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Thе Pоwеr of Pinup

The first nude woman I ever saw was on the wall of a construction shack. I was visiting a construction site as a child with my parents, I forget why, but I will always remember the poster on the wall behind the foreman's drafting table. The lady in it mesmerized me for years afterwards. Perhaps she still does.

She was nude in a jungle. She wore a safari hat, a leather utility belt full of tools, and she held a chimpanzee in her arms. But what was truly remarkable about her, besides her shapely, large-breasted body with perfectly suntanned skin, was her smile - she was smiling the warmest, brightest smile I'd ever seen, bigger than any photo I'd ever seen of any woman fully clothed, yet this woman was completely nude!

I'm convinced that this single image is responsible for my deep conviction that female beauty was meant to make mankind happy.

When I grew up I realized that, oddly enough, very few people seemed to share this view. With one even odder exception: construction workers. Construction workers seem to be the only people on earth who have absolutely no shame in their love of female beauty and the pleasure it gives them. These men of the material world seem to possess the uniquely spiritual ability to see the good in female beauty, the naturalness of it, the reality of it. It is construction workers who invariably whistle their admiration after any attractive woman who happens by, unafraid of the dirty looks they may get in return. It is construction workers who with boylike abandon continue to put up pictures of naked women in their workplace, in spite of the modern threat of sexual harassment lawsuits. It is construction workers who continue to fill up strip joints in spite of the modern intelligentsia's assertions that beauty is a myth.

Body in Mind has always been about this kind of fearless admiration of beautiful women, and today we are offering this gallery of nudes of Nikki by Alеxаndеr Fеdоrоv to all the construction workers out there who have braved derision and personal danger in order to admire female beauty as it deserves to be, with respect, with innocence, and with gusto.

Of all the people in the world, they are the only ones we don't need to convince to some degree. Beauty haters have made everyone else afraid, and weak.

So what has made construction workers so strong? Well, maybe, just maybe it's because they surround themselves with images of brave beautiful women, even in their workplace. Maybe it's the open, shameless heroism of these lovely ladies that inspires them to the same.

Thus, today we have a challenge for you. Take their cue and take the plunge - put up your favourite nude image of a beautiful woman somewhere where you can see it, somewhere right out in the open, perhaps even where others will see it. Take it out of the magazine you have stashed under your bed and put in on the wall of your tool shed, garage or basement. Print out your favourite BiM image of your favourite model and frame it somewhere in your home or apartment. Let the beauty you love and your love for it out into the open. Give beauty a chance to build up your bravery, your loyalty, your soul.

We are all under construction after all - hell, the whole world is, and a beautiful nude woman should always on the wall in the shack of every construction site.

Nikki makes us all want to be construction workers:

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Sυpеrbеаυty Exclυsіvе

There's only one thing better than discovering new talent, and that's when it discovers you.

We are often approached by photographers interested in contributing their existing nude galleries to Body in Mind, a very welcome sign that photographers truly appreciate our vision of beauty. But lately, something even more exciting has started happening: photographers are now offering to shoot entirely new galleries for us exclusively, in our style - what we call 'superbeauty'.

Superbeauty is about the kind of beauty that good people have been been longing for since childhood - the kind of photography that demands and celebrates the presence of beauty and excitement in every day life. It features objectively beautiful women in real human settings. It's this new but unmistakable mix of idealism and physical reality that makes these images into art, into photographs that go beyond mere prettiness. In fact, they elevate both the female form and the human spirit to new heights, to refreshed moral purpose and grandeur, and they give us a glimpse of what life could be like in a utopia where feamle beauty is allowed out into the open, and respected for the empowering human force that it is, and openly enjoyed by both the women who possess it and by those of us lucky ones with whom they share it.

This month we are thrilled to introduce the work of our newest feature photographer and superbeauty supporter, Sеrgеy Gоnchаrоv, a Ukranian photographer with the talent, vision, and courage to create images of real superbeauty - and that's not easy!

In fact, it's so hard that few of the photographers who try rarely come anywhere close. Goncharov is one of the exceptions. Sergey shot this gallery exclusively for Body in Mind, purposely in the superbeauty style. His images are thoughtful and elegant, his models statesque and gorgeous, and his settings reminiscent of a quiet country village on a warm summer day. His images transport you to a place where it's not hard to imagine a beautiful woman enjoying a stroll down a country lane, letting the breeze play on her body as it likes, feeling the sun on her naked breasts, unaware that there could ever be anything wrong with that. His images show us that the presence of beauty in our every day lives is a wholesome and inspiring thing. Far from hands-off art, these images show us the kind of world we'd all like to live in, moments we'd all like to experience first hand and would remember all our lives, and inspire us to find ways to make it happen. In short, they are superbeauty, and we're delighted he's captured it so well.

If Sеrgеy Goncharov is any indication, the superbeauty style of positive, happy, life-infused images of beautiful women is catching on and spreading around the world. We couldn't be happier.

Make yourself happier. Enjoy this gallery of brave and beautiful Tetyana, and check back often for more exclusive superbeauty in the months to come, only from Body in Mind.

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Thе Pіrаtеs of the Bеаυty Sеа

The only flaw in the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean, currently in theatres, is that Kеrа Knіghtly doesn't appear topless or nude in the film. I'm not saying this flippantly or salaciously. I mean it. Here's why:

Pirates of the Caribbean is a highly moralistic film, much like the pirate films of Errоl Flynn. These movies are premised on the timeless truth that the Law is made for criminals only - that good men don't need laws to tell them what is right, and that laws made by dishonest or foolish men are never followed or obeyed by men of real conscience, morality, and daring.

Yet none of these films ever featured their kidnapped ladies in the nude. Like them, Pirates of the Caribbean involves a deeply good and heroic peasant turned swashbuckler who braves great dangers and against all manner of evil and hardship manages to save the women he loves, a lady whose been kidnapped by pirates. It is a very pro-value, moral, and decent film in every respect - a great film to take the kids too.

This is why there's no nudity. It's based on the assumption that exposing children to female nudity will corrupt them irrevocably, robbing them of their innocence and turning them into sex maniacs, or in other words: into pirates of sex.

The problem is, there is absolutely no evidence that this can happen or ever does. On the other hand, there is plenty of evidence that it does not happen, the most compelling of which lies in your very soul. You yourself were exposed to nude women when you were a child weren't you? And yet look how good you turned out. You are not a r4pіst, or a pervert, or damaged goods, are you?

Of course not! Yet according to the unfounded theories of beauty-haters, you and I could be nothing else. These people have everyone so flummoxed on the issue that they have already managed to make it against the law to let children see nude women without any evidence or proof whatsoever that it is harmful.

I submit that the only evidence in the matter testifies to the fact that maybe the reason we turned out so well is that we were 'exposed' to nude beautiful women when we were children. And our response was awe and admiration that has so far lasted our lifetime.

On the other hand, there are the cultures where the children are systematically denied any access to images of nude women, and look how they are turning out. Just turn on the international news any night to find out.

I rest my case.

At Bоdy in Mind we and our members are all pirates of the beauty sea. We know it takes more than man-made laws to make admiring female beauty wrong. Here's a treasure almost as wonderful as Kеrа Knіghtly nude. We've 'stolen' an eyeful of Nikki photographed by Alеxаndеr Fеdоrоv for you:

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Nυdе Bеаυty Week in Moscow

Here's a great way to celebrate summer every year:

(Reuters) MOSCOW In a bid to increase toursim to problem-plagued Moscow, city officials have announced a novel new tourist attraction: Beauty Week.

For the next seven days, scores of beautiful women will walk throughout the city completely nude. Gоrky Pаrk will serve as a kind of "Beauty Central", where visitors to the city are invited to talk with the women, pose for photographers or invite the women to model for photos of their own. In other parts of the city, the ladies will stroll through the streets, go shopping, dine at cafes - in short, anything they would normally do clothed. A subtle security presence will ensure that the curious feast only with their eyes.

Public nudity of any kind has traditionally been discouraged if not illegal throughout most of the world. In the past few years restrictions against it have loosened, however, to the point that most Europeans are now accustomed to nude beaches, full frontal nudity on television, and a general laissez-faire attitude towards tasteful public displays. City officials claim that they are merely taking this idea to the next logical conclusion to help jump start Moscow's flagging economy.

"Beautiful women are some of Russia's greatest assets," said Vladimir Kovalenko, a cab driver across from Gоrky Pаrk who has seen a dramatic increase in tourists around the park. "Why shouldn't we promote ourselves as a world beauty capital?"

Already, all the major hotels in Moscow have been booked to capacity, and rooms in local boarding houses are going for the equivalent of $500 a night. US carriers are reporting additional schedules to Moscow and St. Petersburg, and CNN has reportedly removed its entire news team from Iraq to Moscow to cover the event.

Details and photographs of the women who will be beautifying the city this week are available online at the city's website, and will be featured on a news documentary to be aired sometime this fall.

Okay, we lied. This isn't a real news item. Leanne made it up to show us what an exciting thing a real Bеаυty Wееk would be if it ever existed, and how popular it would be.

Our imaginary - but potentially real - Rυssіаn Bеаυty Week is the theme of our latest nude gallery from Alеxаndеr Fеdоrоv, one of Russia's leading creators of progressive nudes.

The way we see it, if we can't give you a real Rυssіаn Bеаυty Week in Moscow, we can at least give you one here at Body in Mind. You can see what Bеаυty Wееk might look like here:

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A visit to the Bеаυty Pаrk

In last week's gallery fiction, I introduced the idea of a Bеаυty Pаrk, where men could go to spend time with beautiful nude women in a luscious retreat-like setting. I had always suspected that there were enough Good Guys out there to make this prospect interesting, enough men who have always believed that beauty for it's own sake was an important moral concept - but I had no idea the kind of interest it would generate among Body in Mind visitors. It proved to me yet again that our viewers are a very special elite, the kind of men that I, as a woman, always hoped existed - romantic, noble, moral men who find the beauty of women more than just intoxicating, they find it morally necessary as well.

So I let this idea develop a little further, envisioning the full potential of this groundbreaking idea. What if there really was a Beauty Park? What would it look like, and what would one do there? And most importantly, what would the women be like? I envision it as a place like no other, a place that we need very badly, where Thе Gооd Guys can be rewarded and treated decently and fairly and have their interest in beauty respected. I imagine that a typical visitor to the Bеаυty Pаrk would begin his day something like this:

Louisa greets you at the entrance to a shaded terrace, where elaborate wrought iron curls into elegant gateways and railings. She opens the gates for you, stands there in a simple black bustier and little else, showing off her long, slender legs and the barest hint of dark pubic hair.

The two of you stroll along the terrace and look down at the expansive gardens and swimming pool with it's own rock waterfall. She asks if you'd like a cool drink, and a waiter is summoned to bring you both refreshment.

As she sips from a tall glass of lemonade she regards you with penetrating brown eyes. She has an intensity about her that you've rarely seen in such a beautiful woman. You realize that it's awareness of her own potent sexuality you see reflected in her eyes - for nowhere else has such a woman dared be so overt, so beautiful, so unabashedly semi-nude and enjoying it. As the two of you sit with your drinks she casually lowers the top of her bustier and lets you look at her breasts without shame or subterfuge. She wants you to notice her, she says frankly. She's proud of the way she looks; she's fortunate to have been blessed with the genes she has and she's done a great deal to maintain her figure and enhance her femininity. She wishes she could be like this all the time, dressed or undressed, whatever she felt like, just talking openly with someone and not having to worry about wrong signals or unwanted reactions.

You tell her that you wish she could be like this all the time as well. You tell her how difficult it is for a man like you to meet a truly beautiful woman, how so many women are so entirely absorbed in self-criticism and self-censorship that even if they let themselves enjoy being pretty, their staunch morality hardly ever lets them enjoy being sexy too. You ask her what she thinks men like you should do to encourage greater femininity in women. As you watch the sun move across the sky for the next two hours, the two of you engage in a thoughtful conversation about what women are looking for in a man, how to approach women, how not to approach them, and how to change the world at large into a place that embraces the differences between the sexes instead of trying to quash them. She asks you to figure out precisely what it is you like in a woman - and asks you to demonstrate by pointing out poses or features of hers that you particularly like. She stands naked by the railing, regarding you with forthrightness and purpose, challenging you to identify your values in her. You find it stimulating beyond your wildest dreams, and yet when you leave her an hour later, you feel more like the beneficiary of a sister's wise counsel or a friend's helpful advice than someone whose sexual desires had just been so clearly spelled out. You know that the image of her perfect, sweet little ass and her penetrating eyes combined - defying you to be so narrow-minded as to think of her as either a sex object or a formidable intellect, but not both - will be with you forever.

Down below by the waterfall you meet up with Jacinta, a fun, free- spirited woman who would be impish and sprightly were it not for her impressive height and well-proportioned figure. She's splashing around in the waterfall, enjoying relief from the sun and entertaining a group of photographers who have gathered around. You recognize one of the world's top photographers snapping away, and you remember that this was one of your dreams since adolescence, to take pictures of the world's most beautiful women and make your living from it. You take out your camera and start to take pictures as well.

Jacinta toys with her pale green bikini, lifting up the bra to expose her breasts and let the water cascade down them. She smiles and slicks back her hair, laughs with delight as the photographers encourage her to take it all off. She does a cheeky little burlesque dance, pretends to take off the bottoms, then removes the bra top but covers herself with her arms coyly, like an old feather dancer in the vaudeville days. When she finally stands there naked you remark on her fabulous sense of showmanship, and feel like applauding the best show you've seen in years. When the other photographers thank her and move on, you ask if you can photograph her as she dries off in the sun. She leans against the stone bridge and lets the sun dry off her long, lean body - but she's still having fun with you, merriment sparkling in her beautiful eyes. She puts on a white peasant dress, and hikes it up past her hips as she poses on the bridge for you, teasing you with just a bare glimpse between her legs. She likes being sexy, she says. She hopes the pictures turn out well. Before long she's off, heading towards the restaurant for her lunch, telling you to come back any time and she'll do her water routine for you again.

And then there's Gretchen, soft eyed, soft featured, a nubile beauty with full breasts and just a thin line of downy hair between her thighs. She's just strolling through the grounds alone when you fall in step with her, wearing only a see-through lacy sweater and an ankle bracelet above bare feet. She has the kind of look you've wanted to capture in art for years, and so you ask if you could sketch her. She's amenable, and tugs loose the drawstring on her little sweater. She lets it fall from her shoulders casually, and walks with you towards the edge of the park. She poses by an outcropping of rocks, letting you take your time and savor the soft sensuality of her womanly curves as you sketch her perfection.

She's patient, and an excellent model, moving and twisting in the gentle breeze whenever you ask her to find another pose. She lets the wind play in her hair, flashes a brilliant smile as she turns to reveal her shapely behind, arches her back and lets her hair fall free in a gesture of pure delight, as though being nude were indeed the natural thing it's supposed to be. You mention that you'd like to bring back an easel sometime and begin a painting of her, and she says she'd enjoy that.

As you continue to sketch, trying to capture the 'wise behind the eyes look' that she has, you talk about her future career plans, about her upbringing in Europe, about what her family was like when she was a child. You share jokes and laughter, she tells you that in her household, nudity was perfectly normal, that her parents raised her and her siblings to be comfortable with their bodies and that she doesn't understand what all the fuss is about. You almost feel like disrobing yourself, she makes it sound so cool. But you can hardly take your eyes off her, and know that her incredible beauty is what makes her nudity seem like the most elegant clothing you've ever seen.

he day ends with the sinking sun, and as you return to your room your mind wanders back to Louisa, thinking of the engrossing conversation you had with her and the sheer, scintillating beauty she possesses. You think of Jacinta and her playfulness, Gretchen with her soft, demure eyes and gentle witÖand you realize that there are a dozen more women employed here, all waiting to share their own unique beauty with you. You close your eyes, eager for sleep, to start the day anew and thank God for this sanctuary you've found, at last.

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