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Beauty 101

As much as some people hate sex, they hate beauty more.

We are all familiar with the kind of person who despises sex - the kind of person who doesn't want their children to see any graphic depictions of it, not in the home, not in the media, and certainly not in school.

Yet most school systems offer some sort of sex education.

Those who are against it seem to have found some way to live with it.

Yet imagine the furor and upheaval that would ensue if schools instituted some sort of beauty education. Imagine if they proposed to teach young women how to be beautiful.

The result would be pandemonium. Feminists would be up in arms. Parents would refuse to allow their children to attend classes. Female teachers would strike. Male teachers would walk out in sympathy. Politicians would apologize and backpedal furiously.

Beauty education would be gone before it began.

In spite of what we are constantly told, we are not a society that worships beauty. In fact, beauty is the most hated thing in the world.

Even more than sex.

Except here at Body in Mind. In fact, we hope you will join and attend our latest gallery by Sеrgеy Gоnchаrоv, directed by Dwаynе Bеll, called "Beauty 101". In this college level class we hope you'll learn, understand, and eventually come to admire female beauty. Today, we'll learn what women have under their clothes, and why. Next, time we'll learn how they use their bodies to be beautiful.

Your teacher today, at Bеаυty Schооl, will be Mіss Vіcktυsyа.

Now, pay attention class...

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Amеrіcаn Vаlυеs

62 years ago today, on the morning of Dec. 7, 1941, the American naval fleet at Pеаrl Hаrbоr in Oahu, Hawaii was sneak attacked by 353 planes of the Jаpаnеsе Impеrіаl Navy. 3 battleships were destroyed that day, including the USS Arizona which went down with over 1200 men inside, men who are to this day entombed in the sunken hull.

Although U.S. relations with Japan at the time were tense, there had been no official declaration of war. America, as always, was slow to think the worst of people, and even though their radar warned them of unidentified aircraft approaching, the Americans were taken by surprise, believing the aircraft to be their own expected bombers.

The attack on Pеаrl Hаrbоr is legendary today, and well documented. As are the 9/11 attacks on Thе Wоrld Trаdе Cеntеr towers and Thе Pеntаgоn. Yеt Amеrіcа itself is still just as vulnerable as it ever was, still thinking the best of people, still a global breath of fresh air with its 'aw shucks, ain't America great' mentality, its continued general devotion to what's right and true, and its seemingly irrepressable love of the wordly, material values that make human life not only possible, but enjoyable to boot, things like health, happiness, purpose, sex, wealth, beauty and romance.

Perhaps the greatest American icon of this bright, happy, successful sense of life is the great American pinup. These images of unihibited beautiful women, happily nude in full sunlight, delighted to be young and alive have come into the world only because of America's dogged devotion to worldly values, even in the face of other nations that despise the successful life on earth it achieves, as well as all the values of human character and the human spirit it requires. America still has nothing but a smile, and a pat on the back for anyone it meets. Yеt Amеrіcа is the most hated nation on earth.

As I surf nude gallery sites, on this anniversary of the attack on Pеаrl Hаrbоr, I see very little of the sheer joy of pinups remaining in the images being created today. I see none of the values they represented. Thе Amеrіcаn pinup itself, it seems, has been sunk - attacked at every turn by those who despise the values they represent. And with our pinups goes the bright, hopeful, almost unbelievably benevolent sense of life they projected, entombed at the bottom of another kind of ocean - our memories.

Happily there are exceptions. While some producers of nudes insist beauty comes from removing values from images of young women and focussing on something they call 'natural beauty', we know different don't we? As Amеrіcа has shown so clearly, there is no female beauty without values. And just as the American pilots painted pinup girls on their aircraft in the hope that they would see them through any nasty battle, so we at Body in Mind paint our hopes for the future of the world with a brush full of bright and happy female beauty right smack on the hull of our culture.

For example, today's pinup series, 'Nikki in the Navy', is photographed by master pinup producer Alеxаndеr Fеdоrоv.

We hope you appreciate the important purpose of these photos, as much as their beauty. Pеаrl Hаrbоr is over, but the battle for female beauty has just begun.

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Thanksgiving with Nikki

According to the television, there will be no Thanksgiving this year. It's Nоvеmbеr 23. Thanksgiving is in 4 days, yet all I see on TV is commercials for Christmas.

Don't get me wrong. Christmas is great, goodwill towards men and all that. Lord knows we can use more of that. But isn't being happy with our lives a prerequisite for goodwill towards others? Just as you have to have money before you can give it away, so you have to be happy, before you can make others happy.

Thanksgiving is about happiness. It's about achieving your values and taking a day to contemplate the process, to give thanks for a universe where achieving your goals is possible.

And just as placing altruism higher than capitalism on a moral scale has impoverished most of the world, so promoting Christmas over Thanksgiving year after year has lead to a poverty of spirit, not only at Christmas, but all the year long.

So take the trouble to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. Take stock of your good fortune, and the goals you have yet to achieve, but have moved closer to.

Personally, we at Body in Mind give thanks every year for girls like Nikki, who share the beauty of themselves with the world, with almost no thanks. In this photoset, Nikki is visiting us for Thanksgiving, and you're invited too.

Feast your eyes, and be happy.

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Beauty therapy

Can beauty cure disease? We've answered this question before on Body in Mind.

The answer is yes. And it makes us wonder why the power of female beauty isn't used more to help motivate men to heal and recuperate from diseases of the mind, and of the body.

This weeks article by Leanne deals with this idea, accompanied by some images of Olga and Nikki by Alеxаndеr Fеdоrоv. They may not cure cancer (although they might), but we know they'll make you feel better, regardless of how you feel.

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A Festival for Fеmаlе Bеаυty

Our gallery this week comes from Sеrgеy Gоnchаrоv and features most of his lovely models from his site Fаntаstіc Nυdе Girls in Nature. This particular series is a tribute to the Ukranian holiday, Ivаnа Kυpаlа, which celebrates magic, fertility, and cleansing.

We did some investigating into the history of this fascinating holiday and it seems there are a lot of other Pagan holidays that find equally interesting ways to celebrate female beauty, sexuality and fertility openly. But in our hearts we'd like to get rid of the hocum and hocus pocus and focus on what's been under the surface motivating these celebrations all along. The magic we're really interested in is the magic of female beauty; and the fertility that facinates us is the fertility of our minds in response to it.

We hope you enjoy this photoset, even though it's unlike anything we've featured before on Body in Mind. It includes several girls in one setting, and the poses are sometimes a little suggestive. But it's all in good spirits. Even if it scares you a bit, take a leap with us. You'll love it.

Jump through the fire, and be cleansed.

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