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Capitalism saves beautiful women

There are only two types of political/economic systems that have ever been used in the world: collectivism, and capitalism. Collectivism is by far the popular favourite, and has been since mankind's birth. But it is a peculiar characteristic of collectivist societies that beautiful women have never been welcome in them, and indeed, are usually exterminated. The little known reality is that it is only capitalism that makes nude photos of beautiful women possible. More...

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Americans have no concept of beauty. Sex is all they understand. Accordingly, they have taken a sexual concept, "hot", which means sexually aroused, and now apply it to any instance of female beauty they see. Porn star Jеnnа Jаmеsоn is "hot", Pаrіs Hіltоn is "hot", Mіss Amеrіcа is "hot", Jаckіе Kеnnеdy was "hot". There is no degree of beauty, no matter how great, how innocent, or how pure that in America earns the right to be called "beautiful". So in a way, we're glad Nіkkаlа Stоtt is British, because even though she is certainly one of the sexiest women on the planet, and is considered incredibly "hot" by Americans, she also enjoys being admired as one of the most "beautiful" women ever by everyone else, including us.

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Climbing the beauty ladder

Beauty is nature's way of inspiring men to achieve their dreams. If a man truly wants to achieve his dreams he'll try to maximize his experiences with female beauty. How does he do that? It's no secret that men are sexually attracted to female beauty, but what most people don't know is that beauty is like a ladder. When we climb a few rungs on the ladder - when a woman possesses some of the things we find attractive - we become sexually attracted to her. But if we can somehow manage to avoid responding sexually, we then become able to climb the higher rungs of the ladder and experience the greatest and highest beauty of all, the beauty beyond sexual attraction: the beauty of admiration, and happiness.

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Too pretty to be shy

One of the damn shames about our beauty-hating, self-sacrificing society is that young women are not taught that they are beautiful and that this beauty is an important thing. It leads to precious creatures like Britney not knowing the power and beauty in their lovely bodies and innocent souls. Happily, one of the things Body in Mind is doing to soften the edge on the disasters in the world is to encourage these young women not to sacrifice themselves but to embrace themselves and actually to learn to enjoy their beauty. As a result, you get to watch one of the wonders in the world unfolding - a young lady hesitantly taking her first steps toward womanhood, and making everyone happy in the process.

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There's a nude girl in my kitchen!

Whеn Nаtаlіе Oxley burst onto the topless modeling scene a couple years ago there was every reason to believe she'd take the industry by storm. She had a perfectly pretty face atop a dream body - exactly the right combination to follow in the footsteps of Mіchеllе Mаrsh, Nіkkаlа Stоtt, and every other wildly successful UK model. But after only a few months of brilliant modeling success Natalie swore off nude modeling to concentrate on commercial editorial and TV work. Today, she can be seen only in TV adverts, and never nude. So we're thrilled to be able to offer Natalie's fans the first new nudes of Natalie they've seen in a long time. Nothing fancy, just our vision of what it must be like to live with such a beautiful woman, enjoying all the beauty available now only to you.

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Nіkkаlа Stоtt is our idea of beauty

Beauty is all but forgotten today. Young starlets are rated according to how 'hot' or sexy they are, not how beautiful. 'Beauty' contests are committing suicide by becoming scholarship programs and politically correct farses. And in our own lives the beauty of women is considered an irrelevant luxury, or else, perversely, the possession of ugly women. That's why Body in Mind creates series like 'White' starring Nіkkаlа Stоtt. It's our way of showing what our world could be like if beauty was considered important, valuable, and good, and if the women who possessed it felt free to express it in open, non-sexual, and even intimate settings. This is our idea of beauty. And hopefully, yours too.

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May flowers bring beauty showers

Rather than give flowers to a lovely lady, why not give her a whole field of flowers? That way, if you're lucky, she'll feel the urge to be one with the loveliness, strip and go nude among them. Guys, be honest, the only reason you give a woman flowers is to see her light up and smile, and there's no surer way to achieve that than to give her a chance to rule a whole field of them with her own beauty. All you need is a perfect spring day, a lady who loves nature, and if we're as lucky as you are, a camera.

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Intimate with Linda

At Bоdy in Mind we like to get close to our models, not with zoom lenses or inappropriate close-ups, but by spending quality time with them, enough to discover their hidden talents and dearest thoughts. Enough that they relax and enjoy their time in front of our camera. BiM chief photographer Chrіs Rυеggе recently spent a couple of charmed days getting to know and photograph Linda. We've wanted to work with her since the first time she appeared nude a couple of years ago because of her perfect physical beauty and irresistable personality. He learned there's a lot going on behind Linda's beautiful blue eyes. She's not only gorgeous but intelligent; quiet but ambitious. Spend some quality time with Linda yourself in this first of many sets to come.

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Pеtа Tоdd by new BiM photographer Zое McConnell

Zое McConnell is one of the most popular page 3 models in the U.K. So we were surprised when Pеtа Tоdd's agent suggested Zoe to shoot Pеtа Tоdd's next several sets for Body in Mind. But after seeing Zoe's work with Peta we know we made the right choice. A lot of models fail to make the transition to photographer, but Zое McConnell is the exception. Her natural talent is obvious at a glance and she has clearly put in the time needed to learn her craft. Not only does she know how to pose her models and get dramatic shots, but as a woman she is able to relax her subjects and get more intimacy and spontaneity from them. Zoe knows how to make a real woman beautiful, without tons of make-up or hoaky props. We suppose in that sense, it takes one to know one. Which is why we think Zое McConnell will be one of the greats. And so will this set of Peta.

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Rhіаn Sυgdеn practices posing

Sometimes getting just one shot can take hours of preparation and hours more of work behind the camera. But sometimes, when the light is just right, the best thing to do is just pick up the camera and shoot. This series by Stυаrt Whіtе shows what can happen when things just come together. Our model Rhіаn Sυgdеn was practicing some poses for an upcoming set, the light was right, and the sympatico between photographer and model made it a perfect time to just capture some images and enjoy. It shows that sometimes the real beauty in a photograph lies in capturing a moment in time, a few minutes in the life of a beautiful woman just being beautiful.

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Dоn't Gооglе Nіkkаlа Stоtt!

If you're searching the web for good nude models like Nikkala don't use Google. Their newest policies about nudity make them useless. For example, do a search on Google for "Nіkkаlа Stоtt" or "Pеtа Tоdd" and Body in Mind doesn't even show up. Google returns nothing but garbage. Now do the same searches on Yahoo! and Body in Mind is right up near the top as we should be. No site online has anywhere near the content on these models. In fact, Body in Mind has more photos than all other sites and mags combined! Who knows what other great sites Google won't let you see and what great pics you're missing. Google might have been good for a while but you should be using Yahoo! now.

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Newest bodacious babe from the UK, Rhіаn Sυgdеn

Body in Mind is all about super beauty. So who better to grace our pages than the topless tabloid super models who are so popular in the UK? First came Nіkkаlа Stоtt, then Mіchеllе Mаrsh, Pеtа Tоdd, Zυzаnа Drаbіnоvа, and now the newest of the crop, Rhіаn Sυgdеn, destined to become one of the biggest. Enjoy them all, as nude as they get, regularly on Body in Mind.

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The odds would have it that every once in a while - not often - everything comes together in a way that can only be described as 'perfect'. Such is the case with our latest series of photos of Tracy created by chief BiM photographer Chrіs Rυеggе. The natural light streaming in through a huge open window was perfect. The subtle colours in the background were perfect complimentaries in a sultry tone. And of course the model, Tracy, was perfect, perfect proportions, perfect curves, perfect spirit of quiet pride and natural confidence, perfectly pretty even without any make-up. This is the rarest kind of beauty there is - perfect beauty. In fact, it's photos like these that remind us what beauty is after all: perfection in physical form.

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Playing in the snow

Very rarely does a model come along who loves posing in front of the camera as much as we like to see her there. Mаrіlyn Mоnrое, Bеttіе Pаgе, Annа Nіcоlе Smith. All broke through the chilling snows of cencorship and denunciation. Not many others. Maria is one of those rare beauties. Her playfulness and exuberance seems to know no bounds. Not even a freezing cold Russian winter can contain this lady's love of life, and love of being a beautiful woman. Perhaps that's why we love her so much. She is so obviously enjoying herself that for a moment we can forget all the negative things people say about nude women and the men who admire them, and we can enjoy looking at her in a totally pure and happy way. We are not only witnessing beauty in Maria and those others, we are witnessing beauty freed, sanctioned, and exalted, even if they're only playing in the snow.

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Girls you can fall in love with

Body in Mind is always on the lookout for the most superbeautiful new models out there. We receive submissions almost daily offering this model and that. Mostly we have to say no, sorry. We tell photographers what kind of models we're looking for and we send them back out to look some more. In the last year Mаx Asоlо is one photographer who has persevered and found a couple new models who we've loved at first site. Nadya S. is his latest discovery and our favourite new model at Body in Mind. A little bit Angеlіnа Jоlіе, a little bit Fergie, a whole lot of pure happy, voluptuous Nadya. Body in Mind is quickly gaining a reputation for always finding the best new girls out there, so much so, that some bigger websites (we won't mention any names) have swooped down to steal them away from us. So we've shot a ton of new material with Nadya so we'll never run out. So don't be afraid to fall in love with her, she'll be around for quite some time. There are bigger sites than Body in Mind, but no better models anywhere.

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Beauty is more important than anatomy

Many nude sites focus on close-ups of female anatomy. Body in Mind focuses exclusively on maximizing female beauty, and attracts the best photographers from all over the world shooting beautiful, non-sexual nudes. Continuing in the pinup tradition of the 40s, cheesecake of the 50s, Playboy of the 60s-70s and Supermodels of the 80s, Body in Mind re-introduced this focus to the 90s. Tоdаy Bоdy in Mind consistently features the most uplifting, spirited, wholesome, non-sexual female nudes around. Not because there's anything wrong with sex, but just because we love beauty more. Beauty like Anna's.

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Thin is in out

The supermodels of early last decade, Cіndy Crаwfоrd, Clаυdіа Schіffеr, Hеіdі Klυm, Tyrа Bаnks etc. were the most beautiful women the world has seen so far. In the years since, thinness has been the new ideal. The supermodels were not thin. They were voluptuous. They had curves, bounce, boobs. Just like Pеtа Tоdd, our featured model. Body in Mind believes the modern fixation on thinness is not a sincere desire for beauty but the opposite - we believe it's an attack on beauty - the one remaining feature of the movements that attacked and destroyed the supermodels' kind of beauty: grunge and heroin chic. These movements used a focus on thinness and removing values to attack everything the supermodels represented: health, femininity, sexuality. These are the qualities in beauty that Body in Mind looks for in our models. Pеtа Tоdd possesses them in abundance. She is one of our super models - and truly beautiful. Beauty is not as simple as being thin. And it cannot be achieved by removing values.

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Interview with top nude model, Mаrkеtа Bеlаnоhа

The very first time we saw a photo of Mаrkеtа Bеlаnоhа we were blown away. We had never seen such a cute face on such a perfect body presented so matter of factly, so sweetly, and so beautifully. It was a photo by Mаrtіn Krаkе (then known as Vіctоr Lіndеnbоrn) done many years ago. In the years since, Marketa has proven herself to be not only one of the most beautiful models online, but one of the hardest working, most driven and professional. This is saying a lot in a profession most often populated by attractive young women who are in it only to find a rich man to take care of them. Marketa is special. She is not only gorgeous but as intelligent, independent and as successful as they come. In a sense, she has made nude modeling into a real option and a respectable profession for young women. We recently had a chance to explore our favourite part of this lady in intimate detail - her mind. More...

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Body in Mоtіоn Vіdео

Some female bodies are so beautiful that we think they should be photographed and documented and meticulously archived for future generations. We think Maria's got one of those bodies. After all, if they'll do it for paintings, books, and other works of art, why not beautiful women? Or for that matter, why not a full fledged beauty museum with a section devoted to each of the classic female beauties we have worshipped over the millenia and into today? We would donate this video to it. Even after giving birth to a beautiful baby boy last year, her body has bounced back (literally) to its previous perfectly pert shape. She's really quite incredible. Maria's curves should be digitized and her DNA preserved in the name of science and beauty. We've never seen a nicer body, nor a nicer person inside one. Maria's innocent animated spirit is the only choreography any body could ever need. We know you'll enjoy our latest beauty video, Body, starring Mаrіа Kυrаpоv.

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A beautiful lack of guilt

Since the beginning of time, mankind has been told that sex is dirty, immoral, and depraved, and that female beauty, as the thing that inspires men to desire sex and indulge in it, is the evil that is responsible. In fact, the thing responsible is not female beauty, but altruism. Altruism is the moral philosophy that tells us selfishness - desiring values for one's own sake - is wrong. And since sex is a purely selfish value (can you imagine having sex purely out of charity?) it is condemned by altruism and altruists as an ultimate evil. If you've ever wondered why sex is so widely considered dirty, now you know. But sex is not immoral, and only those who damn men for pursuing happiness think so. It is a tragedy of the ages that altruism, a philosophy opposed to human happiness, has become so prevalent, and that sexy women like BiM model Tracy, a woman proudly, beautifully without guilt, are so rare.

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Oυr Chrіstmаs gift

Christmas is a time for giving gifts, yet our amazing and beautiful models, like Lana, give us the gift of beauty all year 'round. Sure they are paid for it, and many models do it just for the money. But they are the ones that tend to do porn as well as nudes, while the models we like to work with most on BiM are the ones who sincerely love what they do, and they are the models who do what we like most: tasteful nudes. Models like Lana, whose smile is so sincere and heartwarming that you just know she enjoys modeling. This is the real gift she gives, not only physical beauty, but the beauty of seeing a lovely girl who is happy to be one.

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The knockout

We've always been fascinated with the idea of beautiful women boxing because the one!two! punch combination in boxing is a lot like the one!two! punch a man feels for a moment when he first lays eyes on a pair of perfect breasts like Nikkala's. They stop you where you stand, and you're down for the count of ten. Your brain struggles to regain control of your body, to orient itself, and to regain your composure. The beauty of being boob drunk though is that there's no pain involved at all. In fact, it's quite a pleasant experience. Find out for yourself when you join Body in Mind and look at these photos full size. And as an added bonus we're thrilled to say that Nikkala gets more nude in this series than ever before. You can't miss it.

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The maximum beauty of Pеtа Tоdd

At Bоdy in Mind we worship female beauty, therefore we do everything we can to maximize the beauty of the images we create. One trick we've learned is to make sure that no matter how incredibly sexy a woman is that there is something in her images that is even more impressive. The idea is to distract the avid male mind long enough that it has a chance to be moved by something other than sex. For example, Pеtа Tоdd is one of the sexiest women on the planet, but Mіchаеl Whіtе photographs her in such a way that we are even more impressed with the perfection of her physical form. It's hard to respond to these images in a purely sexual way because we can't help but feel an even more powerful awe and admiration for the astounding proportions possible to the human female.

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We decided not to edit our latest series of Marina to see if the 'real women' movement would shower us with praise. So far we've heard nothing. Normally we don't retouch photos, but Marina has a bit of a bruise on her left thigh in this series and normally we'd Photoshop it out. But this time we left it in so we could honestly say she's a 100% real beauty, unaltered in any way. We've levelled the playing field so people can decide for themselves which kind of beauty is really real. Is it the kind we see in tv commercials praising 'real beauty' featuring women offering their flaws - their saggy bottoms, their love handles, their surgical scars - with shy embarassment and amused resignation - as evidence of beauty, or is it Marina's perky breasts, her perfectly smooth skin, her white smile and her shimmering long hair offered to us with a playful mixture of fun and pride?

Ouch, huh? That's going to leave a mark. ;-)

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Undiscovered beauties

History is full of lost lands full of fantastically beautiful women. The ancient Greeks had their Sirens and Amazons. The crew of the HMS Bounty mutinied to make wives of the Polynesian beauties they discovered in the south Pacific. Today the discovery of such a land seems pretty unlikely, but Body in Mind has done just that. Believe it or not the Ukraine is full of women who are more beautiful than world-famous models and actresses. For example Nadya, the star of this gallery, is like a combination of Ursυlа Andrеss and Pаm Andеrsоn, but her complete innocence about her beauty makes her even more exquisite don't you think? Today the Ukraine is a seemingly endless fountain of female beauty, virtually untapped. Check out Nadya as well as many other Ukranian beauties today on Body in Mind. It's the stuff legends are made of.

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The real Nіkkаlа Stоtt

Nіkkаlа Stоtt is one of those rare beauties who is as delightful off camera as on. Every bit of sparkle and bounce is pure, uneffected, and straight from the heart. It's so often difficult to show a woman's personality in a photo because it reduces a woman to mere moments, not allowing us to see the full force of her charm. That's why we decided to release this gallery of out-takes, candids and behind the scenes shots of Nikkala, made during our 'Day in the Life' shoots this past year. They still don't do justice to the fun and energy she exudes, but they do get us a little closer and more personal look into the real beauty of Nikkala. Nikkala, do your stuff...

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A little off the top

In her interview with us, Body in Mind super beauty Pеtа Tоdd told us how she was discovered:

"Totally by accident. I used to work as a Saturday girl in a barber's sweeping up etc, and one of the customers worked for the Sun and started saying he thought I had something that the agency that supply Page 3 would be interested in, and took me up to meet them and the rest as they say is history!"

We figure every guy who meets Peta knows he's discovered a major beauty. Discover her yourself in our barber's shoot by Mіchаеl Whіtе.

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Peta's back with a beautiful new baby, a great new body

Last year, just as her career as a model was hitting full steam Pеtа Tоdd decided to have her first baby. Her body changed in beautiful ways, and our photos of her pregnant are the only ones she did. In her interview she told us she had no intention of quitting modeling and would return with a vengeance once her child was born. In Fеbrυаry, she delivered a healthy baby boy named Finn, and again was generous enough to share some tender moments with our photographer, Mіchаеl Whіtе. And today, after working hard with a trainer, Peta is back, and is so stunning, we can scarcely believe she is real. Happily, we have several new series of this amazing lady to release over the next few months. Maybe that will give it time to sink in. But we doubt it. We think Peta is and always will be - unbelievable.

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Dressing up by undressing

We always thought it would be nice to live in an advanced world where beautiful women could go out for an elegant dinner half naked. And now, thanks to Nіkkаlа Stоtt, we can see what it would be like. Some women's bodies are so beautiful that putting jewellery on them or covering them with fine fabrics actually makes them look less beautiful, not more. Nikkala is one. For her, undressing can be a stylish part of dressing up. This photoset is the finale of our Day in the Life series of Nikkala, and also the epitome of beauty: a beautiful woman naked in an elegant, respectful environment. Breasts are meant as decoration, to attract, and the female body is meant to be beautiful. A truly advanced society would know this, and would be cool about it.

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A real, living, breathing Muse

Today we see the most beautiful women in the world being completely wasted. We see the likes of Hеіdі Klυm and Tyrа Bаnks, two of the most beautiful women who have ever existed, making their livings as TV producers and hosts. Cіndy Crаwfоrd is designing kids furntiture and Ellе Mаcphеrsоn is ???. Of the more modern crop of super beauties, Gіsеllе Bυndchеn is still playing Babe #1 in the movies she appears in, Adrіаnа Lіmа is stuck in Vіctоrіа's Sеcrеt/Cоvеr Gіrl limbo, and Kаtе Mоss is making regular appearances as the fashionable alleged substance abuser on the covers of popular magazines. To our knowledge there is only one modern beauty who uses her gift, her beauty, her body to its full potential. She uses it, not just to sell things, or to arouse men, or as a stepping stone to a different career. Muse (yes, her real name) does what all real muses are supposed to do. She creates and inspires art. Imagine the world if all great beauties did this. Here is Muse's world.

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Topless in Toronto

Even though women can legally go topless in Toronto few do, because of the sexual and moral stigmas attached to it. So we took it upon ourselves not only to make a pretty video of a beautiful woman roaming around in public topless, but to address the stale and persistent belief that women's breasts are exclusively sexual, and that the only reason men like them in because they are horn dogs. It isn't. In fact, in this video Cat reveals to us the definitive reason why men really love women's breasts. Finally we have an answer to a question which has confounded men and women for millenia, an answer that removes the stigma of sexuality from women's breasts. Neither this mind-blowing truth, nor Cat's incredible free spirit, are to be missed in this latest Body in Mind beauty video.

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Brіdgеt Bаrdоt, Sоphіа Lоrеn, and Pеtа Tоdd

Brіdgеt Bаrdоt, Sоphіа Lоrеn, Rаqυеl Wеlch, Jаynе Mаnsfіеld, Mаrіlyn Mоnrое. Between them thousands of very famous and glamorous photos. Some of the greatest beauties of all time. But the photos we remember best, the ones that intrigue us, involve us, haunt us even, are the ones that capture them in their most candid moments, catch them at ease, at play, at peace. Often smiling, in repose, not trying to impress us too much, thinking their own thoughts, laughing. Pеtа Tоdd is a beauty destined to be remembered as one of the greats, and we were determined to get some of the first iconic photos of her. Mіchаеl Whіtе got them for us, and for you. And for history. These poster sized photos of Peta are already some of our all-time favourites.

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The best series ever

"Surely, this is one of the best series ever. Not to disparage other models, but some almost appear cold irritated. Maria exhudes happiness and joy. With such a beautiful body to show off, why not? Maria is the kind of girl that renews my faith in femminity and the artistry of the Nude. I really congratulate Dimitry for capturing this wonderful spirit. I am sure I am only one of many who has expressed these feelings. Perhaps you could convey them to Maria and Dimitry." - John (BiM member)

We did, John. And here's the reply:

"Hi! Thanks for you and John! It's really pleasure to get this email from you. Soon we will show you the movie with Maria! Best wishes, Dmitry and Maria"

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Prеcіоυs Jеwеl

Body in Mind has always been about the most beautiful models. We've been doing it successfully for almost 10 years now. We know a beautiful woman when we see one, such as Jewel here. Her name is actually Juliya, but we've all been calling her Jewel around here lately so now the name has stuck. And it's appropriate. It's taken us almost a year to find her and get some great photos of her. We wish we'd found her sooner because we hate to see such incredible beauty go to waste. It's like a diamond underground. No way to sparkle down there. Unfortunately, there are sites and photographers out there who would rather that than share her. But we're thrilled to be able to let Jewel sparkle for our visitors now, in the dappled morning sun, in her first ever gallery for Body in Mind. The first of many. And we suggest you stay away from sites with exclusive models. They claim they are responsible for bringing their models' beauty to the world, but in fact, they are mostly preventing it.

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Is the future full of beautiful nude women?

These photos of brave and beautiful Tracy by lead BiM photographer Chrіs Rυеggе make it very easy to imagine a future in which beautiful women have no problem baring their whole bodies in public, in just the same way they now have no problem showing their legs or hair, both of which have been forbidden at various times or in various cultures. Imagine a future where pretty women walked down the street, nude, without a care in the world, splashing barefooted in puddles, and smiling as the sun paints the air with their hair. Imagine a young male tourist taking a snapshot of his girlfriend who removes her clothes for the shot. Is the future full of beautiful nude women? We hope so. But even if it isn't, thanks to Chrіs Rυеggе and Tracy, the present is.

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The beauty of Arielle; the genius of Chrіs Rυеggе

Chrіs Rυеggе is hands down the best photographer we've ever worked with at BiM. His sense of color and fashion put him in the same league as famous French photographers Gіllеs Bеnsіmоn and Mаrc Hіspаrd. Arielle is a uniquely charming and shy model with a body like some 3D animator's fantasy. Together they have made some of the most beautiful images we have on Body in Mind, and certainly some of the most popular. These are images you could easily print and put on your wall as art. BiM fans like us because our work is clearly so much more tasteful and sophisticated than most nude sites. Chrіs Rυеggе and Arielle make us so.

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Our position on nudism/naturism

We receive many emails asking what we think of nudism or as it's called today: naturism. The truth is, we're not fans of any 'ism', since an ism is an excuse to hide behind thinking done by someone else, and we advocate independent thinking. In fact, we believe female beauty is put on earth to inspire thought, put here by nature. We don't believe human beings are meant to go around naked since our bodies are not built for it. It is only the comforts and easy lifestyles made possible by modern technology that allows people to go around nude. Can you imagine chasing animals through woods without shoes, shirt or leggings? This is why tribal humans are never nude. Nature won't allow it. So it's hypocritical to claim nudity is natural. We say, if you like being nude then do it because you like it. You don't need any other reason. For example, we are huge fans of female beauty, and if beautiful women like Nika want to go naked all the time we're all for it. But for ourselves, while we love being nude in the sun and wind - who doesn't - we wouldn't dream of forcing others to look at us. Bottom line (so to speak): We think it's silly to take off your clothes and then clothe yourself in 'nature'. If you want to be fully nude, be honest, be naked in spirit as well. Do it because it's fun or beautiful. Don't hide behind an ism.

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Strip please

Men like looking at naked women. No surprise there. But it is at least a little surprising that men also like watching the process of a beautiful woman taking off her clothes. You would think it's the nude woman that would actually attract men, but men will eagerly watch a women performing a strip-tease, as it's called, even when they know she won't be taking it all off. This is why it's called a strip tease. But we at Body in Mind think 'strip-tease' is a misnomer. No one is being teased. Everyone knows if the girl will get naked or not ahead of time. So why do we watch with such avid pleasure? It's because women are beautiful, and the bit of skin we do get to see gives us pleasure. This is why we think the word 'strip-tease' should be replaced with 'strip-please'. It's not for sex, it's for our viewing pleasure - and her showing pleasure - that a woman strips for us.

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Thе Chrоnіclеs of Atlantis continued...

"The figure stepped forward into a shaft of moonlight. Clearly now, it was a woman. She wore a fierce expression beneath a fringe of blonde bangs that just grazed her eyebrows. Her eyes were large, dark pools, perhaps the largest I'd ever seen. And she was as nude as the woman I'd had just seen through the binoculars. I stole only a glance at her round, full breasts, moist from the humid night, or exertion, or both. I didn't dare let my gaze linger."

Enjoy part 2 of the Chronicles of Atlantis, fiction starring some of your favourite Body in Mind babes, by Jаkе Cаmpаnа here.

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A day and a date with Nіkkаlа Stоtt

Imagine if Nіkkаlа Stоtt did everything half naked. To make it real Nikkala let us follow her through an entire day of a topless model. We woke with her, exercised, got the mail, drove to a photoshoot, stopped in at her office, had some pizza, showered with her, and in this photo set, watched her invite a male friend to dinner with some pix of herself on her cellphone. The finale of this series is coming soon where we'll follow her to the restaurant and see if she'll go topless the whole night. (Here's a hint: she does.)

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Lifestyle nudes

Other websites take pictures of their models behind the scenes and call them lifestyle nudes. While we also love behind the scenes photos they are not really lifestyle nudes are they? Only Bоdy in Mind has consistently created photos that depict women enjoying a nude lifestyle, and the people around them enjoying those women. Lifestyle nudes are just another of the many innovations brought to you by Body in Mind. We started it, and we still do it best, for example in this, our very first series of Jessica by our newest photographer, Lеоn Rυssеаυ. No need to imagine visiting Jessica in her garden and trying to remember to look at the flowers. You can visit her right now, right here, and you can look at anything you want.

And enjoy the latest installment of our Bеаυty Pаrk series here. The place where beautiful nudity is a lifestyle.

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The perfect woman

The moment you meet her you know she is different from most women. She is very good-looking, but that is not what makes her interesting. What stands out about Cat is that she is intelligent, benevolent, purposeful, innocent, happy, self-interested, and brave. Very brave. In fact, she had no problem at all posing perfectly nude in public for an entire afternoon, without missing a beat. She showed no sign of shame, stress or embarassment. In fact, she remained the perfectly happy, charming, and interesting woman she was when dressed. Cat exudes beauty, inside and out. She is, in short, our perfect woman. See if she is yours.

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How much do you value female beauty?

The 'mysterious' power behind female beauty is nothing short of the power of morality itself, the power of the highest human spirit: the desire to strive for values. Female beauty is the embodiment of all human values, and its attractiveness to us is nothing less than the power that values have to attract us. In this way, female beauty becomes a mirror, reflecting our values back to us, and revealing them to the world at large. You can see the whole of a man's soul in that which he finds beautiful, and each man will discover for himself that he reveres his own soul exactly as much or as little as he reveres female beauty. Revere your soul. Enjоy Zυzаnа.

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For all your Nіkkаlа Stоtt needs

Did you know that Body in Mind has more Nіkkаlа Stоtt photos than any other publication in the world - even more than the Page 3 tabloids in Britain that made her famous? In fact, we've got more than all the other publications combined! More than Maxim, more than FHM, more than Perfect 10. And every month we feature a new nude lifestyle series with Nikkala. This time we watch Nikkala cool down after her workout. We've been adding intimate series like this for more than a year, with some amazing things yet to come. You won't believe some of the places Nikkala gets naked! In the meantime, enjoy this latest series by Mіchаеl Whіtе. And in the future remember, it's Body in Mind, for all your Nіkkаlа Stоtt needs.

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Pеtа Wаkіng

If you were an artist, or a cartoon animator, and you came up with a figure like that of Pеtа Tоdd's, you'd probably be told it was too unrealistic, and that no woman could ever look like that. Her breasts are sumptuously large, her waist tapers in gracefully, her legs are long and shapely. You'd probably be told to tone it down. But such a beauty does exist, in the extraordinary person of Pеtа Tоdd. She does it all with ease : a new mum, a nude model, a kind and lovely person. Waking up with her would bring sunshine into any man's life, and we're thrilled to share just a glimpse of what that would be like in our latest gallery of her by Mіchаеl Whіtе.

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Thе Dіvіnе Feminine

By now there probably isn't a person alive who doesn't know about the Dа Vіncі Code, and how it's author Dаn Brоwn makes a startling case for a married Jesus and the modern day descendants of he and his wife, Mаry Mаgdаlеnе. The story makes the point that the church has waged a 2000-year battle to keep the true nature of their relationship secret, and to 'protect' Christendom from such a scandalous idea. But why should it be a scandalous idea at all? Doesn't it make sense that an iconic figure like Jesus who was supposedly all about love would find the greatest love of all for himself? We think it's only natural that the feminine is divine, and that even a god would fall on his knees before a beauty like Arielle. Chrіs Rυеggе does in his latest photo shoot.

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Mаrіа Dаndеlіоns

Ever wonder why women and flowers go so well together? For centuries, poets have equated lovely ladies with blossoms, and for just as long parents have been giving their daughters names like Rose, Daisy and Violet among others. Maybe it's because we see an instant metaphor for a woman when we see a flower: great beauty that's both meant to attract and which exists purely for its own sake; a kind of fragility and strength mixed together, in the delicateness of its petals and in its fierce determination to grow. And of course, flowers herald the coming of the spring, the rebirth of life after a cold, dark winter, a joyous celebration of life. Just like Maria does, in her field of wild dandelions.

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Monika - a white dream

If there's one job that evokes instant envy among men, it's that of nude photographer. Imagine making your daily bread by spending the day with a gorgeous naked woman, who enjoys being nude and who makes every effort to show off her incredible body to its full potential . It must be a dream job, a piece of cake, right? Dream job, perhaps, but piece of cake, definitely not. It takes incredible skill to create images like Jаnоsch Sіmоn has with Monika. As tempting as it might be to just stare at her, or to ask her to pose in a more provocative way, Janosch accomplishes something that qualifies as true beauty: he focuses on the woman, not on how he or the viewer might feel about her. He makes her beauty the intention of the photos, and defies us to look at her any other way. Coupled with deft skills behind the lens, it makes for a stunning series of a sculptural beauty.

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There's just something about Samantha. Maybe it's the cool intelligence of her eyes, the casual disarray of her long dark curls, or the forthright way she displays her whole body to us while challenging us to look at her face. But whatever it is, she has it, that elusive combination of beauty, intelligence and sensuality that captivates our hearts and minds. Samantha seems totally comfortable naked on the edge of the world, as though she owns it, and totally comfortable owning her beauty too. Let her own you here.

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Amazon - the world's first 'beauty video' is here!

Have you ever wondered who's the most beautiful woman in the world? We have. And to answer that question, we've created Amazon, the first ever beauty video starring Body in Mind super beauty Nіkkаlа Stоtt. In spite of an amazing 6 year career as a top model, this is Nikkala's first speaking role in any film - finally we get to see and hear Nikkala - as she describes for us - and role plays - the many of the modern manifestations of the greatest beauty of all, the Amazon. More...

Preview, join and watch the video here.

"Nikkala is, physically, the ideal choice of girl to do this. Nikkala's height and classy facial looks give her "Godess" qualities." -


Thе Chrоnіclеs of Atlantis

"My mouth went dry as I stared at her. I had a camera in my backpack, I knew that I should at least try to get a photo of her, but I couldn't look away. I had never seen such a beautiful woman, so calmly, easily beautiful without a hint of shame or self-consciousness. Who was this magnificent woman? My mind raced with a thousand questions. What was she doing out here on this island in the middle of the sea? What was this place she lived in? And why did she look so fully dressed wearing nothing but a few strands of gold?" More....

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Alеnа Skіnny Dip

Remember those hot, hazy days of summer when you were a kid? You'd try to fry an egg on the sidewalk to see if what your grandmother said was true. You'd bike over to the corner store and slap your pennies down on the counter with grubby hands, and run off with a long slushy tube of colored ice. And if it was really hot, you'd peel off everything and go for a skinny dip, not caring about anything other than cooling off and having fun. Wouldn't it be great if a pretty woman felt free enough to do that too? Alena shows us what it would be like to live in that kind of world. Dive in here.

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Dreams can come true

The dream began the moment we first laid eyes on Nіkkаlа Stоtt. It was the year 2000 and Body in Mind was a 3 year old site dedicated to featuring and commenting on the most beautiful images of women being created in the world's various media, movies, TV, magazines, the internet. But none of the images we ever found was as good as we could imagine creating ourselves. And we were dying to prove it. Then we discovered Nikkala on the 3rd page of the British tabloids, where models are regularly featured topless.

We were amazed that in spite of being perhaps the most beautiful woman we'd ever seen - and we've seen a lot - she wasn't world famous, and she wasn't really being used to her potential.

We knew then that our goal was to make Body in Mind enough of a success that one day we would make the kind of images we knew were possible with a model as beautiful as Nikkala.

Tоdаy Bоdy in Mind has more images of Nikkala than any other website or publication in the world. And we dare say they are not only the very best of Nikkala, but the very best of any model, ever.

We have Nikkala to thank of course, and her spirited dedication to quality modeling. And also our photographer, Mіchаеl Whіtе, whose direct yet romantic style depicts a Nikkala we can't help love.

But mostly we have our dreams to thank. We saw our dreams in Nikkala. And now we see Nikkala in our dreams come true.

And if you're a Nіkkаlа Stоtt fan, Body in Mind is your dream come true, too.

Dream the dream of Nikkala here.

"Every new Nikkala gallery seems to have a few pictures that make me feel like I'm in that world with her. It's a great feeling." - Ben (BiM member)

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Bravery is beautiful

In our page on the things that make a woman beautiful we recently noticed that we left out perhaps the most important one: bravery. The model in our latest gallery from exclusive BiM photographer, Chrіs Rυеggе, is Jess. Jess is not a professional model. She is just a regular girl who answered an ad to appear nude on a German television show. We always marvel at the bravery of some women, women who are brave enough to risk the derision and sneers of beauty haters in order to experience the joy of being admired by the beauty lovers out there. A lot of nude sites these days claim their models are amateurs when in fact they are almost all seasoned pros. Men want to see real girls so these sites lie to them to sell memberships. Jess is real. And her bravery is no lie. This is what makes her more beautiful to us than most of the seasoned pros out there. See if you agree here.

"Just  when I  thought  I  had  seen  the  best,  along  comes  Jessi. What  a  spectacular  body    with  beautiful  firm  breasts  in proportion  to  the  rest of  her  body.   Superb  photography on  every  shot.   This  is  art  at  its  very  best." - John (BiM member)

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How to get a girlfriend like Zυzаnа Drаbіnоvа

Thе Chаrmеr. The chick magnet. The lady killer. Whatever you call him, he's the kind of man who makes women weak-kneed and makes men shake their heads and say "how the hell does he do it?". He is wildly popular with women, and never seems to have any shortage of them in his life. You probably even know one. He's not that great looking, he's not rich, as far as you know he isn't freakishly well endowed. But every woman within a five mile radius is putty in his hands, and you can't figure out why.

His secret? He loves women. More...

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Zυzаnа Drаbіnоvа: Super beauty retaking mainstream media

Whеn Bоdy in Mind began back in 1997 really beautiful women had disappeared from mainstream media. The cultural backlash against the success of the supermodels of the early 90s - the grunge movement and later the heroin chic style - had successfully replaced every single bodacious babe on TV and the movies with skinny little boy women, just as it had on the fashion runways of the world. Super beautiful women had only one place to go: porn. Jеnnа Jаmеsоn, Adеlе Stеphеns, Tеrа Pаtrіck and Chlое Jоnеs come to mind. Since then, Body in Mind has been on the forefront of a movement to return super beauty to the popular media, endeavoring to create a tasteful website - free of porn - where the most beautiful women in the world can make a good living. This week we watched our model Zυzаnа Drаbіnоvа make a splash onto the page 3 scene in Britain, a topless-only gig which may help solidify her tasteful nude modeling career. We hope so. The world needs super beauty everywhere, not only in porn.

"Wow, she has just started modelling on page 3 of the daily star and she looks even better nude. Her tits are awesome and she is so beautiful." - F.P. (BiM member)

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How do you solve a problem like Maria?

Maria is one of the most beautiful women of all time. Of that we have no doubt. At once a buxom blonde bombshell and a statuesque classical beauty. Mаrіlyn Mоnrое and Ellе Mаcphеrsоn combined. An almost impossible thing to imagine if we didn't have Maria right in front of us gently and happily embodying it. Her unique beauty has caused a problem for many very talented photographers. Some manage to show off her body but don't seem to know what to do with her animated face and bubbly personality. Others get so distracted by her uninhibited sexuality that they forget she's incredibly beautiful just standing there. Maybe that's why the best photos of her are always by her husband and photographer Dmіtry Kυrаpоv. Dmitry has access to her 24 hours a day and can catch her at her most beautiful, which seems to be, when Maria is just being Maria. We hope you enjoy our latest series of Maria just chillin'. We think it's the most beautiful yet.

"Maria chillin' in the snow is HOT." - Boyett (BiM member)

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Our members speak

Something simple this time. Rather than yet another clever way to look at female beauty, instead of something philosophically profound, for our gallery of Dasha, a brand new model, we thought we'd simply let our members, who have just seen this gallery tell you about it. Our members are some of the most amazing people we know, always thoughtful, always direct, and always holding onto a real reverence for beauty and the women who possess it. We're as proud of them, as we are of our models, our photographers and our photos. Thank you everyone! It's a joy to run this site for you. - D & L

"This has to be one of the very best series. A beautiful model, a great variety of poses and an excellent photographer. What more could one ask? Dasha is a girl to be treasured!" - John (BiM Member)
"Dasha, of perfect classic proportions, and all perfectly natural. What a joy to behold!. A nice smile tops off the 'perfect' model. Great photography from Dmitry [Kurapov] combine to give an altogether excellent gallery. I hope we see more of this team, perhaps some outdoor work?" - Roger (BiM member)

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Nυdе Bеаυty Week in Moscow

(RPS) MOSCOW In a bid to increase toursim to problem-plagued Moscow, city officials have announced a novel new tourist attraction: Bеаυty Wееk.

For the next seven days, scores of beautiful women will walk throughout the city completely nude. Gоrky Pаrk will serve as a kind of "Beauty Central", where visitors to the city are invited to talk with the women, pose for photographers or invite the women to model for photos of their own. In other parts of the city, the ladies will stroll through the streets, go shopping, dine at cafes... More...

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Wardrobe function

The FCC recently upheld a multi-million dollar fine against CBS for giving airtime to Jаnеt Jаcksоn's breast. Laws in Daytona, Florida were recently upheld allowing public nudity for women. Nude dancer Mеlіssа Hаrrіngtоn was recently ticketed for being topless. Sаlmа Hаyеk appears fully nude in her latest movie. A nineteen year old Polish woman was expelled from the high school for posing for Playboy. The battle over women's bodies continues. Some people want to see them naked. Others don't. Who will win? Fashion designer Vіvіеn Wеstwооd said the function of fashion is about eventually being naked. Let's hope she's right. This is certainly true in our model Viktorya's case. Her wardrobe functions perfectly as it slips right off her body in today's gallery by Voronin. And stay tuned for more news on this subject in the days to come. We're all pulling for those women who want to use their bodies as they please. When they win, we win.

Check out this drawing of Viktorya hot of the drawing board of our favourite artist, Erіc Wаllіs.


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Fresh, hot and delicious

Did anyone notice that the guy in this series of Nikkala having lunch is the same guy who was giving her directions when she was driving topless and lost her way? Did you also notice he's her mailman? And on top of all that she invites him to lunch out of gratitude for all his help! It would seem fate is smiling on this fellow something fierce. Sometimes fate does that. We wanted to show you this series of nude lifestyle photos of a Day in the Life of Nikkala because Body in Mind is all about achieving your dreams in life. It's about allowing the power in female beauty to inspire you to morality and personal greatness. And for those who think such things as this can't happen, let me remind you that I was once a guy sitting in his apartment eating pizza alone and dreaming of working with a model as amazing as Nikkala. And today I am. It took a hell of a lot of work, but it was more than worth it. So the next time you've got a piece of pizza in your mouth, imagine the one sitting across from you is a beautiful woman like Nikkala. And then do what it takes to make it true. Don't ever underestimate the power and morality of beautiful women. You rob yourself when you do. Enjoy this gallery and remember your dreams.

"Image 63 is the single most heart stoppingly natural photo on the site. Worth the price of entry for that shot alone. Thanks!" - BiM Member

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Pеtа Tоdd's pregnant pause

I can always tell when a model is going to be hugely successful. Always. I've built Body in Mind on it. Nіkkаlа Stоtt, Lаеtіtіа Cаstа, Giselle, Mіchеllе Mаrsh, Keeley, I predicted them all. Last year, when she first appeared on Page 3, I predicted Pеtа Tоdd would also become a big star. Then, barely months into a skyrocketing success, she left the industry to have a child. Well she almost left. She has posed exclusively for Body in Mind these last several months and has given us some of the most amazing photos we've ever done. She has single handedly helped us create a new aesthetic in female nudes - the expectant mother. We recently chatted with Peta about her life, her career, her body, and her baby. We think you'll find her every bit as candid and charming as we do. Will she become a star? Hey, around here, she already is. More...

"I am astonished at the beauty of Peta in the window shoot while she's pregnant. Give my congratulations to Mіchаеl Whіtе." - BiM Member

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Prettier than spring and twice as delightful

Nothing brings us more pleasure here at BiM than the incredible beauty of women. This is why it is such a delight to bring you these photos of brand new model Lana by new BiM contributing photographer Stіv Rаng. It's hard to express how wonderful it is to see images of a happy young woman enjoying her own beauty perhaps as much as we do. The rapturous smile on her pretty face says it all. Lana is exhilarated to be young, beautiful, free, and admired. There is not a trace of shame or self-loathing. She is perfect, and happy. It is a rare moment of pure love for what is uniquely human, and we're all lucky indeed to witness something as beautiful as this.

"I've just fallen in love with Lana, the latest model to feature on Bоdy In Mind, what a beautiful young lady she is. I must have sat here and gazed upon her photographs for the last thirty minutes completely spellbound, time has just slipped a notch for me. Her beauty has made me blush, I must admit to being taken by surprise by this young lady's looks!!" - BiM member

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Photos more powerful than porn and more uplifting than art

No two photographers we know have done it longer, or better, than Rоbеrt Bаsе and Dіеtеr Wеgnеr of VIP Nudes. For example this photo of 3 beautiful women standing proudly nude in the full sunlight of a dying day. It perfectly captures the mood of our civilization, and the choice we face: we can admire women in all their glory or we can denounce them with all our might, destroying the whole human race in the process. Seems kind of silly but such is the world we live in these days. Those who denounce women, their bodies, and their beauty forget one very important fact - we cannot survive without them! But these 3 proud beauties seem to know it. They know that the beauty of women is more powerful than porn, inspiring us not just to sex, but to love; and that it is more uplifting than art, inspiring us not just to admire, but to be admirable ourselves. Do you respond to beauty this way? Base and Wegner do. That's why they are VIPs. You may be too after enjoying this best-of selection of their photos, only on Body in Mind, and

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More MILFs

Our latest series of the voluptuous and fun-loving Alena by Chrіs Rυеggе reminds us of a time during adolescence when our attentions turned to our best friend's beautiful and sexy mother. There is a time in almost all young men's lives when they find themselves unexpectedly attracted to a much older woman. Today we call them MILFs, a very cynical word for women who inspire what is really one of the most innocent and delightful and mature feelings a boy can have - love and admiration for a grown woman. Unfortunately our society worships youth to such a degree that it's almost impossible to use the word 'mature' without conjuring up the image of a 60 year old, but the fact remains that when our best friend's mother allowed us to get a good look at her naked it made us feel mature for the first time in our lives. We hope this gallery of Alena lets you remember this feeling too. We need more MILFs in the world, because we need more boys who want to be men.

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Financial independence from promoting beauty, not porn?

Everyone these days seems interested in making thousands of dollars a week with a simple and safe home business. Ads on late night TV showing average guys with cool cars and huge homes want your money to show you how to do it. But we know a scam when we see one, and so do you. We also know a real way to make money, even achieve self-employment, by following a few simple rules. There is actually real money to be made today from promoting tasteful nude websites. In fact, it's the latest craze. It's beauty that sells, not sex, and a whole movement is now buidling up around this simple truth. Body in Mind was the very first beauty-for-beauty's-sake site on the web, and because of our no-sex policy, we've become one of the most successful. By simply joining our affiliate program you can start making easy weekly income. And when you join the programs of several other of the most tasteful nude websites out there in addition to ours you can achieve financial independence by promoting female beauty, not porn. Email us and we'll tell you how to get started if you're not sure. Or if you already have a website, click here to start making money within the next half an hour, and for years to come.

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Image theft

Body in Mind has recently been the victim of massive amounts of image theft. We have found hundreds of our images displayed on several different websites and newsgroups around the web. While we are flattered that people like our images, what people who take them don't understand is that sometimes hundreds or even thousands of people take the images or zips they share and spread them around the internet like wildfire. The sad result of this is that Body in Mind loses a lot of money from lost signups and we have to cancel photoshoots with many of our models. People, please, filesharing of copyrighted images is against the law for a very good reason. If it was legal there would be no nude websites of any kind, and the models you love would be out of work. Please support the models and websites you like by joining them. And if you see a website who is stealing our images, please report it to us immediately. Body in Mind is a small site. And we are not out to get rich. We simply want to make the best photos we can for those people who appreciate them. Like today's series of Anna by rookie BiM lensman Jаnоsch Sіmоn. Please, remember to do the right thing for the ladies you love.

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Models in the closet

One of our highest priorities at Body in Mind is to create images that reflect the spirit and intelligence of women. We never forget for a moment that models are real people. That's why we consistently pay them more than a lot of other websites do. And it's why we currently have several dedicated shoots in the works with some of our favourites. Most nude websites out there never come into contact with their models, and are not concerned with the model's rate of payment or with supporting the model's career. Indeed, some prefer to keep the models' contact info to themselves so they are the only site with her photos. They are not concerned with the limiting effect this has on the model's career. Body in Mind on the other hand is thrilled when a model of ours like Mаrkеtа Bеlаnоhа gets her own website and we are actively working with the creators of that site to make it the biggest success possible. Irina, the model in today's gallery is quickly becoming an internet favourite too. Perhaps one day soon she will have her own site and a resounding career to match Marketa's. We hope so. And we hope we were one small step for her on the way to it.

Sample | Join | Members | MORE IRINA | Link Mine, Valentine...

For those men who find themselves without a lady on this Valentine's day we have this wonderful series of Arielle by Chrіs Rυеggе. We also have this story by BiM contributor Bаυеr Wеstеrеn inspired by the love of Body in Mind creators and editors Dwayne and Lеаnnе Bеll to help those who do have love to remember what love should be. Vаlеntіnе's Dаy is not only a time to dream about love or to tell the one you love how you feel, it's also a day to make the love you are blessed with everything it can be. More...

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In studio with Nіkkаlа Stоtt

So far in our 'Day in the Life' series of nudes starring Nіkkаlа Stоtt we've woken up in the morning with her, watched her stretch, seen her collect the mail topless, hung out at the office where she worked nearly nude, and driven with her topless to her shoot for the day. Today we'll spent several intimate moments with her both behind the scenes and in front of the camera at a typical glamor shoot for Body in Mind. We think this is the best series yet of this amazing beauty. See if you don't agree here. And stay tuned to see what she's got planned for after the shoot. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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When will nude fashion catch on?

We photographers know that it's perfectly possible for a woman to be completely naked in front of many people without feeling silly or self conscious. We know because we work with such women every day. We also know how nice it is to be around such women every day. It never gets tired believe me. The nude models we work with feel comfortable in their own skins - and little else - because we treat them with the utmost respect and consideration. We don't drool while we're working, we don't hit on them, and we don't stare at their private parts. In short, we don't treat them any differently than if they were fully clothed. This pleasant situation can't help but inspire photographers and models to play around with the idea of nude womens fashions - things women can wear to accentuate their bodies and their curves while still being naked. Mаnfrеd Bаυmаnn and Yasmina for example created this amazing series. Wouldn't it be nice if nude fashion really caught on? But that would take everyone - not just photographers - having respect for the women who would wear such things. All we men have to do to enjoy this kind of beauty in our daily lives is have respect for women. Come on guys, let's get it together shall we?

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Watch 4 Beauty to grow

A lot of people these days are trying to tell us that internet porn is out of control and are advocating that the government clamp down on it more and more. Nothing could be further from the truth. Things just don't work that way. Past attempts to eradicate porn in various countries have shown time and again that porn becomes only more and more depraved when governments illegalize it. The opposite is also true. The more free a country is, the more free speech is, the more positive and pro-value porn becomes. For example, in recent years, thanks to the government's inability to write a coherent anti-porn law, the internet has enjoyed almost total freedom, and in that time instead of seeing porn sites go hog wild into the depths of depravity we've seen the skyrocketing rise of the tasteful nude and/or erotic website - exactly what you'd think any well-intentioned government would want. These are sites where the focus isn't on sex at all but on tasteful nudity and artful eroticism. Body in Mind is one of the most tasteful of these sites, with zero sexual content, and a total commitment to beauty above all. is one of the newest of the erotic websites out there, a site where sexy poses are featured, but where it's clear at first glance that beauty and drama are as important as the power these photos have to arouse. This is one of the few sites we've seen lately with photos we'd actually describe as stunningly beautiful and brilliantly original.

In fact, good taste and beauty are now so prevalent in erotic websites that the govenrment's only plan of attack is to complain that children might happen across these perfectly legal, tasteful erotic images. Honestly, we fail to see how forcing us all back into a situation in which children might happen across tasteless and degrading pornography is better than this.

Thanks to our free internet, the modern movement towards tasteful nude art is making depraved porn sites both rarer and hopelessly old-fashioned. is as modern, tasteful, and downright beautiful as erotica gets. Check out the sneak peak we've arranged for Body in Mind members here or check out the whole site at

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What's the difference between art and porn?

For years we've been promising to reveal to our readers the difference between art and pornography. In his kind mention of Body in Mind, the liberal blogger Dеаn Esmаy pointed out that there appears to be no difference betweem a lot of the nude photos on Body in Mind, photos which are often classed as porn, and what is widely considered the greatest work of art of all time, Mіchеlаngеlо's Dаvіd. Both display the human body as an object of admiration, drama and beauty. Nevertheless most people consider us porn and the David art. So what's the difference? Is there a difference? I'm just now editing my final draft on the subject and we'll publish it here in the next few days. In the meantime, enjoy this gallery of Marina, and ask yourself, is it art, or is it porn? And stay tuned to see if you're right.

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Great with child

A few years ago, Dеmі Mооrе threw the world into confusion: she posed nude while pregnant on the cover of Vаnіty Fаіr magazine. Annіе Lіеbоwіtz's groundbreaking cover photo made viewers face an uncomfortable issue: can a pregnant woman be sexy? Must we automatically banish her from the world of beauty and sensuality, femininity and sex appeal, once she conceives a child?

We think not. Every human being on earth is here because our fathers found our mothers attractive. We see no need to try to hide this fact, from ourselves, or from our children. In fact, we find great wonder in it. And beauty. We think you will too. Enjoy today's gallery of Page 3 supermodel Peta, pregnant, yes, and still one of the most beautiful women in the world.

"Loved the pregnant pics, she looks more beautiful than ever. Please do this again in future." - D.Stewart (BiM member)

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The wild wild west

A recent news item here on Body in Mind reported a U.S. Senate committee hearing in which our freedoms to look at nude photos of lovely women were being feverishly plotted against by our elected officials. Perhaps it's time to remember the cowboy U.S. Prеsіdеnt Rоnаld Reagan, who declared the internet a 'hands off zone', something the government was not to touch, tax, or tangle up. It was his fervent individualism - not statist demands for government interference in everything - that gave us a free internet. You can prove it to yourself by looking at TV. TV is totally government controlled, censored, and crushed. Can you imagine if TV was your only source of information? Yikes! You'd never be able to enjoy today's gallery of Nastya on TV. Enjoy her, your individualism, and a free internet, here, while it lasts.

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Casual nudity

Casual nudity is the rarest thing in the world. It takes a lot for a truly gorgeous lady to feel at home in her own skin. The world is not set up for her and she has to struggle against it her whole life. In most places it is illegal. In others, a woman can be put to death for it. Mostly, it is allowed only for procreation. Young women quickly learn that 'good girls' don't let people see their bodies. But what about beauty? Isn't a woman's beauty for her to enjoy? For her to feel good about? For her to control? We think so. Fоr Krіstіnа to achieve her trademark casual feel posing completely nude in today's gallery is truly a heroic accomplishment. We invite you to enjoy her heroics here.

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A little imagination

Today we received this email from someone criticizing our series of Vaya posing with a snake: "Gorgeous woman - obscured in most photos by the stupid snake. The snake is ok for a few photos. Why detract from a beautiful woman's body with the snake?"

Our reply: How does the snake detract from her body? Or for that matter, how does clothing detract from a woman's body? Like clothing, the snake is meant to enhance her body, to attract our eye to certain places and to harmonize with her curves. What could be more curvy than a snake? If parts of her are obscured it's because she wished them obscured. Do you have more right to a woman's body than she has? Does she have to pose for your sake and not hers? Our photos are not meant to be anatomical illustrations. They are not meant for curious men who can't get a girlfriend and have never seen a woman naked. They are meant for men who have minds, imagination and values and admire women for theirs. They are for men who admire art and female beauty put to clever and artistic uses rather than just sexual stimulation. If a model wants to make an artistic statement, we admire her for her creativity and enthusiasm. And if she doesn't want to show something, we don't try to force her. We admire the whole woman, not just her body.

Enjoy Anna. She also has a little imagination. Do you?

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Simply irresistable

There are a lot of nudes sites out there these days all claiming to be about real beauty and respect for women. Some of these sites retouch their photos to make the models' boobs bigger etc. while others refuse to support SuperBeauty.Org, a site dedicated to fighting for the rights of women. Many sites claim they invented this and they pioneered that. But there's nothing they have you can't find on Body in Mind because we've been creating these innovations since 1997, before ANY of the current mega sites were even online! Look closely, check dates, and you will see that Body in Mind is one of the only sites with any integrity and the real source of most of the creativity in modern nudes. Just one of our skills is to consistently find new talented photographers and models, such as in today's gallery of brand new model Anna shot by brand new Body in Mind photographer Jаnоsch Sіmоn. We have plenty more surprises up our sleeves too. We're sure they will be copied as well. The beauty we create is irresistable. Check it out here.

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A funny thing happened on the way to the photo shoot

Nіkkаlа Stоtt is perhaps the most beautiful nude model in the world. So what could be more exciting than to be an intimate part of her life. To have her beauty to enjoy all day long. With this in mind we created a series of photos we call 'A Day in the Life' in which we follow her through a typical day and capture all those moments of beauty that would probably never appear in a glossy magazine spread. In this gallery Nikkala is driving with her top down and gets lost. Happily she gets directions from a good - and lucky! - samaritan who helps her on her way to her latest photoshoot. Check it out here.

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A new year's resolution

We want to ask everyone out there in internet land to add one very important resolution to your plans for 2006. We want you to vow to yourself that you will not tolerate anyone at anytime implying that female beauty is immoral or depraved, not in any way. We recently heard about a slimy company in Lаs Vеgаs that is selling hunting trips in the desert. The prey is helpless nude women. The guns used are paint ball rifles. The reason this kind of awful thing can exist is because the participants - the men who pay $10,000 to hunt nude women, the people who created the company, and the women who degrade themselves and allow themselves to be shot - all believe that female beauty can only ever be sexual and immoral. Where do they learn to look at female beauty this way? From everyone who ever sneered at a beautiful woman or called one a slut. So we're asking everyone who reads Body in Mind to make a resolution to stand up for beauty and defend beautiful women when they're attacked. We're asking you to defend the morality of female beauty.

The reward for upholding the moral value of female beauty is gorgeous nude photos series such as this one of Irina by Alеxаndеr Lоbаnоv shot for Body in Mind. Hope it's a great start to your best year ever! - DBell (editor)

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Where do you go for beauty?

Where can you find a truly beautiful woman these days? TV? Forget it. TV is full of actresses who could not make it in the movies. Movies? Not a chance. They are full of actresses who look like little girls. Fashion? Who can name even one of the new models this year? The only place we know where you can count on finding consistently beautiful women - and nude to boot - is Body in Mind. We started the site in 1997 precisely because we could not find any really beautiful women in the popular media. The same is true today, and we are still around delivering the most stunningly beautiful women in the world, women like Stani shot by Adоlf Zіkа.

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Beauty in the park

We've recently had the opportunity to spend an entire day in a beautiful park with a lovely young lady who isn't the least bit shy about walking around totally nude in front of everyone. We will be bringing you the photos and video very soon, but for now you can get a taste of how pleasant and heart warming this kind of experience can be by enjoying this series of Kamilla shot by Alеxаndеr Fеdоrоv this summer. Winter has just begun, but summer can never really end as long as we have photos like these around.

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The millionaire's Christmas present

Men like women. But they love nude women. They will work hard enough to kill themselves to please one. Why? To see her nude. Women are different. Women like men too, but their goal is to be loved. They like to be taken care of. It's a sign of their value from the man they love. Ask 100 men what they look for most in a woman and they'll say looks. Ask 100 women what they look for most in a man and they will say 'a good job'. This is true regardless of whether or not the woman can make a perfectly good living without a man. Supermodels always marry some guy who is even richer than they are.

All this leads us to conclude that the greatest gift a woman can give her man for Christmas is herself. And the greatest gift a man can give a woman is a reason to do it.

Enjоy Arіеllе making a gift to us all this Christmas here .

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A shower of beauty

One of the great things about being in a romantic relationship with a beautiful woman is you get to enjoy her nude body in so many casual ways, such as when she showers, when she dresses (or undresses) or when you're simply lying in on a Sunday morning. We believe this is how the female body is meant to be enjoyed, in a wholesome, enriching way that is integrated with our lives and in the world. BiM photographer Chrіs Rυеggе is an expert in creating images with this philosophy and clearly Alena enjoys reminding those without a love of their own what they are missing, and what they have to look forward to.

Enjoy her here.

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What do you say to a naked lady?

Imagine you are a mail man and Page 3 super beauty Nіkkаlа Stоtt answers the door nearly nude. What do you do? Do you blush with embarassment? Do you compliment her outfit? Or do you do the gutsy thing and ask her for a date? Find out what our mail man does in this latest series of a day in the life featuring our favourite model here.

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What ever happened to beautiful pinups?

Continuing in the pinup tradition of the 40s, cheesecake of the 50s, Playboy of the 60s-70s and Supermodels of the 80s, Body in Mind re-introduced the idea of mixing great female beauty into our everyday lives to the 90s and today is the leader in making modern spirited pinups using world class models, such as British superbeauty, Mіchеllе Mаrsh. Rather than treating female beauty as just something pretty to look at we like to see it integrated into real life situations. Check out Mіchаеl Whіtе's recent pinups of her here.

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A day in the life of Nіkkаlа Stоtt

What man these days can get real pleasure from looking at photos of a beautiful woman who is being paid to pretend she is enjoying showing him her body? Yet the majority of nude photos we see these days on most of the nude websites are exactly that: girls who are only too obviously paid to be there and pose.

Once again, Body in Mind dares to be different. We prefer a more modern style of more realistic photos, photos that project the true spirit of the model by capturing her in more realistic moments when she feels free to relax and just be herself. For example, Nikkala is one such girl, every bit as delightful and happy as she appears in her photos. So we created a day-in-the-life series with her in order to present to our readers a more rounded persona of one of our models, and Nikkala was up for anything the whole day.

We're very proud of our photos of Nikkala taken by Body in Mind favourite Mіchаеl Whіtе, because they perfectly capture in this modern style, the very real beauty - and the true fun-loving spirit - of one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Today we present part 1 of many sets to come. We honestly think photosets cannot get much better than this, ever. But judge for yourself here.

"Another fantastic set of Nikkala photos, keep up the good work. More active sets...Pool, Gym, Tennis court would be good if you could manage them. Thanks again to Mіchаеl Whіtе, a lucky man, and Nikkala of course, more beautiful every day it seems..." - George (BiM member)

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A museum of female beauty

Some female bodies are so beautiful that we think they should be photographed and documented and meticulously archived for future generations.

We think Maria's got one.

After all, if they'll do it for paintings, books, and other works of art, why not beautiful women? Or for that matter, why not a full fledged beauty museum with a section devoted to each of the classic female beauties we have worshipped over the millenia and into today?

While we're waiting for such places to be built, enjoy this latest gallery of Maria in the Body in Mind beauty 'museum', here.

"Best photos ever of Maria. A perfect woman's body!" - Jim (BiM member)

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"Impossible" Beauty

We knew the second we saw her that Nika was one in a billion. Incredibly tall and lithe, with perfect perky breasts, an ass that looks expertly sculpted out of the softest, smoothest, but firmest clay, a bright, sunny disposition with a blinding, spectacular smile, Nika is exactly the kind of female beauty that feminists like to call "impossible".

Yet here she is on Body in Mind, in all her glory, in a gallery by Slаvа Brаgіn.

Photographers like Bragin know Nika is the kind of rare model with the kind of exaggerated proportions that allow them to create timeless images, images that will last beyond our time and beyond our tastes - Art, if you will. Indееd Nіkа can move between poses that conjure up a rare statuesque beauty from some forgotten past civilization or future human paradise and other poses that simply exude the unassuming, fun-loving young woman she is.

Happily, feminists are wrong again. Nika is not impossible. But not looking at these photos in wonder and amazement, is.

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A very good afternoon

Mіchеllе Mаrsh was born behind her time. Physical proportions almost beyond belief, hers is the kind of 'impossible' beauty that feminists can't stand. But it is real, and as rare as a solar eclipse. Yet she is shy. She wears her beauty always hesitantly, and she shows it like the sun shines it light, in a way that allows us to catch only glimpses. Few things attract our eye more, but staring openly is just not possible to us.

So, for this series we go back in time to a pin-up style of peek-a-boo photography that seems to suit Michelle especially well. In this lovely series of her by Mіchаеl Whіtе, Michelle invites us into her bedroom bathed in afternoon sunlight, to see what only the sun itself can touch.

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A nice piece of grass

Women are sexy. That's nothing new. What is new in the world, is the idea that women can be nude and be beautiful in a non-sexual way. What's new is recognition for the possibility of a man looking at a nude woman and finding her beautiful without feeling like it's a necessity to respond to her sexually. What's new is that women are beginning to feel free to enjoy exposing their beautiful bodies in non-sexual environments.

With this gallery we invite you to enjoy seeing Morgana test the waters of non-sexual posing in a sea of long grass.

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Mіchеllе Mаrsh - Perfect superbeauty

It's weird, but in a world with Vіctоrіа's Sеcrеt catalogs and television commercials, bare breasts on Prіmе Tіmе television and in public, where Playboy bunnies become models and supermodels pose nude, where porn stars become actresses and actresses make pornographic videos - indeed, in a culture so absolutely saturated with images of beautiful women - pictures which blend the female body with the most wholesome morality, creating the epitome of female beauty, are the only ones that don't exist.

Until now. More...

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Kristina the Great

Over the last few months, Body in Mind has been working with several computer artists to develop a cyber model capable of competing in beauty with all of the lovely ladies currently dominating the nude modeling world. In our opinion, as far as 3d computer modeling has come in the last few years, it's still not possible to create greater female beauty than currently exists in living breathing women. And it just got a lot harder. Mееt Krіstіnа, a Russian model we discovered on the website of Pеtеr Jаnhаns. In our opinion Kristina just might be the single most beautiful woman in the world, maybe even the most beautiful who has ever existed. Even if we had created her on a computer, we wouldn't change a thing.

Let us know what YOU think. And stay tuned for a lot more of this incredible girl.

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Marketa in the sun

This summer heat wave has been unusually hot and long. How appropriate then that Body in Mind contributing photographer Erro has created this series of sun baked Marketa stretching out in the bright and sleepy afternoon light, luxuriating in the warmth and happy laziness of summer. Let your eyes bask in her glowing blonde beauty as she sunbathes completely nude, dripping wet with sunshine. Lucky sun to have something so beautiful to shine on. And lucky us to be able to enjoy everywhere the suns shines for as long and lazily as we like.

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German girls

I remember my childhood very fondly, due in large part to the fact that I was lucky enough to stumble upon several men's magazines in the back corners of my friend's garages and such places. Purely by accident mind you. Really. One such magazine I remember with a very special fondness because it featured several young German ladies frolicking nude in a field of long grass with their long blonde hair catching the sun the same way the long grasses did, and it struck me as I stared in wide-eyed wonder at the bodies of these lovely creatures that they were as perfectly natural and as uplifting as sunshine. It was as innocent as it was beautiful to see. I still think of these girls whenever the sun comes out even though it has been many decades since I first looked upon them.

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Towel off

The boundary between art and nude photography is often fuzzy at best, and no one makes us realize this more than super beauty Nіkkаlа Stоtt. We have praised Mіss Stоtt's charms on Body in Mind for several years now and have even declared her the most beautiful nude model in the world. She is as beautiful as women come, and we sincerely doubt that any artist could ever invent a more beautiful one, even with all the computer graphics now available to us. Nikkala is art, and nowhere is that more obvious than in this series of her by BiM photographer Mіchаеl Whіtе. We call it towel off, but nothing has to come off to see the beauty of this woman shine.

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Beauty from the top down

"Frankly, ma'am, your outfit is a little too revealing for a family restaurant," the waiter said. "Would you please consider changing?" The beautiful woman paused, and devilment sparkled in her eyes. "Why certainly." She said. "I'd be happy to. You're right, this top isn't appropriate for a family restaurant." The waiter looked enormously relieved. Until the lady stood up, reached around behind her and unfastened the straps of her bikini top. She dropped it from her neck and stood topless, arching her back to further accentuate her glorious breasts. "Now, who has a complaint?" she demanded, arms upraised, and turned around slowly to show off the rest of her magnificent body. "Please, come forward if you find anything wrong with the female body, anything at all." More...

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Nudity 'In Fаshіоn' Again?

Can we ever reach another universe for real, one in which the most super beautiful women in the world pose nude? A world where the beauty of models is so powerful it inspires respect for women? Where super beauty is allowed to evolve into super nudity?

Yes. We think it is possible. Adоlf Zіkа and his models make us think so. Pυrе Bеаυty Mag brings us glimpses from a universe we hope to have for real one day soon. By making it beautiful, it'll help make nudity fashionable. More...



It's okay to like beautiful women simply because they're beautiful

We like Arielle simply because she's beautiful. She may be a wonderful person, but as far as we're concerned, that doesn't really matter. She could be very talented. Or maybe not. It's possible that she's a gifted musician, artist or dancer. Or a mathematical genius. But it's not really a concern for us. Arielle is beautiful. And that's the only reason we really like her at this point. And it's a perfectly good reason. Here's why...



Office sweet

Imagine a lush green park with tumbling waterfalls, exotic groves of trees, and dramatic natural rock formations. Well spaced around the scenery there are discreet modern, ground hugging homes of glass and steel and concrete. You notice several beautiful women moving gracefully around the landscape completely nude. They are engaged in conversations with fully clothed men who treat them with total respect. Many pose for photographers in some of the prettier spaces. This is the Bеаυty Pаrk, now in the planning stages under the supervision of head engineer, Nіkkаlа Stоtt, who true to spirit, happily works half naked. More...



Reality is beautiful

A lot of people associate female nudity with sex. Some, Americans in particular, cannot see it any other way. This is a real loss for them, because of it, they have robbed their lives of the many benefits and unique thrills that beauty offers us all in a non-sexual way. For example, we're sure many men would love to get Ashton naked in order to have sex with her. But imagine this instead, imagine getting her naked to do nothing at all, just to loaf around in a cozy chair and talk. You clothed, Ashton nude. Sometimes if you stop for a moment, and turn off your crazed sex drive, you will see another possibility - the possibility of having a naked woman in your life, in your home, and in your view, perhaps for hours, or more. Who wouldn't want a beautiful naked woman in their life all the time? To us this is much more exciting than mere sex. Sustained female beauty is much more enjoyable. In fact, we think most American men want sex so badly because it is their only chance to see some real female beauty up close. ;-)



Grеаt Bіg Beauty

We can't help but love any site whose goal, like ours, is to create greater and still greater female beauty, forever. In an industry that is becoming more and more about so-called 'natural' beauty, which really means 'average', there is a new website out there that dares to be about the kind of great and heroic female beauty that does not exist in the average woman, but only in a few of nature's greatest creations. It's the kind of beauty that is not only natural, but is also brazenly man-made. More...



Built like a truck, no flower, duh.....

Do you like happening across beautiful women who will make your jaw hang open, your heart break, and your brain turn to mush, all at a glance? We do. That's one of the main reasons we started Body in Mind way back in 1997, when there was a beauty shortage. This is why we were thrilled to happen across Cornelia, whose incredible beauty could stop a truck, or make a flower lover out of a truck driver.

Lucky for you there's never a beauty shortage on Body in Mind.



Snеаk Pеаk

Do you want a sneak peak into many of the top nude websites? Besides are own trend-setting galleries, Body in Mind regularly features full-sized galleries from many of the best websites out there. We are not only the original beauty focussed nude website, we are also the original 'best-of' site, featuring unique exclusive galleries from such other great nude sites as,,, and many more. Check out our current full-size sneak peak of from within the comfort of an easy-to-afford, cancel-anytime, Body in Mind membership.



View of a Woman

A lot of 'beauty lovers' sites have popped up on the web in the last few years, scattered here and there between the celebrity pages and the porn sites, all claiming in their own insular, megalomaniacal way that they were 'the first', 'the best', 'the only', or that their creators, alone, have cornered the market on 'loving women' or whatever else they choose to call it. All of these sites feature glowing tributes to beautiful girls, all of them feature their creator's unique explanation for the allure of beauty, and all of them feature images of beauty next to testimonials from smitten men who love these sites and want to see more. But there's one thing clearly, and tellingly, lacking in all of these sites... More



Sheer beauty

Body in Mind focuses only on the beauty of our models. There is no sex, no porn, no depravity at all. We get by on beauty alone. Truly amazing beauty, only from Body in Mind. That's what we're all about. Beauty, like Lola's. So it's easy to understand when men email us and want our model's contact info. Here's what we tell them.



How to deal with the beauty of other women

Today's gallery features some of Body in Mind photographer Slаvа Brаgіn's best old photos, all of the most charming and gorgeous women he could find to pose for him over the years. We thought they would go very well indeed with our article about how women can learn to deal with their men looking at other women. Especially since it's Spring and beautiful ladies are everywhere again. More...

(We apologize ahead of time to our members for the sometimes small image sizes and grainy quality of some of these photos. Please remember that most of them are many years old, from a time long before digital photography and super-size galleries. We love these images because of the beauty of the models in them, and we thought it was better to share these photos with you now rather than let them disappear forever. Our next gallery will return to our huge image sizes and superior image quality.)



gODDESS - A modern day beauty miracle

gODDESS takes back the words and feelings that have been monopolized for far too long by religion: reverence, awe, worship, exctasy, rapture, glory. gODDESS makes these emotions and concepts available and enjoyable to those of us living on earth, in the real world, through the goddesses it creates on film. More...



Thе Myth of "Natural" Beauty

I was surfing through some nude art sites the other day when I came across yet another series of naked women lounging on boulders or sprawled in trees or arching their backs against cliffs - all of which where shot in moody black and white and all of which were described, with a fair amount of awe, as 'natural' beauty. Some even went so far as to praise these works because they showed a "beauty found only in things that weren't man made." This line of thinking is completely wrong, and I think the reasons for it ought to be explored. More...



Nυdе Hоυsе Cleaning

On two separate occasions lately, women have written to me expressing doubt about my sincerity in proponing female beauty because they can't believe any man can look at a naked woman and not want to have sex with her. Many women, it seems, have trouble believing that a man can look at a naked woman and simply appreciate her beauty. More...



What could be nicer than a beautiful blonde in bed?

If the blonde is Beth, we think nothing! We've been trying to create a series of sweet beautiful woman with long yellow hair basking, smirking and sleeping in a sea of wheat coloured comforters for a couple of years now. At last we deliver!



MXPhoto - Just for Fun

We get so busy trying to save the world with female beauty here at Body in Mind that sometimes we forget other very important things. We spend so much effort trying to find photos that will inspire our members to live life to the fullest that sometimes we forget to do so ourselves. Sometimes female beauty can be for more than art, or moral motivation, or even sex. There is another option that's just as valid and important as all of these.

Sometimes female beauty is just for fun. More...



Take a sauna with Shauna

It's Sprіng, but for some it's just not hot enough outside yet. For those who like it sweltering we give you the stunning Shauna by Mаnfrеd Mаυmаnn.



Is female beauty in your destiny?

I watched the woman play with the falcon for a long time. I had no idea if it was hers or if she had simply charmed it down from the sky. She smiled and hummed to herself, never letting on if she knew I was there. Instead, she talked gently to the bird. And when she did I ached with the wish that she would talk to me like that. And when she touched it, I swear I felt her hands on me. She seemed aware of the effect, since she stopped when it was too much for me, pausing to let the falcon and the wind do as they would. More...



Spring is here!

Many people wait for the first robin to return before they really feel that Spring has arrived. We at Body in Mind wait for the first short-skirted girl and the sight of the first naked feminine thigh.

We hope the robins and the girls have returned to where you live. And if not, we bring you another lovely series of Marketa showing ... um... her thighs, and another exciting visit to the Body in Mіnd Bеаυty Park, where every day is the return of Spring. More...



MPL Studios - The evolution of erotica

What man doesn't look at a darling girl like Sоphіе Mооnе and wish to be the kind of man she would fall in love with? Who among us doesn't stand a little taller, wish he was a little richer, try to be a little wittier when there's a beautiful woman in the room?

That's why this week we're featuring a 'best of' gallery of lovely Sophie from MPL Studios, a gallery presented as if seen through the eyes of you, her imaginary one-time boyfriend. It will give you a chance to experience, remember or re-affirm what it's like to have a pretty woman in your life.

It's nice, believe me. ;-) More...



The true origin of Easter

Did you know that Easter used to be a holiday to celebrate female beauty and sexuality but was taken over by the Christians who substituted the female heroine of the story with Christ and replaced love for women in the world with hatred? More...



Mаrch Brеаk with Body in Mind

Every year at this time the signups at Body in Mind drop off a lot. The first time it happened several years ago it scared the crap out of us. But since then, we've come to understand why it happens. Mаrch Brеаk. Every year during Mаrch Brеаk thousands of our would-be members turn off their computers, get off their butts, and head south to Florida in search of real women.

We salute this. Body in Mind has always been about encouraging men to go out into the real world and find a women to love. We offer our galleries as inspiration for this, not a substitute.

Nevertheless, for those who love beauty and already have a woman, and for those who haven't been adequately inspired to find one of their own, we offer this little Mаrch Brеаk scene starring Gina shot by Mаnfrеd Bаυmаnn. Take a break and enjoy it.



Natural beauty?'s spiritual!

We talk a lot about beauty-haters on Body in Mind, but the ironic and surprising truth is: the single greatest danger today to female beauty, beautiful women, and the men who love them, is not those who attack beauty. It's not religious fundamentalists, feminists, or miscellaneous beauty-haters of any kind. No, the single greatest threat to our continued enjoyment of female beauty are those who would give their lives to defend it, but misguidedly choose to waste their effort - and rob the movement of their talent and energy - by defending beauty on the faulty basis that it is perfectly natural.

It isn't. It's spiritual. More...



Nudity and fashion

We hear so much complaining these days about nudity on TV (see SuperBeauty.Org for some reminders) that it's hard to believe that only 15 years ago nudity first made its way into the mainstream media without so much as a frown. Thanks to supermodels like Stеphаnіe Seymоυr who dared risk their careers on then lowly lingerie, and Cіndy Crаwfоrd who was brave - and confident - enough to pose totally nude at the start of a promising modeling career, nudity became a familiar and almost standard part of female empowerment of the day. It became 'okay' for top singers and actresses alike to appear nude in books and movies alike.

It's almost impossible to understand how we've fallen so far from that happy and promising time. We have our theories and explanations, but we'll keep them to ourself today. We are weary of the battle to legitimize the beauty of the nude woman.

Instead, we will enjoy today's fashion inspired photoset of nudes supermodel Marketa, created by new Body in Mind photographer, Jomen. And we will be grateful to all the models, photographers, and artists who continue to fight for a place in the world for the beauty they create.

And we will remember that female nudity has repeatedly come in and out of fashion since the first woman covered herself with an animal fur tens of thousands of years ago.

And we'll continue to hope that one day soon, the unmatched beauty of the nude human female will come back into fashion, again.



Why you will never see girl/girl action on Body in Mind

Have you noticed lately that a lot of self-declared 'tasteful nude' websites are getting more and more tasteless? We have. For example, photos that feature girls with girls are running rampant. Many sites are getting away with calling it 'erotica'. But while the ladies involved may certainly be beautiful or erotic, girls touching each other is quite frankly, well... porn. What else can images of people having sex with each other be? More...



How the Beаυty Pаrk began...

"...She was sublimely beautiful, with long silken dark hair that fluttered in the light breeze and danced across her face before she could brush the strands away. Her eyes were a blue he never knew eyes could be, greenish-aqua and clear like a Caribbean lagoon. Her smile was dazzling in its simplicity, its promise of happiness and delight. And her body - almost against his will his eyes drifted over the perfect curves of her long, lithe figure, the slope of her breasts and the swell of her hips. Even in the scant sunlight, her skin glowed with health and vitality. As she stood there twirling her umbrella he was almost afraid to ask why she was here..." More...



What is waking up with a beautiful woman like?

Any man who has woken up with a beautiful woman beside him in bed knows it's exactly like waking up in heaven. The sheets are clouds, her body a warm inviting sun, her hair sunrays.

When she rises and yawns it's as though she has just been born, a perfect creation, and God's breath swells in her chest. When she moves we see perfection struggling to be born, and we glimpse it often. A smile from her is a perfect blessing for our goodness, or total forgiveness for any of our inadequacies. We marvel that such a creature has been put on earth, or rather, that we have been allowed total access to heaven so simply.

In fact, all such a man has to do to get to heaven is open his eyes and look. If he does, time will stop, and her perfection will hold out the world. We invite you to stop the world and wake up with Nan, photographed in heaven by Jаy GreenMan.



The next best thing to a gorgeous girlfriend

Rоn Hаrrіs has been one of the world's top photographer's for over 30 years for good reason - he's damn good.

We recently challenged him to create a series of photos for us that were a little out of the ordinary for him - a series depicting only the most memorable moments that occur when a man is lucky enough to have a beautiful woman in his life - the moments when she is puttering around the house in a carefree and natural way, sometimes nude, sometimes completely unaware of herself - the perfect conditions for those mind-bogglingly beautiful moments we men remember years later. Nothing overtly sexual - although those kinds of things can be very memorable as well. No, we wanted beauty, as pure and simple as it gets.

We weren't even sure it was possible. But thanks to Ron's series of Guinevere, we now know that it is. Like we said. Rоn Hаrrіs is damn good.



Sex, or your kids, which would you choose?

If you had to choose one or the other, which would it be? This is the question now being presented to the American people. It's quite a perdicament. The fate of American culture and sexuality hangs in the balance. More...



How to get a girl naked... in a nice way.


While we're flattered to be compared to Playboy, we're still getting way too many emails from cretins like this guy who think drooling over pussies is a sign of class. The sad thing is, with attitudes like his, they'll probably never see a real woman naked in their lives. Still, most of the email we get at Body in Mind is very nice, and most of our members are well-educated, professional men - doctors, lawyers, and artists - with both tact and taste. For them, and perhaps for you, we present this gallery of adorable Elina by new BiM photographer Slаvа Brаgіn.



The Bоdy in Mіnd Cаmpаіgn for Nυde Beаυty

By now you've all heard of the Dоve Cаmpаign for Reаl Beаυty. And while we certainly applaud encouraging people to learn to appreciate the many different values represented in various women's appearance and broadening and deepening our experiences with female beauty, we have to remember through all this hype about real or average beauty that exceptional beauty like Mara nude is also quite natural and real.


"I was captivated by every photo!" - Peter


Something to smile about

This members bonus gallery of toothesome Janice marks the return of classic Body in Mind photographer Chris Rügge. Through a series of unfortunate events, Chris Rügge was unable to contribute to our professional galleries of superbeauty for well over a year. Now he's back, and you can see for yourself that his unique ability to create perfectly pure, wholesome beauty with the even most physically, um... 'distracting' ladies is as infallible as ever.

Definitely something to smile about. ;-)