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Why morality matters

We've all heard the saying: "A dirty mind is a joy forever" - Oscаr Wіldе

There is an alarmingly popular tendency today (and in the past) for clearly intelligent human beings who enjoy the beauty of women and know it to be an important value in their lives to allow it and themselves to be branded as 'dirty' or immoral.

Today's edition of Body in Mind deals with the crucial importance of this issue and reveals why it is a matter of life and death to give female beauty the moral respect it deserves. It also features some of the loveliest images we've ever seen, from Jаrоmіr Plеskо. We dare you to find such innocent beauty 'dirty'.

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A Mаn Wіthоυt Beauty

You're a man in your twenties, thirties, or even forties and you haven't met your dream woman yet. You have a vague sense that she's out there somewhere, you have a vision of the kind of warmth and love and companionship that your special woman will bring into your life, but so far, none of the eyes you've looked into have lit the sky for you. You are sexual, sensual being, and you long for the kind of intense sexual and romantic relationship you know is possible with someone who excites your body and your mind as well.

Today's addition to Body in Mind is an essay to scare you into defending beauty, as well as a lovely new gallery from a brand new photographer to BiM meant to inspire you to not only defend female beauty, but to tide you over until you find your dream woman for real.

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The last picnic of the year

This week, Body in Mind has created a world where beautiful women happily reveal the beauty of their bodies for all to marvel at and enjoy, a world where a beautiful woman will take off all her clothes at a friendly picnic, perhaps the last one of the year, not to arouse her companions or herself, not to turn us on either, but simply because this year the summer has caressed her body more lovingly than any lover ever could, and she is more beautiful now than she has ever been, or will be again for a long time. It would be a shame to cover such a lovely thing, and somewhere, deep down, she knows it, and she is not afraid to celebrate herself.

We invite you then to our picnic with Viktusya, to enjoy her simple bravery and powerful beauty in this week's gallery shot especially for Body in Mind by Sеrgеy Gоnchаrоv. Nibbling her beauty luxuriously, sipping every flavor of her curves, savouring her soft golden skin, peeking into the sparkle of her eyes. It is a shame that women this beautiful still cannot be naked anywhere at any time.

Except here.

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Heroic beauty - An ode to the human being

There is so much degrading porn and lifeless, thoughtless nudity on the web these days, that it fills us with a rare excitement and sense of righteousness to bring you photos like the ones we have in today's gallery of Kira by Alеxаndеr Fеdоrоv.

These photos exude something that has been so relentlessly beaten out of us that we can scarcely remember what the word for it sounds like. Modern political philosophies and fundamentalist religions have bled the meaning out of those few failing memories of it we do have, usually from our innocent childhood. It is something more profound than joy, rarer than happiness, and more vital to our survival than any other single feeling we can ever have.

To find out what it is click here:

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Sеrgеy Gоnchаrоv has given us such exuberant photos of a lovely young lady nude on horseback in public that we thought we'd combine it with our favourite story of all time, Godiva, written by Leanne.

Here's an excerpt:

"The real Lаdy Gоdіvа was more than happy to ride through Coventry nude" Antonia said.

"Nonsense." Fergus laughed. "Everyone knows she was forced to do it, and hid herself in shame."

Antonia smiled. "She did it gladly. The shame was an invention."

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Thе Gіft

Misha had never modelled before. She was long and lean and beautiful, had eyes that sparkled like jewels and a smile to melt any man's heart, and yet no one had ever asked to take pictures of her before.

She had blushed when I presented the idea to her, had bit her lip and hid a shy little smile. She wanted to make sure it wasn't a joke played on her by her friends. I assured her it wasn't. How could it be? She was the essence of feminine appeal, in full possession of nature's gifts to her, reveling in them at the peak of her beauty. No, it wasn't a joke. Model for me, and I'll show you.

We went to her house so she'd be more comfortable, and I took several rolls of her in casual clothes, in casual poses, making her laugh and smile and helping her relax. But she was unaccustomed to this kind of attention, the too-forced smile told me that much. When we moved to the bedroom and I asked her to take off her clothes, alarm sharpened her lovely eyes. She wasn't afraid of me, or what I wanted - her fear was even more troubling than that. She was afraid of showing her body to the world. She didn't think anyone would want to see.

"You're incredibly beautiful" I tried to assure her. "Everyone will want to see."

She crawled onto the bed and kneeled in the middle of it, awkwardly, as though she'd never been on a bed before in her life. She hesitated before slipping the peasant blouse off her shoulders, but when she did I told her again how beautiful she was and tried to tempt a little smile from her pursed lips. She tried valiantly to let go and relax as she unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down over her hips. But her heart wasn't in it. This breathtaking, beautiful girl, with her luminous skin and heartbreaking smile, looked as if she were on the verge of covering herself up and running from the room.

I put the camera down and asked her to relax for a moment. She grabbed a pillow and hugged it to herself as she lay down on the bed, looking up at me with wide, wondering eyes.

"Tell me something, Misha." I said gently. "Do you like being beautiful?"

She laughed, letting her head fall forward. "I don't know. I don't think about it."

"Why not? You do know that you're a beautiful woman, don't you?"

She blushed, laughing again nervously. "Why do you ask these things? Who goes around saying "Yes, I know I'm a beautiful woman?" That's so conceited."

"It isn't conceit. It's pride. It's acceptance of who you are. It's reality."

She paused, reflected. "Well, I know I get a lot of looks from men. Lots of them have told me I'm beautiful. But I just figured..."


She shrugged, and lay back on the bed. "I just figured they say that to every woman."

"They don't. You have something special. And I just wonder if you ever let yourself enjoy it. Like right now, for instance. You could be luxuriating in your own beauty. You could revelling in your own femininity."

She looked at me, and I could see that she was thinking about it. "It just feels a little...strange. I don't know."

An idea struck me. "Imagine someone you'd really love to be beautiful for. Is there anyone in your life like that? Anyone special whom you'd like to drive to distraction with your beauty?"

She turned bright red, the colour rising to her cheeks in wave that made her hide her face. She laughed into the pillow, a joyous, delightful laugh of young love.

"You don't have to tell me his name." I said. "Just imagine he's here now, standing in the room with us, just taking in your beauty. Imagine you have all the seductive power of the most beautiful woman in the world, imagine he can only look at you, without touching. Imagine you have only the way you move your body to make him mad for you. What would you do with your beauty?"

She looked up from the pillow, a more natural smile on her face. To my utter delight she began to pose, stretching out her long, finely shaped legs, leaning back on her elbows and gazing directly into my lens as I began to shoot. I had expected to have to direct her, to have to ask her to move in certain ways, but as if she were dreaming of her fantasy love, she moved in ways that accented her beautiful curves. She lay back against the rose design of the bed cover and twisted her legs from one side to the other, with the slow graceful moves of a dancer, never taking her eyes off my camera. She sat up and braced her arms behind her, tucking her legs in beneath her, as if trying to draw my eyes to her full breasts. She succeeded.

"This is wonderful!" I heard myself saying. "You're a natural. He must be some kind of man."

"Oh, he is." she said, her smile lighting up the room. "He's the best man I've ever known. And I just realized, talking to you, that I can reward him for being so. He's never seen me like this, it'll be like a..." she bit her lip. "I want to say a gift. Does that sound stupid?"

"Not at all." I said, finishing the roll. "It sounds exactly right."

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What is it like being a Body in Mind member?

Every week we tell you what we have to say about female beauty. This week we'd thought you might like to hear what your fellow readers and members have to say - doctors and lawyers, artists and models, men and women just like you. But if you'd rather see for yourself why we get so much praise at Body in Mind, join us and enjoy our newest gallery of Ukranian beauty Viktusya by Sеrgеy Gоnchаrоv. A new season of female beauty is blowing in on the breeze. Can you feel it?

"Let me congratulate you on your absolutely splendid site. "Body in Mind" is a marvellous combination of feminine beauty and sexuality combined with rational and benevolent philosophy. "

Dr. Chris R. Tame - Director - Thе Lіbеrtаrіаn Alliance

"I just wanted to voice my happiness at the site you have created: Body in Mind. Your site has a genuine and thoughtful philosophical approach to female beauty."

Brеtt Hоlvеrstоtt - Webmaster -

"Love the site. Finally someone has the sense to do this right. It's a shame that more people don't realise it's the suggestion of beauty that truly makes you appreciate it, not the "in-your-face" style common to most sites."

Kеnt Rаіstrіck - Photographer

"You write such great storyettes but they leave me wanting more..The pictures are great, but so is the writing. Your standards are high - and you deserve the praise. It's not good to 'leave 'em wanting more' when you have such talent."

Michael H.

"Lоvе Bоdy in Mіnd- Thаnks for sharing your thoughts with people, we need more thoughts like yours!"

Lаυrеn Wаtts

"Congratulations on you Sveta gallery: A beautiful woman shown to perfection in a series of lovely poses that highlight her wonderful sexuality without demeaning her. You've captured the essence of innocence in the model with the suggestion of sexuality.....a very difficult mastery. Keep up the fantastic work!!!!!!!"

Your greatest fan - Pаt Fіtzgеrаld

"Thank you for a beautiful and realistic, wonderful site! The women are naturally pretty, my man loves the photos with the BMX bikes, and I have to agree, they are wonderful. The female form has long been appreciated by great artists, I am incredibly bored and literally sick of bawdy and tacky images, and was so relieved to see beautiful, natural women, just enjoying life! Beauty is art, not politics, I vote for Body in Mind."


"Nice site...elegant, tasteful, expensive feeling...just right."

Dr. Jое Stіrt M.D., author of "Quantations: A Guide to Qυаntυm Lіvіng in the 21st Century"

"I came across your site by accident and had the curious feeling that I was at home :)"

Lаυrеnt Bоυrrоυіlhоυ

"THANK YOU! You lay it on the line, and are correct and well versed in your statements. What a sadly rare thing to hear someone speak, write and stand-up for what they feel and know keep it up! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


"I just wanted to share with you that your site captures the essense of woman. Keep up the good work."

Terry G.

"I found the site empowering, enlightening, and both informational and interesting. Being male I never truly considered what drives some of the thoughts and feelings of humans, but now perhaps I do. Thank you for establisning the site, and I hope you continue to present the public with your view."

N. Barton

"As a woman who is tired of suffering and is rediscovering beauty I'd like to tell you how much I love your site. I had been androgenous boy for a while, admiring Wіnоnа Rydеr as a female icon. Now I find myself shifting along the scale. I'd love to see an article about how women can indeed move along the scale. I feel an inner shift is required first, but it does happen. I'm thinking of someone like Kylіе Mіnоgυе who was once little girl but has appeard at all points along the scale."


"You have an awesome web page!!! I also loved most of all the short essays that accompany your drawings. Congrats."

Bоrіs Pаvlоv Grozny

"Wow!I just found your site. You think exactly like I do. Not only do I appreciate female beauty,I am very concerned about the attacks against it.I feel like the people who hate female beauty are winning the war. Until I found your site I thought that I was the only one concerned about the war against female beauty,now I know that I'm not alone."

Jаsоn Stеіnеr

Hi! Great site you have, and a lot of joyful reading! Nоw I'vе finally taken the time to buy a membership, and check out your images and articles; and what a shame I didn't do it before now!! Your articles/philosophy about beauty puts into words what I couldn't quite grasp! It is so cleanly written, so crisp. Thanks! And the images, well stunningly beautiful!!!

Best wishes - René Whitfield - Photographer

I love your site. Can't say that enough. Very tastefully done.

Very respectfully, Willard

Hi, I'm an engineer by profession, have a 160+ IQ and size 38DD breasts, blonde hair and a pretty face, and well, you can imagine the rest. Thank you for not making me feel bad about being a beautiful and potentially erotic woman.

LEX, Engineer

"What a wonderful site. Two things that should be great, but which are virtually always presented shoddily, disappointingly, even disgracefully: female beauty, and Rand's vision of a rational, happy, life. You have combined both perfectly."

Many thanks,

David S. Ross

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The brave and the beautiful

The true heroes in life, are rarely who you expect.

Regulars to Body in Mind know we have recently launched a site dedicated to fighting hatred of female beauty throughout the world, things like the stoning of women for having sex, VISA's adult website destroying policies, and WalMart's banning of magazines like Maxim and Stuff. From political attacks on it to ideological battles against it, SuperBeauty.Org is there to protect and defend female beauty and women's freedom to use it.

The response to SuperBeauty.Org has been interesting if nothing else. If you visit the site you can see who the strongest supporters of women's sexual freedom are, who really cares, and it might surprise you.

You'd think it would be women, but it's not. In my experience in life, and with SuperBeauty.Org itself, it is always men who care about women the most.

And it's not the kind of men who tag along with feminists in those 'Tаkе Bаck the Night' marches against so-called 'male violence'. It's the kind of men who run tasteful nude websites like this one. It seems a lot of women have trouble with the fact that it's their beauty - and their sexual attractiveness - that is the most powerful moral motivator in the human race towards respect, admiration, and ultimately freedom for women. But you can see for yourself who has dedicated the most of themselves and their resources to fighting hatred of women. Simply have a look at which websites send SuperBeauty.Org the most traffic.

But there are exceptions. There are some women who understand the power of their beauty to inspire men to be good boys. It is not the power to dominate or to usurp, it is simply the power to make men look fondly upon women, and to inspire the desire for a returned admiration and the effort required to achieve it.

For instance, I've always admired the bravery of nude models who allow everyone in the world to look at them naked without missing a beat. Such bravery and self-confidence has always been a large part of my personal attraction to nude images of women. The spiritual is just as important as the physical. And together they pack a perfectly pleasant wallop.

Sarah, the model in today's gallery by Jаrоmіr Plеskо, is one such woman. Her lack of fear of the thoughts of others frees her to express her unique spirit in her nude photos, a spirit of playful, innocent, benevolent, shameless, confident womanhood. She is brave and beautiful - exactly the kind of woman we are fighting for at SuperBeauty.Org, it is women like Sarah who do the most for the cause of women's rights and sexual freedoms, whether we grant them that or not.

SuperBeauty.Org is dedicated to using women's beauty as a weapon in the war against women, and women like Sarah are the stormtroopers for our side.

They are our heroes.

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