wish more women could embrace their beauty the way she does, could be playful and serious, sexy and silly, wise and innocent, fierce and sweet. She really is a model, in the truest sense of the word: a model for how women should feel about themselves, their beauty, their sexuality, and life itself. And we think Rеd Bυll should make her their spokesmodel, too. More...

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At home with Rаchеllе Wіldе: good morning

When we at BiM first came up with the notion of shooting models in their own homes, as we have recently done with Emmа Glоvеr and Sаmmy Brаddy, Rаchеllе Wіldе was the woman who inspired us. Rachelle's home is sleek and cool, fashionable yet comfortable, modern and homey at the same time. We knew we had to shoot her there, to show just how much she belongs in such a place. She is all those things too, a mixture of sophistication and down-to-earth fun, and she happily let us take over her home for the day in order to show her fans a glimpse of what life chez Rachelle is really like. There's something very natural and inviting about showcasing a woman's beauty in the place she calls home. It's where she's most comfortable, most relaxed, and most herself, which, as we've always known, are vital components of true beauty. We're grateful to Rachelle for giving us the chance to step into her private world for a little while, and for her willingness to share it with you. Rachelle greeted us that morning with a cheerful smile and a cup of tea, and as you'll see in an upcoming set, her adorable dog Ladybug made for a lively and very funny shooting experience. We hope you'll agree that any morning with Rachelle in it is a truly good morning indeed. More...

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Hayley-Mаrіе Cоppіn: will you take a chick?

When we asked our local classic auto mechanic if we could use his funky 50's themed garage for a nude set with Hayley-Mаrіе Cоppіn, we were pretty sure he'd agree. He's a great guy, and loves beautiful women, and so we weren't surprised when he not only said yes, but agreed to play the role of the mechanic in this set too. Our idea was simple - what if a beautiful woman needed to have her car fixed but didn't have any money? Couldn't she pay for the repairs by showing off her beautiful body, and treating the mechanic to the experience of his life? Sounded like fun. But what we didn't know was that our friend had no intention of closing up shop for our shoot. We thought he'd chosen a day when he could close down for a few hours to accommodate the shoot, but it turned out that it was business as usual that day, even while we were shooting. In a few of the shots, you can see customers in the office conducting business oblivious to the gorgeous naked woman being photographed just outside the door. It was one of the most refreshing things we've ever been part of. It gave us an all too brief but much appreciated glimpse of what life would be like if women could be naked without anyone making a huge deal out of it. It was fun and friendly and everyone involved had a great time. Enjoy! More...

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Valentine: a bounty of beauty

Britain is the single largest source of top glamour models in the world. In spite of the fact British girls don't show more than boobs and bums, British glamour mags like Nuts and Zoo have become leaders in both magazine sales and website presence, while American publications including Playboy are either scrambling to find models outside their borders or are fading out of existence. Why is Britain so full of great models you might ask? Simple. It's because of something called Page 3. Page 3 refers to the third page of tabloid newspapers in Britain that regularly feature topless models. Because of them many British girls grow up without the stigma against nude modeling prevalent in the rest of the world. Thus many girls see glamour modeling as a real career opportunity and the best looking don't hesitate to go into it when they are old enough. The UK glamour industry is a direct result of this. Detractors of Page 3, apparently under the impression that only the richest and most intelligent girls go into modeling, claim Page 3 is robbing Britain of future female doctors and lawyers. They also claim to have scientific proof that Page 3 destroys the self-esteem of young women while turning young men into sexual predators. But this "proof" consists of little more than counting the opinions of test subjects looking at images in a basement lab somewhere. Meanwhile, in the lab of the real world the last 40 years have proven conclusively that Page 3 neither causes crime to rise nor the number of doctors and lawyers to fall. ;-) All that has happened is hundreds of thousands of people now work in the UK glamour industry, and hundreds of millions around the world are happier because they do. More...

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Zoey: got to give her credit

It's no secret that women have been kept down for millennia. But the method is not well-known. In fact they have been kept down by the continuous discrediting of the value and virtue of female sexuality. Frоm Evе in the Garden of Eden to Mіlеy Cyrυs twerking on TV, sexual women have been disparaged as proof of the dangers of letting women be free. Lately we've noticed a new way of discrediting female sexuality. A lot of people are removing the credits from nude and glamour photos and re-posting them anonymously online. Apparently in their view, everyone is entitled to enjoy the benefits of these photos except the people who actually create them. The reason credits and logos are included in the first place is to allow models, photographers and publishers to either make money or attract publicity. Most put the bulk of their profits or fame back into making new pictures. They don't do it to get "rich" or to "stick it to the consumer", things we at BiM are regularly accused of, usually by file thieves and image pirates who post stolen photos for download exclusively for their profit and who have zero intention or ability to make even a single image themselves. So don't be fooled by people who claim removing credits or posting anonymous images is a noble form of democratization of "information". Their idea of a democracy requires sacrifice from everyone except themselves. And don't listen to those who say all images on the internet - including nude ones - are "public" domain. What they really mean is the effort, bodies and profits of beautiful women are their domain. Taking a value without permission when that value is an inanimate object is called theft. Taking the value of a woman's sexuality without her permission is called something else, isn't it? Remember failing to give credit is failing to recognize someone's value or moral virtue. Yet few people bring more joy, pleasure, and beauty into our world and get so little appreciation, gratitude, and benefit from it as the nude art model does. They are the most beautiful thing that modern men will ever experience. And they make dealing with our own day-to-day problems much much easier. For that we think they deserve all the credit in the world. More...

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Emmа Glоvеr: the magic of real

Having worked so closely with so many beautiful women we have learned many things that might surprise you. For example, did you know that most models have another job? Illegal file sharing has made it nearly impossible for even the most gorgeous girls to survive on nude modeling alone. We have also learned that many models have children, husbands, mortgages, aging parents, school loans, scars, bad habits, hidden talents, hopes, dreams, sexual fantasies and stories to tell. So the next time a naked lady comes onto your screen, take a moment to remember that she's a real woman, with the same desire as you to live a good and happy life. Notice that the real value of female beauty is not that it makes us forget the mundane realities of life, but that it exists alongside the mundane realities of life, not that it's outside the possibilities of our lives, but part of real life, not that it's some airbrushed fantasy, but that it is real. It might sound silly but it's true: the magic of female beauty is that it is real. And only by knowing the real women behind it can we make beauty a reality in our own lives, because when we notice models are all real women, we can see that ultimately it's real women we want in our beds and in our lives, not just fantasies. More...

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Karmen: star power

Beauty will save the world. We've said it often, but today we want to give you an actual example. Our premise is that without women being free to be women we're all in big trouble. The last time female beauty impacted the world in a significant way was the late 1980s and early 1990s. Back then, the world's most beautiful women were household names. Models who were so beautiful they were famous, and so famous they were called "supermodels". They showed the world beauty could make a woman so rich and famous and in-demand that she could be a trendsetter. Before them models were merely marketing tools, used to sell existing trends to the masses. But supermodels set the trends. They put women visibly and solidly in the driver's seat - giving them power not only over their own lives, but over the direction our culture would take. Their frequent nude or topless appearances in fashion shows, magazines, and videos made beautiful female nudity a regular element in western culture in their day. Women who posed nude before the supermodels were generally looked down on by our culture. Playboy magazine had made admirable strides by featuring famous actresses nude. This increased castings but failed to raise our moral estimates of them. It took the considerable star power of supermodels to make nudity acceptable, not just for women, but for powerful women. No longer could a woman's beauty or sexuality be used to keep her from attaining the highest positions in society. Supermodels made celebrity nudity culturally ubiquitous and morally acceptable, and went on to movie careers, to marry the world's richest men, and to start hugely successful business careers. They benefited everyone, not only with welcome eyefuls of incredible female beauty, but with long-needed female success stories. They made the world a better place. Happily, the tradition continues. Today brave models, actresses, and performers regularly post nude selfies on the internet to establish ownership and financial advantage of their own bodies. It's star power that makes nudity morally acceptable. It's nudity that makes women so beautiful. And it's beauty that will save the world. More...

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Alece: goddess of fire

Fire and the female body make human life possible. Both are mysterious and life giving. Both keep us safe and warm. Both attract and dazzle the eye. And both will burn you if you get too close. Well, actually, that last one only applies to fire. Yet for some reason, every civilization and most people actually think it applies to female beauty. Though we're not sure why as fire's destructive power can be proven with a simple match, but there is really no reason at all for us to think female beauty is destructive. There is no evidence whatsoever that female beauty is dangerous to anyone, yet time and time again throughout history there it is being reviled as one of the destroyers of mankind, Eve being blamed for all sin, witches being burned, whole populations of women put into black sacks. Yes, just like fire, female beauty has been used and even worshipped in many cultures throughout history, including ours. However, also like fire it has been hated and feared as a peerless destroyer of lives and happiness, and the ultimate destination of corrupt souls. We think it's time for a better mythology of female beauty, one that does not base it for no reason on outer fire but for its similarities to inner fire. Our inner fire is what wakes us up in the morning and impels us out of bed to start the day. It raises our faces to look at the sun and stares longingly at the sunset. It is this inner fire that attracts us to the beauty of women, to the wind spreading their hair like flames, the spark in their eyes, their smiles spreading over their faces, and their skin lightly tanned by the sun. It's this fire that Alece is the goddess of, and that all women burn with. It's the fire of life, of love, and of beauty. And it's what we mean by a goddess of fire. More...

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The artist as a good man

A.D. Cook is a good artist and a good guy. And you can tell he's a good guy, even if you don't know him personally due not only to his amazing art, but due to the very nature of art itself.

Perhaps the simplest way to explain what art really is, is to look at how children make it. Kids don't over analyze or worry if what they are creating has been done before. They simply take everything they are thinking about, everything they care about, mom, dad, their dog, the sun, a tree, and put them into a picture with themselves. Have you ever noticed that children always put themselves in their pictures? This is because they know the purpose of art even if grown-ups forget. The purpose of art is to create a universe in which everything works to one's liking. It's how art ther4pіsts can see so easily into the minds of children. And it's such a simple process that even we laymen can use it to see what very grown up artists like. For example, from his work, it's clear that A.D. Cook does not like dark, morbid things and is not fascinated with the mundane or the perverted. Instead he likes bright, happy, healthy subjects, beautiful women, healthy bodies, and all the trappings of worldly success and splendor, cars, sex, wealth, fine wine, etc. And recently we even see him putting himself into his images in the form of his most cherished ideas, represented in his unique digital style. And what ideas are those? Nirvana. Truth. Bliss.

From all of this we can tell that A.D. Cook is a good guy. He is not interested in the sadness of life. He is only interested in values, in the things that make life worth living, and living a joy. And the fact that he is a good artist AND a good guy means he puts only life enriching values into his work. He adds the value of his character to the value of his art. And because of this, his work takes on the potential to be great.

Will A.D. Cook be one of the great artists of our time? If a man's soul, if his ability to choose the positive over the negative in life is any indication, then yes, he will be. And if our opinion counts, well then he already is. More...

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Hayley-Mаrіе Cоppіn: superbeauty

We love FEMEN. We love women, and we love FEMEN. FEMEN is that topless women's protest group you've seen in the news demonstrating for women's rights. You might think it strange that a nude website like BiM would support a woman's group that has denounced all commercialization of women's bodies as sexist pornography, but we hope FEMEN will give us a pass since half of our creative team is female. We also strongly support women's right to use and enjoy their own beauty and sexuality for whatever purposes they choose, so while we might disagree with some of FEMEN's targets, we definitely support their right to protest topless, and we actually love the image of beautiful nude women as moral crusaders because we believe that inspiring people to be moral is nature's purpose for creating female beauty in the first place, and FEMEN is the only women's group to have ever tapped into that power on purpose. We were the first people to talk about this power that we know of several years ago and we coined the term "superbeauty" for it. Certainly the female body is unsurpassed in getting men's attention, but what has been missing until now is a good idea of what to do with that attention once you have it. Most recently the beautiful topless ladies of Page 3 in the UK have joined FEMEN in spirit and have started to use their beauty to raise money for worthy charities, a move first made by ex-Page 3 girl and BiM model Pеtа Tоdd. It's taken us as a species thousands of years to realize the untapped power in female beauty to change the world for the better, so perhaps Page 3 can be forgiven for taking 40 years to discover it? Yet, it's no coincidence that the people who want to shut Page 3 down as "pornography" are coming along just when Page 3 is starting to take on a moral purpose. Such people have made it quite clear that the only way they will accept nudity and beauty together is in the kind of pornography that openly admits its depravity and proceeds to crawl under a rock in shame. Such material has always been easy to ban and control, which is what the enemies of beauty and morality want. They call Page 3 "pornography" simply because calling it "superbeauty" would expose their desire to keep female beauty from ever inspiring people morally. Thanks to FEMEN, and perhaps thanks to Page 3 if it survives, the truth that the female body is a force of human good is getting out in some small ways. And we think that's simply super. More...

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Damianne: zero tolerance

We had to block someone from our Twitter account today for being a shit. One of the lovely models suggested how nice and fun it would be if all women could go around topless all the time but this idiot had to go and spoil the spirit of her suggestion by saying that he didn't want to see women with less than perfect breasts naked. So we blocked him. We have zero tolerance for insulting women's bodies, and here's why: it's currently completely legal for women to go around in public completely topless in Canada where BiM is located, yet most women do not simply because there's so many guys out there who will insult them for doing so. In Brіtаіn women are joining feminist groups in record numbers to ban sexy topless photos in newspapers and magazines simply because they are fed up with being unfavourably compared to models. In other words, they're tired of having their bodies insulted. One of our followers on Twitter wisely pointed out that if men had their dicks laughed at every time they went out they'd never leave home. So it should not be difficult to imagine how women feel, and to practice zero tolerance towards insulting their bodies. Especially when the reward for doing so is happy naked women. ;-) More...

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Emmа Glоvеr & Sаmmy Brаddy: pillow talk

Why are men so fascinated by models? I mean besides the obvious. Of course men like beautiful women and models are beautiful so it follows that men will like them. Love them even. But the recent trend of shooting photos of models in little or no make-up in their own homes doesn't follow this logic. Are models somehow more gorgeous without make-up? No. They're differently gorgeous perhaps. Are the models' homes just so nice? Emma's place looks great in these photos, but we can't honestly say it's nicer than a beach can we? Or perhaps men simply want to see how much money they would need to be able to afford a home that could keep a model happy? Maybe, but we think it has more to do with models being themselves. After all a model is by definition not herself most of the time, isn't she? She is a woman play acting, like an actress who stars in photos instead of movies. The somewhat surprising truth is, men have a soft spot for the real girl behind a model's facade simply because most men are interested in more than a woman's looks. In their real lives, men want a woman who is beautiful, sure, but they also want a woman who is available, unpretentious, and above all real. The quality men like more than any other in a woman is reality. A woman has to be real, that's all. We're really not demanding at all. Of course it never hurts for her to live the next block over as well. More...

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Lаυrа Chrіstіnа: spotlight on women's rights

Women own their own bodies. Period.

Unfortunately the world is not as clear-cut as that, and almost daily we are bombarded with new shocking and confusing issues to deal with involving women's bodies and women's rights. Mіlеy Cyrυs twerking on TV. Public breast-feeding. Acid attacks. Top freedom. Female circumcision. Forced marriages. Bullying. Teachers fired for modeling. Honor killings. Public stonings. Political executions of female activists and politicians, etc.

In the U.K., there have been a rash of attacks against publications that feature photos of topless women, and lots of confusing claims and appeals to women's rights. The models and the publications say women have the right to choose their own careers and to pose topless if they want to. Protesters say these publications objectify women and assert their right to decide what publications are allowed in public. But since "objectify" means to treat as right-less, we have to wonder who is objectifying whom? Are the models objectifying women, or are the protestors objectifying models?

Who is violating whose rights? Who is right about rights?

Let's put a spotlight on women's rights to find out.

Most people think rights are simply based on popularity. They believe if most people want a right then the law should give it to them. For example, in the U.K. supporters of NoMorePage3.org say they should have the choice if they see topless models in the paper and have a petition with +118,000 signatures supporting them. Ukfeminista.org.uk says they shouldn't have to tolerate men's magazines at all and have held many organized protests driving them out of several stores.

This is the "gang" model of rights, and according to it, whoever has the biggest, strongest, or loudest gang has the most rights.

The problem with this model is that rather than leading to respect for rights it leads to laws that establish one gang's right to violate the rights of everyone else. For example, any laws passed to guarantee that no one will ever see photos of women's bare breasts in public would violate the rights of all those who enjoy looking at women's breasts even in private, and more importantly, would violate the rights of women who wanted to bare them for other reasons.

But this does not deter advocates of gang rights because they do not see any other way. They mistakenly believe rights are a political concept and can only ever be determined by debate, vote or war. But the truth is, rights are not political at all. They are not even primarily social. In fact, as I understand from Ayn Rаnd, the real source of rights can be found only in an individual human being.

For example, if it is right for a human being to try to survive in the world then that human being has to think, therefore it is right for them to think. That individual will also need to produce things to survive, like food, water, shelter, transportation, energy, art, technology, etc. So it is right for them to produce values. Note these things are not necessarily social. They are simply the right things for a person to do even if marooned alone on a desert island. They are an individual person's rights.

Yes, there are certain advantages to living among others, such as division of labour, the possibility of specialization, productive agreements, etc., but these are only advantages if each person keeps their rights and remains free within that society. Simply being among others doesn't mean we no longer need to live, think and produce values, and being among others introduces the possibility that someone might try to stop us from doing these things. So it's also right that people should be free to trade their values with each other and right to keep and use these values - i.e. to own property. And since the main way to stop people from exercising their rights is physically, it is also right that people should own their own bodies.

Ownership of one's body means you can use it as you like, and that as long as you're not violating someone else's rights, no one can touch you, tell you what to do, or threaten you. It means no woman can be sexually assaulted or bullied. It means no woman can have acid thrown on her by strangers or be killed by her own family. It means no woman can be told who she can have sex with or denied access to an abortion. It means a woman can neither be a sex slave nor be kept from having a lover. It means no woman can be married or circumcised against her will. It means a woman can neither be kept from feeding a child in public nor be stoned to death in public. It means women can't be forced to cover their bodies or be prevented from nude modeling. And it means women can't be kept from school, careers, medical care, or elected office.

This is the model known as individual rights. And it's why within a society one of the most important rights is ownership of one's own body.

Notice that politics don't define rights, they merely implement them by way of laws. Nature defines rights, human nature, natural law. And this is why there's so much confusion and contradiction about women's rights in Britain and the world today. Rights can never be determined accurately or fairly by political means. It is only by looking at the values every single human being needs to live that we can ever truly know what is right and wrong socially. And individual rights is the only system that promises every person on earth the greatest possible freedoms. This is why only individual rights should ever be put into law and never gang rights. In any country with gang rights women have at best one or two of the "body" rights above. However, if you live in place where women have all of them, then you are living in a society where women are as free as they can ever be.

Right now in the UK women are being asked to choose between individual or gang rights over their bodies. They can't have both, simply because each contradicts and destroys the other when implemented. Either ALL women have the right to own their own bodies, or a vicious gang has the right to violate the bodies of any woman they choose, be that gang a government, a feminist group, a religion, a lynch mob, or a family. And when women do choose gang rights, as they have throughout most of the world today, they inevitably lose all their rights, just as women have in Iran or anywhere gang rights are the law.

So if you're a woman who feels your body or your rights are being violated then choose individual rights. Choose your right to your own body over your right to someone else's. Fight for ownership of your body with all your might against the growing gang that wants to take it away from you. Fight to have your individual right to your own body protected by law.

Fight while you still have the right.

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Karmen: the source of all things

Female sexuality is the natural source of all things human. None of us would be here without it, and we all owe our lives to it. Male sexuality is important, but biologically males seem to be only modified females. It may even be that only females of a species carry a complete genome in their DNA. For now, at least, only women can carry a child to term, and give birth naturally. So like it or not, females are the primary sex. And the power of this primal force has been fought over since the beginning of recorded history. The physically larger of the sexes, men have always dominated women, preventing female sexuality from taking its natural course. Only in recent centuries has the concept of individual rights allowed women to fight for their freedom, and to win it from men. They have been so successful that in recent decades women have gained political control over other women. Rather than freeing them completely, they have ganged up on those who use and enjoy their sexuality, and have proceeded to abuse them in ways as barbaric and "civilized" as men once did, everything from female circumcision to bullying to banning men's girly magazines. The women - and men - who want to control female sexuality do so today the same way they have for millennia: they denounce sexy women as demeaning, depraved, dangerous, destructive and deadly. For example the attacks against the "Blυrrеd Lіnеs" video, against Page 3 and lads mags in the UK, against Mіlеy Cyrυs twerking, against skinny models, overweight celebs, etc. It might seem there are as many versions of the attacks on sexy women as there are attackers, but in fact they are all the same: they are all attempts to discredit the moral value of female sexuality, which means: they want to stop women from being able to do whatever the hell they want with their own bodies. All the annoying feminist, concerned-mother, modern-male and religious groups - as well as the obnoxious men who claim naked "babes" are their right - might seem contradictory or even ridiculous, but they are not, and they are all deadly serious. Quite simply, they are all fighting over who owns female sexuality: individual women or them. Clearly the answer is individual women. And the solution is obvious: grant to all women, in law, the inviolate right to own their own bodies, which means, the right to use, enjoy and profit from their beauty and sexuality. In the long history of proposed "solutions", the one dictated by nature remains the only one we've never tried. Individual women and their sexuality are inseparable. Those who try to take it from them are in fact buggering with what makes us human. More...

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Emmа Glоvеr: why men like sexy ladies

Although the ladies who pose for lads mags in Britain have done a valiant job defending them, women generally have stayed out of the fight, mostly because they don't really understand why men like lads mags so much, and because they think their lives wouldn't be any different without them. Some may even kid themselves that men will show them more attention if lads mags didn't exist. Therefore, it is not women's job to defend photos of half naked women, it's ours. We men. Men need to defend lads mags and to enlighten women about the reasons we love them, which are not very complicated at all, but it's not what women think. In fact, men love lads mags for the same reasons women love romance novels. Because for us, it's art. Now don't laugh. You don't really think that canvas in the museum smeared with spilled paint is art do you? No, art is simply a book or picture that allows someone to experience their hopes and dreams. For women it's a romantic situation, a hot guy, and a lot of attention, including sexual attention. These things don't happen often enough in real life, so romance novels allow women to hold onto the hope that one day they will. Lads mags are art for men. They allow men to hold onto their hopes and dreams of a beautiful woman, happy, engaged, and sexually promising. These thing don't happen often enough in real life, so lads mags allow men to hold onto the hope that one day they will. In light of the recent attacks on lads mags by women's groups we can't help but wonder how women would feel if romance novels were banned, or kept behind screens in the back room and top shelf of a seedy book store? Would they feel insulted, indignant, unappreciated, angry, embarrassed, sad? This is how men feel when women attack lads mags. But we can't let it get us down. Women can't be blamed for not understanding a man's idea of romance, so it's up to us to stand up and defend it as courageously and as cockily as any romance novel hero would. More...

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Valentine: men know what is beautiful

It's one of the ironies of life that every time women complain about current beauty standards those standards get even tougher to meet. For example, 25 years ago health and fitness were all the rage and the models in magazines were supermodels, tall, buxom, curvy, happy, confident. Women complained that most women don't look like that. So around 20 years ago the style changed dramatically in the opposite direction to grunge and then to heroin chic. The models in magazines got deathly skinny, unhealthy, morbid, and miserable. Women complained that this style was causing eating disorders & killing young girls. So around 15 years ago natural beauty came into vogue, and bodyinmind.com along with it. This created a new crop of models who were incredibly beautiful even without make-up or Photoshop. Much like Valentine is in this set. However, ironically, women complained that "real" women don't look like that. So then a certain kind of real women became the new cover girls - movie stars. And as if being a naturally gorgeous movie star wasn't a hard enough act to follow, you guessed it, women complained again. This time that movie stars aren't every day women. So around 10 years ago real every day women, who were naturally beautiful but with no real perceivable talent became the new standard of beauty - the women of reality TV. However, soon fed up with the likes of Kіm Kаrdаshіаn, women complained again. This time they wanted more serious role models, not women who were famous for merely being famous. So a few years ago the standard started to change again and has become unprecedentedly difficult to reach. Today a woman has to be a saint or a princess to be considered truly beautiful by women. In fact, she pretty much has to be one of only two women: Angеlіnа Jоlіе or Prіncеss Kаtе. Ladies it's time to stop complaining. There is simply nowhere higher for beauty standards to go without making it impossible for any woman to see herself as beautiful at all. Meanwhile, men are still back there admiring the beauty of supermodels, the more natural the better. Maybe women should go back to letting men decide what is beautiful in a woman. It would be much healthier for women and more natural. After all, aren't men the ones who are supposed to find women beautiful? More...

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Sаmmy Brаddy: boobs ARE news!

The anti-Page 3 movement keeps telling us the only purpose of topless models on Page 3 is to excite men sexually which makes it porn which means it shouldn't be in a daily family newspaper. Yеt Pаgе 3 is the most non-sexual example of female nudity we can think of. Can you think of any photo of a woman that shows as much as Page 3 does that is less sexual and just as popular? There aren't any, anywhere. Which means men enjoy Page 3 not as much for titillation as for inspiration. Men are told almost hourly in one way or another that our undying interest in women is either unwanted or inappropriate, so a beautiful naked lady smiling at us daily from the pages of a public newspaper is a most cheering experience. It's validating. It tells us it's okay to love women. Page 3 tells women something too. Women's sexual and physical freedom is attacked daily, in every home, church, business, school, mall, theatre, and newspaper in the world, and has been since the Bible first vilified Eve. Page 3 tells women it's okay to be sexy. We human beings need desperately to remember that the female body is a beautiful thing, and a moral thing. And that is the higher purpose of Page 3. And in Britain, at least, if nowhere else, that purpose has been achieved. The fact that Page 3 is in the most popular family newspaper proves that the beauty of the female body is considered respectable, by millions. This is a huge and unprecedented development in the world. NoMorePage3's slogan is "Boobs aren't news!" Sadly, the true meaning and importance of boobs on Page 3 is news to them. And the very existence of NoMorePage3 and its daily attacks proves that Page 3 needs to be daily too. More...

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That's NOT art - or is it?

By now it's not news to our readers that the page 3 photos of beautiful topless models are under attack in Grеаt Brіtаіn. One of the most common arguments we hear is that photos meant only to titilate men don't belong in a daily newspaper. We whole-heartedly disagree, in part because there is absolutely nothing wrong with men being titilated by women, but mostly because Page 3 serves another more profound purpose. Page 3 is art. Before you scoff, think about it: men throughout the U.K. are "cheered up" on a daily basis by Page 3 (their words). They post their favourite photos on their walls and in their lockers, in order to be inspired by them every day. How many images do YOU have that perform this function for you, every day? While it's true we tend to think of "true art" as either something old or something incomprehensible, we suggest a new, more modern definition of art is needed to account for the effect Page 3 has on men, something more than physical titilation. Perhaps after all art is simply what someone somewhere finds beautiful. And no one would ever claim the only purpose of beauty is sexual titilation, would they? At least not anyone who believes in art. And no one but a fool would claim men don't find Page 3 beautiful. More...

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Rhіаn Sυgdеn: model rights

This week's set features topless Page 3 model for the UK SUN Rhіаn Sυgdеn. The SUN newspaper has recently come under attack from Nomorepage3 for perpetuating "1970s sexist values" [Source] in its daily edition, and for being out of touch with modern women's issues. Yes, Page 3 began 40 years ago. But so did the Islamic revolution in the middle east.

Nude FEMEN anti-Islamic activist Alia al-Mahdi tells us what else they have in common "I chose to protest this way [nude] because of the ideas that say that we do not own our bodies and that we are public property, as people are the ones who decided what should be done with our bodies." [Source]

Alia is not talking about Page 3. She is talking about Islаmіc Shаrіа law that forces women to cover themselves head to toe, forces them out of the workplace and into the home, where they become little more than breeding cows. She is talking about women's right to use and enjoy their own bodies, and the right to choose a career without being attacked for it.

Today UK women are completely free. In Islаm they are stoned in the streets. Is our next move a backwards one, removing women's right to their bodies, starting with models? Is it time to take steps in the same direction as the Islamic revolution or to go the full monty and grant nude models the same rights and respect as other women?

Inspite of considerable adversity, Page 3 girls have recently joined FEMEN in spirit and have started to use their beauty to try to make the world a better place, raising money and doing promotions for several worthy charities. FEMEN has shown how the female body has the power to attract attention and motivate people towards a better world. Maybe the beauty of Page 3 has been doing that all along in as many small ways as it has admirers?

We think so. But ask yourself: considering we're only now discovering the hidden powers in female beauty, is 40 years really too long for Page 3 to exist? Considering that every woman in the world desperately needs the right to own her own body, is Page 3 really out of touch with women's issues?

Let's let Page 3 girls decide.

(And yes, we know FEMEN is against the "sex" industry, and possibly even opposes Page 3, but that is NOT the point here. The points here are FEMEN's discovery of the power of female beauty to inspire moral and political change AND a woman's right to own her own body regardless of who opposes her, be it Islam, Nomorepage3, or even FEMEN itself.) More...

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Rаchеllе Wіldе: why "naughty" is not nice

It doesn't take much to be naughty, to steal cookies for example, or to giggle in church. Posing nude in front of the whole world, however, takes real courage. And so does risking censure to use and enjoy your sexuality. So if you mean bravery when you talk about a woman being sexual, say "brave" or "sexy", not "naughty". Don't add to the already overwhelming number of words stacked against sexy women these days. "Sexism" and "objectification" are also meaningless terms. Yet glam-bashing "feminist" groups continue to use them effectively to censor our media because people who see female sexuality as "naughty" will not dare to stand in public and declare their love and respect for naked women. This is another reason not to use the word "naughty": it concedes the moral high ground to your enemy. If you're interested in changing minds or at least sounding reasonable, telling people you're only 'a little' sneaky and immoral just won't do it.

As bad as losing an argument is, there's an even more costly consequence: the small guilt you feel for enjoying "naughty" pictures prevents you from seeing the guilt of your opponents. In our view, people who hate female beauty know perfectly well that sexy images are healthy for men, empowering for women, and pretty much irrelevant to kids. They should know that preaching the "evils" of female sexuality is what makes men hate women, makes women destroy themselves, and what screws children up. They won't admit it - ever - but only because they don't want us to know it. Our own guilt prevents us from seeing theirs, but also from seeing how truly monstrous theirs is. And that keeps them safe from the wrath of decent folk.

We get the feeling true beauty haters want to do much more - and something much worse - than remove topless models from Page 3 or lads mags from stores. We sense that they want nothing less than to remove every single last pleasure from our lives one by one - to destroy every possible reason anyone could ever have for living, no matter how small or how cherished it is. This would certainly explain why they always seem to be going after someone's joy.

The psychology of such people is too big a subject to cover properly in a small blurb like this. In fact it would take a small book. Remember the Grinch? Is it possible these people simply want to die and to take every last one of us with them? Hard to believe perhaps, and harsh. But no more vicious or incredible than accusing sexy women of warping children, ruining women, corrupting men and damning us all.

And as far as we can tell, it's nothing but our own misguided belief that naked means naughty that keeps sexual Grinches true nature hidden, and fear of our just anger that makes them work so hard to keep us thinking naked ladies are immoral. Thе Grіnchеs know we can't denounce them as depraved as long as we think we are. So we can only fight them if we stop believing them.

Naked ladies - and those who admire them - need to shout as loudly and as proudly as they can that sexy women are not immoral, and that nakedness is not naughty. Don't we all wish Eve had talked back to God in the garden of Eden and exclaimed "I've done nothing wrong!" The world, and the freedom of women, is still waiting for a woman to do just that. But it's a start at least to simply stop using the word "naughty", and stop equating female sexuality with sin. And perhaps in the end, if it's not intentional, the Grinches will see the error of their ways and change.More...

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Emmа Glоvеr & Sаmmy Brаddy: matching perfectly

With the release of our latest set by Chrіs Rυеggе we're thrilled to announce the addition to our already world-famous modeling lineup two of the most naturally beautiful models working today, Emmа Glоvеr and Sаmmy Brаddy. We've been huge fans of Emma since we first spotted her a couple of years ago and couldn't help but notice Sammy standing out among all the new models around these days. We would have considered ourselves lucky to have worked with either one of them, but to be bringing you lots of sets of both over the next several months is more than a dream come true. It's more like waking up in your dreams and not wanting to wake up! And we do want to say a very special THANK YOU to Emma for pretty much making the whole thing possible. She moved into her own place, furnished it impeccably, and then invited Sammy over for some Saturday afternoon fun, and all for us. Okay, well, the last part anyway. So here then is Emma and Sammy being silly in the kitchen. And please, home decor designers take note: be sure to always match your wallpapers, fabrics and window treatments with beautiful nude women. It's important. Thank you. More...

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Mia: is sexual excitement bad?!

Detractors of Page 3 seem overly fond of reminding us that the only purpose of Page 3 is the sexual excitement of men. For example, we see it daily on NOMOREPAGE3's Twitter feed and in fact it's one of the self-proclaimed motivating principles of that movement (http://nomorepage3.org/faqs/). For those who don't know Page 3 is a daily feature in some British tabloids that features photos of topless women. Exactly why men getting excited at the sight of beautiful nude women is supposed to be a bad thing NOMOREPAGE3 doesn't say. They also don't mention what the world would look like if men were not excited by women. Perhaps because it would look a lot like Iran. They also ignore the fact that many men put up the Page 3 photos at work, as inspiration, not for sexual gratification. Men don't wank at work, do they?! The reality is, nature has pretty much designed the female body to excite men. If it didn't none of us would be here. Female beauty excites men and attracts us to women. It also inspires us to work hard, to be as good as we can, to fall in love, to be romantic, to get married, to have kids, to make art, to listen sympathetically, to defend women, to even die providing for and protecting them. Still NOMOREPAGE3 reminds us that boobs are not news. Apparently to them, the full rainbow spectrum of men's reactions to beautiful nude women is news. But to the rest of us, Page 3 has proven that male love of the female body is a good and normal part of life. More...

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Petula: the most innocent form of nudity

Even though Page 3 is probably the most innocent form of female nudity in the world, and even though it has found its way into millions of family homes throughout Britain without destroying children or the moral fiber of the country as a whole, those who hate Page 3 are now claiming that it is pornography, simply by virtue of the fact that Page 3 features topless women. In their minds - but certainly not in reality nor in the minds of most people - a woman's body has only one purpose: sex, so for them it follows that showing her body has to be sexual. These people who claim nudity is sexual by definition not only lack imagination (since there are any number of non-sexual reasons for a woman to be naked) but must lack sex lives as well (since generally sex involves a little more than simple nudity). But in the name of accuracy and loyalty to all the innocently nude women out there, we've taken it upon ourselves to point out that sex is not the only purpose of Page 3, or of the female body in general. Off the top then, a few of the perfectly innocent reasons a woman might be naked? Well, let's start with: Fun. Beauty. Art. Inspiration. Dance. Freedom. Swimming. Sleeping. Sunbathing. Protest. Self-expression. Innocence. Joy. Medicine. Teaching. Examination. Fashion. Naturism. And there's likely lots more. As it is, we'd say Page 3 involves more than half of those. And you know, while we were writing this we were trying to think of any other modern publication or media in which nude women were presented more innocently, and non-sexually, than they are on Page 3. But we couldn't think of a single blessed one. Can you? More...

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Kеlly Hаll: female freedom fighter

Recently a British MP stood up in parliament to denounce Page 3. She held up a topless photo of Kеlly Hаll and demanded Page 3 be banned from Parliament. It was a publicity stunt on behalf of NOMOREPAGE3.org, which consists of more than a hundred thousand people who denounce Page 3 as depraved and dangerous. Also recently, Britain welcomed Mаlаlа Yоυsυfzаі, a 14-year-old Pakistani girl who was shot in the head by the Taliban for her belief that girls should have the right to attend school. The attack on Malala did not go unnoticed half way around the world. However, the attack on Kеlly Hаll went unnoticed right in her own country. She was being held up and condemned as an example of public indecency. How many of us could laugh that off as Kelly has so admirably done? In fact, the models who pose for Page 3 are routinely verbally attacked like this for doing nothing more than being topless and smiling and being a placeholder for women's freedom. France, on the other hand, understands, and has just honored FEMEN, their topless female freedom fighters on a postage stamp, as part of their July celebrations of la Marianne, their national symbol of independence, a topless woman leading the people out of tyranny and into freedom. FEMEN fight injustice against women by fighting for ownership of their bodies, beauty and sexuality and the right to use them as they please. In Brіtаіn this battle is being fought by Page 3 and the models who pose for it. Daily they must duck the pot shots taken at them by other women and by their countries leaders. Of course all of these women, Malala, FEMEN, and PAGE 3 are amazing and deserve to be honored as heroes. And while it seems to take a actual bullet or arrest to get people's attention these days, the Page 3 girls definitely take more than their share of abuse. Besides, who are the real heroes in any war? The once wounded? Those taken prisoner? Or the grunts in the trenches getting shot at every single day? We hope Britain will wake up and realize that it has the latest heroes of the British women's movement right within its own shores, and that Page 3 girls are female freedom fighters of the highest order who deserve at least a knighthood, if not a stamp. How long can Page 3 hold out under so much abuse and derision? Well, one thing's for sure, they could hold out a lot longer if they had our support, and our respect. Vive la Marianne! Get well soon Malala. And Gоd bless Kеlly Hаll and all the Page 3 girls. More...

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Lauren: meditate on breasts?

Imagine if the daily newspapers carried photos of beautiful naked women. Would paper sales increase? Before you say "of course!", meditate on that a moment. Yes, you might subscribe right away, but would other people? Would women for example? Would people with families? Would educated people subscribe or would they think it sexist? Would religious people buy it, or would they be more likely to protest?

In most countries, naked women in the newspaper is not going to happen, like ever. But believe it or not Grеаt Brіtаіn does have topless women in a few of their daily papers, and they have had for 40 years. In fact, most Britains barely notice any more, and the papers themselves are left about in homes, shops, restaurants, taxis, buses, subways, offices and classrooms. Mоst Brіtаіns have forgotten how especially lucky they are to have Page 3 girls, as they are called, and many declare there is no longer any real purpose to Page 3 other than mild male titillation. To them the lovely specimens of female youth, freedom, and sexuality are now nothing more than flowers left too long in a vase. Many, led by NOMOREPAGE3.org, are now suggesting that those flowers be thrown out. But to those of us who do not have nude women in our newspapers, those flowers are still as radiant and robust as the first day they blossomed, and NOMOREPAGE3's attacks appear to us, if not to Britains, as attacks on beautiful young women. To us it appears that NOMOREPAGE's purpose is to establish that the female body is dangerous and destructive and a threat to society itself. Check their site for yourself. So we want to remind all the forgetful British admirers of Page 3 that the purpose of Page 3 must surely be just the opposite, which is, to establish that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the female body. When the news from all over the world is filled daily with reports of gang r4pеs, "honor" killings, deadly bullying, acid burnings and public floggings of young women, that seems to be something we need desperately to remember, every day, and every where.

Instead of yawning while Page 3 is attacked in Britain, and turning the page when young women are abused for the beauty of their sexuality the world over, shouldn't we all be trying to get Page 3 into our own daily newspapers as soon as possible so we can send the message that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the female body, like ever? More...

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Hayley-Mаrіе Cоppіn: naturally beautiful

What ever happened to natural beauty? A few years ago bodyinmind.com burst onto the nude/glamour scene by featuring all-natural women in gorgeous natural surroundings. And the public loved it. But slowly, by degrees, the nude scene shifted towards unnaturally glamourized beauty, and ultimately towards porn, a place we had no desire to go. We decided to keep our focus on non-sexual natural beauty, come what may. But we will not get rich doing this. In fact, the world has become so completely partial to fake beauty that young girls, who ALL have a certain natural loveliness to them when they are young can't wait to reach the age when their parent's will let them get this pierced, that tattooed, what implanted, or which removed permanently. We think this is a shame, not only because it makes it almost impossible to find naturally beautiful models, but perhaps more forebodingly, simply because Mоthеr Nаtυrе invented natural female beauty to insure the survival of the human race, in other words: to make sure men were genuinely attracted to women. We're not sure what the future has in store for a species that is losing its ability to reproduce naturally. Could it possibly cause us to breed out of control and overpopulate the planet so badly that we can't survive? Maybe? So we decided today to remind those of you who don't know, or who have perhaps forgotten, that underneath all their make-up, hair extensions, piercings, tattoos, implants, injections, hair colour, fake tans, etc. women are actually kind of good looking. So much so, in fact, that men in the past actually managed to fall in love with them for a lifetime together raising children who understood the role of female beauty in reproduction and responsibility. And it all happened quite naturally. More...

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Rhіаn Sυgdеn: saving the world?

By now, most fans of beautiful nude women have heard of the current movement in Britain to have the topless Page 3 Girls removed from Thе Sυn newspaper. (NOMOREPAGE3) So far this movement has gone mostly unanswered, so it falls upon us to remind NOMOREPAGE3 and everyone else that Beauty will save the world. We're fond of that optimistic sentiment at BiM because never in human history has it ever been more possible than right now. BiM has long been at the forefront of the movement to teach the world that female beauty and sexuality are a force of goodness and morality. And we're delighted to be joined in recent years by women all over the world from organizations like FEMEN and GoTopless to the myriad "nude" calendars and fundraisers from old ladies' garden clubs to female Olympic athletes. At the same time, never have beauty-haters been more vocal and more threatened by the connection these ladies are drawing between female beauty and morality. Beauty-haters never want to let the rest of us make that connection. In fact it terrifies them. This is why they reserve their greatest wrath for beautiful women like Page 3 girls who put their beauty to good uses. For example, recently many supporters of NOMOREPAGE3 held off attacking individual Page 3 girls, that is until the girls appeared on Page 3 wearing Hеlp Fоr Heroes t-shirts. It was only then, when the Page 3 girls put shirts on that the beauty-haters attacked. And it was only when promoting a charity. Clearly, the protesters are more upset by beautiful women being good, than being naked. In fact some, such as TeenieB63, were so abusive their accounts had to be removed by Twitter! You can see for yourself some of the less spiteful attacks in these examples [ 1 2 3 4 5 6 ] These should be all the proof anyone needs to see how desperately beauty-haters want us to think beautiful women are immoral. This is why they try to define all instances of female beauty or nudity as "porn". This is also why they attack Page 3 girls instead of porn stars. It's also why so many charities don't accept money raised by nude women. (Kudos go out to Hеlp Fоr Heroes for having the guts to accept help from Page 3. But then outstanding bravery is nothing new to these gentlemen.) So what can we learn from beauty-haters attacking the beautiful women who help charities? It's this: beauty-haters never want us to see female beauty and sexuality as a good thing, because then we will see that they, the beauty-haters, are not good, and that saving women or the world is NOT their goal, and never was. Their goal, and their shabby secret that has been exposed by Page 3 girls covering up for charity, is that beauty-haters only real goal is to destroy good, beautiful women. More...

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Karmen: all woman

We've been following with great interest the current battle between the women of Grеаt Brіtаіn over the fate of the topless models featured on page 3 of Thе Sυn newspaper. A group of 100,000 or so self-labeled feminists of the anti-beauty kind are petitioning to put a small band of 10 or so page 3 girls out of work. What is even more sad than women fighting among themselves, is the way in which they have separated into two groups: the happy and good-natured, un-intellectual beauties, and the miserably sexless egg-headed bullies. Each camp consists of sadly incomplete women. One group lacks knowledge, the other lacks a libido. Wouldn't it be ever so wonderful if somehow they could merge into women with bodies and brains, free and feminine, politically savvy and sexual. Instead we have a country full of females who either blink uncomprehendingly or glare resentfully at each other. No woman can ever achieve greatness or lasting happiness by hating herself, and no group of women can by hating another. The ladies of the Isles have to learn what it means to be a whole woman, to be all woman, because if Page 3 goes, Ms. Britain will be left irrevocably barren. More...

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Skye: beauty busted?

It has been said that Beauty will save the world. What this really means is that female beauty and sexuality inspire men to do good things, and might - if allowed freedom to do so over a decent amount of time - inspire men to be better than they have ever been before and could quite possibly change the world irrevocably for the better. Yes, women also excite men sexually, but there is no contradiction between sex and decency. Many people like to perpetuate the false madonna/whore dichotomy in our romantic and sexual lives but the simple truth is women don't have to choose between being good or being bad. Only when we define sex as immoral are women cast as villains simply for being sexual. If only we would stop and realize that sex is not a bad thing at all, that it is not only the most enjoyable thing we humans do but also the thing that brought each and every one of us into existence, then we would free women - and men - to be sexual without the taint of immorality poisoning our every moment of joy. Human sexuality is not going away. All protesters accomplish by attacking it is to denigrade it and pervert it into something bad, which is how it's been treated through most of human history, and over most of the globe today. And the result is a world in ever increasing need of saving. More...

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Damianne: tresses

People often say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that personal taste is as varied as snowflakes. Yet there's one constant that never seems to change when it comes to assessing female beauty, no matter who you are: long hair. Almost without exception, men everywhere will agree that long hair on a woman is much more attractive than short hair. It doesn't matter if a short style suits her face, it doesn't matter if it's in fashion - every man prefers every woman to have long, flowing, gorgeous hair that falls down her back, slides over her shoulders, ruffles in the breeze. Its a sensual delight, for sure, to feel long strands running through your fingers or splaying out across your chest when she snuggles next to you, but its the visual punch it packs that really does the trick. Long hair is vibrantly sexy, it represents a young woman in the prime of her sexuality who loves being an attractive woman. It shows that this woman is unafraid of showing off her sexuality. It's not a coincidence that both Islam and Judaism, and even many sects of Christianity, all dictate that women cover their hair in public. They've known for centuries that a woman's hair is a powerful symbol of beauty and sexuality. Their desire is to cover it up, while ours is to celebrate it for the wonderful, natural, beautiful experience that it is. We shot this set of Damianne just brushing her long, beautiful hair to call attention to how large a part of her beauty it is. More...

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Mia: who wants happiness?

Happiness: we all want it, or do we? At some point in many people's lives they begin to work harder to kill happiness in others than at being happy themselves. We call this the If-I-Can't-Have-Then-Nobody-Can syndrome. It's a peculiar quirk of human nature that comes out when happiness eludes us so consistently that we give up on it completely. Most of us think that if we wake up in the morning with even a little resolve that we will find at least a little happiness in our day. But happiness is guaranteed to no one. Happiness is the emotion that we feel when we succeed at something. And success requires effort, which means the happiest people are usually the ones who try the hardest to be so. Unfortunately most people eventually discover it's far easier to succeed at hurting others than it is to achieve some good goal of our own. That is the point where happiness actually becomes a virtue, and hurting others becomes a vice. At that point we decide either to make ourselves happy or to bring others down. Therefore, anyone who is truly happy should be admired because we then know that they have achieved their happiness without hurting others, for in truth there is no other way to achieve it. On the other hand, anyone who tries to chase happiness by defeating the joy of others can never really catch it due to the fact that while they may gain some happiness by killing the joy of others, they will also lose the same amount or more by discovering how fleeting happiness can really be - by destroying the happiness of others, they lose respect for happiness and thus their motivation for achieving it. Happiness requires real effort, and honest morality. Those who achieve it should be honored, admired, and protected as rare gems of humanity. More...

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Pеytоn Prіеstly: lessons in female beauty

With most schools closing for the summer break we are reminded that there is one subject that is never taught in schools that should be: female beauty. Instead we all - men, women, and children - learn a negatively distorted view of female beauty through our culture at large. Women are taught that possessing female beauty will make them both the most admired and despised creatures on earth. Men learn that looking at beautiful women makes them disloyal to other women and admiring sexy women makes them r@pists. Children learn that female beauty and sexuality are so dangerous that simply looking at them will fuck them up or life. Maybe summer should be a time when we teach ourselves and our children the truth about female beauty. For example, men need to learn that there is nothing wrong with liking to look at beautiful women and that defending women is one of the things that makes them men. Children instinctively admire female beauty so all they have to be taught is that it is a fairy tale meant to inspire us, not a textbook. And finally, rather than admiring or despising beauty in others, women need to learn to admire the women who put it to good use and despise those who thwart that good use. And finally we all need to remember - if not learn - that the earth itself is a beautiful place, due at least in part to the wondrous beauty of women. More...

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We are not a porn site!

Every once in a while we find ourselves having to remind people that bodyinmind.com is not a porn site. Perhaps it's because we feature completely nude women that our photos are mistaken for porn. Or maybe our models are just so beautiful no one can believe they have not all had career-boosting surgical enhancements. But the truth is, there is not now, nor has there ever been porn on bodyinmind.com. With one exception ALL of our models are 100% natural and most make their primary livings outside of nude modeling. We don't link to porn sites, nor do we include porn ads or upsells to porn in our member's area or in our promotions. But perhaps the most obvious difference between bodyinmind.com and porn sites is that our models' smiles are genuine. They are not smiling for our pleasure, but for their own. Zoey is a beautiful example. So if you want porn, there's about a billion sites out there that have what you're looking for. But there has only ever been one bodyinmind.com, and this is it. And you won't find a lick of porn on it, just lots of naked, beautiful, happy women. More...

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Rаchеllе Wіldе: hay baby

We at bodyinmind.com present women in a variety of lights, beautiful, intelligent, and moral. For example, this set of Rachelle is simply an ode to pinups from the 1950s, with the emphasis on fun and beauty. But we would be just as happy to present a set of Rachelle as a serious rocket scientist, or the Secretary-General of the Unіtеd Nаtіоns. Indeed, you might see such sets of her on bodyinmind.com in the future. The point is, we all need to judge women on the large scale, not by focusing too closely on any one attribute or facet of their femininity, but on the woman as a whole. Just as we try to show women in sets with as much variety as possible, we hope our viewers will appreciate ALL of the qualities in the women they meet, and will see them as the endless source of fascination and inspiration that we do. More...

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Rhіаn Sυgdеn: the new queen of tease

Britain is famous for its royalty, both today and in the past. But over the centuries we can't remember wanting to see any of them naked. In fact we're indeed most grateful to the amount of rich fabric with which they have tended to dr4pе themselves in with such royal regularity, and the steadfastness with which they have refused even to hint there might be skin underneath. However, that is not to say that Britain is without its great beauties. Quite the contrary, and Rhіаn Sυgdеn is an obvious example. Nor is Britain without its cultural references to nudity and tease. In fact, Britain is a modern standout in the tradition. Page 3 and lads mags come bouncing to mind. And none of the models who have opted NOT to dr4pе themselves to royal excess does so with more beauty, fun, popularity and elegance than our Rhian. This is why we are naming her the Nеw Qυееn of Tease. Bеtty Pаgе eat your heart out. Rhіаn Sυgdеn now holds the crown. More...

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Hayley-Mаrіе Cоppіn: backseat babe

Have you ever been stopped at a light or driving along and glanced into the car beside you? Have you ever seen a completely naked woman in it? If you have and if you've been to Canada that woman might have been Hayley-Mаrіе Cоppіn. Hayley-Marie is the kind of girl who loves being naked, and on her last trip to Canada to shoot with us, after 2 solid days of shooting, we were pleasantly exhausted and driving her back to the airport when she got that gleam in her eye and once again her clothes started coming off. Leanne lunged for her camera and clickety split, Hayley was naked and we got yet another delightful set of nudes. Hayley-Marie just giggled as we passed police cars and pedestrians, and lots of windows rolled down and eyebrows curled up in the cars that drove by. We do hope you were one of the drivers who got an eye full of Hayley-Marie that day. But if not, here's the way we saw it to drive you crazy. More...

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Morning with Alece

One of the nicest things about traveling with a model is getting to wake up with her. Not in the literal sense, of course. In that sense that when you meet up for coffee in the morning you get to experience her beauty in a totally unexpected way. When we shot with Alece at Kаthlееn's Bаrn in Tivoli, Nеw Yоrk, Alece stayed in the funky converted barn and we stayed in the main house. The next morning we arrived at the barn bright and early for more shooting and Alece had just woken up, and when she strolled outside naked for a stretch and a yawn and her first cup of coffee, it was such a delightful, natural sight that we couldn't help but sneak up and take a few pictures. Alece didn't mind, and gamely vamped for the camera once she discovered we were there. We found these few charming photos recently, and decided to share them with you as a mini-set, something pleasant for you to start your day with when you need something nice to wake up to. More...

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Petula: shagadelic

Rеmеmbеr Aυstіn Powers: Intеrnаtіоnаl Mаn of Mystery? In 1997, Mіkе Mеyеrs introduced us to the swinging 60's London spy who had been frozen for thirty years and thawed out in the modern world, confused by technology, hopelessly out of fashion, and baffled by the restrictive sexual climate. He still wanted to shag every woman he met. And he didn't see why he shouldn't. His was the age of free love, a 'shagadelic' era of mini skirts and go-go boots, of long legs and long hair and complete 'consequence free sex'. In the movie, Austin has to learn some lessons about the modern age, and of course he falls in love, but throughout it all, his cheeky, unapologetic horniness is entirely charming. We root for him. We wish Mіss Kеnsіngtоn would rip her clothes off for him, with the same innocently playful spirit with which he gets naked (as he does all too often, much to our chagrin). We secretly wish we could all be as shagadelic as he is, and go back to a time when it was completely acceptable for men and women to find each other groovy. At least we can make a bit of start with this gallery of Petula. Yeah, baby! More...

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Kеlly Hаll: my lovely lady pumps

There are not a lot of things that women like more than shoes. And most men can appreciate how a nice pair of high heels can make a woman look. However, we often get complaints about the shoes our models wear, just as often we get compliments. 'Women should be 100% naked ALL THE TIME!', we hear, while from others we get, 'PLEASE more high heeled hotness!'. It seems some people have very strong feelings about the lowly shoe and it leaves us rather baffled. Perhaps it's due to the sheer power of female beauty and its tendency to overwhelm us. Some men fetishize shoes and feet because it makes them feel safe - it allows them to completely ignore the women herself. And some women obsessively collect shoes perhaps for the same reason - it keeps them safe from the effort of trying to understand who they really are. And while we have nothing against our friend the foot, we'd like to suggest to those who can see little else that you slowly lift your gaze. You might discover there's a lovely lady attached with a mind inside. More...

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Mia: black & blonde

Imagine a beautiful blonde babe emails you and tells you she wants to get naked for you. Such things happen a lot at bodyinmind.com. It doesn't hurt that we're the most tasteful nude site in the world, or that we have a reputation of honesty and integrity - women usually respond well to those who respect them and treat them well. And beautiful women talk to each other, so if we were not everything we claim to be word would get out and the offers to get naked would simply not happen. But happen they do - and Mia is the latest. Our members will be happy to hear that we just wrapped a 2 day shoot with her and we now have 12 great new nude sets of this lovely lady to release in the coming months just for them. If YOU are not getting offers of nudity from beautiful women you might want to check your own ideas about women and their beauty, and you might want to read a little bit more about ours. Bodyinmind.com has hundreds of pages written on the subject in addition to thousands of galleries that testify to the power and accuracy of our ideas. Check your reputation, work on it - be a good guy - and the offers from beautiful women will come. But first discover what a "good guy" really is. It might surprise you. And here's our first set of Mia to inspire you to find out. More...

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Rаchеllе Wіldе: white hot

Rаchеllе Wіldе is something special, and so is bodyinmind.com. Many models on other nude photo sites are actually European porn stars. But at BiM we aim higher. We are attracted to women who want to use their beauty to create and to inspire. It is not easy to make your living being beautiful without doing porn and we admire that. Rachelle is actually a news anchor on NakedNews.com and has graced the cover of Plаybоy's Lіngеrіе Spеcіаl Edіtіоn in April 2011. She has several cool TV commercials to her credit and has acted in small films. Check out her site and the great vids she's posted of her latest exploits. Rachelle is a rare Canadian talent, a rare beauty, and a rare person. We are not exaggerating when we call her white hot! See for yourself in our latest up close and personal photoset of this amazing woman. More...

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Rhіаn Sυgdеn: sex object or sex symbol?

"I believe it is wrong for women to be reduced to mere sexual objects in a family newspaper". This statement comes from the 17-year-old Gіrl Gυіdе who organized the much touted petition to ban topless Page 3 models from British newspapers. Trying to reach people's minds is a good thing, but ganging up to force them out of work is not. She forgets that the easiest and only fair way to keep the Page 3 girl out of your home is to choose not to buy the paper, and she is blaming the Page 3 girls for men's actions.

More deeply, she is typical of the modern woman who believes women should have all rights except one, the right of sex, which means: the right to use and enjoy the benefits of your beauty. Quite often it is supposed feminists who see women as mere objects, as rightless creatures in the way of their desire to run things instead of as individuals capable of making their own choices. Healthy people, people who do not want to force every member of their sex into submission, see Page 3 girls as sex symbols, not sex objects.

The concept of sex symbol came about in the 1960s and 70s as a result of the new found freedoms women began to enjoy in that era, freedoms that included work, education, and sex. Today "sex symbol" has been mostly replaced by "sex object" in common jargon. The problem is: while "sex symbol" happily shouts that female sexuality is an instrument of change, freedom, and enlightenment, "sex object" implies that all a woman can be is a tool for sex. They are completely opposite concepts, and whichever label you apply to sexy women, "sex symbol" or "sex object", is becoming crucially important.

The awesome power that women have to inspire admiration through their beauty and to create life with their sexuality is probably the most feared and controlled human quality on earth, and women have always been distrusted, persecuted, and murdered over it, often by other women. Inevitably, whatever untruth society accepts to justify taking away women's right of sexuality will be used to justify taking away all their rights. For example, fundamentalist Muslims have come to believe (wrongly) that female sexuality corrupts men and inspires sexual assault and they use this belief to force women out of professions like medicine and education and forbid them to have any job where they might have contact with men. In such places women have been stripped of their rights, ripped out of workplaces and schools, denied proper medical care, and forced to live behind closed doors in private homes where they serve as little more than breeding cows. By losing their sexual freedom these women have lost all their freedoms. They have been reduced to sex objects.

Page 3 girls, on the other hand, are sex symbols. Page 3 symbolizes the freedom that women have only gained in the last half century: the freedom to be beautiful and enjoy it. It's an unprecedented and monumental achievement. We were saddened recently by the death of Mаrgаrеt Thаtchеr, whose time as Brіtіsh Prіmе Minister is hailed as the epitome of female achievement in the modern world. As much as we respect the Irоn Lаdy we must disagree. The height of female achievement in the modern world is Page 3. Seriously, there have been many capable and powerful female leaders of countries over the millenia. But there has never been a sexy woman smiling proudly, freely, and happily accepted as part of our daily lives until now. Thе Pаgе 3 girl symbolizes the highest height of female freedom ever achieved and the most open acceptance of the power of female sexuality by any people on earth.

Britains should be immensely proud of the Page 3 girl and should protect her as they would their own daughter. The desire of many people to take away her rights and freedoms and reduce her - or any woman - to a mere sex object is what we need to protect our children and families from. More...

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Hayley-Mаrіе Cоppіn: how about them apples?

We learned something from Hayley-Mаrіе Cоppіn. Hayley-Marie is one of those rare models who enjoys being nude. Men love being naked, and have since we were 3 years old. So we can tend to forget that women often don't share our love of nakedness. Perhaps this is why men originally invented pin up photography: so we could experience the sight of a woman who loved being naked too. These days, pin up is enjoying a modest revival: many models and photographers are revisiting the classic settings and poses. But there is something missing from the modern pin up re-makes. It's something Hayley-Marie exudes in her photos, especially when she is naked. And when we look at our own pics of her we learn why pin up was so popular in its day. The women in those photos experienced joy. They were not just pretending to be in ecstasy feeling the sea air on their naked bodies, they truly loved it! They were not just posing, they really were running along the beach completely nude. As silly as some of those old pin up photos were, whatever crazy things the ladies in those photos were doing - those models really meant it! We learned this from Hayley-Marie, who to this day is the only model who can do pin up and make us believe it. She makes us believe it is truly wonderful to pick apples stark naked. And there is no beauty quite like it. It's the beauty of someone enjoying life, the way small children do, or kittens. In fact, seeing Hayley-Marie smile is almost as much fun as being naked ourselves. More...

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Katy and Karmen: catfight

Yes we did another catfight set. Somehow we find them irresistible. Why? If someone could tell us we'd be happy to learn. It's a chance to see women naked of course, if they manage to rip each other's clothes off, but the attraction we have for that is obvious, and there's something deeper and more delicious about a catfight than women simply posing nude. And then there's the theory that the ladies might kiss which is given to us in the Seinfeld episode that features a catfight between Elaine and Rаqυеl Wеlch (which harkens back to Raquel's catfight scene in Onе Mіllіоn Years B.C.) But that seems unlikely, and again, a fight is not needed to show 2 naked women kissing. Perhaps then our attraction to a good catfight is less sexual than we might suppose. Maybe we like them simply because we get to see women being manhandled without being in any real danger, or it's a chance for we men to rescue 2 damsels in distress at once by breaking it up. But we think the most likely explanation is that it's a primal sexual need we humans have to find the best sexual partner we can, and for we men, that means a woman who can kick ass and show it equally well. More...

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Whеn Gіrl Guides attack

In any truly modern society women are allowed to make career choices - and sexual choices - for themselves. Yet many people want to take us back to the dark ages by taking this power away from women. Indeed, the places where this is happening - as well as the people and organizations involved - might surprise you. Women are being publicly attacked and even murdered across the entire spectrum of the modern world, from the pages of newpapers in our most advanced countries like Grеаt Brіtаіn, to the main square of more primitive places, like Nеw Gυіnеа.

For example in today's news some Gіrl Gυіdеs are attacking the Page 3 models who regularly appear topless in Brіtіsh Nеwspаpеrs.

We all know there is no evidence that images of beautiful nude women hurt girls or society, in fact there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Sexual freedom for women has been proven over and over to increase respect for women, to expand their career opportunities in all areas, and reduce sexual crimes against them. So one wonders if things like facts and proof are part of the Gіrl Gυіdе program or philosophy. "I believe it is wrong for women to be reduced to mere sexual objects in a family newspaper." This from a 17-year-old Gіrl Gυіdе organizer. It would seem they are learning that feelings and unfounded beliefs are enough to justify attacking other women.

If so, then teaching young girls that Page 3 hurts them will not only corrupt their minds and spirit by establishing beautiful successful women as their enemy, it will also hurt real grown women, not only the models who stand to lose their careers, but all women, women who will become even more restricted in their careers and sexual choices by the laws and conventions that result.

It seems to us the Gіrl Gυіdеs have been transformed under our noses from an institution dedicated to teaching girls that success for women is a beautiful thing to teaching them that beautiful successful women are the enemy - that being something special or having purpose in life is a bad thing, and that pettiness and ganging up to destroy the women who have made choices we wouldn't is the proper way to be in life.

If indeed the Gіrl Gυіdеs are doing this it is an immense betrayal of all women everywhere and anyone who cares about their daughters, young women or women in general should contact the Gіrl Gυіdеs immediately and pull any support away from them until they apologize and reverse their position publicly. If we are right, then it has become an institution dedicated to destroying women.

This might sound severe until you hear about another incident - happening right now - of a society ganging up on beautiful women happening in Pаpυа Nеw Guniea. From the Amnеsty Intеrnаtіоnаl action alert: "There is a seriously injured woman being held in captivity by villagers in Sоυthеrn Bоυgаіnvіllе, Pаpυа Nеw Guinea, with her two daughters. The villagers believe she is a sorcerer...Hеlеn Rυmbаlі, a women's rights advocate and former school teacher, was beheaded in front of her community in Pаpυа Nеw Guinea after she and her sister suffered three days of unspeakable torture."

Violent crimes against accused witches is actually protected by law in Nеw Gυіnеа. In other words, "witch burnings" (as we call them) are legal.

If you ever wonder how a society can degenerate so far as to butcher beautiful successful women right in the town square with everyone watching and cheering, and no one speaking up to stop it, you are being given a clue right now by some of the Gіrl Gυіdеs in Grеаt Brіtаіn who are attacking Page 3. Page 3 girls are arguably the most visible powerful and successful women around. But who is going to go against the Gіrl Gυіdеs?

Public executions of powerful women can only happen when sanctioned by absolutely everyone in the society that commits them. Therefore it is quite surprising - horrifying really - when you realize it means even the victims' loved ones, husbands, boyfriends, little sisters, fathers, mothers, employers, best friends, churches, businesses, intellectuals, criminals, leaders support murdering them, visciously, in cold blood, for the "crime" of having a will of their own, which means for standing up for themselves, their freedom, and their sexuality.

How can this be you ask?

How indeed.

We seem to remember that it was also a teenage girl who started the Sаlеm Wіtch Hunts by pointing out that certain women were violating our moral code. What we really need then is to change our moral code from one that condemns and distrusts beautiful successful women to one that teaches young women that freedom of choice in all matters sexual or career is a culture's highest ideal, and that Page 3 actually personifies that.

We wait patiently - but without much hope - for the Gіrl Gυіdе's petition protesting public executions of accused witches in Nеw Gυіnеа.

In the meantime, here is a set of Petula in full command of her freedom, her career, and her body, for anyone still capable of loving such a wonderous if increasingly rare sight. More...

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Helga: can I help you?

Spring is in the air, and if you live in a town of any decent size you'll probably start noticing the nurseries and garden centers in your area opening for business soon. The thing these places all have in common, aside from the flagstones and mulch and flowerbeds is the staff. For some reason, gorgeous college-aged girls flock to these summer jobs in droves, donning their little aprons and workgloves and cheefully start ringing up giant bags of peat moss for a winter-weary public anxious to bring their gardens to life. Why these girls don't spend their summers waitressing (where they'd earn better tips) or modelling for that matter, is a mystery. But whatever the reason, we're glad they're there. They bring a splash of beauty to a very perfunctory job, and more than one grumpy husband being ordered to pick out a slat of azaleas has found his spirits lifted by the attentions of a pretty employee. So next time you're at the garden center, check out the prettiest, sweetest, nicest signs of spring they have - their staff. More...

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Damianne: grey day

It was a grey, misty morning the day we first shot Damianne. We had only just met, and we wanted to do a quick set to warm up, both for her sake and for ours. It can be a little strange for all involved, to meet a woman for the first time and then moments later have her stand naked in front you. So we wanted to give everyone a chance to ease into the shooting we had planned for the day. Maybe if it had a bright, sunny morning we would have felt livelier or more energized, but with pale light coming into the usually bright room it was hard to think of cheerfulness and levity. It quickly became apparent, though, that beauty has a power over us that we never give it credit for. As soon as Damianne started posing, even the mere act of her leaning against a wall, or stretching out a long, elegant leg, or arching her graceful back made us feel lighter, brighter, somehow more alive. She seemed to glow from within, regardless of how grey it was outside. Whether it was her creamy skin, the sensuous glow in her intelligent eyes, or simply the graceful way she knew how to shape her beautiful body, she filled that small, pale room with light. We've always thought beauty was a kind of beacon in the dark, lighting the way for lost souls, but it can also lift your spirits when things are merely quiet and grey, not good but not bad, middling in that dull way that can lull you into apathy. Let beauty be that for you when the grey days cloud your vision and keep you from seeing the light. More...

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Cat - a little razzle dazzle

Life is about the high points. When you die you will not look back at your regrets. Yet how much time do we waste trying to avoid them? Lots. Instead, we should be aiming high and not being afraid to fall short, because after all, it is our successes that make life worth living and remembering. But seeking joy, discovery, amazement, achievement, success, love, and largess is not easy. Life has a way of knocking us back or even down for the count. That is where art comes in. No not the kind of art that you have in your house. Real art is too big for the bit of wall space over your couch. More often real art comes into our homes when we face the other direction, at the TV, specifically in movies, old movies. Old movies are our only art that is brave enough to do what we should do every day: think big, dream, dare, and move, always move. If you look at your life and find it lacking and bereft of excitement, adventure, and well, of things worth remembering, watch an old jazzy movie, preferably something with singing and dancing in it, and lots of glitter and style. That is the real meaning not only of glamour, but of joy, and of life. More...

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Lаυrа Chrіstіnа: amped

Unplugged was the bomb a few years ago. It seemed every day another rock star was recording their most famous heavy rock hits "unplugged" meaning: slower, softer and without electric amplification. It was a great way to feature the true musicality of the song by showing how it could be styled completely differently and still be a hit. Thе Bеаtlеs actually invented the "unplugged" technique when they redid their mightily surging rock classic "Revolution" as a soft ballad using only an acoustic guitar and 4-way vocal harmonies. But I digress. Female beauty - especially nude female beauty - is generally unplugged, meaning soft and natural, and it got us wondering what the "amped" version would look like. On most nude websites everyone is doing the same-old-same-old over and over, but at bodyinmind.com we're always trying to rattle the cage and do things differently, and not just differently in the sense of resorting to explicit sexuality the way some sites do but new in the sense of featuring the true musicality of female beauty by showing how it can be styled completely differently and still be beautiful. The way we have found - the way we invented - is to put a beautiful woman into a real life situation completely nude to see what natural harmonies we can find. Surprisingly, we always seem to learn something about beauty and about people when we do this. For example when Laura got naked for this rock jam it just seemed right and everyone seemed to groove on the released creative energy. Turns out female beauty amped can be just as inspiring and enlightening as the unplugged version. Sometimes even more so. More...

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Carmen: a window on the world

It's amazing what you can see when you actually look. It's an undeniable truth about we human beings that we see what we want to see, and miss the rest. And it goes without saying that if we use only 10% of our brains that we see only 10% of what there is to see in the world. And perhaps this is natural, since simple survival was such a challenge to our caveman ancestors that our brains are wired to see what matters most to us and disregard the rest. But physical survival has been made so much easier these days that our brains have been freed to perceive a lot more than we usually do, beyond our material needs and into the realm of the spiritual. We are able to see things like love, justice, beauty, and even awareness itself. It's no coincidence that science is now discovering that animals are much more aware and sentient that we ever noticed before. We no longer need to see them as food or clothing so we are free to see them more clearly and accurately. The same is true of anything you feel is lacking in the world, be it kindness, creativity, or purpose. They are all there in plain view just as they have always been, but we are still so often blinded by our fear, prejudice, and laziness - all habits that might serve cavemen well, but not us. So the next time you look out of a window or look out over the world just remember you can choose to see what you want to see, and it will likely be there. The world is that cool. More...

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Kеlly Hаll: it's better naked

Have you ever noticed that some women look better in clothes and some look better naked? They are all beautiful of course, but some, like fashion models, seem made for clothes, and clothes seem made for them. Take them out of their clothes and somehow they don't seem as glamourous. Take some bikini models out of their swimsuits and they just don't seem as voluptuos as they did on the cover of that magazine. Yes clothes can hide "flaws" or accent a woman's assets but put the same clothes on some other women - curvy and voluptuous women like Kelly - and somehow they fail to make her look any better. The clothes might very well be her size but they just don't "fit". Kelly has the kind of gorgeous body that belongs on a statue in an art museum. Such beauty never looks better covered up; clothes just aren't made for art models. Men often fantasize about a world where women are all naked. But the truth is some women look better naked and some look better dressed. From an aesthetic point of view we're grateful for them all, and certainly from a freedom standpoint women should be able to be as dressed or undressed as they like. But let's not forget that the human body is a bit of a miracle and that dressed or undressed it is worth looking at and enjoying for its own sake. More...

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Zoey: a modern greek goddess

Where have all the goddesses gone? No I don't mean the goddesses from ancient Greece or Rome. Or maybe I do. If goddesses are eternal, then they must be somewhere, even today. But look around at the world and tell me if you see any. Are the top actresses today goddesses? Respectfully, no. The top actresses today are verging on little girls with adolescent type physiques. Perhaps models? I don't know about you but the last time any man on the street could name even a single model was decades ago. Surely a goddess would get noticed by the men of the world? Perhaps porn then? For a while porn stars were hitting the mainstream in a big way. But wait, in reality it was only the gooddess-like beauty of Jеnnа Jаmеsоn that made it seem that way. Porn stars never really did make the jump to goddess status. So okay, let's stop being sexist and look into the world of business and politics for our lost goddesses. Maybe one of the major countries of the world has a bright and brilliant female leader or maybe the lastest internet billionaire a fun and feisty broad! Nope. In fact, the only woman I can think of who even resembles a goddess in appearance and popularity is a woman who gained fame by making a public sex tape and who has hung onto it by manufacturing public scandals in her personal life. Let's call her KK. But is KK who you think of when you hear stories about Athena and Aphrodite? It seems the search continues... In the meantime, here's a hint about what to look for in a modern goddess, if you're so inclined, our latest set of Zoey. More...

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Rhіаn Sυgdеn: raw beauty

We're always hearing about the modern mother's concern that their daughters are becoming obsessed with beauty. Invariably they blame the media, never themselves, where perhaps they should. Most educated mothers today teach their children that beauty is not important, not good, and not real. The problem with this is that it abandons their daughters to try to understand and deal with beauty issues completely on their own without any guidance at all, and no experience to rely on. So it's not surprising so many girls lose their way. The fact is, beauty is real and all girls possess it in some degree and it will not disappear simply because some mothers might like it to. Instead of passing laws against it or joining this anti-beauty campaign or that one, they should teach their daughters how to be beautiful girls with intelligence and morality. Since it's non-thinking that has caused the problem, it's perfectly predictable that any non-thinking knee-jerk reaction in an attempt to solve it would be just more of the same mistake. Laws and anti-education will only screw their daughters up even more. This is because beauty is inherently important to all of us and not simply a dated social construct as we've been taught. Mothers need to teach their daughters what beauty is, its purpose, its importance. They need to help them put beauty in its raw natural place in the hierarchy of values in life. But before they can do that, they need to learn it themselves. More...

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Hayley-Mаrіе Cоppіn: it's a jungle out there

Heard about anyone risking their life to save a beautiful woman lately? Everyday in the news we hear about beautiful women being attacked, killed, and mutilated, but we never hear about someone getting hurt trying to protect them do we? Have you ever wondered why Prіncе Chаrmіng, Kіng Kоng and Qυаsі Mоdо defended the woman they found most beautiful? Indeed, they might seem outright insane by today's standards. Today we're taught beauty is at best a happy accident, that it has no real value, that it is merely a genetic vestige of our caveman past, and that to take it seriously is nothing more than scientific ignorance, superficial flattery of oneself or others, and always in bad taste. It's no wonder then that those who posses it are so visciously attacked is it? And that no one ever defends them these days. Prіncе Chаrmіng, Kіng Kоng and Quasi modo were willing to die for beauty because they knew that you can't live without it - without it, they just wouldn't be themselves. It turns out that beauty tells us all what we really are. That is its natural purpose, not sex or selling, but self-realization. We all find beautiful exactly what we need to, whatever will help us in life to be who we want to be or to achieve what we want to achieve it is that thing that we will inevitably find beautiful. We don't need crystal balls or fortune tellers, psycho-analysts or teachers to guess at what beauty shows us every day: how to be yourself. In a way, it's like we are all of us so uniquely special that we each get our own little omniscient beauty god telling us exactly what we need and what we should do. It's so simple really: move towards what you find beautiful and you will be fine. It's always true and works for everyone. What then if we choose to despise beauty and destroy its wisdom? Our aforementioned heroes were willing to risk their lives rather than let it go. Do you think you can live without beauty? Well, unless you are already loving and defending the thing you find most beautiful, then you are already risking your life to find out, aren't you? More...

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Rаchеllе Wіldе: fun at home

As fans of bodyinmind.com know we don't feature sexual themes in our photography or videos. As we explained to a business associate the other day, bodyinmind.com is sexy, not sexual. It's not that we have anything against sex, the exact opposite is actually true. We LOVE sex, so much so that we find it much too personal to be shared in public. It's not that public sex isn't fun, it's that sex with the one you love is much better than fun, it's ecstasy! Nevertheless, no one can deny that beauty and sex often go together. In fact, it's our view that beauty inspires all the things that make great sex possible: it makes you try to be the best person you can be and it allows you to be attracted to those good qualities in another person, it makes the physical body something spiritual to be admired, and it makes love something physical to be enjoyed. So it's no wonder that being naked makes us all sexually playful, or that beauty like Rachelle's is always so much fun to look at. We definitely want to tell everyone on bodyinmind.com that it's perfectly fine and fun to enjoy your sexuality, and that beauty and sex do go together - that beauty without sex is like food without nutrition or a well-stocked fridge without a door. We'll let Rachelle open the door for you, but what you find inside we'll leave up to you. :-) More...

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Karmen: just plain beautiful

We've been accused of being egomaniacs at least a few times here at bodyinmind.com, and here's an idea that will certainly get our detractors all worked up: bodyinmind.com is actually the cog-pin holding modern civilization together. Have you ever wondered why the world hasn't gone completely to shit? Have you ever wondered what's keeping that from happening? Is it religion or greed that gets us out of bed even while the latest news provides us with every reason not to? Is it humanitarianism or the possibility of love that keeps us civil even though 99% of the people we encounter every day are assholes? Or maybe there's some kind of unknown momentum that keeps it all moving forward? The reality is, civilization is nothing more than an ongoing battle between those of us who love the good in people and hate the bad, and those who hate the good and love the bad. The "good" in people is our minds and our bodies: our minds discover and invent the things we need to live (our values) while our bodies create and enjoy them. Our values include many things but perhaps the two most important are reason and romance. Reason is belief in the value of thinking, while romance is belief in the value of sex. Today many people are trying to destroy our faith in reason and our love of sex by convincing us that they are mutually exclusive. Reason, they tell us, is irrelevant to our day-to-day lives (which means the physical world), and sex, they say, is a mindless animal act (which means un-intellectual). But in fact thinking is vital to every single thing we do (most especially in a confusing physical world!) and sex is our greatest reward for living - and thinking - well. The world today is trying hard to separate the mind from the body, our values from sex, ideas from nudity, and thinking from beauty because it is trying to destroy itself. There can be no human life without both and bodyinmind.com is the only one we know of actively trying to keep them together. Whеn BіM goes the world will go. You can count on it. And that is the thought that makes our detractors smile. More...

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Damianne: I Spy

Sо Jаmеs Bond is 50 years old, apparently. Whіlе Bоnd himself has gone through many incarnations, from the incomparable Connery to the mystifying choice of Rоgеr Mооrе to today's Dаnіеl Crаіg, only the character himself has remained constant. And so have his women, specifically his arch-nemesis women. Bond's cold war hotties were usually Soviet spies like Anyа Amаsоvа and Tаtіаnа Rоmаnоvа, cunning and beautiful women who started out as mortal foes but ended up flinging themselves at Bond with girlish glee. In comparison to the staid and efficient Mіss Mоnеypеnny, these ladies were dynamic and exotic and dangerous. And yet they were, at heart, beautiful and ultra feminine young women. In many ways, these female spies were a glimpse at what mid-century men secretly longed for in a woman. They had beauty and brains, charisma and determination, competence and know-how, but femininity and sexuality above all else. The fact that they all ultimately threw over their evil spymasters in order to sail off with Bond shows that they were pro-value deep down, too, and capable of love. That's why we still love them 50 years on, and likely always will. More...

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Lаυrа Chrіstіnа: country lane

Recently, a media commentator said that photos of nude women were a sign of a 'backward' and 'primitive' society. This is the kind of comment that gets nods of approval from most, and it manages to guilt people into stopping to consider whether it might be true. It isn't even close to being true. And it's vital to understand why. Any society in which a beautiful, nude young woman can freely and easily wander about outside without risk to her personal safety or freedom can hardly be called 'primitive'. Just look around at the truly primitive societies that threaten world peace right now - in these places, even fully clothed women are in danger of their lives every day, merely for being born women. In other places, a thin veneer of law and order protects women but beneath the surface lie predators of all sorts, who would think nothing of attacking any woman they found attractive. Compare that with the reality behind this photo shoot - Lаυrа Chrіstіnа walked around naked in a public place, in front of a male photographer and assistant and the many who walked by but didn't interfere, and was completely and utterly safe, protected and respected. She wasn't arrested, censured, attacked or even insulted. And there are very, very few societies left in which that would be allowed to happen. To call such a place 'backward' or 'primitive' is blatantly wrong. It's attitudes like that of the commentator that plunge us back into the dark ages, and must be challenged if we are going to hold on to the freedoms we cherish so much. More...

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Helga: don't rob yourself of joy

Why are beautiful non-sexual images of young women becoming rare these days? Believe it or not it has a lot to do with file sharing and file download services that operate outside the law. It is crucially important that any human society get it right when they decide what is or isn't illegal in their industries. When they get it wrong and allow criminal behaviour into any industry - such as the rampant theft they have allowed in the entertainment industry - then that industry begins to attract only thieves and criminals. For example, if murder was made legal in farming, would the most successful farmers be the ones who grew the most food or would it be the ones willing to kill other farmers and take their crops? Similarly, when a government allows a crime such as theft to be legal in the entertainment industry, then the person who succeeds in that area stops being the most talented, creative, ingenius, innovative or hardest working, and instead becomes the biggest thief or criminal organizations. Due to the lack of workable laws file theft is rampant in the entertainment industry today, from movies to photography, and most countries are reacting by passing laws that protect the thieves, not the victims. This is why innocent nude images are disappearing on the web. Do you really think images of joy are a priority for thieves and criminals? Have a look around the internet and count how many images you see of women having sex - or wanting to - versus how many images like these ones of Helga truly enjoying being a beautiful young woman you can find, and you will see that when you rob others of their intellectual property by sharing or downloading files illegally you are really robbing yourself of joy. More...

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Petula: imagine a woman

Imagine walking into a museum and seeing an ad for an exhibit entitled simply "woman". What would immediately come to mind? Your answer to that question will probably tell you a lot about yourself. If you take the abstract meaning and imagine that it would be some sort of retrospective of female humanity from cave times to now, you're probably among the university-educated post-feminist crowd who think of womanhood as one long, torturous struggle for equality and recognition through adversity and pain. If on the other hand you imagine an exhibit featuring a living, breathing, beautiful example of female humanity like Petula, for example, then you're a lot more pro-value than your feminist contemporaries. If you would like to see the female body respected and admired, and if you think that it's appropriate to use a beautiful woman to represent all women, everywhere, then you're the kind of person who thinks in superlatives, and isn't afraid to insist on the best. If you had to choose one woman to represent them all, who would you choose, and why? Petula may represent your ideal woman, but even if she doesn't, her beauty and the values it represents still make her an ideal candidate for such an exhibit. And if you recognize that truth, you're well on the path to living the best life possible for any man. More...

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Rhіаn Sυgdеn: our valentine

Remember when you were in grade 3? Back then, every kid in the class gave a valentine card to every other kid, or at least to lots of other kids. It wasn't a declaration of romantic love. It was a gesture of friendship. No one knew who you really liked, or loved, so you could give a valentine to everyone, including the girl or boy you really liked without risking an outright declaration of love. We need more things like that in the modern world. Today love is what everyone wants, but noone wants to get caught giving. How can love flourish in a world like that? It can't. So this St. Vаlеntіnе's Dаy, why not give a card or other small token of affection to whoever it is that you love, and don't worry if they like you back or not. Perhaps then we'll all be closer to remembering that the value of love is not getting something so much as it is to experience admiration for another human being. As you get older, leave school, and live an adult life, that is what you experience less and less in life. We always hear that love is selfless, but we can't disagree more. Love is selfish, supremely so. We love those who inspire us to admire them. Our love is not a gift to such people. It is a gift that they give to us. So this holiday we just want to say Hаppy Vаlеntіnе's Day to Rhіаn Sυgdеn and all our BiM models! Which one do we love the most? Well, that's our little secret isn't it? ;-) More...

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Hayley-Mаrіе Cоppіn: the lost set

It's a photographer's worst nightmare: after a great day of shooting, you get home to discover one of your memory cards is missing. You swore you took eight of them, now there are only seven, and you realize with a sinking feeling that one of your sets is now lost. This is what happened to us when we shot with Hayley-Marie. It was heartbreaking to lose images of Hayley, and absolutely crushing to realize that the card that went missing contained the last half - i.e. the full nude - portion of the set. We were going to just chuck the whole lot, but in going over these photos we found them so charming and so delightfully Hayley-Marie that we thought her fans might enjoy this bonus gallery of the images that did survive that day. So we're publishing this set in addition to the other full sets this week. We think Hayley is so gorgeous and so fun that even half a set of her is worth it, and we hope you'll think so too. More...

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Pеytоn Prіеstly: bombshell

Every woman has an inner bombshell. For example, one of the reasons Mаrіlyn Mоnrое, Brіgеttе Bаrdоt, and Fergie from the Blаck Eyеd Peas are so popular is not just because men love how sexy they are but because women love it too! These celebrities were and are exceptionally talented at letting their inner bombshells out, and they make women all over the world wish that they could do it too. As photographers, our goal is always to make our models as comfortable as possible so that they too might let their inner diva shine. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Women are so often chastised in the modern world for being sexy or sexual that few are willing to do it at all, let alone with the exuberant self-embracing abandon that makes everyone, men and women alike, stop and watch with a wistful smile and a pleasant longing for the kind of self-love and bravery it takes to enjoy one's own nudity and sexuality in that way. Perhaps this is why the women who do it are affectionately called bombshells. All it takes is one explosive moment of glorious self-expression for all of our tired reasons for not being sexier to shatter and our morbid seriousness about sex to disappear in a puff of smoke. Somehow we achieved just such a moment with Pеytоn Prіеstly on our most recent shoot with her. Normally a reserved but happy girl, Peyton suddenly threw off her inhibitions and vamped for the camera as we've never seen her do before. For those too few moments Peyton was a total bombshell in the full meaning of the word, and we are all lucky sons and daughters of bitches to live in the same world with such beauty. More...

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Lаυrа Chrіstіnа: right between the eyes

When we cast Lаυrа Chrіstіnа in the new movie Kаt Mаndυ's "Rіght Bеtwееn the Eyes", we knew we had style her outfit for the film perfectly. It had to be period, of course, suitable for a woman of the Old Wеst, so we had to come up with corsets and stockings and a big puffy skirt. But it had to be sexy, as well - and again, the corset filled that role, and so did the stockings. And because Kаt Mаndυ is (spoiler alert!) acutally a US Marshall, we had to provide her with a badge and her weapons of choice, in this case a darling little Derringer and a shiny silver six shooter. Once we put it all together and got her into makeup, we cast a discerning eye over our new Kаt Mаndυ and realized that the most important part was still to come. Kat appears nude in the film, and it was important that Laura's costume was the sort that could be easily stripped out of without losing its authenticity. So we had Laura go through some poses as Kаt Mаndυ, showing off the sultry, sexy side of the sworn lawwoman. This may not be the outfit she ends up with in the final film, but it certainly gives new meaning to the word "teaser". Enjoy! More...

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Kеlly Hаll: squeaky clean

This summer, Bodyinmind will be going to Britain for a few weeks of photoshoots with some of the country's most beautiful glamour models. The reason we've chosen Britain, as opposed to more tropical locales or more majestic panoramas is simple: we're going there for the climate. Not for the weather (heavens no) but for the cultural climate that exists there, particularly as regards beautiful women. Topless models have been a staple of UK tabloids for decades, and despite the odd rumblings from malcontented femininst types who want to see them vanish, it has led to a climate of general acceptabtility and appreciation for the female form that is unequalled anywhere else in the world. In the US, nudity is greeted with hysteria and fines from the FCC, and while our home country of Canada is not nearly so fanantical about it, the idea of posing nude is still largely looked down upon by models who live here. We find it so refreshing to work with models like Kеlly Hаll, who are bubbly and bright, happy and pleasant, and who have no hangups or issues with the work she does. We love her professionalism and her forthrightness, and we can't wait to shoot her ourselves. While some models make you feel dirty and shameful for shooing nudes, Kelly and others like her remind us how natural and even wholesome nude photos can be. In other words, she makes us feel squeaky clean. So keep an eye out for our series from Britain starting this summer, and see if you agree that Britannia absolutely rules them all! More...

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Helga: bridge of sighs

There's a bridge in Venice, Italy called the Bridge of Sighs. It links a prison and an interrogation room in the old Doge's palace, and apparently got it's name from Lоrd Byrоn, who imagined prisoners sighing at their last sight of the beauty of Venice before they were imprisoned forever. As fanciful as this description may be, Byron got at least one thing right: in the depths of despair, and when all hope seems lost, beauty is one of the only things that can sustain the spirit and help you through the dark night. And the very best kind of beauty is that of the female variety. Men can live on the hope of finding their dream woman for many years, and can endure all measure of heartache and hard work to achieve her. Even when his youth fades and his dreams of young love flitter away, he can still console himself with the sight of beautiful women who reawaken in him thoughts of the possibilities life holds. You never really grow old, not in spirit at least, as long as you can still respond to the sight of a beautiful young woman and feel alive. You are never truly lost as long as you can look at someone like Helga and sigh. Maybe your prison is one of your own making, or maybe you see the world you've grown up into as a sort of cell, but as long as you have beauty, beckoning to you with gentle giggles and soulful sighs, you can still dream of a better life and find a way to achieve it. More...

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Katy and Karmen symmetry

"Ok girls, we're going to do a serious art set now. Stop giggling." This is how we tried to start this shoot with Karmen and Katy. They both loved the idea, and both offered suggestions and ideas for how they could mirror each other's poses and create interesting art photos. But once they got together, the giggling just never stopped. Karmen would compose herself and then Katy would burst out laughing, or Katy would strike a noble, artful pose and Karmen would pinch her bum. Their mirth was infectious, and soon everyone on set was laughing along with them. So while this is supposed to be a serene, very serious art study, in the end we got a set that was half art and half goofing around. But it's all beauty after all. Reality and art go together just as beautifully as Katy and Karmen do. And there's a certain symmetry to that. More...

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Zoey: Are YOU cool?

Rеmеmbеr Pіnky Tuscadero? No? Ask anyone over 40 who she is and they'll tell you that she is the Fonz's girlfriend from the old Hаppy Dаys tv series. Thе Fоnz was hands down the coolest dude - ever. "Cool" in the 1950's meant you wore a leather jacket, rode a Triumph motorcycle, and you got all the chicks. In fact, all the Fonz had to do to have chicks crawling all over him was snap his fingers. It was meant to be humorous and it was. But it became serious when the Fonz finally met his match in a woman, Pіnky Tυscаdеrо. She wore a pink leather jacket, rode a pink motorcycle, and was the toughest chick in town. She was most definitely NOT every guy's dream woman. But she was the Fonz's. Today we want you guys out there to consider finding your own Pіnky Tυscаdеrо. No not the Fоnz's Pіnky, yours. Instead of trying to attract women by being a drone who is considered "cool" by today's standards, try finding a woman who suits you uniquely the way Pinky suited the Fonz. If you're an artist find a girlfriend who is an artist rather than an art model. If you're an athlete find a girl who plays sports, not a cheerleader. If you're a mathematician, find a woman who loves numbers for their own sake, rather than a woman who only counts money. And if you're a businessman, find a businesswoman. Trust me, when you find the woman who is just like you sparks will fly. But finding your perfect match will take more than snapping your fingers. It will take a mind shift. Are you cool enough to do it? Thе Fоnz was. More...

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Damianne rocks nudes

We all like taking pictures in nature, and there are certainly some spectacular vistas out there that augment the beauty of the nude. But we tend to disagree with the ethos that prefers naked girls cavorting in wheat fields as though they are lost little sheep too stupid to know their way home. We think there's nothing more uplifting that placing nature at the foot of man, not the other way around. We are the only species that shapes nature to our needs instead of adjusting to whatever circumstances we find ourselves in, after all. It's important, then, to remember that the man-made world, which is often just as awe-inspiring as mother nature's, should take precedence. Damianne is a perfect example of what comes of a man-made world - she is healthy and vibrant, strong and happy largely because she lives in a modern, comfortable, safe world of man's devising. If left to mother nature's cold grasp, she probably wouldn't live past 30 and her beauty would have been ravaged by disease, malnutrition and the rigors of childbearing. She is naturally beautiful, yes, but only because the world she lives in gives her the luxury of being so. This is why we chose to shoot her not in amongst towering boulders on some desolate shore, but rather with rocks at her feet. More...

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Rаchеllе Wіldе: the lure of lingerie

What is the lure of lingerie for men? When it comes to sex most men would honestly rather women wore nothing at all, so why do men get so excited about Vіctоrіа's Sеcrеt catalogs? The lure of lingerie for men is undeniable, but to understand it you have to realize that lingerie is much more than underwear. Underwear is not meant to be seen. It is utilitarian and decidedly not romantic. It is meant to keep our bodies from dirtying our clothes, to correct flaws in our figures, or supply support for our outerwear. This is not the purpose of lingerie. And even though it was inspired in form by some of the more comely types of underwear like corsets, bras, and garters it was also conceived of in response to our desire to see a woman without clothes in an acceptable way. So gradually, lingerie became even more fine, fancy and frilly than most outerwear. Somewhat ironically, lingerie was meant to legitimize a woman's nudity. This is the reason men like it. Women like lingerie because it's fun and makes them feel sexy. But men love it because it allows us to fantasize that lingerie is all the clothing women would ever need. ;-) More...

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Rhіаn Sυgdеn: shows what she wants

We recently removed all the photos by a certain photographer at bodyinmind.com. We don't want to give him any free publicity by mentioning his name, but this particular photographer proved to be such a reprobate that we are sorry that we featured his photos for as long as we did. They featured such lovely ladies that we just assumed he was a good guy. Not so. His website was promoting a few "art" nude sites but NOT bodyinmind.com. It's always a bad sign when someone disrespects those who respect them. When we asked him why, he told us it was because those other sites featured only models with their legs spread wide open and that he considered such sites to be more "honest" about female sexuality than bodyinmind.com. We laughed to ourselves at this. When was the last time anyone got rich being honest. We're amazed when people think tasteless production line nude sites are about anything more than making money. Meanwhile bodyinmind.com has always shown precisely as much or as little as a model wants to show. We feel sorry for anyone who is willing to forget that women have minds, souls, and spirits in exchange for money or a peep at a body part. But we'll be damned if we take their money or feature their photos. If you love women and female sexuality, then spend your money at bodyinmind.com, the only nude pay site with honesty and integrity and true respect for women. More...

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Kеlly Hаll: the perfect woman

According to a survey by Mеn's Hеаlth, here are the 11 things that make up the perfect woman:

1. You laugh at their jokes
2. You're 2-4 years younger than they are
3. You have a nice smile
4. You have big breasts
5. You have long legs
6. You have your own career and money
7. You have little feet
8. You're educated
9. You wear red
10. You have narrow hips
11. You have brown hair

As you can imagine, this list has created howls of protest from both men and women, who argue that this list is composed mostly of physical characteristics and things that ultimately don't matter when it comes to finding a life partner. But on closer inspection, it's worth noting a few things. First, this list never said 'the perfect girlfriend/wife/best friend/life partner". If that were the case, most men would certainly insist on other qualities. This list asked men to imagine, to fantasize in fact, about their perfect woman. This is a purely abstract exercise, asking men to imagine what such a creature would look like and be like in the most general terms. If you asked women to describe their perfect man, the list would be remarkably similar in its preference for physical attractiveness, financial stability and sense of humor. We can't deride people for fantasizing about a truly 'perfect' lover - doing so helps people identify what they value in another person, and helps them seek it out. Secondly, because a list like this is by its very nature abstract and hypothetical, it's understandable that men would list physical attributes so highly. Certain features represent things to a man, as we've mentioned many times. Long legs, big breasts, a nice smile, even the brown hair represent values to a man, things he hopes his lover will actually possess. The idea of a woman wearing red, too, means something - perhaps it means she's sexy and flirtatious, fun and sensual. In the abstract, a list like this is a perfect blueprint for what a man would like to find in a lover. And thirdly, the more we try to tell men (or women for that matter) that they shouldn't desire the physical qualities of the opposite sex the more we send sexuality into a downward spiral of warped desires and twisted expectations. In the end, this list is a fairly innocuous representation of the things men love about women, and should be respected for that reason alone. More...

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2012 Body in Mind candids and outtakes #3

Bodyinmind.com is a small site, one of the few self-sustaining tasteful nude websites in Canada. But even though we are small we are still one of the most influential in the world. There have been many examples over our 15 years but the most recent one we've noticed is candids, outtakes and behind the scenes photos being released as content. To our knowledge Bodyinmind.com was the first photo pay site ever to do this, and today pay sites all over the world are copying us. One of the reasons we were first to do it is because our models actually enjoy working with us and it shows in their photos. The world is a playground and having fun is always more important on our shoots than making money, so we actually end up with lots and lots of extra fun shots. And unlike other sites we hate to repeat ourselves, so we're always shooting something different and more interesting than everyone else. But perhaps the main reason everyone seems to like our candids so much is the models themselves. Even though we're small Bodyinmind.com attracts the most beautiful women in the world, women who are beautiful inside and out, and as charming off camera, as they are on. It's for all of these reasons that Bodyinmind.com's candid sets were the first, and are still the best anywhere. More...

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Lаυrа Chrіstіnа: get your own groupie

We've all heard the expression "sex, drugs and rock'n'roll" - to which we want to add a fourth: beautiful women. Rock'n'roll has always attracted its share of starry eyed beauties, all clamoring to be that one woman in the crowd that the lead singer notices and invites backstage. No self-respecting rocker would be caught between sets without a least a few gorgeous girls dr4pеd all over him - in fact, the frequency with which young babes throw themselves at rock stars is usually the number one reason guys all want to become one. So what's the attraction? Sure, there's money and fame, but rich CEO's have those and you don't see teenage girls lining up to strip for those guys. One of the main reasons is that musicians, like athletes and movie stars, are talented at something. They can create songs that melt the heart, or rock the soul, inspire and entertain. And only the very best of the best (or luckiest of the luckiest) achieve stardom in the world of professional music, so that sets them apart as truly special men as well. And lastly, rock stardom fairly oozes with sexuality and abandon, and as we've seen countless times, anything that allows women to be sexual - and be appreciated for it - is welcomed by women whether they know the reason or not. So what can a non-rock star man learn from this? Use your unique talents to impress a woman, and once she's interested, allow her to embrace her sexuality without double standards, societal expectations, or guilt. If you do, you'll have your own 'groupie' all over you before you can say "stairway to heaven." More...

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Karmen megaset: the spectrum of female freedom

Actrеss Annе Hathaway's "muff" slip the other day demonstrates in its own tawdry way the principle that women feel free to be naked the more the men around them have character. In short: play it cool guys, and naked women will appear all around you. Sounds a little too simple to be true but it is. In the U.S. women are mostly free to dress as they like and have romantic and sexual relations as they like. This is the result of mankinds's discovery and implementation of the principle of individual rights and freedoms and its extention to women. This took character. Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum we see women completely stifled by sharia law and religious fundamentalists all over the world who deny women the right to education, force them to stay indoors, force them to marry men they don't love, beat them when they have female babies instead of males, throw acid on them when they are attractive, burn them to death for having boyfriends, and stone them to death for having sex. Obviously this reveals a complete lack of character in the men involved. The spectrum of female freedom has glamorous goddesses at one end and women as sex slaves at the other. Countries in which actresses flash themselves to the media are more civilized, better educated, and freer for women than the countries where women who accidentally show a bare arm are disfigured with acid. Most people don't need to learn this but they do need to learn why. Certainly it would be more glamorous if celebrities could simply dress or undress as they like and not have to give "sneak peaks" to garner publicity? But this will only happen when the paparazzi start respecting women's right to be naked or clothed on their own terms. And certainly it would be more civilized if half the world wasn't trying to stifle female sexuality and outlaw romance for women? But this will only happen when we all stop pretending that sexually enslaving women is a respectable cultural tradition. It is our hope at bodyinmind.com that by creating photos of women freely nude in the world that we will motivate men to have the character that such an achievement requires. But for now most people have only enough character to generate a pathetic interest in upskirt shots of our favourite actresses. But as we've just seen, even this is better than the alternative. More...

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Hayley-Mаrіе Cоppіn: female freedom is male pleasure

The internet was all a-Twitter today due to a girl's birthday card that reads "You're 13 today! If you had a rich boyfriend he'd give you diamonds and rubies. Well maybe next year you will - when you have bigger boobies!" Of course thousands of people rushed to Tweet how wrong such a card is, but after reading many of the attacks it's really hard to tell if the "Twits" who tweeted them have more of a problem with girls becoming women, girls getting presents, or young men liking boobies. Obviously the card creators believe girls have a sense of humor and enough intelligence to know a joke card when they see one. But for some reason the card attackers do not. So we have to ask: do young women really need to be protected from humor, sex, and romance by "society"? To help us decide we note that also in the news today was the story about Afghanistan's 2nd minister of women's affairs being assassinated just as the 1st one was. It's no secret that fundamentalist Muslim movements around the world like the one in Afghanistan are killing young openly sexual women at a record rate for modern times. It's an attempt to turn all women into sex slaves, to keep them at home and out of sight. And since any intelligent woman in politics would speak out against such plans they are being jailed or killed outright. Opponents of the birthday card claim to be against sexism but if this is true then why didn't even one of them speak out against the assassination? What is truly shocking and horrible are the people who think young women are nothing but unthinking, impressionable lumps of mush who will self-destruct without "help" and "protection" from the "evils" of womanhood. Ultimately both the card attackers and the assassins in Afghanistan want to prevent young women from embracing sexuality and romance as a normal part of a young woman's goals. Ask yourself: is agreeing with killers meant to stop them, or encourage them? We offer this playfully sexual and wistfully romantic set of Hayley-Marie as proof that female sexuality when left unfettered leads to nothing more awful than female freedom and male pleasure. And while many "Twits" would say it's sexist, we now know better don't we? More...

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Which is sexier? A woman in jeans? Or a woman out of jeans?

Several years ago, Hоwаrd Stеrn offered a random young man the chance to have sex with a porn star. It may have been some sort of contest, or a spontaneous bit of idiocy from the shock jock, but in the process of interviewing the lady it occurred to him to offer some young stud the chance of lifetime. And a young man was found, of course. The disembodied voice of a youthful man filled the airwaves as Howard presented him with the bounty - she's in the next room, go have at it. And what did the young man say when faced with the prospect of meaningless sex with a porn star? "Well," he stammered, "maybe we could go have dinner or something first?" Howard and his cronies roared with laughter and the kid was ushered out. Now given that this was the Hоwаrd Stеrn show the whole thing could have been faked, but it sure sounded real. And it begs the question - why would a young guy, lured into Hоwаrd Stеrn's radio studio with promise of porn-quality sex, suddenly decide he wanted to date the woman first? Was it just nerves? Maybe. Or maybe he was being refreshingly human in his desire to make a connection with a woman, to ease into a physical relationship, and not reduce sex to an anonymous, animalistic act devoid of humanity. The same thing can be said for the enjoyment of nude images. Rather than splash graphic images of genitalia all over our site, we would rather enjoy the slow seduction of getting to know her. We'd rather see the whole woman - her eyes and smile, the way she looks when she thinks no one is watching. Her breasts, yes, and her ass and the triangle between her legs, but her mind too, peering back at us from behind beautiful eyes. In short, the exact opposite of what the Hоwаrd Stеrn's of the world would want. It's up to you to decide whom you relate to more. More...

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Rhіаn Sυgdеn: fantasy and fetish

The sexual icons at work in our culture and our lives fall into two categories: fantasy and fetish. By "icons" we mean any imagery that is used and reused over and over for what it represents, for example Mаrіlyn Mоnrое is an icon, and so is Vampirella. Fetish and fantasy are opposites in at least one important way. The icons of men's fantasies - things like sexy nurses, bawdy housewives, or nude angels - are meant to integrate our values and broaden our experience, while the icons of fetish - things like s&m, cross-dressing, or body part obsession - are meant to isolate our values and ultimately limit our experiences. Fantasy makes us hope and dream of happiness. Fetish tries to replace the intensity of joy with the terror of horror. Both fantasy and fetish involve intense emotion and sexual arousal, however, fantasy is healthy while fetish is not. For example, fantasizing about a sexy wife leads a man to work hard and try to improve himself to the point where he could conceivably attract such a woman, while a french maid fetish pretends that all a man has to do to score a desirable sexual partner is to have a messy room. Perhaps the simplest way to look at it is that a fantasy is a plan that might take one's whole life to accomplish, while a fetish is a fantasy that desires the impossible, and all the energy one devotes to it is simply a waste of one's life. This holds true for any example you care to think of, even this photoset. It's Rhіаn that turns us on, not the cookies. More...

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Jеss Rоbіnsоn: perfect in pink

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. If that's true, then BiM is just about blushing from all the praise. We are probably the most copied site out there, not only in our choice of models (the Page 3 girls were pretty much only found on Page 3 before we started shooting with them), our theme sets (two weeks after our set of Rhian playing Wii we found video from British lad mags showing girls playing Wii) and our idea of 'lifestyle nudes' (models nude in real life situations), which every site now copies but which we invented first. But perhaps the most telling example of sites imitating us comes from those sites that always claimed to be 100% nude. Guess what has started creeping into their photo sets? Clothes. A skirt here, a bikini there, bit by bit these so-called 'nudes only' sites are starting to discover what we've known all along; the presence of the right clothing can often make a model and photos of her more beautiful. This is because clothes are always a product of the mind and one's mind is one's spirit. Whether you enjoy a slow striptease, or whether you simply like seeing how clothes can emphasize feminine curves, it's clear that a spiritual viewer (one who thinks) isn't scared away by the addition of fabric. And now, it seems, all those sites who've pretended for years that men don't have minds and only want 100% nudity are learning the hard way that we've had it right all along. Frankly, we wonder what took them so long. More...

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Helga: skinny dip

The great Lebanese mystic and poet Kаhlіl Gіbrаn said "Beauty is that which attracts your soul and that which loves to give and not to receive". In other words, Beauty is the ideal altruist. In its perfection Beauty reveals the hypocrisy and immorality of all the avowed "altruists" out there who try to "fix" the world by demanding sacrifices. If real beauty asks nothing, does it not follow that real morality asks nothing? For example the "selfless" advocates of "real" beauty (meaning your grandmother's "beauty") demand that we sacrifice our love of truly beautiful women such as sexy glamour models. At the very least they demand that we sacrifice our honesty and integrity by pretending our grandmother is as beautiful as a covergirl. Liberals and conservatives alike claim to be motivated by love for their fellow men but instead of advocating the power of female beauty they work to pass laws to keep women from using it and other people from seeing it. This is why we breathe a sigh of relief when we see photos of a beautiful woman like Helga skinny dipping. She is enjoying her body and her freedom and we receive as much pleasure as she does, perhaps more. And she asks nothing in return. Altruists could learn a real lesson from Helga, and from Beauty in general. And the rest of us can learn a real lesson about the falseness and pettiness of altruism and its demands. We say, let Beauty, not alturism attract your soul, as it always will. More...

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Skye is adorable

We often come across model profiles in our work, and they almost always say the same sort of thing: "Don't let my cute smile/pretty face/adorable looks fool you, I might look like an angel but I'm really into dark, edgy, alternative stuff!" It's sad that these women don't understand how conformist they're actually being in their desperate attempts to be non-conformist. It's like getting a tattoo to be 'different'. How 'alternative' can you be if your tastes are exactly the same as everyone else's, if your version of 'cool' is only that which you've seen someone else do? And who doesn't delve into the dark side these days, in the name of 'coolness'? Well, we don't, for one. That makes us the true alternative. We're on the cutting edge of niceness, not nastiness. We wish more girls would embrace their adorable side. We wish they would revel in being cute or charming or just pretty (perish the thought). That's one of the reasons we love Skye - she's vivacious and adorable and happy and all the wonderful things a pretty girl should be. She doesn't try to hide her charm or pretend she's some goth goddess on the fringe. She's just happy being adorable. And we're so very happy that she is. More...

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Kеlly Hаll: where lovely lady lumps are the law

Thе Blаck Eyеd Pеаs song "My Hυmps" is a modern anthem about a woman's right to own her hotness, that is: her body and sex appeal. It's a refreshing message - and well-timed - when you condsider these are dark times for women's rights in the world. Never in recent times have women been so unfairly treated for their attractiveness as they are today: parents murdering their daughters for flirting with boys, women's rights activists imprisoned and executed for defending women's right to go out in public, teenage girls punished for being r4pеd while the r4pіsts go free, etc. Unfortunately a song like "My Hυmps" cannot do much against this trend since it's not very philosophical, and like it or not, it is philosophy and its ideas that are put into laws and shape history. In this case, the philosophy hinted at in the song but never made explicit is the idea that force must never be used in the realm of love. In fact, mankind's history of civilization is a slow process of systematically learning to use reason over force in the 3 main social areas of human life: politics, morality, and love. In politics people have gradually learned to cooperate economically rather than resort to war. In ethics people have generally learned to work for a living and produce values rather than simply steal what they want and need. However, in the area of love force still looms heavily and darkly. We have not yet learned to employ romance over force. If we are to have love in our lives we must learn to never force women in or out of sex against their will. We must banish force (with laws if necessary) from politics, morality and love if we humans are ever to be completely civilized. More...

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Kiera channels Marilyn

Mаrіlyn Mоnrое is an icon. Marilyn is used by artists and intellectuals as a symbol of everything from the highest innocence of an individual to the worst corruption of society. She represents both the greatest success and the most tragic failure. Marilyn is an important icon for everyone because these things are important to everyone. And we all have our own personal take on her because of it. This allows Marilyn to be a sort of lightening rod for detecting the true character of the new people we meet every day. For example, some people adore Marilyn, and we have seen time and time again that such people turn out to be good people, people who value themselves and their lives and are willing to work hard to be good and successful. Such people love life as Marilyn did so they see enthusiasm in her more than anything else. Other people turn their noses up at Marilyn. Over and over these people turn out to be mean spirited and petty. They are unmoved by Marilyn's joy and beauty and see only the failure of her and of our "shallow" society when they look at her. Marilyn-haters always blame others for their own failures in life, and when it comes right down to it they will even blame Marilyn for it. The second group of people are by far the largest. In fact they are so numerous that it is their negative reaction to her that killed Marilyn in the end. We're sure you yourself have your own view of Marilyn, and we hope it's a good one, because if it is, this set was created for you. More...

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Laura C: flying her kite nude

In 1960's movies, the nudist colony was always portrayed as a swinging hot spot, with hep young cats swiveling around to the sounds of the naked five piece band. Nubile young women pranced around with guitars and frisbees, or frolicked in the pool, giggling girlishly while their male counterparts sipped martinis. It was like a cocktail party without the clothes. This was a pure example of wish fulfillment on the part of the male movie makers of the day, who would have loved nothing better than to spend an afternoon or two at Cаmp Sυnshіnе with a bunch of naked happy young women. Reality, sadly, is not nearly so gay. Or rather, it is. The nude beach where we shot this set of Laura is populated almost solely by gay men, with never a naked lady in sight. We wanted to recreate that feeling of simple delight in being naked, and at the same time pay homage to those early directors who so desperately wished that there was place where pretty girls could be playfully nude. So we made it ourselves, as we always do. Mаybе BіM is the only true Cаmp Sυnshіnе, and Laura one of the few happy, pretty nudists you'll ever find. More...

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50 shades of Rаchеllе Wіldе

First there was the Twilight phenomenon, with girls and women losing their minds over sexy vampires and werewolves. Now there's "50 Shades of Grey" and it's sequels, a series of books currently captivating practically every breathing woman between 15 and 85. If you're like most men, this is baffling. The book features a sado-masochistic man who enters into a strictly sexual BDSM relationship with a young virgin, and introduces her to the seedier and sadder side of sex. Why on earth would women like this sort of thing, you might ask? Don't they like flowers and babies and romance novels and bride magazines? Wouldn't the average woman haul out and deck you if you told her you wanted to control her every movement and hurt her during sex? It's enough to make a modern man delve into the safer world of the web and forget ever trying to understand women. But in actuality, it's not that hard to understand. Women flock to heroes like Chrіstіаn Grеy for two reasons, primarily; for one thing, it's not socially acceptable for a woman to admit to liking sex, and so anything that gives her implied permission to do so - like a publishing phenomenon that all her friends are reading - is like manna from heaven. Secondly, women love strong, masculine, manly men, and since there are fewer and fewer of such specimens represented in the media and in real life, they are desperate for even the most over-the-top example of him they can find. Perhaps instead of wondering at the success of 50 Shades of Grey, men should question any society or culture that, like our Mr. Grey, limits women to just one type of sexual experience. More...

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Karmen megaset: gecko

This mega photoset of Karmen is the first in our new monthly pictorials of this amazing model on bodyinmind.com. It contains almost 400 poster size photos of what is certainly the best photography yet from husband and wife phototeam D&L Bell. On her recent trip to Canada to shoot with BiM, Karmen and D&L produced enough content to release new, orginal, and uniquely creative sets every month for the next 2 years! So if you like Karmen now is the time to join bodyinmind.com and get the low recurring monthly rate of only $9.99. And for our existing members, we want to hear what you think of our megaset concept. Do you like the multiple point-of-views that you can't get on other sites? Do you like sets with hundreds of photos or do you prefer we break them down into smaller ones? We definitely want to know what YOU think. And of course, we want to hear what you think of Karmen. But we think we already know. LOL More...

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Rhіаn Sυgdеn: what men want

Another article appeared on the web lately, by a Yahoo! correspondent, that claimed to reveal the "secrets" of what men really want. This is what he means when he says such-and-such, the writer claimed. He won't tell you, but he what he really wants is blah-blah-blah. You, too, can learn Gυy Spеаk and figure out your man! All of this is nonsense, of course. Men don't speak code, they don't hide behind nuance and doublespeak or play games. What men want is pretty simple. A chance to do something they're proud of, and rewards for doing so. Respect and admiration for all their hard work. And probably most importantly, the love of a beautiful woman when they come home. She doesn't have to be drop dead gorgeous like Rhian here, but she has to be warm and sensual, loving and sexy, and beautiful to her man in the thousand little ways that a woman can be. And that's pretty much it. It doesn't seem like a lot to ask, and yet many men go through their whole lives without these things. If you're still looking for your beautiful girl, take solace in the welcoming smiles of women like Rhian who know what men want, who know men appreciate them, and appreciate them right back. More...

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Mееt Kаty Cee

Kаty Cее is a photographer's dream. She's a delightful British model who came by our studios the night we were shooting her friend Karmen, and from the moment she arrived, her vitality and vivaciousness lifted everyone's spirits. She has an infectious laugh, a mega-watt smile, and twinkling eyes that seem to find humor in everything. She knew how to move her lean, lithe dancer's body with grace and elegance, and she made our jaws drop with her flexibility and acrobatic ability. We asked her to just be herself in this set, and as you can see she practically glowed with playfulness and delight, and could turn on the sultry, sensual looks any time she liked. Shooting her was as close to effortless as we've ever experienced. We know you'll enjoy this little introduction to a model destined to become one of our all-time favorites. More...

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Helga: wood nymph

When you hear the word 'nymph', what do you think of? Unfortunately, you probably think 'nympho', as in 'nymphomaniac', a psychiatric term that trickled down into common usage to refer, of course, to a sex-crazy woman. For that reason, it has a somewhat derogatory connotation, and is likely to elicit snorts and snickers. But 'nymphomaniac' comes from the Greek word 'nymph', mythical nature spirits that were represented as beautiful young women. They inhabited lakes and forests, mountains and seas, and were often the lovers or mothers of Greek heroes. Echo was a nymph, and so was Calypso - they weren't quite goddesses, but they were often immortal, and always represented the spritely, ethereal, yet nurturing side of femininity. We think the concept of a nymph is a beautiful one, and shouldn't be misapplied to women in a snidely sexual way. We also think there's no better personification of a sweet and delightful nymph than Helga. Enjoy! More...

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Hayley-Mаrіе Cоppіn: naked rain dance

It was the end of a long two-day photo shoot with Hayley-Marie, and we were heading to the airport for her to catch her flight back home. As we drove through the countryside, big plump drops of rain started splasing onto the car windows. "Oh, I've always wanted to do a shoot in the rain!" she said, delighted. It's a pretty rare model who actually wants to shoot in the rain, and so we couldn't pass up the chance. We pulled over and trudged into the fields, covering our equipment as best we could with the old umbrella we had in the car. Hayley slipped out of her clothes and started dancing around, enjoying the warm rain on her body while we snapped away. Her delight was infectious. It was going to ruin her hair, of course, and we didn't have much time to get her to the airport, and a million other reasons why this shoot was less than ideal. But seeing the smile on her face as she pranced around made it all worth it. Too soon we had to pack up and head off, but in that few minutes we all got to remember how much fun it can be to just dance in the rain with total abandon, and how beautiful a woman can be when she's truly loving life. More...

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Damianne - a very socksy girl

We take a lot of heat here at Body in Mind for our blurbs and our ideas. "Gives us the boobs and bums and spare us the speeches" - we get that all the time. So why do we insist on pontificating alongside our photosets when so many people don't like it? Well, simply because so many people don't like it (yes, we are smart asses), but more precisely, because of the kind of people who don't like it, and also because there are so darned many of them. Ask yourself what kind of person hates ideas, what sort of sod refuses to think even when the planet is slowly falling apart around them, and you will hopefully see what we mean and why we try to fight it. So many people are so terrified at what is happening in the world today that they don't want to think about anything at all. They prefer to pretend and laugh at everything no matter how horrible or tragic those things might be. Many of these people take refuge in mindless and immoral forms of sex, since it's easy for them to claim it's just instinct. Nevermind that Body in Mind has proven the value of thinking about sex myriad times in the many pieces we've published over the years. It is precisely the separation of ideas and sex that we wish to make harder for people. Not to make their lives worse but to make them that much better. We believe female beauty and sexuality should never be separated from ideas, and that ideas should never be separated from life or the world. Correct ideas and our minds' ability to grasp them are the only thing that can save us and our world. And this is why as much as some people would like us to drop them we never will. Body in Mind is one of the few things left in the world that is preventing a complete abandonment of ideas. We are proudly one of the rare ramparts between mankind and its destruction. If you doubt it, ask yourself who or what you have seen promoting thinking in the media lately. Who else today is standing up for the value of ideas? The most recent person we can think of is a 14-year-old Pakistani girl who was shot in the head for doing it. And if she has refused to abandon ideas, how then can we abandon them as so many others have done? And what truly is the motive of those who try to stop her, or us? It is not a motive that any of us can ever give in to. More...

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R.I.P Amаndа Tоdd

*A few weeks before her death, Amanda posted a youtube video describing her ordeal. Watch it here:

October 14, 2012 - Do you know who Amаndа Tоdd is? You probably don't, and yet the reason she's in the news is the very same reason you're at this site: female beauty and sexuality. So pay attention. Please.

Amanda was a 15-year-old Canadian girl who, along with some friends, got involved in webcam socializing in order to 'meet people'. A man she met during one of these adventures flattered her, complimented her, and cajoled her into stripping for him on the webcam. A bit of harmless teenage fun, really. Except that this man was able to record her image and use it to blackmail her. He threatened to publicly shame her, to vilify her and humilate her. He was the definition of a stalker - he knew where she lived, what her family's names were, everything.

She changed schools, made new 'friends'. Her stalker followed her. He posted a photo of her breasts as his facebook profile picture, and forward topless pictures of her to "everyone" (her words).

That's when the real attacks began. Her circle of acquaintances jumped at the chance to make her life a living hell for having had topless photos taken of herself. What followed was many months if not years of abuse, ridicule, and even physical assault that left Amanda so emotionally damaged that she attempted suicide by drinking bleach. She was saved then, but her spiral into depression was too steep to stop. Two days ago she killed herself in her parents' home.

Although memorial pages have sprung up on facebook and elsewhere, her attackers haven't let her death stop them. Cruel taunts and jokes are still being made on these sites by the people who ghoulishly delight in her death. It's like something out of a horror movie. Only it's all too real. And the worst of it is, no one is talking about what this tragedy is really about.

Bullying, they're calling it. Bullshit, I say.

If this isn't a painfully clear, writ-large in neon letters example of hatred of beauty and female sexuality, I don't know what is. This girl was not abused, humiliated, shamed, and assaulted out of the clear blue sky - the whole sordid, disgusting mess began with photos of her naked breasts.

Breasts. Her breasts. For having committed the 'crime' of showing them to some unscrupulous bastard who decided to ruin her life, she paid the ultimate price.

No one is saying this, of course. No one is talking about whether it was a group of boys or girls who savaged her (but I'm assuming it's girls, since women are the first ones to attack each other as 'sluts'). No one is bringing up the fact that no boy is ever 'bullied to death' over his sexual escapades. No one is mentioning how outrageously evil it is to attack a young woman for going topless. No one is screaming that this hatred of women, this societally-sanctioned hysteria against any whisper of female sexuality has simply got to stop or else more young girls are going to die. There are no feminists out there protesting or pleading with their young sisters to stop attacking their fellow women. There is no one making a comparison to the Taliban and how they, too, murder women for showing skin. No one is saying anything except the same, boring old platitudes about how online 'bullying' is a serious problem.

It's a serious problem, alright - especially when you don't even identify what the real problem is. It isn't bullying. It's black, ugly, slimy hatred of beauty, of women, of their sexuality, and of anything pure and simple and good.

You don't have to know who Amаndа Tоdd was. In some ways, she's all of us. She is every woman who was ever attacked, abducted, abused, or assaulted. She's every woman ever made the butt of a joke, or called a slut, or pelted with stones, or whipped, or beaten, or killed. She's every teacher ever fired for having posed nude, she's every passenger kicked off a plane for having a top that was too low cut, every r4pе victim accused of asking for it by wearing a sexy skirt. Shе's Mаrіlyn, she's Annа Nіcоlе, she's every innocently sexual woman ever seized upon and destroyed by those whose dark souls can't allow something so beautiful and meaningful to live.

And she's every woman on this site, whose beauty and sexuality you enjoy and seek out and need. Defend her. Defend her right to be a respected, admired and valuable human being. Protect her against all those who would call her the devil and blame her for every evil, all the while salivating while they gaze at her lustfully. It may be too late for Amаndа Tоdd, but there are many, many more of her out there that need us now more than ever.



Jеss Rоbіnsоn: caliente

Whеn Jеss Robinson arrived for our photoshoot, we hadn't planned on it being so hot. Literally. It was the hottest night of the summer, and even approaching 11 pm when we shot this set, the temperature was still almost triple digits. Everyone had already had a long day, and the heat inside our studio - even with air conditioning, was so stifling that we broke out in a sweat even sitting still. With the addition of photo lights it was a recipe for disaster. So we did the only thing we could do - we ran with it. We told Jess to imagine herself in some sultry Spanish hacienda on a moonless night, trying to cool off. It wasn't much of a stretch! But thankfully Jess is not just an amazing model, she's also a great actress and a terrific sport. She gamely posed for us in the uncomfortable heat and made it look easy. She quite literally kept her cool and gave us some of the most beautiful photos we've ever taken of her. So now that the cold winds of winter are threatening and the leaves are off the trees, enjoy this set of Jess and remember the hot nights of summer. We know we will. More...

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Rаchеllе Wіldе: good women naked

Why are there so many protests when a beautiful woman gets a little naked in movies and on television while there are almost no protests against the over-the-top violent crimes against women we see committed several times daily in the same media? For example, nudity on network television in the US will get the broadcaster heavily fined and widely attacked by the various religious and "family" associations, yet how many young women do we see murdered by serial killers on any single night of US television dramas? 5? 10? We get a clue to why people are happy to see women killed but not naked when we notice that it's only a certain kind of nudity that people complain about. It is not sexual nudity. In fact, many actresses will do just about any sexually suggestive thing TV and movie writers can think up, including implied sexual intercourse, but they steadfastly refuse to do nude scenes, no matter how innocent or non-sexual they might be. The actresses who actually do nude scenes in movies almost always portray vampires, or strippers, or other dangerous or "immoral" women. The only kind of nudity we don't see, in movies or on TV, is beautiful women who are not evil. Good women. Good women naked. Perhaps it's because it forces us to confront our hatred of our own bodies. We have all been taught that man is destructive and evil, and this tends to make us hate mankind, ourselves, and our bodies. The fact remains that the American public (an increasingly the whole world) accepts violence but not nudity. And hatred of female beauty is the only explanation we can find for this seeming contradiction. This is why Body in Mind always tries to present beautiful women like Rаchеllе Wіldе in full proud possession of their own bodies. We stand for non-violence against women and female beauty, and there is no contradiction in that. More...

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Pеytоn Prіеstly: a work of art

Do you ever notice that the only time nude sculpture is considered 'art' is when it is portrayed in the smooth, cold, alabaster figures like Mіchеlаngеlо's Dаvіd or the goddesses that prop up the pillars of a Greek temple? For centuries this was the only way the human form could be depicted - as something more than - and at the same time less than - human, idealized and frozen in perfection. In fact, this was the only way most people ever saw another fully nude person; Victorian author Jоhn Rυskіn was allegedly so shocked by the site of his wife's pubic hair on their wedding night that, believing she was a freak of nature, had their marriage annulled. He had only ever seen the unrealistically smooth marble statues of antiquity and had no idea what real women looked like. So why is it that only ghostly pale representations of the human form are considered art? Why is it that when you add color and texture, warmth and vitality - and yes, pubic hair - it ceases to be art and becomes something scandalous or titillating? Why couldn't a beautiful woman be admired as a work of art just as she is - in a living, breathing, vibrant human body? We believe female beauty is the ultimate in artistic expression, one of the few arguments for a creator that we grudgingly admit has some merit. And we believe that real, vivid beauty should be appreciated, admired, respected and cherished for the fine art that it is. More...

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Rhіаn Sυgdеn: the bodyinmind.com touch

We have some of the most beautiful women on the Internet here gracing the pages of bodyinmind.com. However, whenever we see their photos elsewhere we can't help but notice that ours are always better. The reason those wonderful women look their best on our site is that we do not hide our heads in shame as other photographers and publishers seem to do. We do know that beauty cannot be dissociated from morality, that every element in every set needs to be there for a reason. We do not throw a bunch of random props together and hope for a great-looking shoot, we meticulously choose everything that appears in every shoot, designed to suit the model herself, we have just the right amount of makeup, just the right mood - we are in control, and the result is always better photos. That's why we are always proud whenever we publish a new set of a woman as beautiful as Rhіаn Sυgdеn. We know that we did everything to produce the most moral photos there are, and we know there is no other place in this universe that can match them. We hope you agree. :-) More...

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Kеlly Hаll: suite beauty

Two members of Britain's royal family have been involved in nude photo 'scandals' recently. One involved a royal cavorting naked in Lаs Vеgаs as part of a drunken game of strip poker. The other involved a photographer invading the privacy of a young couple on holiday in France and selling, to the tabloids, the ilicit photos he snapped of the topless wife. In the first case, when world heard about Prіncе Hаrry's naked romp, all anyone could say was "Oh that Harry, what a bounder he is!" with more than a touch of admiration. He's a young man, people said. He's out enjoying himself, what's the big deal?

But when Dυchеss Kаtе was secretly photographed sunbathing topless, the world went into panic mode. Lawyers descended on the French courts to get an injunction to stop the photos' publication. Newspapers all over the world slammed the editors of the various tabloids that published them. Commentators mentioned how eerily sad it was for the 'furious' William and the 'humiliated' Kate, considering the role paparazzi played in Prіncеss Dіаnа's death. And on magazine covers everywhere, headlines like "Trаgіc Hυmіlіаtіоn for Kate" invited readers to discuss whether, in all fairness, Kate really should have known better and been careful to keep herself covered at all times.

This kind of double standard is appalling. To treat a male royal's naked photos as 'a bit of fun' and a female's as an international incident is downright sexist. But to treat Kate like she is unable to deal with the sexual predation of unscrupulous men and that she is somehow responsible for their atrocious actions comes chillingly close to the kind of thinking that prescribes full out burka for all women.

Furthermore, to act as though Kate's being topless is some sort of crisis only intensifies the idea that female beauty and sexuality are dangerous, shameful, horrible things. If this entire issue had been about invasion of privacy - which it isn't, clearly, since nobody minds how invasive and demanding paparazzi are with this couple and others the rest of the time - then the outcry would be understandable. And we are certainly sympathetic to the couple's anger at having a private moment revealed to the world by the tabloids. But let's not lose sight of the real issue here - we have to take a stand against the vilification of female beauty, and put an end to the hysterical overreaction the world has to the sight of it, accidental or otherwise. More...

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Nіkkаlа Stоtt and Pеtа Tоdd: The 2010 Vаmp Awаrds

We were looking through our unused content the other day and came across a set of photos and videos from the 2010 Vаmp Awаrds which starred Nіkkаlа Stоtt as Pеnеlоpе Flіck and Pеtа Tоdd as Grеtchеn Grееn. This content was conceived as an example of what an awards show might look like in a world where women were valued for the two things that they never get admired for: their beauty and their brains. Today we see and hear a lot about the importance of educating young women and the "beauty" of all women. Yet at the same time we see a lot of intelligent women being ignored because they are not beautiful and beautiful women ignored because they are not intelligent. The same people who claim to love women seem perfectly unmoved We have no doubt that our vision of women with beauty and brains will also be sidelined and ignored by modern culture and intellectuals. This is because neither beauty nor intelligence are of any interest to them. This is the only explanation for why we do not see anything like the Vаmp Awаrds in the world today. Only when beauty is respected will we see nudity in culture, and only when intelligence is admired, will brains be considered beautiful. More...

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Happiness is Laura in the nude

If you were around in the 70's, you'll probably remember the "Hаppіnеss Is..." cartoons that appeared in newspapers and magazines. They were even made into little statuettes you could buy at knick knack shops. The cartoons were pen and ink drawings of two cherubic little naked people, usually a boy and a girl, clutching hearts or rainbows or each other. Underneath these little drawings were the words "Hаppіnеss Is..." and a variety of answers, such as "being with the one you love" or "my best friend" or "smooching". The idea was simple: these chubby little imps were meant to remind us of the simple things that make life worth living. This kind of unabashed devotion to happiness has gone out of vogue nowadays, but the sentiment is as valid now as it was then. It's important to define for yourself what things in life will make you happy, and to pursue them with all your heart. In all likelihood, a big part of your happiness will involve beautiful women inspiring you to achieve it. Lеt Lаυrа's exuberance and pure expression of happiness remind you how important it is to spend a bit of time every day trying to figure out what "Hаppіnеss Is..." for you. More...

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Hayley-Mаrіе Cоppіn: fire escape

Do you ever wonder how it's possible to get outdoor shots of a naked woman? Not the isolated-Swiss-mountain type shots, but rather the kind of everyday outdoor nudity you often see - girls outside city buildings, or on Fіfth Avеnυе like we did with Alece? It's not easy. Take this set of Hayley as an example. The fire escape outside our studio looked like an inviting place to shoot, and even had a bit of leafy coverage to camouflage us from prying eyes on the street. But we are surrounded by apartments and housing complexes, and so we knew that unless we were fast and creative, someone was going to throw a fit and call the police. So we devised an ingenious plan. Dwayne and our assistant Cat went out to the front of the building with his camera. Leanne and Hayley scooted up the fire escape. For fifteen minutes, Dwayne diverted attention by pretending to take photos of the fully-clothed Cat goofing around on the sidewalk (at one point she was hanging from a tree branch singing "Thе Sоυnd of Music"). Dogwalkers and mothers out for a stroll gaped. They pointed and stared. And they didn't even notice the nude woman posing on the fire escape not thirty feet away. It was a little nerve wracking (in some shots you'll see Hayley glancing over to see if we've been seen), but it was also a lot of fun. Thanks to Hayley's bravery and Cat's vocal stylings we were able to get a quick, fun set right out in front of everyone. Enjoy! More...

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D&L Bell

Body in Mind has been online for fifteen years now. We've photographed some of the world's most beautiful women, and worked with some stellar photographers. We've also worked very hard to produce a classy, tasteful site that encompasses all our values without selling out and catering to the baser instincts of some viewers. But here's something you probably don't know about us: practically this whole site, and most of the photography in it, is produced by two people, the "D&L Bell" you see on the cover of photosets like this - Dwayne and Leanne, a happily married couple from Canada. We are the ultimate small business - just two people dedicating their working lives to a vision of beauty, a love of photography, and a desire to reach other like minded people. We're thrilled that there are enough of you that we can make our living doing this. But it is just that - we don't exactly suffer from 'an embarrassment of riches", so to speak. We manage, and struggle, we get by, just like so many other people these days. And we hang in there, hoping things will improve. We don't have have employees, or offices, or a 'mansion' - and we don't have 24/7 tech support because for at least some of those 24 hours we'd like to get some sleep.

So if you're wondering why we don't have seven updates a day like some sites, it's because that's physically impossible for two people to do. If you're wondering why we don't churn out more and more and more galleries of Nikkala, or Rhian, or anyone else, it's because models are just as human as we are, and are not commodities that can be endlessly supplied. And if you wonder why we don't show spread-eagled teenagers smiling like mental patients, it's because we choose not to, and have the small luxury of being able to make that choice.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank our many loyal members and devoted fans. Thank you all for your continued support.

-D&L More...

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Thе Rеpυblіcаn anti-porn platform

Thе Rеpυblіcаns' new very public assault on porn is the first we've seen or heard from them on the subject in many years. It is neither dangerous nor credible and all it will accomplish is to inspire the media to dig up dirt in the sex lives of Republican politicos. However, what is significant is that the attack on porn comes at exactly the same time as the unprecedented attacks on the most innocent forms of female sexuality we have begun to witness in our culture. For example songwriter and performer Kаty Pеrry was recently attacked in the media for wearing a butterfly costume that was "too sexy". Mеаnwhіlе Kаty Perry is one of the only shamelessly pro-value performers and celebrity personalities in the world today. She refuses to go anti-value even when anti-value is the fashion everywhere. But even more astounding are attacks like the one against a young schoolgirl who was sent home on school photo day because her hair style was considered too sexy and therefore "inappropriate". It's always important to remember that attackers of female beauty and sexuality are always attacking the beauty in what they attack, not the sexuality, no matter how sexual or how innocent the beauty they are attacking is. And when we see attacks on both ends of the female ethico-sexual spectrum that is when hatred of beauty has become a culture-wide phenomenon, as it has now. Female beauty (and women in general) are always scapegoated when times get tough and when economies collapse. Republicans, not women, are the ones who should be ashamed of themselves. More...

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Damianne - the body beautiful

206 bones. More than 600 muscles. 1000 kilometers of neurons. 46 chromosomes. Oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon, and a smattering of other trace elements. And it only takes about 9 months to make one, start to finish. The human body is a remarkably efficient machine - strong yet flexible, delicate in some ways yet tougher than steel in others, capable of self-defense and healing, but vulnerable to the smallest invaders at the same time. And it keeps going, sometimes for more than century. Yet there's one aspect of the human body that deserves praise but seldom receives it - the pure beauty of the human form. No physiological function requires beauty - even reproduction doesn't require it. We could all function quite happily in lumpy, utilitarian or downright ugly bodies (and some of us do!) yet somehow nature has gifted the human race with rare instances of spectacular beauty. The strong muscles accented by soft curves, the long, lean lines of a beautifully formed leg. The swell of a breast, the shimmering cascade of hair down a sculpted back - the body beautiful is rare and special, something to be appreciated, gazed upon, and enjoyed. More...

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Stripping is art, people!

September 7, 2012 - Right in the middle of the legislative war on beauty and values, a strip club in NY have taken it upon themselves to have stripping recognized as the art it is. They went to court demanding tax-exemptions, since what they are offering is, after all, art. Their argument is that most of their performers are tap and ballet dancers, and they have a cultural anthropologist on their side to back up their claim.

We agree that stripping can be an art, as we've discussed many times, but more importantly it's sad that beautiful women who dance nude actually have to fight a legal battle to affirm that what they do is artful. If you have been to any strip club you probably know that not every performer can perform an interesting strip tease, and those that do elevate the mere taking off of clothes to something more inspiring and entertaining, as any good artist does. And perhaps if the nude female form were respected more, the strip club themselves would class up their acts and put on truly engaging and beautiful shows.



Skyе Bаck to School

We recently had to refund a sign-up because our payment processor claimed it had been purchased by a minor. This enterprising fellow (age unknown) apparently used his parents' credit card to access our site. It's not hard to imagine what happened next. Mommy found out and blew a gasket because her little boy is never, under any circumstances, to see a naked woman. Doing so might turn him into, you know, a man or something. The shame of it is, there's probably no classier or more tasteful site than ours to introduce a curious young man to the delights of female beauty. Which got us thinking - what if we could all go back to the drawing board, so to speak? What if we could somehow erase the decades of hysterical, irrational distrust of beauty and sexuality and allow it out into the open, where it belongs? What if we could study it in school - and not like in 'hygiene' class either, where you learned what a fallopian tube was but never heard word one about why the mere sight of a girl made you weak in the knees. We think the world would be a happier, healthier place if female beauty - and male interest in it - were given at least as much respect as fallopian tubes. Then maybe 'minors' could grow up as they were meant to, with a healthy, natural interest in beauty and sex, and the rest of the world could finally learn about everything female beauty has to offer. More...

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Thе Prеtty Girl

In Mаy of 2006 DBell's first film "Amazon" was released on Bodyinmind.com to rave reviews. "Amazon is amazing! The video is a work of art, and so is Nіkkаlа Stоtt. Hope there will be many more of these Bеаυty Vіdеоs in the future." wrote BiM member Michael E. Now 6 years later BiM has finally scrimped and saved enough money from their member contributions to independently produce and release the long-awaited sequel to Amazon, Thе Prеtty Girl, which also stars the one and only Nіkkаlа Stоtt. Thе Prеtty Girl is the second of 5 films DBell hopes to make illustrating his innovative Bеаυty Scаlе for measuring female beauty. But whether you want to measure female beauty or simply enjoy one of the most beautiful women ever to exist on earth being innocent, playful and happy and getting nearly naked, then Thе Prеtty Girl is here to turn your head and make you do a double-take. She is the classic girl-next-door, and thanks to Thе Prеtty Girl you can visit her whenever you like. More...

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Alece: sophisticated nature

Alece is a nature girl. But you wouldn't know it when you look at her. A former fashion model, her extraordinary good-looks and sophisticated demeanor make her look like the ultimate city girl, stepping from fine dining establishment to high-rise glass offices with one step of her impossibly long legs. But in reality there is nothing she likes more than kicking back in the Catskills wearing nothing but the cover of leaves and a smile. In truth there is nothing we like more either, that is, Alece nude in nature; unless perhaps it is Alece nude in that sophisticated way that only women of intellect and business savvy can pull off. Because you see, Alece is a successful Nеw Yоrk City entrepreneur and she brings all of her considerable poise and style with her when she visits the country. Including her cozy cape. More...

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Karmen: lost in thought

Fantasy is very important to our health and spiritual well-being. Unfortunately, our culture does not value the human mind and actively discourages independent thought at every turn, including personal fantasies. Therefore very few people ever bother to develop a personal philosophy of their own. Most tend to follow the philosophies of others. Few develop private fantasies for the same reason, accepting the fantasies of others through literature, movies, or porn. Both failures are tragic because thinking is the only way for you to discover truth, and fantasy is the only way for you to discover values. Values are defined as the things in life that are worth striving for and having. And since you are the only one who knows what you like and love, only you can discover your values. Without knowing what your values are how can you make the choices in life that are necessary to achieve them? You would be like a robot sent into a department store with a mechanical grabbing arm that is not given any programming instructions. Without knowing your values the chances of coming out of the store of life with what you want are almost zero. So program yourself. Reject repetitive, stale sex and violence fantasies offered by the media. Let your own peronal thoughts, feelings, emotions, and values into your fantasies. If you value intelligence and romance then fantasize about them. Your health, happiness, and future depend on it. More...

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Hayley-Marie: ashore

Why do sailors look forward to shore leave so much? No, it's not the stable comfort of dry land after so many roiling months at sea. No, it isn't the prospect of good food, sunshine, and a private, roomy place to lay your head. It isn't even the prospect of sex, really - memories and fantasies can sustain men for quite some time. There's one reason sailors clamber off their ships and whoop it up in port - beauty. Long months of isolation, with nothing but other men for company, make the prospect of seeing beautiful women again intoxicating. Men need to refresh their souls with beauty, they need to be able to gaze at women and adore them, and they need reminders of why they strive and work and aspire as ardently as they do. A beautiful woman can inspire a man to become better than he is, and offer him a delightful reward when he does. More...

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Rаchеllе Wіldе: Sunday morning

We shot this set on a beautiful Sunday morning, in between two other sets. The sun was out, the day was warm and pleasant, we had jazz on the stereo and a cool breeze floating in through the open studio door. Rachelle hummed along to the tune as she casually gazed out the window, idly playing with her dress and enjoying being naked, beautiful and free. It was a far cry from the kinds of sights and sounds we often experience on a photo shoot - the high energy music, the flashing strobes, the fans blowing and the rapid-fire costume or makeup changes. It was a treat to just stand there in front of her with a camera and nothing else. Because sometimes, in the midst of all the glitz and glamor of weekend parties and nights on the town, it's nice to slow down a bit and just enjoy a moment of tranquility. Who needs a wild Saturday night when you can have a Wіldе Sυndаy morning? More...

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Naked chess

This year the Bеаυty Pаrk (the place where men with character go to for the pleasant company of beautiful, intelligent and nude women) introduced Laura to its bevy of lovely ladies. Laura happens to be quite an accomplished chess player and won many more matches this year than she lost. Now some people might wonder why anyone would want to play chess against a beautiful nude woman but after you stare and leer for a little while you need to find something to do with her. After all she is a whole person and would not want to have you around if all you can do is drool. If you want to have a beautiful nude woman around you then you need to impress her as much as she impresses you. And what better way to impress her than to show her what you are especially good at? Maybe you're a chess player, or a painter, or a surfer. Whatever. Thе Bеаυty Park is a place where you can do what you love with a gorgeous naked lady. And when you look at it that way, everybody wins. More...

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Thе Olympіc spirit

No one was made fun of more at the 2012 Olympіc Gаmеs than the American women's beach volleyball team. In spite of it being the most watched sport other than gymnastics and the men's 100 meter dash we've all heard the cracks about how beach volleyball is not a real sport and how the ladies play practically nude even though this year the ladies were allowed to wear shorts and t-shirts if they wanted. Nevertheless, the American beach volleyball team chose to stick with their sport bra and bikini bottom uniforms, and went on to win their third straight Olympic gold medals. So why would people attack these 2 brave, beautiful and brilliant athletes and Olympic champions so heartlessly? For what else but for their bravery, beauty, and brilliance. After all, it can't be for any lack of skill - they won 3 consecutive gold medals! And it cannot be for wearing skimpy outfits - ALL athletes in ALL sports wear skimpy outfits. And it cannot be for the "silliness" of their sport - probably half of the sports in the Olympics are sillier. Frankly we're tired of seeing the best and the brightest in the world getting attacked for being the best and the brightest. So we're thrilled that the Olympics still honors, respects, and rewards them. There are not many places left in the world where those who earn and deserve a place in our hearts get more than mockery and derision in return. It wouldn't matter to us if the American women's beach volleyball team actually did play naked. Their medal would still be a gold one, and their mettle would still be Olympian. More...

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Nіkkаlа Stоtt: beauty days

We've seen a lot in the news lately about "Slυt Wаlks" and proposed "Slυt Dаys" in which women take to the streets or go to work dressed like sluts. These events are done in a spirit of protest; the women involved are trying to defend their rights to dress as they like in a society that frowns on female sexuality, but in fact these "slut walks" are the single biggest threat to women's sexual freedom, the absolute worst thing women can do. By branding themselves as sluts women are casting themselves as the villains in the battle over women's bodies, and we all know villains never win. There is an old saying that says you can't defeat your enemy by agreeing with him, yet these women propose to fight the idea that female sexuality is slutty by labeling themselves sluts. Women-haters want women to admit that showing a shoulder is slutty. That way they are clear to pass laws against it. Women-haters will happily grant women the right to protest as long as the haters get to pass the laws. And by admitting that female beauty and sexuality are immoral women are making the haters of women into the good guys in this issue. The way to establish freedom for women and their bodies is to realize that women-haters are really against beauty, not sexuality, and that the ranks of the "slut walks" consist mostly of women-haters. If you really care about women's freedoms ask yourself why so many women are willing to play the role of slut, but not angel, or are willing to be the bad guy in this issue, not the good. And then understand that the real way to fight for female beauty and sexuality is to hold "Bеаυty Wаlks" and "Bеаυty Dаys", not "Slυt Wаlks" and "Slυt Dаys". More...

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Rhіаn Sυgdеn: Britain is sun-kissed with female beauty

Women's clothing is a barometer of a society's freedom and success. When times are tough most societies start decrying female nudity and attractiveness, hanging witches, stoning adulterers, basically making any woman terrified of showing even an ankle in public. On the other hand, in good economic times societies appreciate - or at least tolerate - nudity more, so that's when bikinis start coming out and coming off, both on beaches and in the media. The best example we can think of is Grеаt Brіtаіn. Somehow it has managed to weather the recent ecomomic storms in the world and has kept herself nicely afloat. The proof is that her figurehead, the Page 3 girl of Thе Sυn newspaper, is still cutting the waves of her forward movement. Thе Pаgе 3 girl has kept Britain from the sexual depravity we see in other countries. We just don't see that depravity in Britain, neither executions of sexual women nor excessive pornography production. There are probably more successful glamour models in the UK than in any other country in the world, and honestly, have you ever even heard of a single British porn site? That's because the Brits tend to prefer a little bit covered up actually, but also a little bit showing. Britain is about as even-keeled as countries get, and that's why the degree of acceptable female nudity there is so well balanced. More...

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Karmen: a talent for being beautiful

Our good friend A.D. Cook sent us a video recently of one of his jam sessions involving music, art, and female beauty. We responded enthusiastically because we rarely see female beauty included in the 3 aesthetic talents: art, music, and beauty. This is probably because so few people see beauty as a talent. But we really have to wonder why, since the Olympics are starting this week and no one ever has any trouble seeing running and jumping as talents. No one would dare suggest that no medals be awarded to Olympic champions who were born with physical gifts or whose sport is open only to the very best. Yet we hear that complaint about beautiful women and modeling all the time. Yet top models work very hard at perfecting their talents just as top athletes or musicians do. Female beauty is just as popular in our society as music, and is certainly more relevent than gymnastics or water polo. Yet no one would ever suggest that sports take no real talent. This makes it clear to us that people who claim beauty is not a talent are simply people who hate beauty. The obvious give away is that they always want us to say average women - women who have neither been born beautiful nor attained it through effort - are "beautiful". But if ugly women who have made no special effort to be more attractive are entitled to the title of "beautiful" then certainly the women who are born beautiful are; even more so for the women who realize their beauty through dedicated hard work and practice. After all, we don't give medals to people for not competing in the Olympics, and we don't call people "athletic" who have no athletic ability. Neither then should we call average women with no intention of using their looks "beautiful". Karmen is one of those rare women who is both born beautiful and works it. In other words, she has a real talent for being beautiful. And we dare say that these photos, besides being beautiful, are somewhat musical and athletic. The 3 aesthetic talents always seem to go nicely together, don't they? More...

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Pеytоn Prіеstly: taking a break naked

What would you do if you had five minutes with a beautiful woman? Just five minutes. Like we had with Peyton this day, in between sets. The new set up was almost ready, and Peyton was just hanging out, like a talk show guest in the green room, waiting for her "Five minutes, Mіss Prіеstly!" from the production assistant. She chose to skim through some magazines, lounge in the chair for a moment to enjoy the breeze coming in through the studio's open bay doors, and look as casually gorgeous as any woman has ever looked. We couldn't put our cameras down, because we've come to appreciate that even five minutes with a beautiful woman is more than enough to get that one shot you'll value forever. But even if you're not a photographer, the challenge is still yours: ask yourself what you would do if you had just five minutes with such a beauty. Would you gawk and stare? Would you catcall and whistle? Would you try to hit on her? Or would you fall under her spell and just appreciate her beauty, for whatever amount of time she might be in front of you? How you would react to an opportunity like the one Peyton presented us with tells you a lot about your own view of beauty, and might help teach you how you should react to it. Five minutes might seem like the briefest sliver of time, but when it comes to the lessons that beauty can teach us, it might be an eternity. More...

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Anonymity is the opposite of democracy

On the question of copyrights and illegal downloading US Prеsіdеnt Obаmа's administration recently asked any interested parties to submit suggestions on how they might solve it. We think we can solve the problem with one phrase: "Anonymity is the opposite of democracy". We hear a lot of internet pundits telling us lately that democracy requires anonymity and that online accountability is impossible. This is completely wrong. Democracy means each person has the right to stand up and be counted. But to be counted means to be accountable. Democracy assures each person their right to their identity, but it also logically requires everyone to have an identity. "Stand up and be counted" means "identify yourself and be counted". Without accountability and responsibility in any "democracy" everyone would simply vote to rob their neighbours. And this is exactly what's happening online. After all, if the internet is a global community then the producers of all the content being illegally downloaded online are our cyber neighbours, and we are robbing them. If democracy is truly our goal then we need it online too. And that means online accountability. To achieve it governments could simply institute licenses for internet access. Yes you have the right to privacy, in every area except one: you may NOT violate the rights of others with impunity. The right of privacy does not mean you have the right to NOT get caught when you break the law. Without the possibility of identifying criminals, law enforcement is totally impossible, as Obama is finding out. The solution is: People, not ghosts. Rule of law, not crime. Democracy, not anonymity. More...

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2012 Body in Mind candids and outtakes #2

We had such a great response to last year's candids of all our models that we decided to give our members this year's candids in several batches throughout the year. We have so much fun on Body in Mind photoshoots that we never run out of hilarious outtakes and behind the scenes shots of your favourite models being adorably silly. Sure the quality of the photography is not as good as our usual sets which is why we didn't include them originally, but we know you'll agree the beauty of these ladies shines through bright and clear in all of this batch of BiM 2012 candids and outtakes. And you might even find your favourite photo of your favourite model in here because these photos are the real deal - a glimpse into the souls of some of the best models in the world, and that only makes them more beautiful doesn't it? More...

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Do you want to wait 15 years?

For almost 15 years now Body in Mind has dedicated itself to being the most tasteful and artistic website for female nudes in the world. We have never featured porn and we have never used sexually suggestive poses or language. The writing on our site is politically savvy and scientifically astute. Yet somehow the world hasn't noticed how clean and circumspect BiM really is. For example, when we offer our promotional photos to mainstream websites and publications they treat us like some kind of slimy porn site, declining our offers of cooperation with more than a little condescension. It's the same with many of the models who decline our requests to pose for our tasteful nudes. Most have done very sexually suggestive - albeit non-nude - photos for other publications, yet somehow it is BiM that is not respectable enough for them. Playboy has always been thought of as the only publication where a respectable woman would pose nude, yet Body in Mind is actually MUCH softer and LESS sexual than Playboy! Happily, Alece (who approached us) and most of our models HAVE noticed. And so have our members. We just wish the world would. We sincerely hope it doesn't take another 15 years. More...

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Laura: pink polaroid

Private photos are almost a thing of the past. Digital cameras, smart phones, and laptops have not only made photography a "must have" option for just about everyone, they have also made taking private photos a snap. But not too long ago, the only way to take a photo that only you or loved one would see was the Pоlаrоіd Instаmаtіc camera. Rolls of film from other cameras had to be processed by a lab, which meant someone somewhere would know if you took even one sexy picture. But a Polaroid would happily spit out several self-developing celluloid miracles per roll. You could watch them develop before your eyes. You could laugh and marvel at them. And you could throw them away, and no one would ever know they'd existed. Polaroids also made it possible to have a hard copy of your photo within one minute of taking it. Not even digital cameras and computers have found a way to do that as simply or with as much fun. Polaroids made photography fun. In fact, only Laura could make them more fun. More...

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Hayley-Marie: throwing in the towel?

The expression "throwing in the towel" comes from the boxing ring; a fighter who was ready to give up would throw his towel into the ring to signal that he was done and ready to concede. We now use it anytime we want to express our readiness to give up a fight of any kind, whether spiritual or physical or both. These days it's often tempting to throw in the towel when it comes to defending beauty. There are just so many detractors out there, so many bitter voices outshouting each other to try to convince the world that beauty is bad and that those who posseses it are beneath contempt. It would be so much easier to give in to the groundswell of public opinion, to go along with those who insist that the only purpose of nudity is sex and that sex is immoral and evil and shameful. But we will never throw in that towel. While those around us sell out, sell their souls and betray the beauty that launched their careers, we will always be ready for another round. Bring it on, we say. Beauty is always worth going the distance for. And the only towel we'll throw is one for our models to pose with. ;-) More...

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Nіkkаlа Stоtt: fashion model nudes

Not many nude models are beautiful enough to be fashion models. Only a very few are. Body in Mind is fortunate enough to have 3 or 4 models who have done fashion modeling, or who are gorgeous enough to do it. Oυr Nіkkаlа Stott is one of them. In fact, Nikkala recently invited us behind the scenes on a recent fashion shoot and we couldn't resist. Because fashion models are so beautiful they do nudes only when and because they want to. They can easily make their living without taking their clothes off. So we always do our very best to create a respectful and fun environment for Nikkala and all our models, and nudes seems to just happen. We hung with Nikkala both before and after her fashion shoot and she allowed us to get several candid and intimate nudes that we are sharing with you now. These nudes will never haunt Nikkala or damage her career because quite frankly, she's just that beautiful. More...

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Rhіаn Sυgdеn: a very good girl

We use the words pro-value and anti-value a lot on BiM. Pro-value doesn't mean "professional grade" or "professional quality" as many people guess, rather it means that you hold and project a view of moral values that is positive, it means you are oriented towards the moral not the immoral, it means you are good not bad, happy not sad. Examples are rare. Perhaps the simplest way to drive this point home is to say that at Body in Mind we are not attracted to bad girls; we are attracted to good girls, like Rhіаn Sυgdеn. If we were anti-value then we would feature horribly scarred models covered in smeared patches of black funk, screaming in frustration as they get pulled back into the smothering inky ooze from whence we came. But since we are pro-value we instead feature the most beautiful women we can find basking in their happiness at being alive in a sunny open world. If you prefer dark, brooding, slutty women then BiM is definitely not for you. But if you admire gorgeous women who enjoy their freedom, beauty, and success, then welcome home. BiM is as good as it gets. We are shamelessly and unrelentingly pro-value. More...

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Karmen: me time

Selfishness is good. Selfishness is what makes us want to be good. If we didn't want to be good for our own sake - i.e. so that we can say and feel "I'm good" - then why would we want to be good at all? Why would we ever be unselfish if not for selfish reasons? If we didn't have the pride that makes us want to be a good person then why wouldn't we rob banks to feed the hungry? If we didn't want to be good to get to heaven then what would stop us from sacrificing our souls by committing every sin imaginable in order to help others? One of the cruelest and most destructive lies ever perpetrated on the human race is the idea that unselfish sacrifice is good. But is it good to sacrifice one's idea of the truth to those who lie? Is it right to pretend feelings for those who kill? Is it wise to betray one's love for those who hate? And if you do these things, what is left in you that will fight to do the right thing? That's why even though "me time" is seen as somewhat frivolous it actually just might be the most important thing in life. We all need to take the time to feel that we are the most important person in the world, not because we're special in some way that others are not, but precisely because we are not. We are all the same in this respect: without taking the time to purposely not sacrifice ourselves - i.e. to be selfish - there might not be any good in the world at all. More...

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Damianne illustrated

This set is another one (see Rаchеllе Sprіng Goddess) done in a photo style exclusive to bodyinmind.com. We invented this style in order to create photographs that look like hand done artworks. These photos are not retouched in any way; they have come straight out of our photographers' cameras just as you see them here. We created this style not because we think drawing and painting are better than photography, but because we wanted to make art with our cameras. Photographers rarely create art. Maybe it's because it's so easy to make an image with a camera that photographers don't try very hard. It takes much more effort to create images with pencils and brushes - a lot more - so artists deliberate much more about what will go into their work and what will not. And this is the secret of art. Art is the depiction of the world of what could exist and should exist, so artists have to be inspired by the "rightness" of the images they imagine to find the energy and time to create them. Ourselves, we think depicting what could be and should be implies a realistic style: we want our dreams of beauty and perfection to actually exist in reality, otherwise they are not really worth having, are they? And photography is especially good at representing things in a realistic manner. Therefore we have created a style that combines the deliberation of the artist with the realism of photography. We think all women could be and should be as comfortable and confident with their beauty as Damianne and we have created photos of her in a style that minimizes the intrusion of the real world while leaving her planted firmly in it. Thus we have made art with reality itself. More...

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Kеlly Hаll: the art of happiness

Everyone wants to be happy. Right? After all, what would be the point of life if happiness wasn't possible? Yet happiness tends to be rather elusive in life doesn't it? We want it, but we don't always know how to get it. Perhaps it's because even though happiness seems simple and straightforward in reality most of us don't even know what it is. For those who don't know, happiness is the emotion we experience when we get what we want; it is the achievement of our goals and values. So if we don't know what we want, or don't define our goals, choose our values, and work to achieve them, we will not find happiness. So happiness is crucially important to human beings not just because it feels good, and not just because it motivates us to live, but because it rewards us for living morally. Without moral values all we could hope for was darkness, confusion, helplessness, and frustration. Yet oddly, these negatives are almost always the subjects and themes of what is considered artful photography today. The photos on Body in Mind are not generally considered "art" because they are not dark and depressing. But we consider happiness to be a higher goal in life than pain and suffering, and we can't imagine a better subject for art than happiness. If art is important, then it should strive to project the most important thing in life. And what is more important than happiness? More...

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Copyright in black and white

To completely grasp what is happening today in the battle between copyrights and file-sharing one needs to recognize two types of people in the world: the makers, and the takers. The makers are the people who look at the world with their minds, while takers look only with their eyes. Makers think for themselves and do as they please; takers look only at others and try to copy or impress them the best they can. Makers see a world full of possibilities, which they work hard to achieve. Takers see the world as a place where work is torture because thinking is futile, or a pointless game at best. Makers are those who create original literature, movies, music, software, photos, and video games while takers are the ones violating the makers' copyrights with illegal file-sharing. This explains why takers will villify big media companies for "profiteering" and for "having too much control over our lives" but will glorify companies like Google and Facebook who make many more billions than any film studio or record label ever has, and who intrude into our online lives to an unprecedented degree, playing with our private information with happy abandon like children let loose in a lego store. If you look closely into any copyright issue these days you will see only too clearly that it is not thieves, thugs, or profiteering that the takers have a problem with. It is the makers themselves that the takers hate. Takers despise makers simply because the makers hold the exact opposite of the takers' world view: makers love the world; takers hate it. Let your love of the world (or lack of it) determine which side of the copyright issue you are on, as in fact, it already has. More...

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Hayley-Marie: I do

Why do women love weddings so much? Because it's the one day, often the only day of their whole lives, when they are allowed to indulge in the desire to be beautiful. It's the only day when they are allowed to dress up like a princess, get their hair and make up professionally done, wear jewels and flowers and generally float around on a cloud of beauty and grace. Brides are the center of attention, and are constantly told how beautiful they are. Female guests dress for the wedding with the unspoken assumption that they should strive not to look better than the bride does. And hideous bridesmaid's dresses are no accident either - nothing can detract from the bride's one day of acceptable beauty. We've always wondered why women aren't allowed to take this need for beauty even further. Why couldn't the bride float down the aisle topless, showing off her beautiful body in amongst all that satin and lace? If she wants to be the most beautiful woman in the room, why can't she just admit it and show herself off? Hayley-Marie helped us imagine a bride who was happy to say "Do I love being beautiful? Do I love feeling like a goddess? Do I love showing off my gorgeous body? I do!" More...

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Rаchеllе Wіldе: can a photo be art?

I started Body in Mind 15 years ago in order to feature my drawings and paintings of the most beautiful women I could imagine. My style has always been one of high realism - higher than was technically possible using traditional media, so I was always frustrated, never quite able to produce the photo realism I desired. So lately Leanne and I have taken up photography for BiM so that I can create the kind of images I've always wanted to paint. This gallery of Rаchеllе Wіldе as the Goddess of Spring is an example. I've worked very hard to develop a lighting style that can make a photo look like a painting so that I can "paint" with my camera. And I believe with this set we have succeeded very well indeed. Several of the photos are exactly the way I would have chosen to paint them: I wouldn't change a thing. That is actually what makes a painting art: there is nothing in it the artist did not want to be in it and nothing he wanted to be in it that is not there. This is why photography is rarely art: it's extremely difficult to control what ends up in a photo. But with this set I believe we have succeeded. The light in these photos of Rachelle makes them look like paintings. And everything else makes them look like art. Who knows...maybe they are. In any event, I'm proud to be showing these "painting-photos" on BiM. More...

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Alece - cottage country

The end of May and beginning of June signals the start of cottage season in Nоrth Amеrіcа. Canada celebrates Vіctоrіа Dаy weekend and the US honors its veterans on Mеmоrіаl Dаy, and everywhere people start heading 'up north' to open the cottage for the season. A bonfire, a few Adirondack chairs, some cold beer and good friends - this is how many of us 'unwind' and enjoy the summer. If you've never spent a warm summer's evening fending off the black flies while roasting marshmallows impaled on obliging twigs, then you're missing out on one of life's simpler pleasures. Only the addition of casual and elegant female beauty might make such experiences better. Imagine if those girls who curl up in the weathered wooden chairs could discard their clothes as they see fit, and enjoy the feel of sun on their skin without it causing anything other than smiles in the people with her. Luckily being with Alece lets us experience that world for just a moment. If you're heading out to your own cottage country this weekend, imagine Alece is with you and see how much better the marshmallows taste, how much colder the beer goes down, and how much more you find yourself enjoying all that nature has to offer. More...

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Rhіаn Sυgdеn: nude is going around

"I'd go around nude". This was the most common response given by women to the question, "If you could do anything for a day, what would it be?" in a popular poll. I'm not sure how accurate it is but judging from how quickly women of all ages and body types are getting nude for this cause and that these days, I'd say it's probably true. Yet when you look around, why are women not going nude? In fact, why did women ever go along with outlawing public nudity for women in the first place? Perhaps it's because they have always had ways to do it that circumvented the law. Like nude photography for that matter. Or Mаrdі Gras. Or Sprіng Break. Sprіng Brеаk is a chance for young women to enjoy being nude, beautiful and admired. And it's a chance for young men to openly admire such brave and benevolent women in publicly sanctioned ways. While so many adults are trying to find more and more ways to outlaw and condemn female beauty, it's actually the kids who are finding creative ways to enjoy and admire it. More...

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Pеtа Tоdd: beauty will save the world

Noone really trusts the guy with a plan any more. Too many times we've been let down by political parties, social structures, and cultural movements. So today's tendency is towards poo-poo'ing anyone or any idea that takes a stand. For example, if we were to suggest that female beauty holds the answer to ALL of our problems, we'd be laughed at. Yet this is exactly what we DO say at Body in Mind. And because we do not laugh at ourselves for daring to suggest such a silly thing, we are mostly ignored by the world at large. Today absolutes are not to be taken seriously. It's as if people believe the way to show you care is to not care; that the way to save the world is to insist it can't be saved; and that problems will get solved only if we ignore them. Yet most people agree that the world is in trouble. That is one absolute we ALL accept. It might be helpful to look back through history at the other times humanity narrowly escaped destruction. At those times, it was not the people preaching the status quo or hiding their heads in the sand that saved us. It was the maverick ideologues who convinced enough people to take a chance on a new idea who did. For centuries, almost without exception, every philosophy, tradition, and institution has maintained the evil of female beauty. We hope the modern world will dare to be different, and will learn to see female beauty as something absolutely good, before it's too late.More...

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Nіkkаlа Stоtt: download her from the source - bodyinmind.com

Spent the day today cleaning up Google's mess. They are linking to a ton of websites who steal our photos in their search results again. It seems Google recently updated their famous algorithm and once again Body in Mind got a boot in the face. We've long since stopped trying to get Google to notice that WE are the ones producing our photos. Body in Mind never shows up in their search results for any of our models or our gorgeous photo sets. Before we invented our unprecedented security system that stopped pirates from getting our sets, Google always returned the illegal sites who stole our photos first in their results. Then when our security system meant there was no more stolen sets for Google to link to, our affiliates - who have permission to use our promo photos - started to show up first in Google's results, which was great! Bυt Gооglе has changed again and now the first sites in their results tend to be the ones stealing our promo photos from our affiliates! If you're as sick of Google as we are, and if you actually want to find what you're looking for when you use a search engine then we recommend a new little duck in the pond, a search engine called DuckDuckGo.com (try it, you like it). You won't find a ton of stolen stuff on it. And you won't find a ton of our stuff on it either. But then if you want our stuff, you know where to find it. Even if Google doesn't. More...

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2012 Body in Mind candids and outtakes #1

We had such a great response to last year's candids of all our models that we decided to give our members a batch of this year's candids a little earlier than usual. We have so much fun on Body in Mind photoshoots that we never run out of hilarious outtakes and behind the scenes shots of your favourite models being adorably silly. Sure the quality of the photography is not as good as our usual sets which is why we didn't include them originally, but we know you'll agree the beauty of these ladies shines through bright and clear in all of this batch of BiM 2012 candids and outtakes. And you might even find your favourite photo of your favourite model in here because these photos are the real deal - a glimpse into the souls of some of the best models in the world, and that only makes them more beautiful doesn't it? More...

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A Bеаυtіfυl Wоmаn's Fіght Fоr Justice

May 11, 2012 - Yesterday a beautiful woman's fight for justice made headlines. Her name is Sаrаh Trеsslеr, and she was a journalist at the Hоυstоn Chrоnіclеs, a part-time professor at the University of Houston, and a stripper.

Apparently her boss could not believe that an intelligent woman with so many talents could realize that she is beautiful. She was fired after he found out about her being a stripper. She was not even trying to hide the fact.

Try to find a single incongruency about her being a journalist and a stripper. You will find NONE. She was punished not for failing to do her job, but because she was good at another job. She was punished for being beautiful. She was punished because she was not ashamed of her beauty. She was fired for anything but being a bad journalist.

Being a stripper takes a lot of bravery, self-confidence and grace. Essential elements of Bell's beauty recipe.

Just to prove that she is beautiful, she is not ashamed. She didn't take the blog where she wrote about stripping down, and she is suing the Hоυstоn Chrоnіclеs. If there is any decency left in this world, she will be justly compensated for getting fired.



Damianne: Hot DAMN!

Damn! That's all we could say when we looked at Damianne's photos the day after our 2-day shoot with her. Each successive set got unbelievably better and better, in fact, each photo in each set got better and better! We'd never seen anything quite like it. This girl was hot AND talented in the extreme. Before we met her she had emailed us that she wasn't an athlete, dancer, or gymnast. "About the only graceful thing I do is pose", she warned, no doubt wearing a knowing smile like the Chеsіrе Cаt's. Damn! can she pose, as you're about to find out. Needless to say we couldn't wait to release some of her photos so you can share in our overwhelming excitement. These are our best photos yet, and we hope they leave you too with just one word on your lips: DAMN! More...

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Hayley-Marie: fuzzy Logic

Sometimes being in the business of nude photography is an exercise in illogic. Recently we had some dealings with a certain payment processor, who objected to our site because, in a brief review, they found the name of some famous models. Without checking with us they assumed we were using celebrity names in that shameless way some of the seedier porn sites do. They also complained about questionable marketing tactics because we used the word 'r*pe' in an editorial about the causes of female abuse. They assumed that we were espousing violence in porn like some illegal website. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, but their "policies" red flagged us without so much as one human intelligence actually taking the time to read the site and find out what we were about.

Their issue, then, seems to be this: don't try to mix female beauty and ideas. It's like they are saying "Porn we understand. Porn we approve of, and are happy to make our living skimming off of it. Nasty, even disgusting, in-your-face porn is completely fine, but once you start actually talking about nude women, all bets are off. There can be no good reason to mix beautiful nude photography and ideas." They can't seem to even imagine a site for moral, intelligent men who like to discuss ideas as much as they like nude women. It is so foreign an idea to them that they seem like one of those alien computers in Stаr Trеk who, faced with Kirk's impeccable logic, simply self-destruct in a shower of sparks and blinking lights, wailing 'does not compute'.

Beauty and ideas do belong together. Body in Mind is founded on that principle. Social commentary is not diminished by appearing alongside beautiful nude women, it is enhanced by it. To believe anything else is to engage in the worst kind of fuzzy logic. More...

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The zen of female beauty

"Sun is warm, grass is green..."

Ask a practitioner of Zen what his belief system is about, and he'll probably say something along the lines of this:

Zen is a way of looking at reality without the interfering buzz of one's own subjective thoughts, a kind of total focus that unites body and mind. Zen is a state of mind, yes, but it is also a way of being - meaning that it doesn't just exist in some ephemeral world of the inner spirit. It is something you take with you every day, it embraces reality around you and encourages you to attain 'enlightenment' here on earth, something very few religions espouse.

In that way, the philosophy of Zen and the philosophy of female beauty are remarkably alike. Perceiving beauty requires you to banish subjectivity and focus on both the physical (the body) and the spiritual (the mind). To recognize beauty you have to understand both components equally; one without the other, body without mind or mind without body, will never result in true beauty. Maybe you can see that for yourself in this set of Karmen - her physical perfection is obvious, but what kind of spiritual values does she embody? That's for each man to decide, and decide he must if he genuinely wants to feel the full impact of her beauty. Only when he can honestly embrace both - 'she is physically beautiful' and 'her elegance and athleticism represent strength and purpose to me' - will he be truly Zen. More...

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Laura: wardrobe function

You hear about all the time - some young Hollywood starlet arrives at a red carpet event and, in front of all the cameras, has an unfortunate 'wardrobe malfunction', or 'nip slip' as they're starting to be called. The strap of her gown will 'inadvertently' slip down her shoulder revealing a fleeting glimpse of nipple, or she'll bend over a little too far giving every newspaper editor his new front page image. It's getting a little too common to be truly accidental; in fact, it could be considered a shrewd business move on the part of any young woman who wants some publicity. Society frowns on nudity in general, but as long as you claim it was just an accident, you get a pass - and the attention of the world at the same time. We think women should be allowed to be open and honest about the allure of their bodies, and to use their beauty openly and to their advantage. If everyone secretly wants to see a starlet's nude body, why shouldn't she be able to show it off if she chooses, without having to hide behind the lie of a 'wardrobe malfunction'? Why shouldn't it be a wardrobe function instead? Why can't her clothing and jewelry and movie star glamor be used as a stage for her own beauty? Laura had some fun with this idea as a starlet at the premiere of her new movie and showed us what everyone was really there to see. More...

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Rhіаn Sυgdеn: showing everything?

Many of the models on Body in Mind are famous topless glamour models from the UK. Rhіаn Sυgdеn is currently perhaps the most famous and popular. She has even used her fame to land some work in movies. For those who don't know, the glamour models in the UK do not usually show everything. They go all the way upstairs, but not all the way downstairs, if you know what we mean. Occasionally one or two of our members email us and ask "What's the point? It's just a big tease!" We sometimes try to explain to them that's exactly the point. A woman's charms are meant to titillate, to tease, and to task us. They are meant to get us worked up and to make us want more! They are not meant to be seen and forgotten as quickly as possible. What would be the point of that!? And this is especially true for pictures of beautiful women. They are not intended to replace a real woman. They are meant to inspire men to go out and get real girlfriends, not stay at home with paper ones. Pictures of beautyiful women are not the end of the process, they are the beginning. And in exactly the same way, a woman taking you downstairs is not the beginning, but the end. More...

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Alece - Thаt Fееlіng

Do you ever wonder what makes a woman feel comfortable getting naked? Women are notoriously self-critical, and each one of them has their own line in the sand when it comes to levels of undress. Some women wouldn't be caught dead in even the most modest of swimsuits - they scamper to the water's edge wrapped in a bath sheet and fling it off at the last possible second, offering only the briefest glimpse of skin before plunging in. Others are happy to show themselves off in a bikini, but go pale at the thought of appearing nude. In many cases, there's no reason these women should feel so compelled to hide themselves, but they insist on it anyway. So what makes a woman overcome these self-doubts and happily show herself off? The secret lies in one simple thing: how beautiful she feels. Not how beautiful she looks - no woman, supermodel or otherwise, ever truly thinks she looks beautitul. But every woman is capable of feeling beautiful. Maybe it's a burst of confidence, maybe it's the way the man in her life gives her that appraising smile, maybe it's the hard work she's put in at the gym lately that makes her feel taut and fit. Maybe it's something else altogether, but whatever it is, men would do well to remember this fact if they want women to feel more comfortable showing themselves off. Make a woman feel beautiful, and she'll be happy to revel in it. Help her delight in her own senusality, in the power of her own feminity, and she'll become the goddess you know she can be. More...

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Jеаn Sеqυеncе

A lot of people think female beauty is in the genes. But if that were true, then we wouldn't need Body in Mind would we? If we were all pre-programmed to react to beauty in pre-determined ways then why would we need art or photos of beautiful women at all? If nature was in control of who we find attractive and who we don't then it only makes sense that nature would make us all equally attractive. After all, it doesn't make sense for all the men to be chasing only a small percentage of the women does it? The human race wouldn't last very long if only the most attractive people reproduced. Obviously then, since the human race IS here and is NOT having any trouble reproducing, we can safely conclude that genes play only a small role in human beauty. In fact, by far, the largest player in the attraction game is not our genes, but our values. We tend to be attracted to people who either possess or reflect our values. If you are nice you like nice people. If you are confident you like confident people. And if you are creative, you're attracted to creative people. And so on. Our values play such a huge role in human attraction that it is amazing to us that in this day and age when the entire human genetic code has been mapped and catalogued, the role that our code of values plays is still in the pre-science stage. For example, what values make a person the most attractive? Why do some people admire certain values and not others? And why do we all respond to certain values the same way? Considering that our attractiveness to others is about 95% due to our values and not our genes, we suggest it's time to study this amazing phenomenon and to answer some of these questions. More...

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Nіkkаlа Stоtt: peek-a-boo

Nіkkаlа Stоtt has been our favourite model of all since she began her career in 2000. And we don't just mean topless model. She is our favourite model, period. We like her more than any runway model, bikini model, fashion model, or supermodel. In fact, it is one of our greatest pleasures at Body in Mind that Nikkala has posed for us regularly since 2005, and has done a better job modeling fashions than any fashion model we can think of, she looks better in a bikini than any Spоrts Illυstrаtеd swimsuit model, and looks better naked than any supermodel on earth. Frankly we are shocked that she is not more famous, but then Nikkala is a quiet girl, a classy lady, and an honest woman. She doesn't play the games that most celebrities play to get on the cover of this and the entertainment news of that. And even though her British fans can no longer find her in Thе Sυn Page 3 features that made her famous, she continues to work with BiM, and we are now happily working on a colour-photo book dedicated to her exclusively, that will be released soon. And our founder, DBell, swears he will finish editing his short film starring Nikkala called "The beautiful girl" soon. So while Nіkkаlа Stоtt, like anything truly beautiful may at times be hard to see, you can count on Body in Mind to continue allowing Nikkala to play peek-a-boo with her fans. More...

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Kеlly Hаll: magnificent

When was the last time you read a good magazine? If you're like us, chances are it was quite a while ago. Because we work very long days producing Body in Mind we spend most of our time online, and - we are ashamed to admit - that ends up being where we have done most of our reading for the last 10 years. If YOU haven't picked up a magazine for the longest time we have some advice. Do it. Find a mag on a subject that interests you and read it. You will discover that magazines are where most of the good writing is now being done. We were pleasantly surprised at this discovery the last time we visited the magazine shelves beside the coffee shop at our local book store. Maybe it's because magazines HAVE to be better written and more interesting than the internet in order to survive. It's to their credit that most of them are. So if you find yourself missing the pleasure of being glad you've read something try checking out Body in Mind more often, or perhaps even better yet, pick up a magazine once in a while. On both counts, we - and Kelly - promise, you'll be glad you did. More...

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Skye interrupted

It was a beautiful July morning. We set out early, our camera gear slung over our backs, and hiked into the wooded area with thoughts of a pleasant morning's shooting ahead of us. Aside from the odd die-hard cyclist who whizzed past, lost in his own thoughts, there was no one around. When we came across an old cider shack, with its weathered wood gleaming in the sunlight, we knew we had found the perfect spot. Skye stepped out of her clothes and stood against the barnboard in her little black bikini, enjoying the sun as we started to shoot. After a few poses she slipped out of the bikini top and tossed it over the branch of an apple tree. We were just about to ask her to remove the bottoms when the sound of an engine caught our attention. It was a park authority pick up truck, rumbling up the weed-choked path towards us. "You can't take pictures in here, this is a family park!" boomed the driver gruffly. "Leave or I'll call the police." We tried to remind him that toplessness is legal in Ontario, and that people take photos in this area all the time, but he wasn't listening. We could have stayed and argued and been arrested for some ridiculous charge like trespassing but the mood was gone, and 5 minutes later so was our sun, and so were we. We always wonder when adult men frown on female nudity. It doesn't seem right. We also wonder why people think female nudity is harmful to children. It isn't. We were disappointed at losing our chance to do the nudes in this set, but we loved how the topless photos turned out so we included them here. If you feel ripped off that there's no full nudes in this set then you know how we feel. But don't worry, this is just a bonus set. There will still be 2 full nude sets this week, as usual. But maybe next time you hear a man badmouthing a nude woman, or a woman claiming nude women threaten her children you will speak up and remind them of the beauty of the female body and that without it none of us would ever be born. Maybe then nude photo shoots would not be interrupted and ruined by spoil sports. More...

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Rаchеllе Wіldе: just because

We created this set just because. We knew Rachelle would look amazing brushing her hair in the nude so we did it. And we knew her fans - as well as those lucky guys seeing her for the first time - would see it too. We knew we would not need to explain it. And in a way, that's the nice thing about beauty. It doesn't need to be explained. It doesn't need to be planned. No one needs to be convinced. As a model, artist or photographer you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if you make something beautiful, others will see it too. These days many people act as if a nude woman is something dangerous and immoral, and rush to cover a child's eyes if they should see a photo of a beautiful woman in a bikini on the cover of a magazine in the supermarket. And the thing that gets us is that they act as if it's self-evident, that somehow we should all know that it's bad. But it's not self-evident at all. We had to be taught to see the female body as bad; this behaviour was devised by someone; it is not obvious at all. So then now we must all choose. Is beauty good because it is self-evident, or is hating it the right thing to do, even when it isn't clear why? Obviously, at Body in Mind, we don't hate beauty just because someone said we should. We'll take the universe's word over any eye-covering philosopher, any day. We'll let the beauty-haters furrow their brows in frustration trying to convince everyone to hate women. And the rest of us will simply enjoy the obvious beauty in the world around us - and in Rachelle - just because. More...

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Hayley-Marie is NOT naughty

We don't like the word "naughty". When a woman flaunts convention, when she is independent enough to go outside the norm, and brave enough to risk derision and scorn for doing so, she deserves our respect, our attention, and our admiration. This is why we fight the word "naughty" and the concept it represents on our site SuperBeauty.Org. We don't allow any nude websites who use the word "naughty" to participate. We always tell them that if they are trying to say that their models are brave, brazen, shameless, and independent that they should simply say so. Those are too big of concepts to be shrunk down and squeezed into a little childish immoral admonition like "naughty". Doing so completely belittles and sidelines all the virtue, grandeur and beauty of a woman's sexual spirit, and gives the cowards and reprobates in our society who want to shrink powerful women down along with their sexuality far too easy a way to do it. That's why "naughty" is a word we refuse to use. We think getting naked in a public park in this set of photos only makes Hayley-Marie all the more beautiful. More...

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Ashlеy Pеrry: naturally nude?

We get a lot of emails but the ones that annoy us the most are from writers complaining that all of our models in every shot are not completely naked.

"Nudity is a woman's natural state" they tell us, meaning "nudity is a women's proper state", an idea they have no doubt gotten from one of the nude sites out there that boasts about their "virtue" of featuring nothing but fully nude photos of very young women. "Why oh why aren't your models naked all the time?" these emails wail, as if putting clothes on women was some kind of affront to decency and good sense. We almost expect their next sentence to be "women should be barefoot and pregnant."

Okay, here's the thing: there is no such thing as "natural" beauty in women. Tigers don't find human women beautiful. Neither do human babies. In fact, human children don't even draw bodies on their stick figures until they are over 3 years old! (Yes, we are aware of the "scientific" experiments "proving" that human babies respond to pretty female faces but it has yet to be shown if they are responding to beauty or something else in the faces they see. We're betting it's something else.)

Nudity is not a natural state for a woman. Full nudity is a natural state for new-born infants, and animals. Those who believe women should be naked all the time seem to see women as some sort of helpless wild sexual babies - a very difficult image to form in any sensible mind. (Although many nude websites these days do their best to create this image.)

The beauty of the nude female body is not natural, but it is profound. It is part and parcel of the most amazing thing in the universe: the human mind. Female beauty exists only because the human mind exists. For example, if you like wide hips in a woman it's because in your mind you want a woman to be mature and sexual. If you like a thin waist it's because in your mind you want to hold her, or you want a woman who is not - or has not been - pregnant. If you like big boobs perhaps it's because you need nurturing. All of the physical qualities we find attractive in women represent something we want in a woman in real life. And it's this wanting that makes those qualities beautiful to us, not the qualities themselves.

As much as some people like to pretend otherwise nature requires us to think to survive, and most humans think clothes makes sense for all kinds of very good reasons, protection and comfort highest among them. The human mind is part of our nature, and must be considered in any discussion of what is proper for women, or beautiful in them. This doesn't mean nudity cannot be beautiful in a woman - obviously nudity can be very beautiful indeed. It simply means that nudity is not the single proper state for women in general as many emailers try to tell us. A woman's mind must be included in any discussion of what is proper for women.

But if you're honestly looking for the proper state for maximum beauty in a woman, you must figure out what the proper things a woman should be in order to live a good life. Certainly those things will include just as many qualities of character as physical traits. And when a woman is nude and her physical beauty is visible due to some specific circumstances that require admirable qualities of character (bravery, independence, freedom, happiness perhaps) then that is when a woman is potentially in her most beautiful "state". But it is not a "natural" state and does not happen automatically.

There is a strange resistance in most humans to acknowledge values - especially character values - or to take responsibility for their own actions, so much so that many prefer to abdicate their judgment completely and hide their thoughts and behaviour in the jungles of the "natural", hoping somehow that nature will make all their choices and solve all their problems for them. These are the people who are actually offended by and complain when women wear clothes. But we all know on some primordial level, don't we, that there is nothing friendly to naked human women in any jungle on earth. More...

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Pеtа Tоdd: fighting to save the world

We've been watching a lot of Spоrts Illυstrаtеd swimsuit videos lately and we've heard some of the models criticize themselves a few times saying things like "after all, we're not saving the world here." It struck us suddenly as no coincidence that these are the same criticisms leveled at modeling in general by mysoginists of all kinds: people who say it degrades and objectifies women. We expect this from people who hate beautiful women, but we find it very sad indeed to hear the models themselves agreeing with people trying to put them out of work. And especially distressing when we remember that saving the world is exactly what Spоrts Illυstrаtеd - and modeling in general - is meant to do. By "modeling" we mean the artistic meaning of the word, which is: presenting images of beautiful, happy, powerful women, not for the purpose of selling anything, but for the purpose of inspiring admiration. Of course, the creators of SI swimsuit claim they are just selling magazines. But to do this, the only goal and requirement of the photos themselves is beauty. And that makes their swimsuit photos art. Now some sour, beaten down people who do not like exquisite photos of beautiful women expertly taken may be inspired to denounce and sneer at the model's attempts to be artistic. They wake in the mornings and greet the world with a groan and a resentful grimace. They are the kind of people who don't care what happens to them or the world, and they have been running the world for far too long. Happily, there are those of us who greet each day with a hopeful smile. No we're not insane. We simply want a great life. The life we imagined when we were young. So we are grateful for any image we can find of happy, successful, brave, beautiful people. Images of the world the way we hoped it to be. They inpsire us to cheer up and live each day to the fullest. Good people doing good things is the only way to "save the world", and SI inspires good people. So we will keep watching our SI videos hoping to hear "we are saving the world here." Then it might actually be true. More...

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Laura: the moment

There comes a moment in the life of every beautiful woman when she reaches the peak of her beauty. It could last for a just a week or two, or it could stretch out for a year. It could come early, as it does with those women who are never quite as beautiful as they are at eighteen or nineteen, still fresh faced and bright eyed. It could come when she's in her thirties or forties, when her looks have matured into fine features and wisdom behind the eyes. But it touches everyone at some point, and when it does, it's magical. It's as though everything comes together perfectly - glowing skin, lustrous hair, womanly curves on a slender frame, and that almost indescribable quality of a woman at her best. People call it "beauty" without ever really defining it, but it's so much more than that. It's beauty squared, it's beauty on steroids...it's the delicate, exquisite and fleeting moment that you know you're lucky to get a glimpse of. We don't know if this is Laura's moment, or if she'll mature into an even more beautiful woman, but if this is indeed her moment, we're grateful we got to see it. More...

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Only in the UK?

March 19, 2012 - Over the years we mentioned beauty schools, admired movies like Mіlk Mоnеy, and said that sex-education must be about more than mating. That young men and women should see for themselves that beauty is, in fact, beautiful and that it is moral.

We thought that few people were brave enough to stand behind beauty. To reach out to our young and not teach them about multi-culturalism or environmentalism. To teach them that our bodies are not dirty, that finding a beautiful woman beautiful is healthy. Well, it turns out we were wrong. Someone was brave enough to do it, and not to our surprise, this happened in the UK:

It is a show called sexperience, and they actually go to actual schools, talk to teenagers, but they do not stop there. They show them male and female bodies. Tell them there is no reason to be worried or ashamed.

Around the end of the video, they talk to a girl who is overly embarassed. They ask her why she is so embarassed and she says that it is because what she is seeing is DISGUSTING. If she did not mean it, then that's the sort of hypocrisy that the -isms of today foster. If she did, then she has actually embraced an -ism of those. Do I think that she will be successful? Do I think that she will grow up to be a beautiful woman? I doubt it. In fact, I think she may grow up to be a feminist, or an anorexic, or both.

Being ashamed of your beauty is a grave sin, being ashamed of others' beauty is the first major step towards becoming a beauty-hater.

Why do we raise our children to be beauty-haters?




Why fear female beauty?

A recent email asked us "Why is female beauty feared?". "Feared?!", you might laugh. Actually, yes. When something is villified and mocked as often as female beauty is in our culture and society it is never because it is truly stupid, but because it is feared. For example why do we need to hear over and over what bimbos beautiful women are? No one makes fun of the mentally challenged for example. So we will take this question seriously. Female beauty is feared for many reasons but mostly because it makes us want it, which means we are required by it to try to achieve it, which means we have to think of a way to do that, and thinking is damn difficult. Thinking - even more than female beauty - is the most villified and abhored thing to we humans - most would rather die than think, which is why death and the future of mankind comes to be mentioned in the same breath with it in many cases. This is the full picture, the other half of the modern ethos, the positive half, that female beauty is treated like a threat to all that is wholesome and good because in fact female beauty is all that is wholesome and good and is a threat to all that is bad and wrong. People fear female beauty, not because it's evil or destructive, but because it's good, and because you have to think to see that. More...

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Unabashed beauty

There's a strange phenomenon out there, perhaps you're aware of it too. All over the world, beautiful women are doing...nothing. Maybe they'll show up briefly in a cosmetics ad, or in a tongue-in-cheek bit part that calls for a bodacious, almost excessively beautiful woman. Bimbo # 3, the credits might glancingly call them. Maybe they'll make fun of themselves on reality shows for has-beens and washed up 70's B-listers. Whatever inconsequential or insulting gig they manage to score, at the end of the day, it all amounts to...nothing. It's as if no one knows what to do with such beauty anymore. Are there any movies being made that call for a statuesque, stunning woman? Most scripts these days seem to require small, elfin little girl-women. Are there any artists creating timeless, sensuous odalisques that can only be modeled for by the most voluptuous of women? Modern art is rife with abstract nonsense that tries hard not to represent anything, let alone beauty. Even the world of modeling has gravitated toward boyish, grim looking models with no hips or breasts to speak of. So this is where we come in, and where photographers like Wаltеr Bоsqυе manage to light a candle in the darkness. In this simple set of Zahyra, Walter shows us that, when the world has run out of uses for beauty, at least there are photographers who see the value in capturing a woman's unique, ephemeral and inspiring loveliness, just for it's own sake. There's no need for excuses, no moral sanction required, no self-deprecation or shame allowed - just the sheer enjoyment of looking at one of nature's most delightful creations in all her glory. More...

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The achievement of admiration

Being able to perceive, appreciate, and admire the beauty of a woman is something that is earned. It involves a lot of work, but is probably the most exciting journey in life. Once we discover the beauty of our dream woman, we discover our own beauty. The beauty of a woman is a reminder of our choices, a spiritual process in which we see our own true selves. Admiration does not necessarily lead to love, and does not necessarily lead to a desire to possess. It is a process in which we see the actions of a woman or the poses of a model and associate them with things that we personally know. The meanings of those actions or poses may not always be perceived by the woman whose beauty we admire: it is a personal experience more than anything. Perceiving the beauty of a woman requires you to be able to perceive your OWN beauty and the beauty in everything. You are required to filter out the trash-talk commonly employed by beauty-haters in an attempt to hide that beauty. The beauty industry is supposed to be about the women who reject that talk, about supermodels and people who have positive aspirations and can project them. But it does not always work that way due to the beliefs of those involved. Many are uncomfortable with what beauty represents, and many women bury their beauty in nonsense-talk about how meaningless or ridiculous it is. But a woman who rejects that kind of talk is truly inspiring, truly beautiful. Hers is the ultimate achievement in beauty, and appreciating her, is yours. More...

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Glее Stаr Hеаthеr Mоrrіs Nоt Ashаmеd of her Nudes

March 13, 2012 - Hеаthеr Mоrrіs had some nude pictures of her leaked. The pictures are now circulating freely around the Internet, and it doesn't sound that major, right?

It turns out this is not the first time Heather had to deal with this. She had this done to her before, but her response to her first leak is what caught my attention.

Her response to the first leak was:

"I understand completely where it came from. For me, I think they are beautiful. It's not something I'm ashamed of. Everybody should do tasteful beautiful nudes - so when you get older you're gonna be like, 'Oh that's when my body looked so great!'"

One of the main qualities of a beautiful woman is not being ashamed of her beauty. Kudos to Hеаthеr Mоrrіs for choosing to be the beautiful woman she is.



Nіkkаlа Stоtt: real life fantasy

Watching a Penthouse swimsuit video the other day, it became obvious why we like to feature beauty in everyday situations here at Body in Mind. The ladies in the video were predictably Penthouse material - breasts like basketballs, long blood red fingernails, sneering come-hither looks as they rubbed their palms suggestively over the taut cheetah-print fabric of their bikini bottoms. The message was clear; these women's sole purpose for existing, it seems, is sex. They sway and pout and moan like they're at the height of orgasm, they call to a man's sexual desire but provide nothing for his mind, his plans, or his dreams for his life. That's what's wrong with it. No woman is ever just a sexual being, any more than any man is. No woman is ever defined solely by her ability to feel or inspire lust, and helping men to think that this is true only demeans men and their complicated desires. We prefer to show beauty in every part of life, as part of a woman's whole being, as something she poseses while she's working, or playing, or relaxing, or just being herself. We like to show that you can appreciate a woman's beauty in reality, and not just as a temporary fantasy figure. When you remove the luridly sexual component of appreciating beauty, it's much easier to savour it, and enjoy it for the uplifting and wonderful thing that it is. That's the kind of world we want to live and be sexual in: the real one. More...

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Hayley-Mаrіе Cоppіn: clearly beautiful

We see a lot of potential models in our line of work, either through active scouting or through submissions that come from those who want to be featured on our site. You would think it'd be easy to select women with that special look or obvious beauty, but it really isn't. A lot of women these days go to great lengths to modify their bodies or otherwise present themselves in such a way as to make us wonder what they actually look like. Is that girl with the heavy eye makeup, teased hair, bee-stung lips and fake breasts genuinely attractive? Or is she a master of disguise, showing us only a hyped-up version of herself that in no way reflects who she really is? Furthermore, can you tell from the poses in her photos whether she really does have a curvy, feminine body, or has she just found the one angle that makes her look her best? We don't blame women for trying to make themselves look their best, but when it comes to modeling, we think honesty is the only policy. That's why it's so refreshing to come across someone like Hayley-Marie, someone who is clearly beautiful no matter how you look at her, no matter what angle her body takes, or whether she's wearing make up or not. It's in the automatic, almost punch-in-the-gut reaction you have at the first sight of her, when you say "Wow, what a beautiful woman." You never have to wonder if it's just the lighting, or the makeup, or the clothes - with a woman like Hayley, she's just beautiful. Clearly. More...

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Big versus Little?

Proponents of file-sharing would have you believe it's about the big bad greedy corporations against the poor little guy. But what about the small-time creator who can't afford to create a movie, song, program, or photograph because his work is being stolen and shared without making him a dime? And who suffers more? The media giants and big production companies who can afford to take some losses or the little creator who cannot? And what about the huge internet corporations that makes billions by facilitating file-sharing and defending copyright infringement? [You know who they are.] Who makes more pure profits? The production companies with billions in expenses and declining profits? Or the file-sharing websites who pay nothing for their stolen content and enjoy unrestricted profits? It's just bizarre to us that hundreds of millions of people keep putting down little producers [like us] for the "greed" of fighting for their copyrights while they praise huge internet corporations who make billions violating those copyrights. Why would so many people prefer big corporations who make money from stolen art over those who produce that art? And why would they prefer the poor little guy who steals movies and music over the poor little guy who produces them? Do you? More...

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Rаchеllе Wіldе: striporama

Do you ever wonder why the striptease was ever invented? Or why it continues? Why don't women just come out nude, do a little dance, and show off their whole bodies right from the get-go? Is it because, as some people think, that men like the slow tease of a woman gradually, almost tortuously, revealing herself bit by bit? We don't think so. We think it has more to do with the whole experience of a woman. Men like looking at women in all their states of dress or undress - the fact that a fully-dressed woman can easily turn heads on the street, or the fact that swimsuit issues always sell out are proof that nudity isn't always a strict requirement for appreciating beauty. We love it when gorgeous women are brave and benevolent enough to share their nude beauty with us, but we also love it when we get to enjoy the way a sleek bikini hugs their curves or a beautiful dress brings out the color of their eyes. So if you're one of those guys who has to skip right to the end to get to the nudes, go ahead. We feel sorry for you, but go ahead, there's plenty of full nudes there to satisfy you. But if instead you're a more discerning lover of women, take your time and enjoy the full spectrum of Rаchеllе Wіldе's beauty in all it's stages. More...

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The right to keep happiness

Thе Dеclаrаtіоn of Independence declares the right of all men to the pursuit of happiness. Unfortunately it fails to declare the right of all men to keep it. For example, if it makes you happy to make music and sell it, what is the point of letting someone take it and your profits away from you? Yet that's exactly what the US government does. If you record a song, and someone steals it and sells it, under current copyright laws in the US, you, not the government, are required to find the thief, you have to pay for any legal action against him, not the courts. Lіkе Amеrіcа's founding fathers we are witnessing the destruction that comes from bad government and legalized theft. What we need to protect copyrights once and for all is an amendment to the Declaration of Independence. Stealing is just plain wrong. God knows it, and we know it. But when it comes to stealing intellectual property and taking the profits from selling it, for some reason, everyone pretends not to know it. Perhaps it would be harder to pretend if the right to keep the happiness we pursue and achieve - our property and profits - was enshrined in America's most cherished legal document. More...

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Laura: the swimsuit edition

Evеry Fеbrυаry the Spоrts Illυstrаtеd Swіmsυіt Edіtіоn comes out and a winter weary world wakes up and takes notice. Every talk show hosts mentions it. Every women's group denounces it. And every pro athlete shops for a new girlfriend. Every guy sneaks a peek in the local drugstore when his girlfriend isn't looking. Every girlfriend wishes she looked like that in a bathing suit. And the covergirl always becomes a household name. And yet every year this bountiful hi-gloss cornucopia of beach babes fails to be praised as it deserves for making all of our lives just a little more exciting. The female body is indeed a powerful force, a force of beauty, of arousal, of life-giving attraction. Yet where are the celebrations? Where are the silent prayers of thanks? Where are the monuments? They are indeed rarer than a bikini in February. So we decided to dedicate this set of Laura to the naked spirit and hard-bodied goodness of the annual SI Swіmsυіt Edіtіоn. Long may she splash in the surfs of the world and the winters of our lives! More...

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Invasion of privacy

It's ironic that all the opposition to copyright legislation in the US and now sweeping across Europe is based on accusations that such laws would empower governments to extend their reach into people's private internet activites, meanwhile the darling of the anti-copyright movement, Google, one of the biggest and richest corporations in the world, has internet reach and records that the government actually borrows when it needs information. Google has internet monitoring software on probably 75% of the websites in the world and has just forced their users to accept a single privacy policy that will make their emails and personal habits open to Google indexing and searching, and recording. In fact, Google has just offered to pay people to allow its monitoring technology into their actual homes. If there's two things the anti-copyright movement is not afraid of it's big power and invasion of privacy. If they were they would be afraid - very afraid - of Google. More...

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Alece: I'm up here!

It was the end of the shooting day, and we spotted the old ladder resting up against the back of the barn. Let's do a set over here, we thought, eyeing the vine winding up the side of the ladder and the blanket of lush greenery beneath it. Several poses came to mind - maybe she could peek out from behind the rungs, or sit coquettishly on the bottommost one. Maybe she could even lay in the grass and let her long legs stretch up the rails of the ladder. When we ran these ideas by her, she bit her bottom lip. Well...she said...I like those ideas, but you see...I've had poison ivy fourteen times, and I'm pretty sure that's what's at the base of that ladder. So out came the yellow wellington boots so she could walk through the dreaded patch, and brown shoes for her to get her footing properly before flinging them off. We would have moved onto another location, but Alece was such a good sport, she was more than happy to cling to the ladder and pose from the safety of her wooden perch. It wasn't until after the shoot that it occurred to us to ask...fourteen times? More...

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Two copywrongs make a copyright

Last month we saw two major developments in the enforcement of copyrights around the world. The FBI busted Megaupload and arrested its owner, charging them both with money laundering and copyright infringement AND the proposed US legislation to protect Americans from copyright infringement - SOPA and PIPA - was defeated. It's no coincidence. SOPA and PIPA were designed to ban websites in other countries who systematically violate the copyrights of Americans, but the legislation was defeated by a spontaneous coalition of some of the richest corporations in the world like Google and Facebook and the people who believe that copyrights are out-of-date, unfair, and over-reaching. The anti-copyrights movement tries to pretend that copyright infringement isn't stealing. But it is. This is why the FBI was then forced to go into other countries to arrest people, seize assets, and shut down companies. Systematic copyright infringement is taking billions from the US economy and tens of thousands of jobs. And when people prevented copyrights from being protected by SOPA and PIPA in a non-violent, civilized way, the government was then forced to resort to brute force and invasions of other countries to protect its citizen's rights. If advocates of the "free mind" really believed in peace and rational process of law they would have supported SOPA and PIPA overwhelmingly. But in reality they only believe in stealing. And stealing is an inherently violent act. On some level they understand this, and this is why there is no spontaneous coalition to defend Megaupload. More...

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Laura: let it snow!

For most of us the winter blues have set in and we're hunkering down, trying to ignore the lovely flakes of snow falling gaily outside our windows, thinking about hot beaches and warm tropical breezes in some sunnier place. For those of us with someone warm to wake up with in the mornings it's not so bad because love is immune to the cold. Love doesn't care what season it is or what the weather forcast is predicting. In fact, very often love springs into our lives even in the dead of the darkest, coldest winter. And when it does, our lives ignite with passion, winter is set ablaze, the snow becomes our playground; we laugh at the cold together. We wanted to do a photo set with this message, and a model who could make it real. We said, "let it be Laura." And she said happily, "Let it snow!" Winter, sometimes, can be the nicest time of the year. More...

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Naked female mechanics

One of the greatest tragedies of the modern world is that as much as men adore women and love sex they are ashamed to admit it, so they invariably end up hiding it, relegating the huge part of themselves that worships what men and women can be together to the dark and fetid realm of demented sexual fantasy where love begins to look more and more like hate. But if you believe that life is for living then you must also agree that love is for loving and the world is for living in, and that means we owe it to ourselves to bring what we love into the real world where it can be lived. This doesn't mean we should have sex in the street - that would simply be an over-reaction and an over-simplification: it is not sex we are talking about here, it is our love of sex, which means of women, of romance, of marriage, of beauty, of adventure. These are the aspects of "sex" that need to be lived openly - both to remove their social stigma but also because the real world is the only place we have to experience these things. We don't have any other real world, and we don't have any other real love. The two belong together, just as men and women do. More...

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Kеlly Hаll: morning news

We're saddened after the Sоυth Cаrоlіnа Republican candidate debate. None of the candidates supports the Stоp Intеrnеt Pіrаcy Act, the proposed legislation that will empower the American government to protect its citizens from internet piracy. Rіck Sаntоrυm at least supported fighting piracy in principle, but the concensus seemed to be that companies like Google, Youtube, and Facebook represent the fastest growing segment of the economy so it would not be a good time for any legislation that could effect them. But if this is true, if the internet is growing so fast, then why does the American economy continue to shrink at an unprecedented rate? For 15 years the US courts have been unwilling to rule against any major copyright infringing sites on the basis that copyright laws have always been meant to protect innovation. But what they fail to understand is that this was never meant to include innovative ways to break the law! The 15 year-old honeymoon with internet technology needs to end, and we need to realize that the only reason the internet appears to be the fastest growing segment of the economy is because almost everything on it is stolen. No wonder businesses dedicated to copyright infringement are growing at record rates; and why, as they grow, the US economy continues to worsen. More...

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Stop online piracy

Opponents of the Stоp Onlіnе Pіrаcy Act wail that it will mean the death of free information on the internet. But information - be it photos, movies, music, software or scientific data - is never free anyway. Information of any kind must be discovered, created, or recorded, and that takes work, and that work must be done by a person, and that person needs to be free to set the price for his work. A free internet means the creator or legal owner of information has the right to set his own price for his information. He can make it free or he can charge what you are willing to pay, or he can ask the highest price possible. That is what's known as the free flow of information, and it applies to the internet, and anywhere else for that matter. The free flow of information on the internet is the same as free trade in economics. Free trade means buyers and owners are free to buy and sell goods, services, or ideas. It means a seller cannot be forced to sell for less than he wants and a buyer cannot be forced to pay more than he wants, and if an agreement can't be reached then no transaction occurs. The owner is free to ask whatever he wants (including nothing) and the buyer is free to agree or walk away. Anyone who thinks they are entitled to someone else's work without paying the asking price is a thief at heart. The fact that information should be free to flow from person to person, across all borders, doesn't mean that it's okay to steal someone's information, share it, or sell it without permission and without paying. Free trade doesn't mean everything should be free; and the free flow of information doesn't mean all information should be free. On the internet today we are witnessing the battle over who owns information: its creators or its thieves. SOPA says creators do. Its opponents say it belongs to the thieves. More...

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Lizzie is here!

There are few models working in nudes today more famous and popular than Lіzzіе Ryаn, so we thought it was about time she was featured here on Body in Mind. After all, she is on almost every other site our there, and she deserves to be. She even has her own site now, but she started out on Evа's Gаrdеn, one of our favourite sites for great tasteful nude photography. We're thrilled to announce that Lizzie will be making regular appearances on our site over the next several months, and we hope to create many new fans of her amazing beauty among our members. We're only sorry that we didn't invite her to join us sooner. More...

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Alece in your shirt

The aroma of coffee wakes you, and before you can even turn over to reach for her she's up and slipping out of bed, her naked back arching gracefully as she yawns and stretches. She glances over her shoulder at you playfully, and you could look at her all day, taking in the litheness of her elegant body and the way her hair falls softly across her face. She stands up to pad barefoot to the kitchen, the coffee more alluring than you are for the time being. As she passes the end of the bed she grabs your shirt, the one you slung over the edge of the dresser last night, and slides her arms into it. It swims around her slim frame, and the sleeves fall down past the ends of her fingers, but she looks adorable in it. She stops to hold the collar to her face and inhale deeply and hugs herself with delight. She loves the lingering hint of you on the fabric, loves surrounding herself with you. She sees you watching her and does a little peekaboo show, wrapping herself tightly in the shirt and then flinging it open like a burlesque queen, laughing with delight. And you know with certainty that this isn't just your shirt anymore, and you don't mind at all. More...

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Pеytоn Prіеstly: trash glam

If you'd asked someone 20 years ago if the trashy, plucked-eyebrow, fake-tanned, gelled-hair, gold-chain wearing crowd would become a media sensation worth millions, they would have laughed at you. Those guys? The "Guidos" and the "Guidettes"? No way. Yet here we are, subjected almost daily to the exploits of the residents of Jеrsеy Shоrе and the like. Mental giants like "Thе Sіtυаtіоn" and "Snooki" - who thinks the ocean is salty due to whale sperm - and their obsession with the superficial (and a generally overwrought and trashy superficial at that) are now millionaires, enjoying the high life and influencing style. Some say that they are media darlings because we like to laugh at them, but who's really laughing? And is it any wonder that women will start to emulate the trash glam look - it is on tv, after all - thinking that it's what makes them 'hot'? Bеtwееn Snооkі and the Kardashian clan, it's no wonder women are rejecting notions of a fresh, natural look and decking themselves out in gaudy jewellery, gold shoes and a snotty attitude. Ashley was a good sport in helping us poke fun at this sub-culture, and expert as always in showing us that her true, natural beauty underneath is what's really "mint". More...

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In defense of the Stоp Onlіnе Pіrаcy Act

Opponents of the Stоp Onlіnе Pіrаcy Act wail that it will allow the U.S. government to shut down any website it doesn't like and will pave the way to unbridled censorship on the internet. But the U.S. government needs the power to restrict websites who break the law for the same reason it needs the right to put criminals in jail, and SOPA merely gives them this power. It doesn't allow the government to shut down any law-abiding website. The government gained the power to prosecute criminals when America was founded, but that didn't give it the power to put innocent people in jail. Similarly if SOPA passes, the government will gain the power to restrict access to criminal websites (such as those dedicated to illegal file sharing and copyright infringement), but not the power to restrict the honest people on the internet. The court system was created to make sure the government imprisoned only criminals, and the same system will protect innocent websites from being restricted. The internet wasn't around when America was founded, and so the American system has no power to restrict criminal activity online. The SOPA is intended to correct this shortcoming and to give the U.S. government the power to protect its citizens from internet criminals. How can anyone but a criminal have a problem with that? More...

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2011 Body in Mind candids and outtakes

Body in Mind member Tim says "It's casual, candid shots like these that really shine. Awesome material!" More...

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No new art, ever?

The file-sharing website Megaupload has launched a lawsuit against Unіvеrsаl Mυsіc Group, and it might mean nothing less than the end of new art being created in human civilization. The details of the case are actually not that important. What is significant - and downright terrifying - is that a company that specializes in making money by allowing millions of people to share music, movies, software, and photos on the internet has made enough money doing it that they can now afford to sue a major music corporation. Megaupload claims it fights copyright infringement by deleting reported files and by closing the accounts of repeat copyright infringers. But obviously, if Megaupload deleted all illegally posted files and all copyright infringers they would lose most of their income. Megaupload charges a fee to download files, and even if the files are removed for copyright infringement, Megaupload can legally keep the money they made. Record companies, movie studios, and porn sites are now in grave danger. File-sharing companies seem to be making more money from their artwork than they are. To protect themselves copyright owners should have spent as much money as possible to have the current copyright legislation, the Dіgіtаl Mіllеnіυm Cоpyrіght Act, struck down for the unfair burden of forcing them to police their own copyrights. If they'd been successful the laws that offer government protection for copyrights in magazines, newspapers, television and movies would have applied to the internet as well. These laws would have held file-sharing companies like Megaupload responsible for copyright violations the same way it has held these other publishers responsible. Copyright laws worked for decades without a hitch, until the DMCA came along. The DMCA has protected thieves and burdened creators for so long that the artist or creative company that can afford to launch a lawsuit in defence of its copyrights may now be a thing of the past. How long will an artist produce new work when it is constantly being stolen? How long can a society or civilization survive without art that is worth paying for being made? We're not sure but we think we're about to find out. More...

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Cat in a country bath

Picture a hot summer day, and an old country house long left to the ravages of time. Cat is out strolling through the long grass and happens upon the grand old home, sitting at the top of a sloping hill that overlooks the sea. It's cool inside, and quiet, and Cat can't resist taking refuge from the blazing sun. The wood floors creak beneath her feet, and the stairs moan from disuse as she makes her way to the second floor. A bathtub, the old clawfoot kind sits invitingly beneath a bright sash window. How can she resist? She fills a pail with water and lowers herself into the cool cocoon of the tub, luxuriating in how deliciously cold the ceramic feels against her hot skin. What a simple pleasure, gently washing the grit and grime of a summer's day from her body. She dips the sponge into the pail and squeezes drops of sudsy water onto herself, smoothing the lavender scented soap down her breasts, her thighs, her legs. She could stay here all day, listening to the wind rustle through the long grass outside. She closes her eyes and drifts away, until the sun sinks low in the sky and it's finally, sadly, time to go. More...

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Kеlly Hаll: pleasant surprises

An unfortunate woman was executed last week in Sаυdі Arаbіа for witchcraft. More than 20 years ago I predicted the modern return of the Salem witch hunts. Back then it was probably inconceivable to most people. But because witch hunts and executions are always a cover up for hatred of female beauty, and unless we as a species realize this, such atrocities - and worse - will always be in store for beautiful women. Because hating women for being beautiful is so clearly unjust, those who do it always feel the need to hide it. In the last few years the world has so loudly denounced Islamic sharia law for executing women for sexual "crimes" that Sаυdі Arаbіа is now pretending these women are "witches". 20 years ago I also predicted that if we expose and fight the haters of beauty that the future could hold beautiful nude women presented with respect in movies, television, ads and magazine articles. That hasn't happened yet. But we created this set of Kеlly Hаll to show everyone what this might look like. Let's hope, at the close of 2011, that the future still holds some pleasant surprises for human kind. More...

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The best country in the world

We've all seen those internet lists of the best countries in the world to live in. The latest one tells us that people in Norway are happier than anywhere else. They feel freer, more optimistic, financially sound, and think more highly of their fellow man. But at Body in Mind we've always had another test of where it's best to live. We judge countries the way we judge individual men: by their attitude towards beautiful women. Whіlе Sаυdі Arabia has deteriorated to the dark ages by beheading women for being "witches", England remains the most advanced country in the world by allowing their most beautiful women to appear topless in the daily newspapers. The fact that England still values beautiful women means they also value true political freedom, human rights, and enjoyment of life on earth, probably more than any country on earth. It's the only country where every man can wake up and have breakfast with a woman like page 3 girl, Rhіаn Sυgdеn. More...

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Alece homefire

We all start to hibernate at this time of year. Winter's chill starts to whistle underneath our doors, the days are shorter, the sun sits differently in the sky. It's a shock to our systems, especially to those of us who live in climates that were so recently basking in the warmth of summer. Winter makes us want to hunker down beneath a warm duvet, sip a hot drink and shiver until spring. The heartiest amongst us find reasons to shake off the sleepiness and venture outdoors anyway, but even still we do so with the promise of warmth and comfort when we come back home. There's nothing more welcoming than a cozy fire in a charming cabin and a beautiful woman like Alece waiting for your return. It might be cold outside but she's toasty and warm, enjoying the crackle of the woodstove and the pleasure of being luxurously nude while she keeps the homefire burning. More...

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Lаυrа Dаydrеаm

Very occasionally, we'll receive an email from someone who joined our site and was disappointed. He was expecting more 'erotica' he says - meaning he wants porn but wants it wrapped in the moral sanction of a tasteful nude site. He was expecting more explicit photos, he says - meaning he wants graphic images of spread-eagled women, because if he doesn't see labia, nothing else matters. What baffles us, frankly - aside from how dim-witted someone would have to be to think bodyinmind is a porn site - is how blind to beauty some modern men are. How can any red-blooded man look at a hundred topless or nude images of a truly beautiful, vital, sensual woman and be 'disappointed'? What thought process goes through a mind like that? Does he think to himself 'she's more beautiful than any woman I've ever encountered or will encounter, she's happy and courageous and free-spirited, and she's proudly showing me her naked body, but I think I can do better"? If this is what modern men have been duped into thinking by the sheer tonnage of porn images available these days, that's the real disappointment. Beauty is meant to be savored and enjoyed, cherished and valued - if a woman who used to live only in your daydreams can now smile at you from your computer monitor, be gracious enough to appreciate her. And if the thousands of porn sites out there aren't enough to satisfy you, maybe beauty is precisely what you need after all. More...

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Every girl's dream

I watched the Vіctоrіа's Sеcrеt Fаshіоn Shоw on TV last night, and to my surprise I actually enjoyed it. In spite of the network's warnings that the show might contain content harmful to children I was impressed with the princess, fairy, and angel costumes it featured. In spite of the newsflash beforehand demonizing Wаynе Grеtsky's daughter for posting some cute "lingerie" photos of herself online I admired the mind-blowingly beautiful models happily strutting their stuff. And in spite of a decade of denunciations in Western media since 9/11 at the same target as that of militant Islam: sexy women in the media, the Vіctоrіа's Sеcrеt Fаshіоn Shоw has survived. The reason is because human dreams - and that includes the dreams of little girls and women - are not a dangerous luxury or extravagant indulgence. Dreams are absolutely necessary for human survival. Without them, we lose our way, wither, and die. So the only question really is: are we going to embrace and encourage little girl's dreams, or are we going to continue to vilify them and insist they adopt the dreams of men instead, risking the entire future of humankind? Thе Vіctоrіа's Sеcrеt Fаshіоn show is perhaps the only popular voice shamelessly offering dreams left in today's culture. More...

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Nіkkаlа Stоtt: public nudity

Public nudity might seem kind of fun and silly but it is also of the highest political import. It might seem like overkill but we at Body in Mind believe that everything humans do to limit each other is done in order to prevent beautiful women from being naked in public. Down through history it is easy to see that women are the most free in countries that honor individual rights, and the most persecuted and imprisoned in those that don't. Public nudity might seem fun and silly but can you think of even one other fun and silly pastime - one that also harms absolutely no one - that is so widely outlawed and forcefully punished? And as for those who claim a woman's nude body can harm children, all we ask is that you present one such child. There simply are none. It's just another of the lies told by those who will do everything they can do to keep women's bodies out of sight. Such people are willing to become liars - others murderers - in order to accomplish it. Why? It's time we learned that public nudity is not only silly and fun, but good. And that those who attack it, are just plain bad. More...

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Pеytоn Prіеstly: nude ballet

While in Lаs Vеgаs we were privileged to see the Jubilee show at Bally's casino, the legendary spectacle featuring topless showgirls in glittering costumes. It was marvelous to see such a bevy of half naked beauties, of course, and even more wonderful to see topless women admired, appreciated, and not, for a change, blamed for all the ills of society. It made us wonder what it would be like if other art forms embraced toplessness as part of its esthetic. What if the ballet, arguably the most beautiful form of dance, were to present ballerinas in tutus and nothing else? Imagine running into such a danseuse backstage as she warms up for a performance. Imagine her concentration, her tight body flexing and stretching. For that matter imagine her performing nude, en pointe in her satin ballet slippers, more beautiful than any gossamer costume could make her. Wouldn't the beauty of her well-toned nude body add to the beauty of the dance? Is there any reason it should be hidden beneath a leotard? We'd like to see the spirit of the topless showgirls find its way into all art forms; the beautiful, elegant and well-respected ballet seems like a good place to start. And no dancer more beautiful than Peyton to be the first nude ballerina. More...

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Rаchеllе Thе Sоftеr Sіdе

Sometimes, glamour photography can make even nude photos seem somehow overdone. Playboy and other glamour nude providers are famous for this. Through makeup and hair, jewellry and backdrop, provocative poses and facial expressions calculated to convey a kind of angry sexuality, many nude models seem anything but. The viewer certainly isn't seeing the real woman in the truest sense of the word; she may not be wearing any clothes, but she's far from naked, if naked means comfortable in her own skin, a little vulnerable perhaps, but always endearingly human. We have nothing against the idea of glamour, of instilling values in a photo that adds to the woman's overall beauty. But sometimes it's nice to remember that even the most glamourous women have a softer side, one that can be brought out with a calmer, more thoughtful approach than photographers usually use. We enjoyed slowing down with Rаchеllе Wіldе and allowing her softer side to shine - the more naked, the more beautiful. More...

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Hayley-Mаrіе Cоppіn - the birth of Venus

Everyone knows "Thе Bіrth of Venus", the famous Botticelli painting that features a winsome woman with long flowing hair gliding on a sea shell towards the shore. The goddess Venus, or Aphrodite as she was also known, was said to have been born from the sea, a fully formed and beautiful woman that represented love and earthly pleasure. Plato believed that Venus represented two kinds of love; her physical beauty allowed the viewer's mind to better understand spiritual beauty, and that in looking at an image of her, a viewer would find his mind lifted to the realm of divine love. We believe that physical beauty isn't meant to guide one's spirit to an understanding of the divine, as awe-inspiring as it can be; rather we insist that it is a kind of spirituality in itself, a pathway to the divine in one's own heart. Beauty tells us what is sacred and meaningful in our own lives, not in some other imaginary realm. The physical pleasure we derive from the sight of a beautiful woman does lift our minds - but to our own higher purpose. Mаybе Bоttіcеllі understood this as he made his Venus the centre of the image, engaging the viewer and challenging us to find our own meaning in her wise and wistful smile. More...

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Occupy beauty

To those who don't understand the 99% Occupy movement it's quite simple. Youth everywhere have taken to living in the streets of their cities in protest of...well, everything simply because we have been telling them for years that children are our future. They listened and believed it. And now that they've grown, these children want nothing less than the world. Our culture has worshipped the "wisdom of a child", so our young people now believe that wisdom is not necessary, protesting every product of the mind: science, technology, education and government. Perhpas similar protests in Egypt that led to a regime change there are their inspiration. We have taught them that no culture is better than any other, and believing it they equate our democracies with Egypt's tyrannies. This movement proves how important it is to teach our children the right things, to teach them what we honestly believe rather than what is fashionably altruistic. They will learn what we teach them. This is why we need to teach them that female beauty is good not bad. Contrary to what many think, the next generation will grow up listening to and believing exactly what we say. More...

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Nude models with the right stuff

We don't like porn at Body in Mind. Sex is great. Nudity is wonderful. Beauty sublime. But porn? At its best porn aspires to these things, but it is doomed to fail by its very nature. The sex is always fake, so how could it be passionate? And beauty? Porn features body parts that rarely show up in art precisely because they are not beautiful. In fact, most nude photo sites these days border on outright porn, not surprising when you learn most of their models are porn stars. Body in Mind prefers models who are not porn stars, like Cat. We prefer women who model nude in order to feel beautiful, and to make beautiful photos, like Alece. We make photos not porn, photograph sensuality not sex, and feature beauty not body parts. But it is our models - and the fact that they are real women - that we and our members love most of all. More...

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Rhіаn Sυgdеn: baring fruit

There are many things throughout a normal woman's day that require her to wear clothing. The fantasy of women being nude all the time is the fantasy of women having nowhere to go and nothing to do. It's a fantasy for a mindless, purposeless woman. It's not our fantasy - we love thinking women, purposeful women - so occasionally our models wear clothes. And occasionally they don't. If they wear clothes it's because it suits their purpose, their job, their situation, or the style of photography. If they don't, it's not because they're mindless but because they think - they think it will be fun, or sensual, or erotic, or beautiful. Only a woman who thinks would want to be naked. And it's only beautiful if she is nude for a reason. More...

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Hаppy Hаllоwееn from Body in Mind

When we were young, Halloween wasn't about being scared. It was a day to dream, to imagine what you wanted to be when you grew up, a chance to play pretend. And there was candy! - the dream of every kid. In those days, it was common to see little astronauts and ballerinas, cowboys and superheros. The scariest it ever got were witches with no front teeth and ghosts made at the last minute from our harried mothers' linen closets. Somewhere along the way, our society's fascination with the 'darker side' has possessed Halloween and made it into an excuse to publicly display all one's literal inner demons. Nothing is safe from it - girls aren't nurses anymore, they're zombie nurses with exposed jawbones. Boys aren't lumberjacks, they're ghouls with tattered checkered shirts. For us at Body in Mind, the innocence of a childhood holiday - whatever its roots in pagan superstition - should be celebrated as it once was: a chance to imagine and dream, to dress up and be playful, to just have fun. Hаppy Hаllоwееn. More...

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Alece paradise

We don't put much stock in the bible, but there is something about the creation myth that we find intriguing. Whoever came up with the idea of a magical garden, the paradise called Eden, also knew enough to make sure there was a man and woman who were made for each other, and for whom nudity was part of their joyful, innocent state. This is the only part of the story that makes sense. Of course they would be happily nude in a garden paradise, in an existence without strife or worry; they were human beings in their natural state. If only the myth had ended there, instead of casting blame on Eve for the fall of man and introducing humanity to the concept of shame in one's body. We might still be living in a paradise of shame-free appreciation for the human form - especially the beautiful female form - if it had. More...

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Cаll Wаіtіng

Bodyinmind is proudly one of the most creative, innovative photography sites on the web. Our members praise us for our inventive and imaginative sets, each one different from the last, sometimes dramatically so - something not found anywhere else in the world of nude photography. But sometimes set ideas don't emerge until quite literally in the middle of another set. Like this one. Our model Laura got a call she couldn't ignore during our first shoot with her, and instead of taking a break she decided to keep modeling through it. She was off the phone in two minutes, but we so enjoyed her enthusiasm that we just kept shooting. Sometimes, in the immortal words of Madonna, beauty's where you find it. More...

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Nіkkаlа Stоtt and Pеtа Tоdd: catfight

It's hard to find a good cat fight. We never see two women scratching, kicking, and pulling each other's hair any more. These days, women in our media can kick butt with the best of the men - they are sword swirling, gun gripping, roundhouse-kick-to-the-head super heroines - all of them. Now, while we applaud strong women we also know that most women - indeed most men - cannot fight to save their lives let alone save the world, so there is an unsatisfying falseness about action movie fight scenes. And in the case of female combatants, there is a complete lack of femininity as well. Men enjoy watching women fight for the same reason they liking looking at women in the first place - because all that kicking, scratching, and hair-pulling is extremely feminine. It's uniquely female. Men never fight that way. That's also why it's arousing for men - when the cat-fighter's faces brush beside each other we wonder for a moment if they might kiss, or their clothes might rip off in all that tugging and pulling. In such a case we would get to enjoy a nude female body by accident, happily escaping society's strictures against female nudity. We don't like to see anyone fight, but if women do, we definitely prefer a cat fight over laser swords. More...

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Thank you Suzie

For those of us living north of the equator, summer is sadly winding down. With the gloomier days and colder winds comes a most unwelcome sight - women on college campuses and city streets are beginning to cover themselves up against the chill. Gone are the high-cut shorts and mini-skirts, the bikini tops and small T-shirts. These days girls are more likely to dr4pе themselves in baggy sweaters and fussy scarves, layering themselves beneath figure-obscuring clothes. Luckily we live in an age of technological and philosophical salvation from such hardship. Our cameras can capture the bright and happy days of summer, and the modern world allows models like Suzie to feel free and happily naked as she revels in the sun. We often lament that there isn't more freedom for women to be safely, respectably beautiful in their own skin, but we haven't lost sight of the marvelous freedoms they do have in the Western world. Fоr Sυzіе who gladly shares her beauty with us, and for the enlightened thinking that permits women here to be nude without persecution or personal danger, we simply say, thank you. More...

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Rаchеllе Wіldе: glamourizing nature

There are two distinct schools of nude photography in the world today: glamour and nude art. Glamour is mostly American and is often described as 'artificial', 'over the top', or 'trendy'. It involves pop fashions, big hair and big breasts (often fake), and lots of smiles (often fake). Playboy and Page 3 are examples. Nude art is mostly European and is often described as 'natural', 'an art study', or 'timeless', and involves full nudity, natural or barren settings (which are actually unnatural for humans), and erotic poses (often fake). Met-Art.com and most art galleries are examples. Yet both glamour and nude art deal only with one half of reality, and so, inevitably, end up as repetitive stereotypes, ultimately unsatisfying. Glamour focuses on only the man-made things and nude art only on nature - but both are requirements of human existence. (That's why glamour photos so often include nudity and why art photos so often involve technical mastery.) Therefore any truly wholesome nude photo will purposely contain elements of both the man-made and nature, and will be presented in a way that respects and glamourizes their integration: working together to make human life on earth a little bit better. That's what we always aim to do at Body in Mind, and we wish others would too.More...

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Pеytоn Prіеstly: the equestrienne

Men have always loved professional women and the uniforms they wear. Nurses and their starched white, librarians and their horn-rimmed glasses, cops in their caps and gloves. The same is true for those privileged women who own horses. The modern equestrienne speaks to several stereotypes at once: she's passionate about something, she's wealthy, she's elegant, she's even aloof. When she stands there in her little velvet hat and skin tight jodphurs, gripping her riding crop in her sleek black-gloved hands, it's not hard to see where the image of the dominatrix came from. Yet the equestrienne, while undoubtedly sexy, isn't sexual per se. She is simply a woman unafraid to be alluring and powerful while pursuing her values, which makes her all the more beautiful. More...

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Hayley-Mаrіе Cоppіn - video chat

Wow, that was a long flight. The lines at the airport, the struggle to find a taxi. Being a strange city, jetlagged, a little uncertain, and yet another hotel. The shoot tomorrow is what time? Is this the right floor? My eyes feel like they've got sand in them. It'll be so nice to have a hot shower and curl up in bed. But...these hotel rooms are so lonely, the unfamiliar bed and the stiffly starched sheets, the deafening silence. Wait, I've got a text message. Oh, you cheeky thing...you want me to video chat with you? Well let me think, what might you like to see...? More...

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Cat - erotic capital

British sociologist Cаthеrіnе Hаkіm has written a book entitled "Hоnеy Mоnеy: Thе Pоwеr of Erоtіc Cаpіtаl" in which she states that 'erotic capital' can be as useful to a woman as a university degree and that women have been conditioned not to exploit their attractiveness for personal gain. She defines erotic capital as a "nebulous but crucial combination of beauty, sex appeal, skills of self-presentation and social skills" which, if women were only brave enough to use, would put them well ahead of men in the workplace. She also blames radical feminists who "restrict women's ability to benefit from their one major advantage over men, and...humiliate women who gain money or status through such activities." Apart from the fact that we've been saying this for years, it's refreshing to hear someone else describe beauty as a valuable asset that someone should be able to use to her advantage. We've always known that a woman's allure can be a talent worth capitalizing on, just as the gorgeous courtesans of the last century knew, and while were in Nеw Orlеаns we were happy to give Cat the task of demonstrating what that might have looked like. More...

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Rhіаn Sυgdеn: a healthy female

Every species of animal on earth has two sexes, each one actively interested in sex with the other. You can imagine that if one sex suddenly lost all interest in sex the other would go a little crazy. This is true for all animals. Yet for some reason human females seem oddly uninterested in sex with men. Avowedly repulsed by men's sexual organs they claim to prefer men's butts instead, and fully clothed firemen over nude men. A few women admit to unabashed love of men and men's bodies, but they are the exceptions. This explains why so many men are screwed up sexually, prefering porn to real women, obsessed with fetishes, resorting to violence at times, etc. But why would women have lost all interest in sex? Perhaps it's men's fault after all because men have villified female sexuality for centuries and made women afraid to be fully sexual. Only when women can be free to be as sexual as men will the human animal be a healthy species. More...

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The nude scout

We recently spent a glorious fall weekend in the Hυdsоn Vаllеy of Nеw Yоrk state, and were lucky enough to have Alece with us for a photo shoot. Our location was Kаthlееn's Bаrn, a gorgeous 4 acre spread featuring a contemplative pond, a wild river, rolling hills, and a beautiful converted barn. It's the perfect place for mile high bonfires and natural nude photos. The tiny perfect college town of Tivoli is a stone's throw away and has the best pizza we've ever had. We decided to scout the location first before planning our shoots. Alece came with us to check out the spots, and true to her own breezy style, she stopped to treat us to some fun and flirty poses along the way. Look for some great sets of Alece from this Catskills getaway soon. More...

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Our favourite artist creates sexy new masterpiece

The amazing A.D. Cook has just completed a new work featuring BiM model and Playboy special editions covergirl Jеss Rоbіnsоn. We say amazing because...well, watch the video..



Nіkkаlа Stоtt: keeping it real

We often receive complaints that our top model Nіkkаlа Stоtt never shows her, well, shall we call it her kitty? First of all, we have no patience for any guy who complains when a beautiful woman takes her clothes off. It's the classic glass is half empty/full thing. And really, if it's really that important why not just photoshop in something there for yourself? Some of the complaints come from guys who don't know Nikkala is one of the most popular British page 3 girls ever, and that those models are required by contract to pose only topless. But the main reason we admire her is that not showing everything allows a certain bit of romance. It inspires guys to imagine, and in so doing, dream not only of seeing every square inch of a woman, but more importantly, wonder what that woman might be like in real life. Ironically, a bit of modesty just might be the best way to keep it real. More...

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The favourite

Sometimes we get asked which of our models is our favorite. When people ask this, it's usually to find out which lady we think is the most beautiful, and it's usually to determine which physical qualities we value the most highly. Is it the woman with the largest breasts? The longest legs? The prettiest smile or the warmest eyes? Or the one with the most charming personality? The answer is never that simple. Beauty is never that simple. The truth is that any one of our models can be our favorite at any given time. Our favourite is the woman whose bravery and benevolence shine through in the direct way she engages our cameras, in the unapologetic way she shows off her body without a hint of shame, in the conviction of the rightness of her actions that radiates from her eyes. Our favorite is the woman who owns her beauty and values it for the treasure that it is, and she should be your favorite too. More...

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Living nude sculpture

We don't show a lot of gynecological detail in our photos on bodyinmind.com because we are not a porn site. We focus on objective beauty, not sex. A lady's breasts are objectively beautiful. Whereas between her legs? Well...not so much. We've found that guys who are a little too interested in "crotch shots" are the ones who don't have girlfriends. They might see beauty in them since attraction to genitalia is a substitute for a real girlfriend. But this is not a healthy kind of beauty (and is therefore not objective) because it is not condusive to relationships. Whereas breasts are meant by nature to attract men to women in real life. It's the only purpose they serve and they do it extremely well. This kind of beauty tends to inspire men to go out and get a girlfriend rather than use porn. We hope such men will pay close attention to our site. They might even learn how to get one. More...

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Enjoy looking at me

She really likes it. That's what we noticed looking at these photos of Klaudia. She loves showing off her beauty, posing fully nude right in front of her living room window. We have also noticed that enjoying one's own value is the rarest thing in the world these days. Self-sacrifice is the unfortunate ethics of our age. On this the anniversary of 9/11 we are hearing many people reminding us that the only real heroes are the dead. Last night the winner of the 2011 Mіss Unіvеrsе contest beat out her more gorgeous runners-up simply by saying she believes her true beauty is on the inside. Selling her beauty short in order to be popular qualifies as inner beauty today only because it's a form of self-sacrifice - a sacrifice of honesty and integrity. No, what's truly beautiful are people who do something just for themselves, something that hurts no one, something that may even bring joy to others. Klaudia is our hero because she reminds us how good this can feel and how this should be the accepted ethics of any age. More...

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Rаchеllе Wіldе: channeling Katy

Female singers dominate in our culture, especially those who have the good looks or flare to become iconic in and of themselves. Madonna is perhaps the most famous for pairing a definitive image with her music, but if raunchy, in-your-face sexuality isn't your thing, she can be a bit much. Lаdy GаGa is a self-styled freak, wilfully crossing lines and pushing fans out of their comfort zones. Not known for her beauty, she has instead focused on the outrageous, the bizarre, the artist-as-art chic. Which leaves Kаty Pеrry, a charming, wide-eyed throwback to a somewhat simpler esthetic. She's girly-girl and proud of it, happily wearing ribbons and bows, polka dots and bright colours. Her bubble-gum exuberance brings a kind of innocence to her music, the lyrics of which are often not the least bit innocent. Part pin-up, part vixen, part little girl and part hoochie mama, she manages to playfully embody all the stereotypes without taking any given one of them too seriously. We were inspired by her refreshing take on femininity, beauty and pure girlishness for this series with Rаchеllе Wіldе. More...

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Hayley-Mаrіе Cоppіn - fantasy babe

Whether it's within anime, science fiction, graphic novels, video games, or on the cover art of fantasy novels, beauty is making a bit of a comeback these days. Nowhere else will you find gorgeous powerful women with big breasts and long legs being presented so frankly and so unapologetically. But there is a catch. These gorgeous women usually have one thing in common: they're not human. Elves, fairies, vampires, aliens with green scales or pink hair - it seems the only acceptable way to show a beautiful buxom woman is to remove her from reality, to depict her as some supernatural being that could in no way reflect on real women or real life. While we don't fully agree with that sentiment, it's worth noting that beauty anywhere is a good thing - so we had some fun with Hayley-Marie and turned her hot pink for this set, as an homage to all those fantasy babes. We just wish their beauty was totally acceptable here on earth as well. More...

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Lаdy Gоdіvа - the first female superhero

We've always liked the tale of Lаdy Gоdіvа. In a way she was the first female superhero in history. Before her all the women of legend were villains of some sort. Bυt Lаdy Godiva used her beauty for good instead of evil. Her townspeople were starving. Her husband, the town governor, had agreed to lift his taxes if Lаdy Gоdіvа would ride through town completely naked. She did. The most popular version of the story, told by the religious authorities in the middle ages, was a tale of caution against the evils of nudity in which the townspeople were made to stay indoors and close their windows. The one fellow who dared peek (Pееpіng Tоm) was struck blind. But whether she hid in her hair and hung her head in shame or rather strode proudly mounted on her steed with her head held high, her smile glistening in the sun, is up to you. It's a legend and can be told by anyone in any way they like. We much prefer the latter version though, not only because it paints a picture of a woman in full possession of her beauty, but because the hiding version doesn't really make any sense. More...

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Is beauty all washed up?

The popular theory says we find certain women attractive because we are programmed by our DNA. But lately our ideas of female beauty have changed so quickly that genetics simply can't explain it. For example, it's no longer enough for a woman to be pretty. Now she has to wear tons of make-up. Hair cannot be simply long and lustrous. Highlights and a cool cut are needed now. Youth has been replaced with the most up-to-date technological accessories. A curvy figure is nice as long as it fits into chic fashion. Yesterday's silly stereotypes have become today's popular definition of beauty because men have become unable to perceive beauty without them. Men have become like many other animals who need huge hints from the opposite sex to be attracted. Birds need bright feathers and frenetic dances. Insects need odors that can be smelled miles away. Men need clues like big hair and fake boobs when they can no longer perceive beauty for themselves. In reality DNA does not define beauty, ethics do. Our tastes change when our values change, and when we abandon morals, we lose the ability to perceive beauty at all. This is why today the superficial has replaced beauty. Which proves beauty preferences cannot be genetic. More...

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Naked celebrities

Why are people so interested in seeing celebrities naked? Google any celebrity and you will see a long list of nudy sites promising photos. Mr.Skin has been posting - and making a living from - the nude scenes from all major motion pictures for almost 10 years. Photoshop has convinced many female stars to pose completely nude even when Hυgh Hеfnеr couldn't. In fact, pasting actresses heads on porn models' bodies has become somewhat of an internet art. Then there's the grainy, long-distance paparazzi shots of the rich and famous on vacation and half naked. Clearly there is a lot of interest in seeing celebrities nude. But we think it's not due to hyper-perviness of modern society. We think it's because we are tired of our bodies and our sex drives being derrided and villified and celebrities lend an air of glamour, fun, and respectability to the concept of nudity and sex. We like to see people we admire enjoying them because we want to enjoy them too. More...

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Rhіаn Sυgdеn: artist's model

A snicker or sneer is likely what you will get. Mention nudity to anybody these days and see. As a civilization we seem to have completely lost the concept of nudity being something artistic. In fact, there was a time during the renaissance that art wasn't taken seriously unless its subject included the human nude. Whenever you see a nude human figure adorning an old post office, train station, or church you are looking at the remnants of that idea. You also see it in the topless models adorning page 3 of British tabloid newspapers. Sneer and snicker if you like, but page 3 actually represents respected public nudity. How else could its models go on in their careers to become presenters, newspeople or perhaps even politicians. Page 3 is a still-living cultural achievement not found anywhere else in the modern world, unmatched in all of human history. More...

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Alece: she's got legs!

At Bоdy in Mind, we're not big on 'body parts' photography, the kind of images that zoom in on crotches or butts or a single boob, mostly because these kinds of photos tend to depersonalize the model and detract from her overall beauty. We like to present the whole woman as much as possible, to show what makes her a unique individual with a distinct personality and character. But that doesn't mean we aren't capable of noticing when a beautiful woman has characteristics that truly set her apart. Alece may have one of the most beautiful, soul-warming smiles we've ever seen, but she also has a pair of legs that just won't quit. Showing off those long, shapely legs and gorgeous smile is a testament to her one body part that truly makes her the unique and stunning beauty that she is - her mind. More...

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Beauty - the art of the Positive

If beauty can save the world, as many believe, then art could be its saviour. Problem is, most people understand art even less than they understand beauty. So in the interest of saving the world, we'll explain them both to you now. Beauty is your values embodied in people or things. Art is creating images of those people and things. The key to both is values. Values are things you think are most important. If you think confusion, misery, terror, and death are the most significant things in life, your taste in art will reflect that. Most art today does. However, if like us you believe in truth, happiness, purpose, and life, you will prefer more positive oriented art, such as this set of Cat enjoying her own beauty. Some think positive, happy things cannot be art. They call it fluff. But if the embodiment of negative values can be considered art, so must the positive. More...

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Hayley-Mаrіе Cоppіn - the summer of love

Nude photography really came into its own in the late fifties and early sixties. Groups of men joined 'camera clubs' so that they could trek down to the beach with a buxom beauty and snap away as she frolicked in the waves, and magazines featuring 'naturalists' - meaning beautiful nude young women, happily nude - were all the rage. The photography wasn't highly sophisticated - in fact by today's standards it was too bright and too high contrast, the smiles too high-wattage and the colors too vibrant. But that's what we love about those early nude photos - the sheer exuberance of them, the unmistakable joie de vivre present in every frame. It was a more innocent, more value-driven time, and those of us lucky enough to grow up with those images as our first taste of nude women are better men for it. More...

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Don't forget beauty

Everyone has dreams. But what's amazing about human beings is that everyone is capable of forgetting their dreams. It doesn't seem possible perhaps, but how else can you explain people who accept less in life than their dream job, their dream home, or their dream lover? In fact, the vast majority of people do so. It might seem like an ironic cruelty of life for fate to give us all such pretty dreams only to let them slip away. But it's not. In fact, life reminds us repeatedly not to abandon our dreams, and does everything it can to inspire us to remember and achieve them. It does this with beauty. Beauty is life's way of reminding us of what we've forgotten. For example, when you see a beautiful woman she reminds you that you want to be the kind of man she would like, the kind you would like to be. She reminds you of your dreams. So dream on! And don't forget how important beauty really is. More...

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Look into the light

Jаnоschе Sіmоn used only one light in this photo set of the vivacious and curvaceous Monika. We were impressed at the way the single light draws our focus to whatever Monika is feeling in each shot, or the way it isolates and glorifies the various parts of her wondrous body. It reminds us of the way the world is today. There is very little real objective female beauty left in the world today. Actresses and models all resemble 14 year old girls more than women. The women in music are all playing characters of one kind or another, none are just being themselves. Even porn has abandoned the big boobs and long golden locks that were once its mainstay in favor of younger-looking girl-women. Beauty is the representation of values; without its light there is no focus, no glorification, no lasting culture, no real values. Just a decline into darkness. Enjоy Mоnіkа. Look into the light. More...

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Hayley-Mаrіе Cоppіn - Thе Prіncеss Perogative

A beautiful woman was recently hassled by police in Nеw Yоrk City because she was riding a bicycle in a skirt. Article here. We've noticed the same negative male reaction to beautiful women many times lately, is varying degrees. For example a park ranger got aroused by one of our models posing nude but since he couldn't "have" her he got mean and kicked us out of a deserted forest. We saw the same reaction in the man who shot all those young women dead in Norway recently. And again in the newspeople who said "70 people were killed by the crazed gunman" leaving out "mostly young women". We hate this kind of reaction to female beauty. We believe instead in Thе Prіncеss Perogative. A princess can wear anything she likes - even nothing! - and no one can say anything against her since she can have their heads cut off (at least she could back when being a princess actually meant something). In reality, men are responsible for their own reactions to beautiful women and they need to learn how to handle their arousal. No one should ever be required to change their behaviour for the weaknesses, flaws or moral failures of others. In modern times Thе Prіncеss Perogative means a woman can be as beautiful as she likes in public, and the men around her will smack down any guy wimpy enough to attack her for it. More...

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A new day of beauty

In our efforts over the last 14 years to recruit only the best artists and models to work with Body in Mind we've come to realize a very sad thing: that even the most talented people in the our industry will betray beauty. Body in Mind is founded on the fact that female beauty is one of the greatest things known to man. But time and time again we have seen great photographers using their talent and the beauty they create to sell porn. We see great models using their incredible beauty only as a launching pad to different careers. Some even go on to denounce their modeling days. This makes us even more grateful for the contributors we do have at Body in Mind who refuse to betray beauty or to flush it down the drain of porn. Beauty is not something you can betray and hope to survive. Beauty lights our way to our values, which means, to our futures, and to our happiness. Without beauty there is only darkness. And with it, there is always the promise of a new day. More...

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Alece: nude yoga

Yoga is in the news a lot lately, with variations like Hоt Yоgа and even Nаkеd Yоgа springing up. Mainstream yoga has seen its image modernized a little, with clothing lines called Yоgа Tаrt adding to the sexiness of it. A lot of purists and feminists aren't happy with this development. They don't like yoga being 'sexualized', and they really don't like fitness magazines publishing images of 'naked or half-naked young women in yoga poses'. Which isn't a surprise to us - these types are always looking for a way to attack beauty. They take a healthy activity like yoga - which encourages women to be strong, agile, fit and confident - and complain about how fit and confident those women actually become. The message is clear - its okay to improve your fitness, it's okay to feel sexy, but you'd better not start looking sexy. With an attitude like that, Bυrqυа Yоgа can't be far behind. More...

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Men surrounded by beautiful nude women

At Bоdy in Mind we receive a lot of emails asking us if the Bеаυty Pаrk, the place where only men with character and class are allowed in, and where beautiful women are paid to go nude, is a real place. The answer is yes, and no. It's clear to us that men have a real need to have beautiful women around them. It's the reason for the popularity of Budweisser cruises and camps, strip joints, and even whore houses. But what most men don't know is that women feel free to be nude only to the extent that the men around them have character, which means, men have to give women a good reason to want to strip. Most men cannot come up with such a reason so for them the Bеаυty Pаrk remains a fantasy. However, for men with character the Bеаυty Pаrk is quite real. For men with character, having beautiful nude women around is never a problem. More...

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Nude in the real world

We find it interesting that many websites that feature female nudes brag about how their photos are so much better than anyone else's, not because they try harder but because they don't make any effort to make their photos at all. They praise themselves for never allowing the models any clothes in their photos, as if clothes can never be beautiful. They go on about how great their settings are, not because they are beautiful but because there is nothing in them. Elaborate backgrounds distract from the model they say. They mock the use of props or styling in a nude photo, as if putting a nude woman into the real world was absurd, as if they believe a beautiful woman should never be nude in real life. It seems clear to us that treating women as nothing more than a clump of nicely shaped human flesh to be kept in an empty box is nothing to brag about, and might even be something to seek help for. Instead we offer lovely Rhian, photographed nude in the real world, a world that includes clothing, props, a setting, an effort, and a life. Can there be any beauty without them? More...

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Pеytоn Prіеstly and Rаchеllе Wіldе - Bоsоm Bυddіеs

Rаchеllе Wіldе, one of our most popular models, recently became the latest anchorwoman for NakedNews.com, where she quickly became one of their top on-air personalities. Now we're happy to announce that another of our top models, Pеytоn Prіеstly, has made the jump to NakedNews.com. We recently had them both in our studios together to try to capture some of the chemistry between these best friends, and it became clear that the beauty of them together is rivaled only by the fun they have on set. There's lots of photos we took out simply because they were so over the top. You'll have to wait for the next candids set for those. But in this newest set we think you'll see why these two lovely ladies are truly bosom buddies. More...

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Hayley-Mаrіе Cоppіn - A Study in Beauty

Artists and scientists have been studying the human body for centuries in an effort to both understand and celebrate it. Some use the intricate plan of our bodies and the marvellous functioning of all its many integrated parts as evidence of intelligent design - surely something so perfectly engineered must have been assembled by a master's hand they say. Others point to the wondrous efficiency of evolution evident in the gradual distilling down of that which is essential to life. But despite centuries of effort to understand the human body, very little if any serious study has ever been devoted to the beautiful human. Her body functions as elegantly as anyone's, yet hers clearly possesses something extraordinary, something beyond that which is common to us all, something that is not really even necessary for procreation. What is the purpose of her beauty? Has anyone ever asked that question seriously? We have. And maybe, in looking at this study of Hayley-Marie's beauty, you'll find yourself asking it too. More...

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How to survive the beauty park

We've written many times about the fabled place where beautiful women walk around topless or nude, posing for artists, playing chess, or simply chatting with admirers under a big shady tree all in a non-sexual way - it' called the Bеаυty Pаrk. Most men would think they'd died and gone to heaven, but in reality they'd be lucky to survive. Think about it: how would you react when greeted at the gate by Sаm Bυxtоn in her topless sweater and skirt for example? Would you be able to calmly answer her questions about your reservation and accomodation, or would you be overwhelmed and distracted by sexual fantasies? Could you really spend some pleasant non-sexual recreation time with a woman like her, or would you watch the ladies safely from afar, pining? The key to dealing successfully with powerful female beauty is to have something going on of your own. You need to have a life, which means: a career, a passion, a purpose. Don't go to the Bеаυty Pаrk to relax. Go to work. Your work will keep you calm, confident, and centered. And this will attract the ladies to you. It's true at the Bеаυty Pаrk. And it's true in life. More...

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So much beauty and so little time

Nіkkаlа Stоtt has been modeling nude for 10 years. She was discovered by Thе Sυn newspaper in England and has regularly appeared on their page 3 feature ever since, selling untold numbers of papers for them. Early on she caught our eye. We compared her beauty to the that of Jеnnіfеr Cоnnеlly and Rаqυеl Wеlch. And we marvelled at the luck of all males that Nikkala routinely posed topless in her career where the other two did not. Nikkala appeared briefly in Dеυcе Bіgаlоw 2, but has no other motion picture credits. And this quite frankly baffles us. Nikkala herself is modest and unassuming, and has not chased movie roles, however, we can't understand why no one in the movie biz has chased her. The world should be ashamed that it has not made more use of the incredible beauty of Nіkkаlа Stоtt. And we are proud in our own way that we have done everything we could with it. There is much more we would like to have done, but we are just a small art site, and not a multi-million dollar corporation. More...

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Great beauty is a form of greatness

Usually when gorgeous willowy blondes like Rhіаn Sυgdеn appear in entertainment or advertising we hear protests from politically correct people. Yet rarely do we hear complaints that glamour models or even porn stars are too beautiful. Why? If all women are beautiful, as the modern politically correct mantra goes, they why are there not more cries for average women to be in our glamour images, or in our porn? The reason is: glamour models and porn stars are generally considered to be superficial or slightly immoral. While the students, mothers and professional women depicted in advertising are generally thought to be ideals. The modern bias therefore doesn't mind if great beauty is used for immoral purposes. It only minds if great beauty is held up as an ideal. Instead of trying to convince us that gorgeous models are not really beautiful, the modern movement should be teaching us that beauty is not immoral. That way great beauty would not have to go slumming in porn, and moral women would be considered more beautiful. More...

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Jυst Dаncе

Men love to watch women dance. It's not just the chance to unashamedly pay attention to their bodies, and it's not just the obvious delight that most women take in letting go and enjoying themselves. When a woman dances, and we find it beautiful, it's because her body passes through a series of poses that, if you were to freeze them in time (or in a frame of film, for instance), would each be beautiful on its own. An arch here, a turn of the head there, a certain jutting of the hip and a curve of the behind and you have a moment that you might not ever see off the dance floor. That's why when we had Laura in front of our cameras we put on some music and asked her to 'just dance' - and were lucky enough to capture some of her beauty in ways we might not have even known were there. More...

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Alece - the fountainhead

Ayn Rаnd wrote Thе Fоυntаіnhеаd about a character she described as her ideal man. Hоwаrd Rоаrk, the hero of the book, is a fearlessly indepedent architect who compromises nothing and lives by his own effort and for his own reward. Rand imagined the highest qualities of a man and put them all into one representation, which still stands out today as an example of what true masculinity would look like were it allowed to flourish. We like to think that, if such a utopia were to exist, that the ideal woman would be allowed to flourish as well. But what would she be like? We believe that the ideal woman would be beautiful in both body and mind, someone whose beauty represents the values that she actually possesses, like intelligence and confidence, strength and purpose, bravery and benevolence. Someone who might bear more than a passing resemblance to Alece... More...

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Cat - Mornin' in N'Orleans

It's impossible to sleep in when you're in Nеw Orlеаns. It's quiet enough, and considering you were probably out late the night before, possibly partying on a balcony or rooftop watching the city shimmer in the late night heat, you'd have every reason to roll over and go back to sleep when the morning sun trickles through your blinds. But you don't. Perhpas it's the heat that has already glued your sheets to your legs, or perhaps it's the neighbourhood cats begging at your back door. But more likely it's your stomach wondering what that local streetside cafe sells for breakfast, or the good natured laughter you hear from the buskers heading for the Frеnch Qυаrtеr to earn a buck. Whatever the reason, you get up quickly, wash your face with haste, and you go outside. It's going to be a hot one, but you don't want to miss a thing. More...

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Grown men

Learning how to respond to our sexuality and attraction to the opposite sex takes men years. 3-year old boys love running around without their pants on. Later you might catch your 6 year old playing doctor with the little girl next door. At 12 he falls in puppy love with a girl at school and gets his first kiss. In his teens he has pictures of bikini models on his wall. Oddly, this is where the maturing process stops for most males. Most men never mature beyond the lusting for unattainable female bodies in photos. Yet they all retain the love of nudity, the attraction to real women, and the romantic dreams they developed as children. Most men are stuck in a perpetual adolescence. They have simply not grown up all the way. "Growing up" means learning to take our innate animalistic urges, filtering them through our mind, creating something uniquely human. It means turning our sexual urges not only into beauty and love, but into self-perfection and ultimately romance. By all means admire these nude photos of Klaudia, even put them on your wall. But don't forget there's an even more important grown up response possible to you. More...

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Admiring takes character

A local university recently banned women from wearing any body-baring workout clothing in the school's fitness center. The reason? Apparently a feminist group in Sweden published a report that says a majority of people claimed they didn't get a rewarding a workout when some of the women working out wore "sexy clothing". The contadictions in this are almost too many to count. The reaon most people work out is so they look and feel better. So why would it make sense to hide one's success at this? The report doesn't say why a majority of people react to beauty with resentment and self-loathing instead of the desire to attain it for themselves, or why on earth such people would want to work out in the first place. One also has to wonder what reward these people are hoping for if looking and feeling better are repulsive to them. But the most sobering thing about this is that a progressive institution of learning in the modern world would choose to ban beauty, especially when it's more and more clear that such institutionalized hatred of beauty is what causes anorexia and other eating disorders. If we lose our ability to admire a sexy woman, in the gym or on the beach, we need to search our selves for the flaw, not try to prevent admiration. More...

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Moving in at Body in Mind

We recently shot a set of photos of Body in Mind models Pеytоn Prіеstly and Rаchеllе Wіldе moving into a new place as room mates. It should come as no surprise to our regular members that these 2 ladies are quite comfortable being totally nude. But what's interesting is how comfortable they are with each other. They are happy, silly and totally themselves with each other at all times, even nude. In fact their nakedness seems totally natural. We love getting glimpses like this of the world where women's beauty and nudity are a normal and natural part of the day. We only wish men could be as cool around naked women. Women would be far less likely to rush to cover up if men didn't make such a big fuss about it. It re-affirms our belief that the only thing standing between men and happy naked women is the men themselves. So be cool. Act natural. And beauty just might be your reward. More...

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Bоm Dіа! Nikkala in Portugal

We hadn't worked with BiM covergirl Nіkkаlа Stоtt in a while so we rang her up to see if she was up for a new photoshoot. She told us she hadn't worked with Page 3 in many months for her own reasons and was thinking of retiring from nude modeling completely. It was wintertime so we offered her a sunny vacation and photo shoot in Portugal. "I'll think it over if I may" was all she said. We were saddened that one of the most beautiful women in the world might actually stop modeling altogether, and depressed that all her beauty might end up going to waste. A couple weeks later came the happy news. "I think I'd like to do the Portugal shoot" Nikkala said quietly. We were thrilled! We were even more pleased when we saw Nikkala was once again the brunette we first fell in love with 10 years ago. It was indeed a good day. Or as they say in Portugal "Bоm Dіа!" More...

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The hottest woman in the world

Maxim magazine released its picks for the hottest 100 women in the world this week. We're not sure how they choose the women included or the order they put them in, but we are sure they're not using the system that most men use in real life. While the obscure males of our species do love admiring sexy photos of the famous females, there isn't a man among them who would turn down a chance to see the cute girl next door nude over a chance to open a Maxim magazine. That's because proximity is one of the qualities that makes a woman beautiful to a man. Or as the great photographer of famous women Nоrmаn Pаrkіnsоn observed, the Venus de Milo's got nothing on the girl behind the bar. Or, as we will add, on the girl who invites you into her room. More...

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'Pure nudes' are not so pure

The negative stigma that our society puts on porn has caused an interesting and unexpected offshoot. Porn depicts sex without any love, romance, or reason. It is spiritless, and artless. But rather than reject porn for these reasons some men now reject the only value in porn (the sex) and continue to fully embrace the lack of reason and romance in it. They turn to what is now being called 'pure nudes'. Pure nudes are images of fully nude women with no reason given for their nudity and no values included in their depiction such as a setting or story. Pure nudes are based on the belief that a woman's nude body is a value in itself and that any personality in the model or plot in the photo merely detracts from its beauty. Admirers of pure nudes are materialists in the worst way - they see women as nothing but physical objects on purpose. They then attach the word 'pure' to the genre in an attempt to pretend it's moral. Bodyinmind.com invented the mixing of morality and nudity many years ago, but this means including - not removing - as many values as possible. Because of us many producers of nude photos still claim to be moral as a selling point when in reality they are anything but. More...

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Cat in Nеw Orlеаns

Bеfоrе Hυrrіcаnе Katrina, Nеw Orlеаns had a long and lush history, vibrant with jazz and colourful shotgun houses, with beignets at Cafe du Monde and wrought iron trellises overlooking Bоυrbоn St. That same smooth vibe is still there, in the easy smiles and lilting speech of the people who still call the Bіg Eаsy home. Walking through the Frеnch Qυаrtеr with Cat, past the voodoo shops and po-boy restaurants, letting the humid spring day slow our pace, it was easy see how the charm and grace of this old city seeps into the soul. Nola was a natural place for Cat to show off her sensual side too, slipping inside to take refuge from the heat and cooling off in her own beautiful style. More...

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Hayley-Mаrіе Cоppіn: biker chic

In the early fifties when Jаmеs Dеаn and Mаrlоn Brаndо first made biker chic popular, their leather getups made them look like rebels - street toughs that you didn't want near your daughter. Nowadays that look has been copied in every area, from fetishists to little kids' hallowe'en costumes. The biker look is now more kitsch than criminal. But there's still a few leftover whispers of that fringe-of-society feel. Someone like Hayley, decked out in leather and studs, astride a motorbike, giving us attitude, makes us feel - at least a little bit - like this is someone we don't want to mess with. Maybe it's just confidence, or maybe its because she knows how damn good she looks, but Hayley rocks this set in a way that would definitely make Brando proud. More...

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Alece nude, naturally

Natural can mean many things. In the world of nude photography, it usually means naked girls out in the woods, but to us, its more about a woman's natural beauty. Imagine how truly beautiful a woman has to be to just stand there, in nothing but a pair of jeans, with no makeup or hairstyling or jewelry, and be as radiant as Alece is in this set. Her inner glow shines through in every smile, her confidence and ease with her body is evident in every pose she strikes. And she's a natural model too - always posing and moving her body in creative ways, always engaging the camera with her contagious and very natural smile. For those who believe that beauty is just the product of PhotoShop, we present this totally natural set of a beautiful woman at her best. Naturally. More...

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Nіkkаlа Stоtt now exclusive

Body in Mind has been photographing Nіkkаlа Stоtt for more than 5 years and already has more photos of her than any other publication in the world. And now we're thrilled to announce that Nіkkаlа Stоtt is now exclusive to Body in Mind. That's right! Now we - and you! - have Nikkala nude all to ourselves! In fact, we have just wrapped a shoot in Portugal and have tons more sets on the way. And we were pleasantly surprised to see that Nikkala is once again a brunette, her natural colour. Long time Nikkala fans will LOVE these upcoming sets. We are also working hard on a book about Nikkala which we hope will become a must have for all her fans. The preview copies have everyone around here asking where THEY can get one. So stay tuned Nikkala fans, you ain't seen nothin' yet! More...

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A visit to a princess's bed chamber

LIFE magazine in its heyday featured intimate portraits and insightful profiles of the most influential and famous people in the world. Today LIFE magazine is not what it was. If it was around today it would no doubt have exclusive photo rights for the royal wedding of Prіncе Wіllіаm and Kаtе Mіddlеtоn. We wondered what a LIFE magazine photo essay of a princess-to-be might look like, so we created our own, featuring BiM model Ashley B. inviting the world into her private bed chambers to see how a princess might live in her most quiet moments. More...

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Rаchеllе Wіldе is smokin!

Rаchеllе Wіldе is smokin hot right now. She is the newest anchor on NakedNews.com and has just graced the cover of Plаybоy's Lіngеrіе Spеcіаl Edіtіоn in April 2011. She has several cool TV commercials to her credit and has her eye on acting. And now she is the latest model that bodyinmind.com will feature monthly for as long as humanly possible. Stay tuned for new wild sets of Rachelle in the coming months on Body in Mind, and definitely check out her new site and the great vids she's posted of her latest exploits. Rachelle is a rare Canadian talent - a glamour model who seems to be doing everything right. She is hot, wilde, and in this set, absolutely smokin! More...

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Those who pay

We've said it many times: the sheer volume of stolen images on the internet makes it almost impossible to make a living producing tasteful nude images of beautiful women. "File-sharing" as it is called, is really file-stealing, because it steals the profits and livelihoods of many people in this industry, including photographers, webmasters, and most noticeably models. No one knows just how many models have left the industry to make more money doing mundane jobs like secretary or waitress. One top model on Body in Mind is actually in shoe sales in real life. Another is a ticket girl at the airport. Thаnk Gоd we still have Pеtа Tоdd and a host of other models who continue to work with Body in Mind simply because we remain so tasteful and because we protect their income by fighting file-stealing. So we say shame on those who steal our images. And to those who enjoy our models in our members area, we say, feel very very proud that you've paid for it. You are their only true fans. More...

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Strippy sets

We do a lot of "strippy" sets - as we call them - on Body in Mind and no one does them better than Laura. But the clothing, setting, and message in a strippy set are even more important than the model. A nude woman looks the same in any age or in any place. Thus, somewhat ironically, clothing is more important than the model because it's what allows the photos to take place at a certain time in history or place in the world. A woman stripping in a men's club does it only for titilation. But stripping in other settings allows a woman's nudity to have other purposes and other meanings beyond just sex. This makes the setting even more important than the clothing. For example a woman stripping in a church or in public or in defiance of tyranny is more interesting than a generic nude woman without time, place, or meaning. A man will eventually tire of even the sexiest nude photo of his favourite model. Yet men need new nude photos to admire all the time. Only clothing, settings and meanings can keep nude photos from all looking the same. It's much more than models that goes into nude photos, and that's why strippy sets fascinate men. More...

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Hayley-Mаrіе Cоppіn: the girlfriend experience

Maybe you've heard the term: GFE. Gіrlfrіеnd Expеrіеncе. In certain circles the term applies to a kind of personal service supplied by an escort or prostitute, above and beyond the obvious. Rather than quick and anonymous gratification, a woman providing a Gіrlfrіеnd Expеrіеncе will, for a time at least, do the kinds of things a girlfriend might do. She'll talk to you, she'll snuggle with you, she'll make out with you, she'll listen to your work stories and laugh at your jokes. By the end of the 'date', you'll be left with the feeling that you've had the best parts of a relationship without any of the hassles. And without as much money in your wallet as you started out with. The problem with the Gіrlfrіеnd Expеrіеncе is the addition of the word "experience", like it's a theme park ride. What's wrong with "girlfriend" full stop? Why not become the kind of man who can have the real thing - a woman like Hayley, just chillin' with you at home, a woman who's there because you've impressed her enough to make her want to be? Don't settle for an "experience" - aim for the real thing. More...

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The beauty of being human

One of the many unique qualities humans possess - as opposed to the other animals we share the planet with - is our ability to appreciate beauty. Some species use colorful feathers or markings to attract a mate, but science has figured out that it is only the color the animal is responding to, not any higher appreciation for beauty. We are the only species that can perceive beauty, and for reasons other than mate selection. Take the little black cat in this gallery of Ashley by Chrіs Rυеggе - he knows there's unusual activity going on with these people in his house, but beyond trying to get himself in the middle of it, he couldn't care less whether Ashley is clothed or naked, beautiful or plain. Animals certainly see us, and our pets even learn to recognize our faces, but they can't be moved by beauty the way we can. So enjoy the fact that you can appreciate the cat's beauty and Ashley's beauty - and enjoy being human. More...

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Body in Mind has a NO REAL FUR policy in all of our photos. There are so many superior-looking fake furs out there it just doesn't make any sense to use real fur, for anything. And when you consider how much unnecessary suffering (which is another word for cruelty) the use of real fur causes to beautiful, innocent animals the world over, the use of real fur is downright barbaric. Man has developed so many great technologies, including those that lead to cool motorcycles like the one in this set of Nikkala, it's only reasonable that he would develop faux fur as well, and that it would look every bit as cool. Body in Mind also donates to many anti-fur organizations on a regular basis, such as PETA and IFAW, and we hope you will consider doing the same. More...

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Stеfаn Grоsjеаn - one of the good guys

Where do we place nudity on a moral scale, with total depravity at one end and glowing value at the other? It's important because if we define it as immoral then nudes get degraded and only depraved artists will create them, artists who are happy to sell them in the backwaters of porn. On the other hand, if we define nudes as good, then moral artists will create them and will aspire to make the most beautiful images possible. Stеfаn Grоsjеаn is a moral artist whose love of women and of their beauty is crystal clear in every image he creates. Unfortunately, most people in the world see nudes as dirty and bad, and such people are responsible for having Stefan fired from his job as an environmental psychologist in Switzerland because of his nudes. Notice this: these people have not destroyed any porn or pornographers; they have destroyed only the gorgeous nudes that a dedicated artist might now not be able to afford to create. This is why it's so important for beauty lovers to define nudes as good. And why anyone who cares about female beauty should support artists like Stеfаn Grоsjеаn. More...

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Clеоpаtrа's Gіft

Legend has it that when Cleopatra wanted a private meeting with Jυlіυs Cаеsаr, she had herself rolled up in a luxurious rug and delivered to his quarters. When he unrolled the gift, out rolled the sensuous young queen who would end up becoming his lover. Science has since dispelled this idea as impossible to pull off, but there's something seductive about the idea anyway. A woman who knows how to luxuriate in a swath of fabric, one who knows the power of her beauty and sensuality, and one clever enough to use it to get what she wants is an archetype that has survived thousands of years and will continue to. The long lines of Alece's sensous legs and taut body are a perfect contrast to the swirls and bunches of fabric that she clutches as she writhes around in delight. Maybe that was Cleopatra's real gift - to womenkind, not to Caesar - the understanding of what pleasure and power your own sensuality can give you. More...

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The average woman's view of sex

For 14 years Body in Mind's message has always been that female beauty and sexuality are playful, not depraved. Many people and organizations have a vested reason for wishing the world to think of female beauty and sexuality as depraved, such fundamentalist religions and radical women's groups. But the most surprising group is the beautiful and sexual women themselves. The most virulent and hateful emails and debates we have with our readers always come from women who make their living with their looks and who insist that it is somehow good for people to think of female nudes as "naughty", "smut", "dirt", and "sin". Even more surprising: when you look at the modern world brutally mistreating women sexually on the grounds that sex is bad, you have to wonder why the average woman would happily allow this to continue. Then we figured it out. Women want sex defined as depraved so they can "turn off the tap" anytime they want. It's their way of trying to keep men at bay. Unwanted male advances can be stopped by simply shaking a finger at them and reminding them that sex is depraved. "Nuh uh uh, don't be a bad boy!" We think a much better way for women to gain the degree of sexual control over men that they need is to simply do as we have done for 14 years: preach that female beauty and sexuality are good, and that the men who respect it are also good. Ultimately, it's the only way to keep women in general from suffering the violent fallout that comes from beauty negativity. More...

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How much fun do you think nude modeling is? Judging by the dour, come-hither looks on the faces of most nude website models, it's no fun at all. It's either serious business, calculated to appeal to men's baser instincts, or its artificially playful, as though beautiful European teens really do like cavorting around naked in bed with each other, really they do. That's one of the many things that sets us apart as photographers and as a nude site. We strive to make female beauty a part of everyday life, and that includes the lighter side of it. We see no reason not to have fun while we're shooting, and with models like Hayley-Mаrіе Cоppіn, it's easy to do. This set was shot in the middle of a downpour in September, and yet there she was, gamely frolicking around this little play area and having a blast. No complaints or diva behavior, even when the rain-slicked slide she went down was way more slippery than she thought, and deposited her firmly on her backside in the sopping sand. We had all fun that day, because to Hayley-Marie, modeling is always a playground. Enjoy. More...

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Retro is more natural than modern

Science has recently revealed that the birth control pill makes women more attracted to less masculine men. This explains why most modern male actors like Tоm Crυіsе, Brаd Pіtt and Mаtt Dаmоn are shorter and more boyish looking than those of the pre-pill era. And since women naturally want to be shorter and smaller than men, it also explains why small, girlish actresses such as Mіlа Kυnіs and Nаtаlіе Pоrtmаn are more popular than full-bodied actresses these days. The pill explains why women prefer immature feminine qualities in celebrities but it doesn't explain why most men seem to also. At bodyinmind.com we're not like most men. We prefer our women tall, buxom, and curvy. So we thought it would be fun to photograph Cat in a style popular in the 1950s, a time when voluptuous meant more than youth, and sexy meant more than lesbianism. It might not be popular or scientific, but it's certainly more natural. More...

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The popular theory of female beauty

The popular modern theory of female beauty tells us that facial symmetry is what makes a woman attractive. That theory however doesn't explain why the most beautiful models and actresses are not actually perfectly symmetrical. This theory also tells us that if you average the features of several faces with each other the resulting face is widely considered to be more beautiful. However, this has been contradicted by the discovery that enlarging a woman's eyes and shrinking her chin was found to make an average face more attractive. But what then allows us to find one such face more attractive than another? Every attempt to define female beauty as strictly mathematical has failed because it is actually personality that makes one woman more attractive than another. Through emotion and attitude we can see a woman's personality in her face, and it's this - more than averaging or re-sizing features - that makes one woman more beautiful to us than another. More...

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Where's the beauty

Men are attracted to female beauty. That's goes without saying. However, what do men do with this attraction? That is not so clear. In the west, the majority of men seem to respond to female beauty in a sexual way. This reaction is so pervasive in the U.S. that most Americans don't even know there is a difference between beauty and sex, and their television and movies are are full of proof of this. In Eυrоpе there is at least a tradition of responding to female beauty artistically, and their art galleries are full of proof of this. In the middle and far east, beautiful women are seen as a rare and valuable possession, as something to be owned and kept private. However, none of these reactions is the proper one. Female beauty is meant by nature to inspire men to become the best they can be, to discover their values and to work hard to achieve them. That's why we love this set of Klaudia by Chrіs Rυеggе. It depicts a beautiful women waiting for her man to come home in a real world setting. She is not trapped, she is not an untouchable sculpture, and she is not dressed in sexy lingerie or holding a whip. She is simply a woman in love with her man, a man who has spent his time pursuing a profitable and rewarding career rather than becoming addicted to porn, a man who has been inspired by her to create greatness in himself and a good life for her rather than just worshipping her as a starving artist, and a man who does not see her as his possession but as his wonderful reward and he hers. This is what is truly sexy, inspiring and worth having. If you can't see the beauty of this then you probably have no real female beauty in your life. Start with this photo of Klaudia. She is telling you where the female beauty in life is and how to respond to it, if you want it. More...

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Creating or stealing

We've talked a lot lately about the problem of stolen photos on the internet. Somehow the web has given people the idea that every image online is somehow free - in the "public domain" they call it, when nothing could be further from the truth. In fact the exact opposite is true; according to international copyright laws EVERY SINGLE IMAGE IS AUTOMATICALLY COPYRIGHTED AS SOON AS IT IS PUBLISHED ONLINE. Every image is created and owned by someone, in this case, every photo in this set was created and is owned by Jаrоmіr Plеskо and his model Katy, and unless you have permission from them to use these images, as we do, you are breaking the law by downloading them from file-sharing sites or using them in your own webpages. This is the law, and it has not changed just for the internet. Some people think file-sharing helps the little guy against the big guys, or they see all the stolen images on the web and assume it's legal. What they pretend not to see is that the reason we see so many stolen images online is that there are millions of thieves in the world, and that file-sharing really means the huge masses against the little guy who is trying to make a living with his or her work. More...

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Nudity in the movies

We would like to see beautiful nude women in great works of cinema. Yet we often hear beautiful actresses promising to never do nude scenes in movies unless it's necessary for the plot. It's their way of saying they don't want to get naked for some terrible straight to home box office flick on the sex channel. Thus we end up with 2 kinds of ultimately unsatisfying films: the dramatic movie with no real beauty and the nudy flick with no real story. Part of the solution may be for actresses to learn that the plot is not the only necessary element of a dramatic film; there is also the theme, the setting, the creation of characters, and the creation of emotion. What most actresses don't seem to know - but most good directors do - is that movie viewers will instantly like a pretty actress, so if she is playing a likeable character, a pretty actress will work better. Similarly, if a pretty actress is playing a character we're supposed to love, there's no better way to achieve it quickly in a film than for her to go nude. Nudity is bravery and vulnerability at once, and we all feel protective and affectionate towards people who are brave and vulnerable. There is nothing more loveable in a person, or more powerful in a film. More...

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Pеtа Tоdd: love yourself

Do you ever wonder why Western society has such problems with nudity? For example we see tons of sex and violence on TV and in movies every day. But we rarely see nudity. One of the main reasons for this is altruism. Altruism tells us that mankind is destructive to itself and dangerous to the planet and that everyone must devote themselves to anything but themselves if we are to survive. It claims to be about love of mankind while insisting that mankind is despicable. Thus we have all learned to distrust ourselves - and our bodies since they are our most fundamental self. But we must never let altruism destroy our love of ourselves and mankind. We can be kind and responsible without ignoring our own needs and desires. This is why nudes are so necessary to mankind. A beautiful woman posing nude implies that she is valuable and that we are worthy of that value. She loves her most fundamental self and tell us quietly and happily "love yourself, because I do." More...

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Let it Snow

If you live in either Nоrth Amеrіcа or Europe, this winter has been a nasty one so far. Snow storms and bone-chilling cold have swept over us, making us all want to go into hibernation and long for the breezy days of summer. But in the midst of all this, we managed to entice Alece to fly up to Canada and shoot with us - in fact, she managed to get out of Nеw Yоrk City in the small window of time when the airports were actually open. With her radiant beauty and sunny personality, she warmed us up but good. We threw on some Elvis, passed around the hot chocolate, and imagined a GAP commercial only minus the clothes. The result? We were quite happy to just let it snow. More...

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Nіkkаlа Stоtt: Dirty pictures? Not at all.

At Bоdy in Mind, there is one kind of person we consider the most evil of all: the person who tries to sell others on the idea that female nudity or sexuality is depraved. It isn't. In fact there is nothing more awesome, human, and ultimately attractive that the sight of a beautiful woman. What then does it say about someone who can look upon such a sight then turn around and call it "dirty" or "naughty" or "depraved". What kind of person sees beauty and calls it ugly, enjoys sex then calls it depraved? The same kind that believes every victim of abuse, sexual assault, or execution for adultery somehow deserved it, simply because she was "brazen" enough to be beautiful, "sinful" enough to be sexy, or "depraved" enough to have had sex out of wedlock. In reality, the sinful, depraved, and deadly ones are those who call female nudity and sexuality "dirty". More...

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Knіttеd Slееvеs

Women's fashion is a strange thing. Most women go to great lengths to wear clothes that accent their best features or hide their worst ones, and almost all of them make some attempt to show off some cleavage once in a while. Even what they wear under their clothes, unseen by everyone but themselves and the man in their life, are chosen with care to emphasize, enhance, allure. We've always wondered what it would be like if clothes were designed with this in mind, acknowledging that a woman's breasts are often her most beautiful feature. What would it look like if a woman could show off her breasts and yet still be dressed at the same time? The skirt and sleeves of this outfit Hayley modeled for us make it clear that she is indeed dressed and therefore has the kind of barrier between herself and other people that clothing generally provides. Yet she's free to display one of her most gorgeous assets, her magnificent breasts. Maybe the world isn't ready for this kind of sartorial freedom in women, but we're happy to give you a glimpse of what it would look like if it ever is in fashion. More...

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Once in a thousand years

We've long admired Vіctоrіа's Sеcrеt, both for hiring only the most beautiful models in the world and for aiming to produce the classiest photography around. The many ads that result are more art than commerce. In 1000 years their photography will be among the rare examples remembered from our time. There's a lot of good photography being done right now, but theirs is the epitome of everything else. The only thing missing is some tasteful nudity. Nudity is a huge component of modern photography, and no historical reference could be complete or accurate without it. Our latest shoot with Laura is inspired by this idea. We don't expect to be remembered in 1000 years. But we expect you'll remember these photos for quite some time. :-) More...

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When governments cause porn

Pornography and governments have an on-again-off-again relationship. Sometimes the government ignores porn and a decade will pass without any new laws regulating it. Other times governments clamp down on porn and pretty much make it illegal in any form. Right now (in 2011) we are in a period of leniency towards porn, but its time is nearly up. The reason is this: right now governments are failing to defend intellectual property and copyrights. This creates a situation in which there is so much file-sharing going on world-wide that the only way to make a living producing photos is to make porn. Small-time artists who make tasteful nudes cannot sell enough to make up for the huge losses they suffer from file-sharing. By contrast, pornographers motivated solely to make money actually depend on low production values to generate profits. It's when the only nudes around are these sordid, sadistic, and seedy kinds of porn that people start feeling they've had enough and governments start outlawing porn. More...

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Stolen goods stores now open

We have an idea for a totally new kind of store where you can actually buy stolen goods or even get them for free and you won't get arrested or thrown in jail. It would be a warehouse or other empty building. The owner would not sell anything himself but would allow other people to sell or give away stolen goods. The owner would make money by charging the public for admission and from advertisers who posted ads on the walls. If these stores were legal they would pop up everywhere. How long do you think they would last? More importantly, how long would the companies producing the things getting stolen last? Not long. Yet this is exactly the way ideas and art are being sold today. Current international copyright laws such as Thе Dіgіtаl Mіllеnіυm Cоpyrіght Act allow the owners of websites to let anybody and everybody sell or post stolen movies, photos, books, video games, music - anything known as intellectual goods. "Sаfе Hаrbоυr" laws protect these website owners - they can't be arrested or sued, and the government will not step in to stop the thieves. Instead it is up to the people who own the ideas to find the hundreds of thousands of anonymous people stealing and selling their stuff and then take each and every one to court. How long do you think the websites selling the stolen ideas will last? More importantly, how long will the artists and companies producing the things getting stolen last? Not long. More...

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Do you deserve a supermodel?

Most men would like a supermodel girlfriend. Question is: do they deserve one? Or for that matter: do you? One of the reasons so few of us actually have babes in our beds is simply because so few of us deserve them. To understand why you have to understand what "deserve" really means. Some people think it means if you're a good person then some god or other will reward you with the woman of your dreams. Others think deserve means you have to suffer more than anyone else in order to deserve something better than they have. A few even think all they have to do is be born a male, deluding themselves that all men deserve a supermodel. But "to deserve" in this context means "to cause". So to deserve a supermodel means simply to cause one to fall in love with you. Now, you can pretend to believe that love is mysterious and causeless and sit waiting for beautiful women to knock at your door, or you can start trying to discover what a gorgeous woman loves in a man, and start trying to be that kind of man. That is the way to deserve a supermodel. More...

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The right to be beautiful

In the past, many people have imagined a perfect world, and what it might look like. They don't do that anymore. Today the creators of futuristic tales pen dark worlds overlorded by human-hating aliens, or a battle scarred earth too charred for people to find food and water, or else they don't write about things to come at all. We've become a cynical future-fearing species that prefers to stick to futures spun by religious and mystic authors from millenia ago. The problem with fearing the future is that it means you also begin to fear the very next moment, even this one, and by imagining nothing at all you move yourself and mankind one step closer to that dismal future we fear. Someone said the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. So stop being afraid and take a moment to today just for yourself and imagine a happy day in the future. We did, and we imagined this set with Ashley B. in a future when women have the right to be as beautiful as they like. In reality, mankind is all we have to fear, and individual rights create a future where we don't have to. More...

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We're not big on fetishes at bodyinmind.com. A fetish is a sexual perversion. But before you can understand why fetishes are wrong you have to understand what sex is. Sex is the physical expression of one's spirit with a lover. Copulation is merely physical; sex is mostly spiritual. Fetishes are wrong because the proper way to pursue sexual excitement is to perfect your spirit: to do everything you can to be the best person you can be to attract the best lover. It's when men stop trying to accomplish this that they turn to sexual fetishes, always looking for something kinkier and more depraved to fill the void. But it can never be filled since there is nothing more exciting than great sex with the one you love. Fetishes are not in our nature and can end only in frustration, self-loathing, and hatred of values. The end of civilizations often get blamed on rampant sexual perversions but really it is men's failure to value, achieve, recognize and defend greatness that rots civilizations. Fetishes are simply part of the stink. Maybe that's why we should be concerned that sexual fetishes are becoming a huge part of our culture and art. Instead of trying to find a new way to tie a woman up, find a new way to split the atom. If you do, the sex you'll get will be far more exciting than any stupid fetish. More...

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Nіkkаlа Stоtt: desert debutante

He seemed so nice last night at the premiere. The perfect gentleman and handsome too. He had a really nice car and said all the right things. Nikkala was swept off her feet - literally - and they drove into the desert to drink champagne and watch the sun come up. As the morning warmed up around them, in a moment of flirtatious exuberance, Nikkala lept from the car in her bare feet and giggled off through some rocks beckoning him to follow. This is the assignment we gave Paul and Nikkala. We expected good photos. We did not expect art. More...

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Rаchеllе Wіldе: waking dream

We often give our members pep talks about achieving their dreams. But they often ask us which dreams to follow. Should they try to get rich? Should they work out and bulk up? Should they buy that muscle car? Should they quit their day job and become an artist? We tell them this: imagine that you are actually asleep and dreaming and that you can do absolutely anything, but only one thing: you can fly, time-travel, walk around naked, or anything else. Whatever you choose to do - that single most appealing thing - do that. That is what you should spend your life doing. That is the dream to pursue. More...

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It's a wrap!

We just finished an amazing two day shoot with Bodyinmind favorite Alece. Here's a sample of good things to come.



Cat shows her stuff at the Bеrlіn Wаll

Our model/assistant Cat recently went to Berlin, and while visiting the famous wall she decided to make a stand for beauty and show her breasts. Way to go Cat!