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Tremendous! Wow Lauren you are just absolutely gorgeous head to toe! Especially those heavenly boobs, wow! And in so many great positions here that show your firm and fit looks

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Lauren Meditation

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Added July 12, 2013

Imagine if the daily newspapers carried photos of beautiful naked women. Would paper sales increase? Before you say "of course!", meditate on that a moment. Yes, you might subscribe right away, but would other people? Would women for example? Would people with families? Would educated people subscribe or would they think it sexist? Would religious people buy it, or would they be more likely to protest?

In most countries, naked women in the newspaper is not going to happen, like ever. But believe it or not Great Britain does have topless women in a few of their daily papers, and they have had for 40 years. In fact, most Britains barely notice any more, and the papers themselves are left about in homes, shops, restaurants, taxis, buses, subways, offices and classrooms. Most Britains have forgotten how especially lucky they are to have Page 3 girls, as they are called, and many declare there is no longer any real purpose to Page 3 other than mild male titillation. To them the lovely specimens of female youth, freedom, and sexuality are now nothing more than flowers left too long in a vase. Many, led by, are now suggesting that those flowers be thrown out. But to those of us who do not have nude women in our newspapers, those flowers are still as radiant and robust as the first day they blossomed, and NOMOREPAGE3's attacks appear to us, if not to Britains, as attacks on beautiful young women. To us it appears that NOMOREPAGE's purpose is to establish that the female body is dangerous and destructive and a threat to society itself. Check their site for yourself. So we want to remind all the forgetful British admirers of Page 3 that the purpose of Page 3 must surely be just the opposite, which is, to establish that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the female body. When the news from all over the world is filled daily with reports of gang rаpes, "honor" killings, deadly bullying, acid burnings and public floggings of young women, that seems to be something we need desperately to remember, every day, and every where.

Instead of yawning while Page 3 is attacked in Britain, and turning the page when young women are abused for the beauty of their sexuality the world over, shouldn't we all be trying to get Page 3 into our own daily newspapers as soon as possible so we can send the message that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the female body, like ever?


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