November 12, 1998

An Objеctіvе Definition of Femаle Beаuty

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Is an objective definition of female beauty possible?

Yes. Here's one:

A popular working definition of 'objective' is the fact that when something is objective it is true for absolutely everyone. This leads many to conclude that since everyone finds different women attractive to different degrees that beauty is therefore not objective, but subjective - "in the eye of the beholder", as they say.

This is nonsense. No woman or man could ever be the abstract definition of anything.

While it is true that there are very minor variations in what we find attractive in a woman, in general we find the same women are attractive, so the trick in a quest for an objective definition of female beauty is not to look at the differences but at the similarities in what we all find attractive.

To begin with we must look at a few of the women that we personally consider attractive and find the qualities which they share. This is the starting point - but not the ending point - of objectivity in female beauty.

Then, if you want a completely objective definition of female beauty, you must compare the traits that you personally find attractive with those that others find attractive. The objective definition then, by the popular conception of such, will be that quality or qualities which everyone agrees on.

The fact that at this level of objectivity it seems impossible to find even one such quality that absolutely everyone agrees on is not, as we are constantly told today, proof that female beauty is not objective. It is proof only that people have given up looking.

I did not give up, however, and I have been rewarded for my patience. I have found the one quality which all beautiful women share which absolutely everyone has no choice but to agree on.

That quality is: the beautiful woman's ability to represent values.

All beautiful women, regardless of who finds them beautiful, represent values. Specifically they represent the values of those who find them beautiful. For example, if you value strength, you will find a strong woman more beautiful than a cowering child. If you value health, you will find a woman with clear skin more beautiful than one with blemishes. If, for some reason, you value death, you will find women with white skin, bloodshot eyes and black lips attractive.

Female beauty is the representation of values. This is true for absolutely everyone, regardless of their values, their culture, or their individual preferences. And it is absolutely true regardless of which specific women anyone finds attractive.

Female beauty is the representation of values in women.

That is an objective definition of female beauty.

© 1998 by Dwаyne Bell
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